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337755337755B0012UG416ALG77U5PM2WA7Ljh2211341100800Not odor freeThe quality was very good, but I ordered 2 packages of odor free and while I understand they will have a slight odor ( I have ordered odor free from other vendors) these were not odor free and were not labeled odor free. I emailed the seller and they suggested I air them out for 24 hours. I won't use the seller again because they didn't attempt to address the issue .
337756337756B0012UG416A32JCGZCYC9MFDMichael M "Michael M"2211340841600NOT ODOR FREE!!!These are NOT ODOR FREE bully sticks. And it's not a slight smell, either. I could smell these bully sticks before I even opened that box!!! And when the dogs start chewing them - forget it!!! The smell gets even worse. To make matters even worse, when I contacted the vendor, they tried to feed me some line about how the bully sticks may have a "slight" odor. First, there is nothing slight about the odor and second, I did not pay for bully sticks that had a "slight" odor - they advertized and I paid for odor free bully sticks!!!

I am totally unsatisfied with the product and the service.
337757337757B0012UG416A3PN9T5PGSBM0Eve2211334620800Bully sticksI received those bully sticks today and they are the worst bully sticks I have ever received, greasy, thin, smelly. I threw most of them out. I would not recommend those to anybody. Will not buy again.
337758337758B0012UG416AD85A7IX5YEI8jojos29962211332806400bully sticksThese bully sticks arrived as promised, but when my dogs chew on them there is definitely a bad odor. I was mislead by the "odor Free" in the product description. The sticks are all sealed in one bag, not individually.
337759337759B0012UG416A31IWND0E475GUKyle Bartlett2221331856000Quality unevenThe first time we ordered these bullies the quality was good and our dog was very satisfied. We were happy too because they were low-odor. However, the order we got this time is very much NOT low-odor, nor are the sticks as thick as the first batch. They look as though they've been split lengthwise. These are also very greasy, and I'm afraid to give them to the dog for fear they'll leave a mark on the furniture.
337760337760B0012UG416APEO1RAQ3CHEBAshenden2221331856000Update: Not A Good Buy Any LongerNOTE:
Below is my original review. Since this review I have bought another bag and they were TERRIBLE QUALITY. The sticks, many of them, were skinny as twigs. Many of the other sticks stank and were weird shapes. This was a "seconds" batch. It's tough because I know sells perfect sticks from their own website---but when they sell to Amazon customers---I dunno---I think the ship Amazon the ones that cannot sell from their own site due to poor quality. I will NOT be ordering from them again. I will spend more--there are some that are about $10 more---but at least I won't feel annoyed that I got "seconds." Read my original review too--it is still helpful in making your decision.

I've ordered three packs of this exact item from Best Bully Sticks/Amazon. When I ordered from their own branded Website, the sticks were immaculate and had a branded label. They were all the same size and color and seemed uniform. I got them on sale from the brand Website and so paid what I do currently from Amazon. When I went to order more, the sale was no longer on and they were significantly more expensive. Amazon had the same Best Bully Sticks (odor free) and the same product count for the sale price I paid. Excellent. However, when I received the bag it wasn't labeled, the sticks were splintered and the sizes were not uniform and seemed dryer than my original purchase. They seemed like seconds. But, because of the price, and the fact that my dog didn't seem to mind--I bought them again from Amazon. This time, though the bag was again unlabeled, the sticks were uniform and of the same quality as my first batch. These sticks do get gooey---a good thing---when your dog starts to chew them. So, if they do appear dry or brittle, this does soften almost immediately. I have an 8 month old sheepdog puppy and this size seems to last him about 20mins! If your dog is a heavy chewer and a Bully Stick addict, don't expect these or really any 6" sticks to last more than an hour--MAX! Again, great deal as one bully stick from Petco can be 4-5 bucks!
337761337761B0012UG416A180JTOZAABRT1polo2883 "polo2883"2211331424000Second order was horribleMy first order of these were great. It looked exactly like the pictures. The second order was horrible. Some pieces were just flat and not round. Some of them were hollow. The color was also total opposite. The item number was exactly the same since I compared. Will never order from this company again. The second order is currently being returned to Amazon.
337762337762B0012UG416A2VOS0QU40O0QSrunnergirl272221325030400They are NOT odor free.I bought these directly from their website. They smell awful. Also my dogs eat them way too fast. I usually buy bully sticks at my dog's breeder (which do not smell and last a lot longer than these) but they have been out of them so I decided to try to find some online. As soon as I opened the bag the smell was disgusting! I do not understand how they can say these are odor free.
337763337763B0012UG416A3G3LRY1IYS7VNSunny2251316649600Bully Sticks ReviewedI've ordered this product twice now, and my friends' dogs absolutely love them. One of the dogs is a very fussy eater, but she just grabs one of these bully sticks and chews away until it's all gone. Great product!6" Bully Sticks Select 30 pieces Odor Free Sealed
337764337764B0012UG416A3M2NU5V2RAWO0R. Fairchild2251301961600Great price for some fat sticks!I was tired of being ripped off by pet stores for overpriced skinny sticks. Usually had to pay $4 per stick - and they were usually very skinny.

