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337591337591B000K8UL4CA25JROTU0YWU4OGwen0251251849600One of my GF favoritesI love these crackers and yes, they are addictive. My husband enjoys them too and he doesn't have to be on a gluten free diet.
337592337592B000K8UL4CA204OQCFYZP6ILW. J. Nixon "JN"0251250899200Healthy SnackNot many processed foods are healthy. Mary's Gone Crackers is about as good as it gets. I enjoy them most with some raw almond butter that I get at Trader Joe's. Six to ten of these crackers with the almond butter satisfy my need for a "crunchy" snack and I get a healthy blend of protein and carbs.
337593337593B000K8UL4CA3HMA3GW4L4GKDToots0251249430400Terrific crackersGuests ask for the brand without knowing they are gluten-free. They are whole grain, crisp, low in sodium and high in taste. Holds up to moist dips, such as egg salad with caviar, tepenade, and hummus as well as perfect with cheeses. Wonderful product.
337594337594B000K8UL4CA1PHT3ATL4X45GA. Myers0251246752000Careful - these are addictive!Crunchy and delicious, I love these little guys. Try with Camembert or brie. No sugar, good fat from flax and sesame seeds. The 12 pack is a good value, and yes, my dogs love them.
337595337595B000K8UL4CA1YVWVGHSI730JS. J. Amirault0251243382400Best Gluten Free CrackersI put these out for a party and they were more popular then regular crackers. Great taste , great crunch.
337596337596B000K8UL4CA392FGMPT0OB71Wendy J. Gruhn0251242086400awesome crackersI love these crackers,not only are they gluten-free, but they are organic and healthy. Even my husband who does not have to be gluten free loves these crackers.
337597337597B000K8UL4CA2Q1ELWEHTTTF5Yogafreedom0251235952000My daily cracker need fulfilled.I have been eating Mary's Gone Crackers (original) for many months. With so many flood allergies, I was searching for a gluten free cracker that did not compromise on taste nor health benefits. Need I say more. Every day I consume these crackers, often instead of gluten-free breads which are not that pallitable to me unless overly toasted. The crackers have become a healthy part of a meal in a day, whether layered with humus or chopped liver. (Hard for some to hear the chopped liver part) but after 40 years I was encouraged to eat meat again and chopped liver was strongly encouraged. I never thought I could do it. These crackers are a delightful accompaniment to healthy food toppings (or even alone) and for those without allergies, what a magnificent gift for the taste buds with endless options for toppings.
337598337598B000K8UL4CA23N5GILA6AX04S. R. Schnur "srschnur"0251221523200Too temptingThese crackers have a lovely crunch which I like in a snack. They are flavorful, and you will never go back to Wheat Thins once you have tried these. They are filling enough that 140 calories for 13 is probably as many crackers as you want -- especially if you put a little cottage cheese on top.
337599337599B000K8UL4CA1BY9A4Y3XWETUEliza0341332288000Beneficial GF Cracker!First off, this cracker is not for everyone...I love it, it works especially well with toppings or plain. The crackers have an earthy flavor almost nutty so if you are allergic to nuts its nice to get to experience that flavor without reacting! These crackers are fairly crunchy which is why I gave the product 4 stars I wish they were a little less so. However, they are thin which is nice...I appreciate the fact that it is not a 100% rice product. That is selling factor for these crackers. If you are sick of rice based products and have multiple allergies these are the cracker for you. I am allergic to everything and I do not have an issue with these crackers!
337600337600B000K8UL4CA3QP6F1OVBQXY2Jeanette F. Loeffler0351263686400Great product!I was so happy to find a source for these gluten-free snack crackers. I was afraid when I started this gleten and dairy-free diet I wouldn't have any appetizing snacks other than fruit, Mary's Gone Crackers have changed my mind! Delivery was immediate so I won't have to worry about running out before receiving the next shipment.
337601337601B000K8UL4CA34OW4X29L3XFVronna0351263686400Delicious gluten-free crackers!!I've had celiac disease for many years & have tried many, many gluten-free products. Unfortunately, I've had to throw a lot of them away because I didn't like the taste or consistency. Finally, I found Mary's Gone Crackers. I have to admit that the first time I bought them it was really because of the name. But the bonus was that I really liked the crackers. They taste great & are super-crunchy!! They don't taste "gluten-free" at all.
337602337602B000K8UL4CA138JRP1TG5QNBH. Heller0341259971200Who says gluten-free has to be boring?Mary is no slacker when it comes to crackers! These crackers are so delicious they can be served at cocktail parties or even to the men at their weekly poker gathering. The gluten sensitive can munch to their heart's delight and no one need know their dietary secrets. There is something about Mary - she knows how to make a cracker that anyone will like!
337603337603B000K8UL4CAPAJUEFGYFB3Rp38tricia "p38tricia"1611224460800Revolting - not like "real" crackers at allI was looking for a good gluten-free cracker for wine and cheese parties - something that my friends and family might want to eat too - and these are NOT it. They are nasty. Even the dog would not eat these terrible crackers. They taste and look like burnt birdseed. Try the Glutino crackers or rusks instead. The Glutino rusks work well with soft or spreadable cheeses like brie or chevre. They do not crumble so easily as most GF crackers.
337604337604B000I6FY48A2FS9CYCWC6HLWAnna M. Ligtenberg "AnnaLovesBooks"1151219795200Candy Reese Pieces, 1 LbAs of August 27, 2008 - all prices subject to change
ASIN B001C1PAWY - 44 oz bag, not currently avail
B000WMI6NY - 24 four ounce boxes, not currently avail
B000PD13GC - 36 packages, package size not stated, $32.99 + $8.95 shipping ($41.94)
B000I6FY48 - 1 pound, $9.99 + $8.95 shipping ($18.94)
B000QUZ9C8 - Twelve 44 ounce bags, $89.00 + $22.25 shipping ($111.25)
B000NMDVU6 - 36 packages, package size not stated, $21.47 + $10.50 shipping ($31.97)
B000QV0M6K - 2.75 pound bag, $9.95 + $8.75 shipping ($18.70)
B000OYH2FI - 44 ounce bag, $21.95 + $6.95 shipping ($28.90)

