Amazon Fine Food Reviews

337712337712B000F4C5ZEA7D3KFZ0VOEE4D. Shiel "dshiel007"0141168128000Mmm Mmm GoodThis is great when ground into a powder and used as a seasoning!
337713337713B001SI55HGA1J52MX2YDWSU0these pretzels r making me thirsty5551248220800Excellent tasting honey!This is perfect for sandwiches! Its almost like honey jelly. It tastes really good and it stays on the bread so nice. Great idea!
337714337714B0086BBEEQA1G9IG36VDY56PAC "AC"0041349827200KITTY LIKES ITThis product is good for kittens and adult cats. I did not purchase the food from Amazon. I received samples from my vet. I have a four month old kitten, who did not eat it well on his first introduction;however, on a repeat serving he ate it very well. It is now what he prefers to his previous food. If you are uncomfortabe ordering the four pound bag without knowing your cat's reception to it, I suggest that you call Sojos 888-867-6567,and request a sample bag. You can get several servings(kitten size) from a sample bag. The price at Amazon is less than the website and my vet. I will use Amazon for my next purchase.
337715337715B0086BBEEQA1E9IIPXUT8NHLKelly R. McDuff0011347235200Cats hate it.I got a sample package of this stuff from a local pet food store. I was very excited to try it, because it seems like a great idea. Both my cats will eat raw turkey/chicken when it is offered, but completely turned their noses up at this. My dogs were more than happy to not let the stuff go to waste though! I think cats are just more picky. Good idea, but I won't bother buying it.
337716337716B0086BBEEQA192EHW6C5VZSPKarl Leibensperger "Sawbonz"0041346544000Healthy Cat food.It took about 2 weeks for my cats to get use to the new food but now they do like it. I am happy with the quality of the food and my "fat cat" has lost weight.
337717337717B0086BBEEQA3D8KD43S6SQBHH. Tregyd0011345939200DisappointmentMy cat would not touch Sojos turkey concoction
337718337718B001EO6EOCA35GZQH1Z32NWLDeb1151257897600Great Product!My big chain retailer stopped carrying this product. I was so happy to have been able to find this thru This is a great product and would highly recommend it.
337719337719B001EO6EOCABTXTDXI6WOTEGriff0051315612800Chili PowderThis is a great product. It tastes great, and you receive two pounds of Chili Powder. It is more cost effective than purchasing smaller containers of chili powder from your local grocery store. Highly recommended.
337720337720B001EO6EOCAOBTSVLLTDNLZK. M. "Synyster"0151309651200Durkee Chili Powder Medium, 16-Ounce Containers (Pack of 2)Well, I'm not using it for cooking. I'm using it for rabbit control. So far, it's doing a great job for me keeping them out of my garden.
337721337721B000ZNPJG2A1WIDU6YGXSUWDDiane S. Lance7711260921600cheaper elsewhere!You can get these at Costco for $4.50. Each box contains two packs. They are very good. I use them as teacher gifts. I take the two gold wrapped packages in the box - wrap in a clear bag with green and red ribbon = a $2.25 christmas gift.
337722337722B000ZNPJG2A1CXQPI0LUH9NMCarol Hsieh3311317859200Bad Business Practice.I ordered four boxes of truffles recently and they came damaged and melted! I had already given one bag away as a gift not knowing the goods are damaged. I also contacted seller and the seller claimed no responsibility. The Seller blamed me for using regular shipment, then sent me their "Summer Shipping Policy". If the seller knew that this type of incident happened frequently, then the seller should ONLY offer express shipping, NOT regular shipping. The seller then argued that I purchased these truffles at a discount, implying that I should not be complaining. Purchasing the items at this so called "discount" (still more expensive than the price you can get at Costco) is not an issue. If the seller wanted to get rid of these damaged goods at a discount, the seller should have noted "damaged goods" when they made an offer on Amazon. After all, isn't purchasing goods at a discount the reason why we all shop online at Amazon? The seller also brought up that I should have noticed that earlier (I just received these 4 boxes couple weeks ago, and just opened one box for myself today). Are we supposed to open all the boxes we order when we receive the shipment? Then, how can I give them away as a gift?
The seller also suggested that I should file a claim on Amazon and may be Amazon would take the responsibility and give me a refund. Overall, this is very unfortunate and bad business practice.
337723337723B000ZNPJG2A2P5NJW4Z05H73summer3331309564800melt.....I loved the chocolate when I tried it in a friend's place so I ordered 4 packs! But when they arrived they were no longer truffles...they have all melted and merged together into one chocolate brick!
337724337724B000ZNPJG2A34AC202598PMZK. Pittman1131241395200good - but not as good as I rememberThese are good - but I must say I was somewhat disappointed in the flavor. I had these a few years ago and remember a richer, more "real" taste. These are still good, but I can't help but think that perhaps some of the ingrediants were changed. I noticed one of the first ingrediants was Palm Kernal Oil, and wonder if it didn't used to be Cocoa Butter.