I expected the same with these but I was in for a great surprise. Most of the sticks were FAT. Some were medium and none were skinny.

The fat ones would probably cost $5 or more at the pet store.
337765337765B0012UG416AUDYLRGTJ25O7mshell in california2251298678400neat, clean, long lasting, satisfying and fast deliveryi was very happy with these bully sticks. i have two Maltese rescues that live to chew. i give them each one and it lasts at least 3 days. no offensive odor, very good deal. will buy again and again. (like right now, which is why i am online) :)
337766337766B0012UG416A2GUCCQ2833IOFbarrett2251293926400content golden retreiverMy dogs loves these bully sticks. They do not last very long with him because he is a chewer, but they are defintitely his favorites treats. His teeth are so white and gums in great shape because of chewing his bullies and occasional
rawhide chews.

These bully sticks are a great price and do not have a strong odor.
337767337767B0012UG416A3DFTM7CQXP48XRonco2251288224000They love them!The dogs love them and, more importantly, they spend some time chewing them! They are not gone in ten minutes flat. Also easy to store and dont leave a mess.
337768337768B0012UG416A34HFN5DBIP9XNDonna Hover "DPDetroit"1111347148800NOT Odor Free!I was very unhappy, disappointed, and wasted my time ordering these. They are NOT Odor Free. Do not order them. I have ordered directly from Best Bully Sticks before and have never had a problem. Not sure what has changed.
337769337769B0012UG416A3H5F9DMW194MLDoggiePerson1111344556800Product not as advertisedThe quality is not good. Thin and NOT odor free. Like the other reviewer posted, count your package. I did not get 30 of the product, only 25. Same for an earlier order, not 30 of the product, only 23. Recommend external websites for better quality and price of product. Not to mention a true count.
337770337770B0012UG416AYYKIZS36NEDQparklane1131341014400Not Odor Free as AdvertisedWhen I began purchasing these "Odor Free" Bully Sticks I was very satisfied with the product. The last few orders however, are definitely not odor free. My dogs both are crazy for these stick regardless of how they smell but I don't appreciate paying extra for "Odor Free" when they are not. There was a lot of size variation in the more recent packages. As another reviewer stated "It's unfortunate to see prices going up while quality goes in the opposite direction. I will probably continue to purchase with the hope that quality improves."
337741337741B0001R050MA1DOJNMYI476OBNichole R. Staib0051325203200they loved it!!i send a dessert to my family on the other side of the country every year for christmas. this year they went on and on about the packaging! the boxes were a big hit, and my mom made a point of keeping the bow they were tied in!! even my gpa liked the boxes, they are now part of the holiday decor!! they even liked the stuff inside!!
thank you so much for this timely gift, that arrived exactly when it was needed.
337742337742B0012UG416A3IOYHRHQVM4LOGibbyk292921282176000Count your packageWe ordered these Bully Sticks on 2 separate occasions. Our yellow Lab loves them and the quality is pretty good. Our first shipment that we tried went off without a hitch, so when we started to run low, we ordered another batch. Unfortunately the second batch only had 23 bully sticks in the package. the package looked less full then our first which is why I counted it to make sure there were 30 pieces. I didn't count my first order unfortunately... Though my dog loves these, I will probably try another vendor that had better quality control of the pieces in their packages.
337743337743B0012UG416AY50S2HZHQO2QR. Foster "rwf"282951213488000My dogs areVery satisfiedThese were an experiment that worked well. My 2 large dogs spent more time with these than with any other product to date. Sometimes as much as 10 min. which is a record for them. My small dog spends about a day on it. They have that "crunch" that dogs seem to like and they grab them and go when they are offered. I like that they are a USA product. They are odor-free. Not all companies' are odor-free. They are a good size at 6 in. and the thicknesses vary which is good since the small dog is better off with the thinner ones. I will be buying these again. The company was great to deal with. Product came swiftly by USPS Priority.
337744337744B0012UG416A2DIPPWSZOZ6GTtut63293221255737600skinny and stinkyMy 2 labs absolutely love bully sticks and I've ordered bully sticks from Amazon prior to this order. I decided to go with these as the price was right, well now I know why the price is right-these things are very thin or skinny and they have a stink that's stronger then the normal bully sticks. My 2 labs gobble these things down within a few minutes that's how thin/skinny they are. And the smell of urine is strong! Will go back to the sticks that are a thicker and less stinky when this batch is done, which should be just about now...
337745337745B0012UG416A2E8YR8DES7VDKLand of enchantment111151264809600My Dogs are in Chew HeavenAfter having a beloved pet choke to death on a Greenie, the breeder recommended Bully bones for my dog's teeth. Unlike the greenies, this product will not break off and lodge in your dog's throat. I initially bought this product at Petsmart and while very expensive there, my dogs loved them and were actually chewing more. About two months ago I found these at Amazon. What a price difference. These are the same product I had been buying at the petstore but MUCH cheaper. I give these bones to my dogs after dinner and give them about a half hour to chew. After that I put them away until the next day. From the way the dogs react when I bring them out, they stay fresh.