The only differences between all of these listings are that they were created by different sellers, the size of the packages, and the price. You can compare the prices and sellers for yourself. One item not currently available, B000WMI6NY, is likely to be the best deals, since Amazon usually offers free shipping with purchases of a certain dollar amount. The others, once you add shipping to the sale price, seem to me to be over-priced.

First there were M&Ms, which are good. Good enough for Reese's to take the idea and expand on it. And Reese's Pieces are so good that M&Ms stole the idea back - and doesn't do peanut butter anywhere near as well as Reese's! Like M&Ms, Reese's Pieces are little dots with a candy-coating; inside is a creamy peanut butter. They don't compare with M&Ms Plain, but they beat the peanut butter out of M&Ms Peanut Butter!

- AnnaLovesBooks
337605337605B003YEZ1XAA38O3HBCYKNZ2NDakota Lynx0051296604800BEST Peppercorns mix VALUE!This product has loads of pink peppercorns in it. Great flavor profile and excellent ratios of pink & green corns vs less of the white and black corns. very good value and very nice mix. Love to cook and this is my new FAVE for value and flavor.
337606337606B003723D66A1TU14R2VP71TFAnonymous3351264550400Perfect for pudgy kittiesMy two cats love this food. One is finicky and has stomach issues but he was able to tolerate the diet change without any problems. After switching my cats to this reduced fat cat food on the advice of my vet, they both lost one pound each. Success!! Although this brand is a little more expensive, the great quality of ingredients actually keeps them full so I noticed they don't eat as much as they did with the other brand that had a lot of "fillers".
337607337607B003723D66A2636JMLAWFPJ3Laurie L. Easton2241153612800All Three Cats Love The TasteMy three cats appear to really like the taste. They will often prefer to eat this dry food rather than have gourmet wet food from a can.
337608337608B003723D66A1N14ZRGBAC8XMRory2431162512000Good productOur cat loved this new brand. We introduced the new diet over a week but she started having frequent vomiting episodes thereafter. The vet ventured that she may have developed a food allergy to one of the ingredients. He said that such episodes were impossible to predict, and could happen with any food. We switched her back to her regular diet, and the vomiting has since stopped.
337609337609B001EQ5H9IAM0DH37T8RHQXR. J. Bohls "Ranch House Bakery"0051323129600Yum..Granny Smith Cider!Perfect! Not too sweet. Not overly apple tasting. Mmmmm wonderful on a winter evening to warm up, very tasty with a little tart Granny Smith pow. Good stuff.
337610337610B0000GIZRYAFBNPTKRWUL5HUnlisted232451172880000This is the REAL Coca ColaI bought a couple bottles of this from a local gas station (Michigan) the other day. The owner told me it was bought from Mexico. I tried it side by side with locally distributed Coca Cola, and noticed it tastes like the Coca Cola I remembered as a child. The local Coca Cola does not compare. I attribute the difference mainly to the use of cane sugar in the Mexican product. The aroma of this product is better as is the taste. The greensish tinted bottle gives it a nostalgic feel, but it is the taste and aroma that sold me. Additionally, the local product was overly carbonated, perhaps to have a longer shelf life. If you are looking for the way coca cola used to taste, this is it!
337611337611B0000GIZRYA18OUQEK7IZ2F2Jason Kirkfield "The Pride and Sorrow of chil...2251274400000Takes me back to when I was a young Mexican boy working on the granjaOf course, back then everyone drank the good stuff. This was before the U.S. Government-sponsored sugar wars of the 1970s, leading the soft drink manufacturers to use cheaper high-fructose corn syrup instead. (+ History Lesson included below)