I really don't know? ... but these do taste different than I remember them tasting a couple years ago... still good enough to eat and serve and give away... but not quite that same, "wow" taste I remember.
337725337725B000ZNPJG2A23W3Y1Z3W5CFFN. Washington0031328313600loved itI bought the chocolates last year and shared them with my family, friends and co-workers. They all loved it! I seriously couldn't stop eating them and I am going to buy a couple more boxes this year.
337726337726B000ZNPJG2A14LEJ3M0PP80GMillielm0051327104000chocolates are good and delivery superbThe chocolates are very good. I gave one box to my friend and she brought it to a party, every one there loved the chocolates. This is the best deal I got during christmas. The delivery is also fast and efficient. I'm satisfied...
337727337727B000ZNPJG2A11Y6G594ODB2JXin0051324166400This is a very good kind of chocolate.I buy this chocolate every year. It is a great snack during the winter time.

I do not like sweet things at all, but I like dark chocolate. This one gives me more choice of snacks.
337728337728B000ZNPJG2A2YKQFYO400BJXLoren G. Martin "llama man"0051323129600Great gifts......great taste!!!Not too sweet, but you can't eat just one!! These are great holiday gifts for folks who help you survive the daily rigors of life.........I try not to order too many extra, or else I'll need help getting out of my "easy chair!!"
337729337729B000ZNPJG2AC51Z63WX8CQEblondie10051292976000Outstanding chocolates!Some of the best chocolates I've ever tasted. Everyone that received a gift bag of these, raved about them too. I would definitely recommend them.
337730337730B000ZNPJG2A1010S7JNB1393Paki Myers0051244937600Magnifique!This is absolutely the best chocolate I've ever tasted. It melts in your mouth. And it's unbelievably cheap!
337731337731B000ZNPJG2A2LF9FNYDKMW52B. Dipretore "GraMS"0051241740800Truffetts de fRANCEThe truffles were just as I expected creamy and tasty, plus the price was just right wish is a first for me
337732337732B000ZNPJG2A2DV9WNVOSGZG2Stephanie A. Magill "dog lover"0051239926400The most delicious truffles everThe Truffles are the best I have ever eaten. My mother is addicted to them. I buy them by the 4 box deal. 1 for a friend and 3 for my mother.
337733337733B000ZNPJG2A2T3BZ7OPQ8864J. G. Whitemyer0051227916800Tantalizing treatsWatch your friends' eyebrows when they first taste these decadent goodies.
True (i.e. dark) chocolate lovers will fall in love with this product. And, like potato chips, you can't eat just one.
337734337734B000ZNPJG2A2K0MKLWH8RBGYSajijoma0041225324800Little balls of chocolate happiness!I've been getting these truffles for Christmas for about 4 yrs now, and the are wonderful. They have a great creamy, not gritty texture and the flavor of the chocolate itself is really captivating! My children won't eat regular run of the mill store bought chocolate after having these so I keep a couple boxes in the freezer for the rest of the year. There's no returning to hersheys or nestle once you've tasted better!
337735337735B000ZNPJG2A2EH7MPLFQ5PRSSarah Shah0051223683200Trufflelicious!I order these every year. They are simply some of the best truffles I have ever had. They just melt in your mouth. So rich in taste! Sooooo good! And extremely addictive! But wait until they go on sale, which they always do! You should be able to get the box for less than $10 ! I wouldn't pay more than that for it !
337736337736B000ZNPJG2A2BFX16J20ACNTW. Sager0051212451200You can't eat just one!Warning - this product is habit forming. Great chocolate! It's impossible to limit yourself to just one chocolate.

If you know a chocolate lover, then this makes a perfect gift!
337737337737B003IEFDDEA2T0YD1V4C2KGUMs. Virgo1111332979200NOT Chica de Jora!I am from Ecuador. Chicha de jora is from Ecuador as well as Peru. If I could give zero rating for this particular product I would, but the website requires at least one star. I do not recommend this chicha because it does not taste like the real thing. Instead it taste like bad quality vinegar and has an after taste that I was not able to recognize. Not to mention it is way overpriced. My family and I are so disappointed.
337738337738B003IEFDDEA1NJJI7JH7WKWHJane Massant0011323734400Not what I expectedOrdered this to go into a recipe that we had brought back from Peru. Never tasted Chicha in Peru, so this might be the real deal and okay by other's standards. Nonetheless, I found it pretty nasty tasting and can't see that it added anything positive to the Peruvian stew that I made.
337739337739B0001R050MA5FDSMQ5T5JKRjor4411324598400Horrible basket or giftI received the boxes wrapped in plastic to hold them in the tower and no ribbon the only thing that looks like the picture are the boxes but the arrangements I received are the perfect example of how something nice can look really ugly with no taste, I bought 3 completely disappointed and I cant return them and Most likely I will keep just the boxes because I can't give this things as gifts to my friends, UGLY UGLY UGLY.
337740337740B0001R050MAOUKT1OEESW3RSharon0051325808000Fantastic gift company!This is the third basket I have given as gifts by this gift company. Every time the person receives this basket--they give "rave reviews"! The products are fresh, not broken and beautifully presented.
I would highly reccomend this company to everyone--very pleased with basket and contents.

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