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337621337621B001ELJK4GA1X3BF0CK32ZRKChristopher Christiansen "purveyor of finer t...1151323648000Whole lotta bang for the buck!First, a disclaimer for those looking at wine kits who aren't familiar with them; this is *not* absolutely everything you will need to make wine kit, but it does have just about all of the disposable items you'll need other than bottles. If you don't own any wine making equipment, you will want to get a fermenter, a carboy and... well, you'll need to get a STARTER kit. This has just about everything someone who has already been making wine will need, except for the bottles... and if you're like me you'll just save your bottles anyway to sanitize and reuse them.

That said, wow. It did have everything I needed. It included the corks I'd need for my bottles, the Chardonnay bottle labels as well as a bottle sealer that I found extremely cool but had not used before. The yeast (Lalvin-1118) is my go-to yeast when I make mead or hard cider and it worked well here. It will tend to leave a dry wine, but then you can backsweeten it if you want... but with a chardonnay, you'll probably want to leave it dry. I used the same fermenter, carboy, tubing, etc. that I use whenever I make my adult beverages, but the kit completely covered me for all of the "consumables" that I would otherwise have possibly bought, even including some clarifiers I hadn't used before but I will be using again.

I ordered this back in September in order to make this batch for some chardonnay lovers in my family for Christmas and I did the final bottling yesterday... I am not a big chardonnay fan personally (I like sweeter wines myself) but even I enjoyed the final product. The only thing I added which was not in the kit was oak chips (available here or at your local brewing supply store) to give it an oak flavor, but that's certainly not necessary.

This is my first Vino Italiano kit -- as I said above, I normally make mead or hard cider so I don't have a lot of experience with wine kits, but I will definitely be trying other Vino Italiano varieties for some of the sweeter wines that I do like... Yes, most kits cost more, but this is a case where I feel like I'm getting more than I paid for. Highly recommended for fans of chardonnay who already have a wine making starter kit and 30 or so 750ml wine bottles they can use. :)
337622337622B001ELJK4GA2JH7N5IIFGWECR. Totten1131309046400ok for the priceI made this wine into 5 gallon instead of a 6 gallon, can't say that I am overly impressed with the wine. Certainly not as good as I was hoping for. Will try a more expensive kit next time. Everything went well, but it's just a cheap kit.
337623337623B001ELJK4GAF52IYJZM0RNADave0031347408000disappointedThis is the second kit that I have bought. It was my understanding that all I needed to do was follow the instrustions. I did and ended with a wine with 5% alcohol. The sugar content was not high enough to get to a 10-12% level, the second kit I added 3 lbs of sugar to bring it up to the right level. It is now rounding out to the right amount. The first kit had a champhage yeast this one a normal white wine yeast. The other is better. I'm seriously debateing if I would buy another kit from this company
337624337624B001ELJK4GA2NVX117EFIW7QBing0021345593600Skip this kit if you like white wine.Ingredients here say it all..."grape juice concentrate, varietal grape juice, liquid invert sugar..." This kit tastes just like the other Vino Italiano white kits. Not good. Even bulk aging for one year doesn't help it. For $65 people could get the World Vineyard Australian Chard from most brew shops. MUCH better chardonnay for a decent price to get something drinkable in 9 months.
337625337625B001ELJK4GAZIR9YP5PAC8WCarol J. Kratt0051344988800Very happyWe have had a subscription to the Cabernet variety, decided to try something different even though we rarely drink white wine. We love it, guests love it. It is hard to believe such a reasonably priced kit has such good results. We do use bottled water instead of our well water, as suggested. Don't worry if it seems cloudy, ours always clears after the last packets are added....stabilizer, etc. We just started another batch.
337626337626B001ELJK4GAY8MK6XMB8Z0PDizzo "Dizzo"0051340668800Really Good Wine @ Almost Free PriceThis is better than a lot of $10-$13 bottles we buy.

One of the things I love about these kits is they make an excellent base to play with for a really cheep price.

I made a couple changes to the recipe.
1)Added two Welches white grape for body at step one (I'll do three next time or a can of Alexander's)
2)Added sugar to SG 1.10
3)Used Red Star Montrachet Yeast since it is recommended for Chard
4)Added American oak and French toasted oak at step one. I rinsed the oak at racking and kept it in the wine till bottled.
5)I whipped it good before clearing and it was totally clear in three days. I racked it and let it continue to sit on oak for a couple weeks

I am keeping this kit on continual re-order and will not hesitate at all to serve it to guests, though I won't tell them it was less than $2/bottle. :)
337627337627B001ELJK4GA3BCLYPZNDVILWB. Thornhill0051337040000Pleasantly Surprised - aging a mustMy sister bought this for me for Christmas 2011. We found out (as have others) that "Kit" means it only comes with the ingredients. However, I can't knock Amazon because it is as advertised...just make sure you know you have to purchase the equipment (carboy, fermenter, thief, siphon, etc). Most local home brew stores have packages for the bare minimum you'll need.