337746337746B0012UG416A109MFDOUXIKCPAbby212411310169600NOT DIGESTABLE AND CAUSE DEATH OR SERIOUS ILLNESSSADLY, I FOUND OUT THE HARD WAY THAT THESE MOO BULLY STICKS ARE NOT 100% DIGESTIBLE! MY DOG ALMOST DIED AFTER A PIECE DID NOT DISSOLVE IN HER STOMACH.My 3 dogs loved these Moo Bully sticks. I was buying them and giving them because I felt it might causes a chocking danger. I always had plenty of water close by. One day I noticed my dog,Lily, was having very loose stools and that were jelly like in consistency.This same day she stopped eating and began vomiting.I immediately rushed her to my veterinarian.Upon his physical exam he noted that her abdomen was hard and distended.He wanted me to leave her with him so he could do a x-ray. He did and found that she had a bloackege in her stomach!He then started a series of Barium x-rays to watch the blockage to see if it was going to pass. Over a 4 hour period of watching and repeating these barium x-rays it not only showed that the blockage was not passing, but the "item" causing the blockage was swelling in size, absorbing the stomach fluids.I was told he had to do emergency surgery to get this blockage out of her ASAP. What he found in her stomach was most definitely a piece of the Moo Bully stick! It had not digested as claimed by the manufacture if swallowed.My veterinarian told me if he had not brought Lily in as promptly as I did,to remove this blockage, she most definitely would have died!He told me that this was not 100% digestible as the manufacture had claimed it to be . If it had been, it would have dissolved in her stomach! lily had major abdominal exploratory surgery that lasted over 3hours, to remove this piece the piece of Moo Bully stick !She was hospitalized afterwards for 4 nights and 5 days. She almost did not make. Lily refused eat for 5 days. She therefore lost a lot of weight,became very frail and lethargic. Thank god, my veterinarian was fabulous.He was so concerned for Lily, that he actually stayed by her side at night,every night making sure he did everything he could to pull her through this.Once home she was weak and could barely walk. I tried to get her to eat and she refused. I was offering her cooked chicken liver and even this did not even entice her to eat. Finally, the next day, she did begin to nibble on some food. It was a very slow healing process and took Lily over a month until she was herself again.The thought of losing Lily tore me apart. Watching the pain and suffering she went though cannot be put into words.I felt so helpless. It was nothing but a pure hell that she and I went though for weeks on end.I was also feeling so guilty because I gave her the MOO Bully stick.You see, I only feed my dogs the very best, high quality organic dog foods. I never ever ever would give my dogs anything that was not the best and the safest. I never gave my dogs raw hide chewies or greenies( Any dog owner that cares about the welfare of their a dog knows how dangerous and deadly these products are) I started giving my dogs the Moo bully sticks because everything I had read and researched lead me to believe not only were they safe, 100% DIGESTIBLE, but that they came from Brazil cattle that only grazed on non chemically treated grass, were not feed any hormones and drank from fresh natural spring water.There was nothing harmful in this product. So I stared giving my dogs these MOO bully sticks.I am a very dedicated,caring, responsible animal lover and owner. I wrote letters to the companies I purchased the Moo Bully sticks form as well as the manufacturer. Only one retailer responded to my letter by referring me to the manufacturer.The manufacturer of these Moo Bully Sticks, " Free Range Dog Products " totally ignored both of my certified letters. So many owners have no clue that their dogs may have become sick or died due to a piece of a Bully stick that did not digest. What if their vet missed the symptoms? What if they never took their dog to a vet after becoming ill and the dog died? What if they never discovered what killed their dog? Not everyone can afford to pay for surgery on their dogs, x-rays,lab work,medicines,and a hospital stay. My vet bill was almost $5,000.00 My vet even discounted most of what he did, as well not charge me for everything.In fact, he he felt so bad, that he did not charge me for staying by her side for all through the night, on those 4 nights. What if a dog died or got very ill when ingesting a piece of these Bully sticks and never came forth to inform the public ? Maybe mine is the very first case? But all it should take is one, to satisfy anyone not to ever buy this product and give it their beloved dogs. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT EVER GIVE YOUR DOGS ANY TYPE OF A BULLY STICK PRODUCT!PASS THIS INFO ALONG TO ANYONE THAT YOU KNOW HAS A DOG. YOU MIGHT JUST SAVE A DOGS LIFE.I HAD TO HIGHLIGHT ONE STAR TO GET THIS POST! :-(
337747337747B0012UG416A3QYDL5CDNYN66abra "a devoted reader"151711259020800My dog doesn't like these as much as the Cadet brandBUYER BEWARE! I originally gave this product three stars, but dealing with the seller has led me to change it to one. The seller took exception to this mild review, below, and sent harassing emails to my home address. I have now requested a refund and will never buy from them again.