It was never a taste or health decision, purely cost. Of course we now know there are other (long term) costs: HFCS probably has plenty to do with the frightening increase in obesity and diabetes in this country. (* recent Princeton study; see link in Comments)

Coke's current U.S. offering isn't just bad FOR you. It tastes horrible, too. And despite official Coca-Cola comments to the contrary ("All of our consumer research indicates that from a taste standpoint, the difference is imperceptible"), anyone who has tasted both knows the difference. The suits in Atlanta have a vested interest in protecting their bottling partners on this side of the border. Their apparent failure at the taste test table thus becomes understandable if not acceptable.

On the other side of the border, however, Mexican Coke still uses cane sugar, which translates to pure sweetness not to mention less aftertaste. Nice heavy glass bottles add to the appeal. Find these at your local carniceria or bodega, or even by the case at some Costco or Sam's Club locations.

REFRESCO indeed!!!

P.S. If you are unable to find Mexican Coke locally and unwilling to pay the shipping premium here, just keep your eyes open next Spring for the special Passover Coke, which also forgoes the corn syrup for good old fashioned (and Kosher!) sugar.

[+ History Lesson follows]

By the late 1970s, increasing tariffs on imported sugar forced U.S. food manufacturers to develop alternative sweeteners. The answer quickly became high-fructose corn syrup, the price of which continues to be kept low through government subsidies for corn growers. Damn the taste, we know what fat Americans with dead taste buds want!
337612337612B0000GIZRYA32J6BEUH6E28RJim Upsulton3451268179200Just go get in the car...This stuff is great when compared to the American version. However, don't order it online. Just get in the car and go to Sam's if you have one nearby. It our Sam's, it's like $17.00 for a case of bottles.
337613337613B0000GIZRYA23QUU5G9KGT10cat lover3441245369600cheaper locallyJust so you know, you can usually get this at your local bodega or Mexican grocery store for less than half the price. I'm like 1500 miles from Mexico and I can still find it locally.
337614337614B0000GIZRYA1RO6LO0FSHCN1CreamCheese71041216080000It IS the coke of your childhood...Coke switched from using sugar to high fructose corn syrup in the 80's. Remember the whole New Coke, Classic Coke, New Wave Coke crap? Mexican coke (and most Coke from other countries) still uses sugar instead of the cheaper high fructose corn syrup. And it's probably much better for you because of that and the fact that it's only 11.5oz instead of the 20oz plastic bottles commonly consumed in the U.S., so it's fewer calories. We buy Mexican Coke when at all possible. But, I've heard that the Mexican Coke Zero uses an artificial sweetener not approved for use by the USFDA, so not something you want to run out a try.
337615337615B0000GIZRYA3845B19IOY8A8panellaAriel0051321401600good old cokei have lived in several countries and american coke is by far the worst tasting coke around - period! high fructose corn syrup distorts the taste i remember from my days being a kid. NOW comes this mexican coke, which is good-ol'-fashion-coke, from the good old days. try it and fall in love with coke all over again. the taste, the smell and yes, even the bottle, make you a "believer" once more. i have given up on american coke (as well as american pepsi et al.). grab one of these and enjoy it with your favorite slice of pizza. it's that good!
337616337616B0000GIZRYA2QI2NTDTMK2FVJerry Palmerino Jr1231217548800Arrived FlatMy order was packaged extremly well, with lots of bubble wrap. Thank you for carefully wrapping each bottle. It was appreciated.