Making the wine was relatively easy and very fun. I brew beer using the Mr Beer kits, so I felt somewhat confident in my ability to make wine. Needless to say, making wine was way more involved than Mr Beer brewing. In fact, so much so that it was more fun. You really need to watch the temperature during the entire process. I found that a cooler and some frozen 2-litre soda bottles worked great. This kit made 29 bottles. We drank the first bottle that night to see what the non-aged wine tasted like. To be honest, it was bad. It tasted like a Sutter Home or an Ernest Gallo. I half expected Bartles and James to come back from the grave and tell me 'job well done'. So yeah, I was a bit worried that either 1) I had screwed it up or 2) I had spent all this time on a crappy kit.

But like many here, I saw that you should age the wine. So I put it in a cooler and kept the temp around 60F. There they sat for 2 1/2 months. My expectations were pretty low that 2 months of aging would make a big difference. Over the weekend (5/12) we cracked open a bottle. It was so much better than the Day 1 bottle. There wasn't that bitter/sour bite the first bottle had. This was smooth and enjoyable. I can see where some people say 'watered down'. I'm not a big Chardonnay drinker, but I found this to be palatable and pleasant; not overbearing. Wine is a very subjective drink; some like the sourness, others don't.

I plan on doing a red next, as they hold up better in the summer heat. I will certainly add this back into my rotation in the fall.

I will say this regarding equipment. The instructions recommend a wine filter. I didn't use one (mainly because it costs $180). I was very careful when I moved the wine around and siphoned from fermenter to carboy not to pick up any sediment. I think for this reason I lost a bottle's worth of wine. If you're careful in siphoning and bottling, you really don't need a filter.
337628337628B001ELJK4GA2ARPOS6699BMQMark Higgins0021332374400Didn't taste like I expectedWell, after making RJ Spagnols wine kits for years at $60-80 per kit with great results I thought I'd try one of these kits because of the good reviews they got and the low price. Followed the kit directions closely and didn't add anything that wasn't called for. Our Chardonnay came out smelling musty and not very drinkable. Going to try a red just to see if it was a fluke.
337629337629B001ELJK4GA1CDZ5WWFX0J86WineLover0051297209600Easy and tastes great.This kit was easy to make as long as you have some basic knowledge about wine making. The chardonnay had a good, smooth taste and I will definitely buy it again in the future. We found no need to sweeten it on the back end.
337630337630B001ELJK4GA1Y4DROW97OXL4Toivo0041295049600Good valueThese Vino italiano kits are a good value for what they are which is a cheap kit to make and drink while you have better kits aging. This is the second white kit I have made and I liked both of them. Recently I opened a bottle of this which is now a year old and it was very good. Several friends were impressed. For the money they are a god bargin.
337631337631B001ELJK4GA12HHM5UVIXO76bobjr0051286409600Good wineThe kit comes with everything you need to make the wine except the oak chips. I added these on my own. It is everything I expected. I have had no complaints from anyone who has had a glass. I am enjoying it now.
337632337632B001ELJK4GA1DS2PK3Z8DQEWKevin D. Corcoran Jr.01313061088003 stars for nowAs a Mr. Beer brewing master (brewed several batches of mr. beer and they have all been incredibly successful), I expected this wine making kit to be very similar. I gave it 3 stars for now because it is actually really complicated (you have to actually measure the amount of gravity and such) and just wanted to give a heads up to those of you (like me) who are extreme beginners! When I actually get around to making these bottles.. I'll edit my post!
337633337633B001ELJK4GA1F9VG8363DUVEcardbender0141267228800Like i said before can't beat the price butThis wine was also pretty high in alcohol taste about 15% but i only added about 8oz of conditioner to this one. It also would not be a all day drinker. When i say high alcohol taste it has nothing to do with the percent of alcohol it's the raw alcohol taste i'm speaking of. I originally made these in 5 gallon kits but ended up going back to six gallon after first taste. This one didn't have quite as much flavor as the Valpolicella Stye. Still pretty good for price.
337634337634B001ELJK4GA2R58AAJK9347QDJ Jamee21111324944000This is a REFILL KIT!!! Do not be fooled!!!I ordered this as a Christmas present. When we opened it we found out that you need about $200 worth of equipment to make this. I am an amateur beer maker and thought this would be alot of fun. When you order extra there it says REFILL kit. That is EXACTLY what this is! A REFILL KIT!!! This advertising is extremely deceptive. It also says nothing about all the extra equipment you will need, so here are the thing you will need to buy;