Original review: They seem the same to me. I don't know what that's about. He chomped up the other ones right away. These lie around a bit. He doesn't seem as interested. Maybe they are too dry?
337748337748B0012UG416A2TMYYNYI5XTT6George P5521280188800Dogs liked them, but...They sure didn't last days, or even hours. My lab and aussie shepherd each polished one off in about 5-10 minutes, depending on thickness. Most of the ones in the package were very thin, so they just tore right through them. I'll have to try the braided ones next time to see if they last longer. The dogs do love them though.
337749337749B0012UG416A9XJMDYFR6NRNmaybeyoudidnt4421267401600very stinkyI have a one year old, four pound Pomeranian and she goes through these bully sticks at record speed. Other brands last on average four to five days. One particular stick didn't last much longer than an hour.

Also, the smell is overwhelming. I am used to the "bully stink" however these were especially pungent. Simply removing the stick from the bag would transfer the smell to the skin.

Although shipping was very fast, I will not be ordering this product again. I think it is worth paying a little bit more for a less smelly and longer lasting bully.
337750337750B0012UG416A3IFHPBHOK9ES8John Schawbe7931227571200Very quick shipping, butShipping was quick and pricing significantly below what I was paying at the local pet supply stores. Items were packaged well and there was no overwhelming smell when opening the package. I have 2 dogs and both like these items very much. My issue is the smell while the dogs are chewing on the bully sticks. I have read on the Internet that some bully sticks do not stink when being consumed. The claim is that the bully sticks are prepared by draining them of fluids at some point in the processing. I've purchased these sticks at pet supply stores for between $2 and $4 each. These are no different. My personal expectations was there would be less smell, thus the 3 star rating. However, I need to emphasize that the product was delivered quickly which is important. I'm sure if my dogs could rate these they would give a 5 star rating. One of my dogs will finish off a stick in about 20 minutes while the other smaller dog may only be less than a fifth through the stick in 20 minutes. From this perspective they do keep the dog busy, and I'm supposing that it is accurate that these treats are much better for your dog than than the rawhide chews. My dogs love those too but get gassy eating them. I've read that dogs don't digest them very well.

I would definitely buy from this source again if I find out that it is a myth that some bully sticks don't stink while the dogs are chewing on them. I've not seen any statement to that effect on any packaging thus far so it very well may be a myth. I'm going to look around a little more for the elusive bully sticks that don't stink.
337751337751B0012UG416A1BHJ475NPL5S2J Write2221343088000Changed product, won't order againI have been ordering these for over a year now. Now all bully sticks vary in size, some of these were so big that my shih tzu would eat it in two sessions. I just got a package and they at TINY. Yes, they are still 6 inches in length, but tiny! They about 1/4 the thickness of the ones I used to get. Disappointing, time to find another supplier.
337752337752B0012UG416A3DNMW9Y0U6I31Joanne Sennott2211343001600So thin and small, my little dog ate them in 10 minutesI have ordered these exact bully sticks in the past. The quality has gone from an A to an F. They are so very thin that they don't last long at all. I contacted the company and they offered me a 15% discount. What a joke. I asked them about quality control, apparently they have none. I will never order from this company again. So totally disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
337753337753B0012UG416A1JGRTZ42PKGUXBrian Shaw2221342569600Quality has gone down significantlyI've purchased this item a number of times and had been satisfied until my most recent order. Aside from only including 28 bully sticks (rather than 30), they were all tiny. On average, the sticks in my most recent shipment were only about 1/3 as thick as previous shipments and are absolutely nothing like the photo of the product. Some were no thicker than a pencil. I'm pretty sure my Goldendoodle will be able to eat one of these in less than a minute, which defeats the purpose.

I was previously a satisfied customer, so I'm really disappointed in the sudden and completely unacceptable downturn in quality.
337754337754B0012UG416A3BOTMSNMADW4AAlan Wen2231341705600My doggy loves it, but...My dog absolutely loves these bully sticks. From the moment I give this to him, he would be all over it like bees to honey! My only problem with them is that they smell super bad!! They are surly not odor free like they claim! Once he finishes all 30 sticks, I think I will most certainly shop around for another brand of bully sticks that is truly odor free.

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