The soda arrived fizz. I really wanted to enjoy this, but the flatness ruined it. My guess is that it was flat when it was shipped.
337617337617B0000GIZRYAUU0G2W9FFLFKGladys S. Shaw "Jer2011"3621273276800Way to high !!!!!!!!!!! PriceI was just in Houston Texas and found these bottle for $1.29 each. The prices on Amazon are way to high.
I was there the first week of May, 2010
They want double the price here. Talk about making a killing !!!!!!!!!
337618337618B001ELJK4GA3W1IA4S68FYW9D. Welty121251242950400Not bad for the money!!I was pleasantly surprised by this kit.. I made it to the directions, but added 2 oak spirals (purchased seperately) during fermentation. For some reason, this wine took more time to ferment than the directions stated, which is why I always go by hydrometer readings and not the "guidelines" in the directions. This posed no problem for me as it gave the wine longer to extract flavor from the oak.. My kit took just over 6 weeks from yeast pitch to bottle. Fermentation alone took 4 weeks. This is also the only kit I ever made using tap water, so that "may" have affected fermentation..

All in all, this wine is a winner to me, and everyone who has tried it has given it a thumbs up. The oak gave it the soft buttery and vanilla flavors which I have always loved in a Chard.. If you are not a fan of oaky Chards, and decide to make this, please post your results without using oak. I am interested to see if the oak added significantly more character to this wine or not. For the money, I think this is a steal!! Especially since it comes with corks, shrink capsules and labels!!!

I will definatley be ordering this kit regularly, and already have orders for more bottles!!
337619337619B001ELJK4GA1XI55YFMPPVK9Chris J. W.3341255824000Shocked how good this wasI also modified the kit instructions. I hydrated the yeast, however, the instructions said that you could do this as an alternative to using the yeast sprinkling method. My SG at start was 1.08. The first fermentation ended on day 11. After racking, I added toasted oak chips. I racked the wine again on Day 21 when the SG was .990, and again on Day 23 due to the amount of ugly sediment that was forming quickly at the bottom (and I was going on a business trip). The wine at this point was extremely cloudy, and tasted and smelled horrible. The alcohol tasted very strong and I thought that the alcohol content was way too high. I then removed the oak chips and added the gels. The wine cleared within a couple of days and seemed to darken a bit over the next week. I racked the wine again on Day 33, crossed my fingers and tasted the wine. I was shocked that it tasted good but I wish that it had more body and had more oak flavor and had more body. I have not bottled the wine yet but am thinking of adding more oak and bulk aging the wine a bit longer. Note that I am probably at 20 liters but I am not adding water or wine, but am spraying inert gas (Wine Preserve) into the carboy whenever I lift the airlock.

I like a very oak flavored Chardonnay and this kit contains no oak. That is the only reason that I am ranking this kit as a 4 star instead of a 5. I hope that Amazon continues to sell Vino Italiano kits. I would to try out the red and see how they compare to the much more expensive Vino del Vido and Mosti Mondial red wines that I have made.

Based on my results thus far, I would recommend this kit. I will add more information to this review if I am able to later.

Update June, 2011: Just opened one of my last bottles. It keeps getting better. Very smooth, very good flavor. I am ordering another kit.
337620337620B001ELJK4GA2HSF75Q91962POleDocJ5641254268800Makes Very Good ChardonnayThis kit makes a very nice chardonnay - with some adjustments. First, be careful and use a hydrometer when you make up the wine to volume. My kit made 20.5 Liters at 1.090 instead of 23. In fairness, the kit says it makes 23 L at 1.075 to 1.090. I opted for reduced volume in lieu of diluted wine.

Secondly, the kit does not contain yeast starter nutrients and the kit instructions have you just sprinkle the dry yeast into the wine must. That's really not a good idea! I bought some GoFerm for rehydrating the yeast and some Fermaid K yeast nutrient to add during the fermentation. Rehydrated the yeast by sprinkling it into 6 grams of GoFerm suspended in 4 oz of water. After 30 min, I added 4 oz of white grape juice (no preservatives) to let the yeast start their metabolism. After 6 hours, I added another 8 oz of grape juice and let the yeast grow overnight. Used this starter culture to innoculate the wine kit must. Added 3 grams of Fermaid K nutrient on the first day after pitching the yeast and 3 more grams when the must had fermented down to about 1.060 specific gravity.

With those modifications and with some attention to the details of aeration and stirring, the kit makes a very good chardonnay. I'll give it 4 stars because the quality of components makes such good wine. However, if you just follow the kit instructions and sprinkle the dry yeast directly into the fermentation vessel, you run the risk of a very slow start and increased risk of contamination. If you don't add any yeast nutrients, you risk having stalled fermentation somewhere along the way. The yeast nutrients are cheap; they should be in the kit!

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