*Primary Fermentor: food grade plastic (30) little capacity.
*Carboy 23 liter glass or food grade plastic
*Racking tube and siphon hose
*hyrometer, thermometer, and test jar
*long hadled plastic Spoon
*Bottle Brush
*Bottle corker
*filter and filter pads From A wine retailer

And now you are ready to go!!!
337635337635B001E5E22WAYVWHRCQFZ10RJosh Woodward ""6641217548800Grassy, but good.This is a good, representative green tea. Just the right balance of grassy notes and a hint of sweetness and body. I prefer to use the recommended amount/temperature of water, but only let this steep for a minute or two. It tends to get a little vegetal otherwise.
337636337636B001E5E22WA1UO6O0A4QE8HVD. scott2331304380800Kind of weakI found this tea to be kind of weak, but good. I've been drinking mighty leaf loose tea, and I think it's a bit better. UPDATE: I've tried several different brands/types of green tea, and I went back and made a couple cups of this tea. And it's just very weak. I actually put double the recommended amount in a cup and it was STILL too weak.
337637337637B001E5E22WA1NDVMP5L1464TDeb "segerd"1251250553600Emerald LilyWasn't sure I was willing to try this tea, glad that I did. This one, along with Rishi Jade Cloud are my two favorite green teas.
337638337638B001E5E22WAHSA8DS47O3EDLynn Thieme0151248048000Expensive but greatI've tried this and the Rishi Tea Organic Silver Needle Loose Tea, 1.4-Ounce Tin (Pack of 3) and both are wonderful.
337639337639B0011B76HWA2NH9MW7BEHLSBChristine Y0051325203200Good to cut down on scootingMy dog is older and just recently started scooted on the carpet. She is a weighs about 45 lbs and I give her just 1 1/2 of the medium size bones twice a day with her food.
She has stopped scooting. Good product. It is cheaper than taking her to the vet!!
337640337640B0011B76HWA1APPX7P3A9TGBT. T. Wilson0041325116800Convenience over valueMy dog has a sensitive digestive system so we appreciate having biscuits we can safely give her. My vets don't always have these in stock so it's convenient to order 2 or 3 bags at a time. They would even be a good deal if it wasn't for the shipping. That's why it's 4 stars rather than 5. It's too bad they're not eligible for super saver.
337641337641B001I4H4MOA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"0051230163200Perfect for the evening...Valerian and Chamomile are blended with spearmint leaves, lemon grass, hawthorn berries and orange blossoms to create a delicious tea to savor late at night before you drift off into dreams.

This tea is much more effective than regular Sleepytime and I can say this because my sleep cycle has been fairly regular with much fewer nights of tossing and turning. You may also find that your mood the next day is rather mild and you feel more relaxed in general. This could be due to getting a good night's sleep for a change or it could be that the valerian has a lasting effect.

Valerian is a very effective herb if you can't get to sleep and this tea is highly recommended for insomnia. Unlike sleeping pills, you won't feel groggy the next morning. Blend in a little lavender or orange blossom honey to enhance this deliciously mild minty tea.

~The Rebecca Review
337642337642B0000DK8R8A1F1N6X1INMMUKC.0011342310400Really horrible.Recently purchased this item for a recipe. Not only does it taste horrible - but it's hard to even get past the smell. It does not smell or taste anything like champagne! Really disappointed in this item.
337643337643B002ULC3PCA1VXZJVVLQNX9Goriginalwit3341320883200Mmmm....peanutsI got these for under ten bucks and they worked out to just a tad over two dollars a pound, which is excellent. I rarely see peanuts for any less than that, even on sale. I've been buying Planters for years so I knew what to expect and am perfectly happy with the freshness and taste. Their expiration is a year away (Oct/12). I was concerned about that huge jar... either 1) I was going to plow through them way too fast or 2) In my effort to be conservative, I might end up with stale peanuts. So I took an old, clean 16 ounce jar I had and poured a pound of peanuts into that and put the remaining half pound in a container in the refrigerator to save for later. The essential story on peanuts (having read this on-line somewhere) is that as soon as you break the seal, they begin to lose freshness. Refrigeration can slow that down.
337644337644B002ULC3PCA10AFVU66A79Y1R. Cipriani "Flo"3351319155200Very fresh tasting.. with just the RIGHT amt of salt .. !!I was plesantly surprised when this purchased arrived. I am a frequently Amazon shopper and this has to be the best packed item I have ever received.

