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337685337685B0000TVUH8A2NPV1IY2VD4QOPandafish "pandafish"1151085011200Lapsang is lovely.Definitely one of the best teas ever, although its smokiness may make it an acquired taste for some. I recommend buying it in small quantities, as it definitely does not improve with sitting around. It is imperative to preheat your teapot and your mug, and don't make this with anything but BOILING water from your kettle--if your water, pot, cup are not hot that nasty overtaste develops quickly with this tea. But it's easy to brew it HOT, then add a little sugar (I especially like natural sugar here), sit back and enjoy. Nothing more warming on a cold day.
337686337686B0049IMDNGAF3SHIJQ7OC5IDavid L. Samson1151312243200great valueI have been using Bertolli olive oil for years. Buying a bulk size is just so much more economical than getting it at the grocery
337687337687B0049IMDNGA591B9XSUG2NRR. Birnbaum0051312761600schlepper bargainLove the terrific price for my every day cooking-why schlepp 1 litre cans when can store away enough for 5 months cooking. My car is dead,and in Los Angeles this means a loser,so I'd rather shop as little as possible. We adapt as mother time dictates,and father dollar demands.America=$.......Forget your pathetic academic arguments in utter denial of reality of how the real world works!!!!!! Money in Los Angeles is truly all that matters,especially for males under 45 years....cook and save your money,God knows you'll need it....Older gals really have to cut back,in every aspect of life....
337688337688B00093CH18A2C1FES9S8AGYUVaness "Just a normal consumer"1151345420800Exactly what I wanted.I had a hard time finding organic Rosemary powder since most companies don't have it as a fine powder. This was excellent.
337689337689B00093CH18AA4FGF1TLQ8WPggirl1231320451200Ripoff!!The product is great as you can't find it in stores. We love to use it sprinkled over white cheddar popcorn, which Target used to sell. What an incredible flavor!! BUT, the shipping charge was OUTRAGEOUS!! DON'T fall for it!!!!
337690337690B004PQF44WAQX473TZI0MEET. Shafer0051349568000This is a terrific productWe had been using Lea & Perrins Marinade For Chicken for years, when suddenly our local grocers stopped carrying it. So many recipes just weren't the same without it. I'm so happy I was able to use Lea & Perrins Marinade For Chicken once again.
337691337691B007BLXQ3YAVFLJNL3H5VX2TOM McHUGH0051347926400awesome general seasoningI'm a catering chef with almost 40 years experience and have a new friend.
Great on corn on the cob
Pasta salad
Fried chicken
Likewise mac & cheese
french fries
THe point is if you like garlic you can bend & twist this seasoning by adding a pinch of chile, basil or grated cheese to make any dish better.........good job
337692337692B003IMRGZ4AMBW9WQKU8GQ6kodvm10021308182400Super saltyThis is a great deal for pumpkin seeds, but I was disappointed. The seeds have a crust of flour and salt which is very heavy. I am eating the seeds, but in order to I have to rinse the seeds first.
337693337693B00155X0VUAJTYT3E0J93Q6blissfulfour0051342483200Pop Rocks ROCK!My sons wanted to have valentines with Pop Rocks. We could not find big quantities anywhere! Of course, Amazon had them :-) Their valentines said "You Rock." The Pop Rocks were fun and yummy!
337694337694B00155X0VUAI9RLF12NXQABeth Carney0051268092800Love them.Pop Rocks..well they ROCK. Especially this flavor. Only problem is that they are too good, forcing me to eat too many.
337695337695B001DZZ7HCA2F2DFWI7BA2SYO. GHALY8811290384000Very bad shipmentThe bag came opened and the candy is not by pieces it look like a big rock , although i bought from other places and it came very good, i wont buy from this store again!
337696337696B005IGDJDQA28SOAH0DLXSTGLandon Carter "Smoke & Spice"1131345161600Cool, but lack of recipes!Wow this is pricey, not to worth it considering the lack of recipes you can use this with the video only has 3 recipes that use popping sugar. You're better off buying Pop Rocks the candy, its way cheaper to be honest.
337697337697B00355CNFWA1CTT9YR3VX5SWisicamus7841291161600GreatThese are excellent and i mix them with regular shelled ones to reduce the salt intake. Only issue is that the exact same thing is available in BJs for almost half the price that amazon has it for...
337698337698B00355CNFWA2XNJJ9TF70P4JAngie5651275264000AmazingggggggI am surprised nobody has reviewed this item yet. It's SO GOOD. I love pistachios and when I saw these at my local store I had to get them. I love how they are shelled for you, so you can pop them into your mouth already. They are ROASTED, and you can tell! Some of them remind me of roasted and salted pumpkin seeds. I recommend them for sure.
337699337699B00355CNFWA5Q07Q4QKODQGMel and Viv101421297296000Overpriced but great nuts.I buy these at Walmart, same brand, 24 ounces for $10.89. To see 16 ounces at $20 was a shock to me. Thought I might find them cheaper on amazon but on this one, it was just the opposite. Great product, would buy them here if the pricing was more fair.
337700337700B00355CNFWA21T6L9QANUHR3Toni Schroeder "Toni"1111347148800YuckDon't waste your money on this brand of nuts. To begin with, they taste soft as though stale, and that includes the skin, which should be crispy. The worst thing about them them though, is that at least two thirds of them are dark brown inside instead of green, which makes them inedible. My advise is try another brand, I don't see how it could possibley be any worse.
337701337701B00355CNFWA1YCEIBTPW608William Bentley "shutterbug"1141324080000Great - But overpriced here unfortunatelyIt's not often I come on here and bad mouth Amazon, but this product is woefully overpriced imo. I buy these at Co$tco for $13.59 for the 24 OUNCE bag. That means the ones here are twice the price. Crazy.
337702337702B00355CNFWA2OC09XO0IA4JHBart Grieg1141321142400You need not be a nut to love one!I'm a lover of Pistachio's and found this product a treat. The only minus was the bag was a bit awkard for sustained storage. They are a bold and tasty treat for those of us with a nut fetish.
337703337703B00355CNFWA3TJAT0PSXDI70E. Ford3431290470400Amazing!!!!!!These things are freaking amazing, they taste awesome and I use them to curb hunger instead of going to the snack machine at work. I have gone through multiple bags. The only gripe is that Amazon is actually pretty pricey to what I see in stores. Walgreen's had them about $4 cheaper then here.
337704337704B00355CNFWA1OB2H416ARLFJCommando Big0041349481600Best of the BestI have eaten my share of pistachios over the years. These unshelled pistachios are the best I have ever had. There was not a bad one in the bag. In fact, they were better than shelled. Enjoy them for yourself and make your conclusion as I have.
337705337705B00355CNFWA3BADG55FYI5M2Gary M.0031347408000Just Not The BestI love eating pistachios. I like the pistachio taste and their crunch. I do not like having to open the shells though. I opted to try these as an alternative to the Keenan Farms in the shells that I normally order. The pricing was very reasonable and none of the nuts were stale. While these where ok as far as pistachios go, they lacked the firm crunch and strong flavor I enjoy. Yes these were easy to eat, but missing out on the flavor and crunch make these a one-time order for me.
337706337706B00355CNFWA2QDOJFFLFGF18Michael Alexander "greenacres"0021345075200AwwwwI was really excited to order these pistachios, but with that comes disappointment. These These are small and hard as a rock. They are not fresh and are salty. I brought this based on the reviews, and they arent accurate. The ones in the shells are bigger and softer and full of flavor. I think I am going to stick with that.
337707337707B00355CNFWA2LXQ9NTQL4DT7Long Island, Ny0051336953600Love Pistachios!!Love Pistachios!! Great customer service. I had a minor issue and they went out of their way to resolve it.
337708337708B00355CNFWA1CFSKB8NAH41GAnthony T Beverley1221323302400Just not as good as those in the shell.Simply put - these just are not as good as the Wonderful pistachios packaged and bought in the shell. Less tasty. Less fresh. Less enjoyable.
337709337709B00355CNFWAMCNWET2N90EIA. Kalman61011288137600Taste burnt, not roastedBought a bag of these yesterday. Not only do they taste way over roasted, like a "french-roast" pistachio, they're a bit too salty, and I usually love salty foods!
337710337710B00355CNFWA2501ZT1F7MOB5D. Engberson "Practical Joe"0251316304000Better than in the shellOne of our office workers went to Hawaii, so I broke these out to share while he was gone. It was a hit, I was asked for more - so I pulled out the pistachio's that I also purchased.
337681337681B006YWIL68ALGXG9PASIPNHcpatx0221340841600Read the ingredientsWhy all of the extra junk? Removing some of the fat isn't helpful when you replace it with stuff that doesn't belong in peanut butter. No thanks.
337682337682B000RXESL2A1OOOQBH3SN502DANDT1151269043200A healthy "Eat-Right" treat that I feel good about!After 10 years with a pair of dogs who beg daily for dog treats, but having them become overweight on cookie type (wheat based) dog biscuits, I decided to look for alternative treats, since wheat is such a common source of allergies in dogs. I also had one dog die of liver disease, and from my research I discovered that a high-grain diet is the suspected culprit. Well, since I feed my dogs raw, I knew the only source of grain they really got was the dog biscuits, so I then switched to Costco-brand chicken jerky strips, but when my one dogs soon seemed lethargic and not like his usual self, and I took him to the vet for a blood draw, I found his liver enzymes were very high! After a month of serious perplexion, I was brought to wonder if now the chicken jerky strips were the culprit, and sure enough, there were DOZENS of postings on Google about those chicken jerky-type treats (from China) being discovered to have melamine coating, and causing fatalities and grave liver illnesses in dogs! So again I searched around trying different healthier treats (but now only ones "Made in the USA"). I now use these Duck treats exclusively and feel very good about them; they are meat-based and tasty, yet formed like a small crunchy biscuit. I buy the multiple packs off Amazon because the pricing works out alot better as my 2 dogs go through them so quickly. They are really worth it though for the much healthier alternative! I am grateful to Plato for making them (in the USA!)
337683337683B000RXESL2A340UTBGHV3ZZNSharon L. "Sharon L."0051322697600Great for dogs with food allergiesMy white Boxer has severe food allergies. I tried almost every treat on the market. I came across these as she can only eat duck. She loves them and has no digestive problems after eating these. Great product and made in the USA. I only buy USA food products for my dog.
337684337684B000RXESL2A3IPIUSXLT492AK. Norris0051259452800Yummy Stinky TreatsOur trainers highly suggested Plato Treats to use in class since they are healthy, stinky treats that dogs love. It is difficult to find these treats in local stores and the price is at least a couple dollars more (per pack). We love the fact that the treats can easily be broken down into smaller pieces suitable for training. It's amazing how attentive dogs are for stinky treats!

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