*First thing I noticed was these are GLASS JARS.. Each large jar was double bubble wrapped. so no chance for breakage,

*Second.. on opening the jar a nice pleasant fresh smell emerged...

*Third .. Taste.. nice .. NOT overly salted peanuts, just slightly salted and that allows the flavor of the nut to shine Nuts were whole on the most part and nice size .

The reason I purchased these were to make home made Peanut butter.. but the fresh taste of the first jar made it a nice snack item as is.

We did make peanut butter with the 2nd jar and it was exactly as we like.. Perfect fresh peanut tastes, with just the right amount of salt to enhance the flavor.. I did add a touch of honey as that is this group prefers but in my opinion totally unnecessary.

I think we will be happy with this subscribe program in this house.
337645337645B002ULC3PCARU2H2PYTNCAXe_j_buster1151322611200You really can't go wrong with peanutsThe following review is for peanuts in general.

With a flavor somewhere in between almonds and walnuts, peanuts are an amazing treat, and they make a great Christmas gift for people of all ages. If you've never tried peanuts, you are missing out. You can buy them shelled or unshelled and in a variety of flavors, including; salted, extra salted, unsalted, roasted, dry roasted, chocolate, spicy, pickled, smoky, w/raisins, and sugar coated. The only flavor that I don't care for is unsalted. In their natural, unsalted state, peanuts are disgusting (1 star). Fortunately, natural unsalted peanuts are very rare.

According to so-called scientists, peanuts are not a true nut, but a legume. However, scientists also claim that men have walked on the moon. So you really can't take anything those guys say seriously. Peanuts are definitely a nut.

Scientists also claim that peanuts are a very good source of monounsaturated fats. But I believe that claim just about as much as I believe the claim that men have walked on the moon (not at all). So whatever. Just enjoy peanuts for their amazing flavor.

Note: I realize that most people have probably already tried peanuts. But this review was written for the minority of people who have never tried peanuts.
337646337646B002ULC3PCA2V53DFIQB0SQIGramGarcia of Lithia115131855040024-ounce size Planters PeanutsI'm a peanut addict and love this product in the lightly salted 24-ounce jars. Can't find it cheaper even at the big discount stores.
337647337647B002ULC3PCA2AFTDAVN4N2U2R. Borden1151318550400Great value -- excellent price.Fresh great taste with just the right amount of salt. Large 24 oz vacuum packed glass jars. A 16 oz plastic jar at a local super market sells for $2.99. Three 24 oz jars for $8.00 (subscriptions price w/free shipping) is a great deal. Very fast shipping with excellent packaging. Ingredients: Peanuts, Sea Salt, Maltodextrin, cornstarch, corn syrup solids. Some may be troubled by the last three ingredients but they are OK for me.
337648337648B002ULC3PCA2YIO225BTKVPUAngel_Boy "Treat the people around you the wa...3441315440000GOOD NUTSThese are 1 & 1/2 pound jars_ so you get 4 & 1/2 pounds of peanuts. Came to less than $2 a pound with free delivery_ can't beat that.
They have a long shelf life- the 'sell by' date is Oct of 2012_ so i've got more than 13 months + of shelf life. Less than $9 on the auto-ship or subscription service- with free s/h is a major bargain. BUY them!!
337649337649B002ULC3PCA1T6TM9JOW55FHslmrm2311320278400Old stock and not good - disappointed on ordering second time"Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts" - when I first ordered they were good and crunchy and it disappeared from my house fast and so I ordered the second package and I really feel for ordering. The peanuts were old stock and did'nt taste good or cruncy. Disappointed with amazon, did not expect this from amazon.

Since all these S&S come in three packs, it is a waste of money. Better to get one from local stores atleast if it is not good, I will not waste lot of money like I do with amazon.
337650337650B002ULC3PCA2S20GVEWYS8NFNghia Nguyen2351302566400Unbeatable price!I am a loyal fan of peanuts. Once I found the price of planters peanuts on Amazon, I knew that I would no longer purchase from anywhere else. If you participate in subscribe & save, you even get the shipping for free!!! 5 stars out of 5

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