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337771337771B0012UG416A1BKO7WDKE8IWC3SMagic1111340150400STINKY!!I just received these bully stick treats for my dog and eagerly opened them to give her one. They are supposed to be odor free - they are most definitely NOT!! I have bought many bully sticks in the past from other suppliers and they all have a slight odor to them so I was excited to find some that said "odor free". These smell so much worse than the kind I usually buy. I had to send her outside with her treat and now I'm stuck with 29 more of them! I usually give them to her when she is left alone in the house as she is a very small dog and can't be outside alone. These are not going to work for that purpose. I'm so disappointed. I would definitely not say they are odor free nor are they the best price out there for normal bully sticks.
337772337772B0012UG416ABVI20EKVCIEBapbtlvr1131339459200Less than thrilled...I've bought these before and been happy with the product. My most recent order (6/8/12) however, was anything but odor free. My dog loves these stick regardless of how they smell but when a premium is charged for "Select Odor Free", they should be just that. For comparison, I still have a few sticks left over from a batch purchased late last year and those have very little odor at all. This latest batch is flat out ripe. There was a lot of size variation in this package too. Some sticks were very thin, others were clearly of better grade. This selection was just inconsistent. It's unfortunate to see prices going up while quality goes in the opposite direction. I will probably continue to purchase with the hope that quality improves.
337773337773B0012UG416A2MEWTNCEBOYEHSarah1111333497600Not worth the moneyOMG..these bully sticks are so cheap looking - very thin. It took my dog less then 3 minutes to chew one.
I usually try to find thicker bully sticks so they last longer and my dog can get a better chew. I usually buy them from bestbullysticks on Amazon and I will totally go back to them no matter what their price is. Their bully sticks are nice and thick!!!!! I will NOT buy these again from this vendor again - to thin and cheap looking for a $1 a stick.
337774337774B0012UG416AZNEKF2VU4S0TErica Smith1131331510400Apparently you never know what your're going to get with theseI've ordered these bully sticks twice. The first time, the bully sticks were excellent and odor free as advertised. However I just received my second order and they smell absolutely horrible. I planned to return them, but when I read Best Bully Sticks return policy I discovered that they expect you to pay to ship them back as well as what they paid to ship them to you. I think that's quite unfair if the reason for the return is due to false advertising. 5 stars for the first order, but 1 star for the second.
337775337775B0012UG416AUCX4V5FWWQRMhollygal1121325635200Odorless? NOPE!Although the order came earlier than expected (a plus), I am very disappointed that these bully sticks are definitely NOT odorless. Yes, I know what bully sticks are made of, so even the concept of odor free is asking a lot--but I also know that I have purchased sticks locally that are truly odor-free. Unfortunately, the local ones are very expensive--so I took a chance on this product based on other reviews. The bag of sticks I received stinks to high heaven. And, since the product has been opened (how else would I know they stink!?), it appears I can't return the unused sticks. Bummer. Of course, the dog loves them, but I can't have this smell in my house, so they'll be going in the trash can.
337776337776B0012UG416A2E0RVS5XLSZABMary G.1121325203200DisappointingNOT ODOR FREE!!! In fact, they smell worse than some others that we've ordered that were not dubbed "Odor Free Sealed".
The sticks themselves are a great size, but I had purchased them because they were "Odor Free Sealed", so I was greatly disappointed.
337777337777B0012UG416A34JOP0NHTGT1PLoveMyWESTIEinWI1151324080000Best Bullies Yet - VERY Satisfied So Far!First of all, I don't often write reviews, and I NEVER write them right away, but having been through more brands and types of bully sticks than I can count (just in the 6-1/2 months that I've had my puppy), and reviews being essential in helping me finally find decent bullies, I felt it's my duty to "pay it forward" in a matter of speaking, and hopefully help you guys like me, lost in the vast world that ranges from horrible, disgusting, gone-in-a-day bullies, to fantastic & tolerable smelling-good value- bullies -- as these are! I just received these bullies today- about a half hour ago (to be exact), so I can't say for sure about how *long* each will last, but my 7-1/2 month Westie puppy has been happily chomping away in his bed ever since, and these bullies are so thick that he's totally immersed in them, and I can hear him from across the room, "digging" into it, a sign that they are going to last quite a while (at least for my moderate (but constant)-chewer, and 10-ish pound puppy, but with all his "big boy teeth".

Also, I counted, and there were indeed the full 30 count included, as promised, in a neatly packaged and sealed in a zip-lock type bag, labeled w/company's info and a blank spot which is I found convenient for writing down the orig date, size (6"), and qty (30) incl so that I could track how long it takes him to go through them once he runs out. Then to keep them fresh, I took five out, put them in a separate zip-lock, and then double bagged the rest in another gallon sized zip-lock and put it in the freezer, and will take them out as I need to (I think my pup actually prefers them frozen- but he also loves ice cubes and such too).

I was also impressed with the overall weight of the package. It's so hard to decide what to buy when it comes to bullies b/c of the different sizing and pricing options... For example the last time I ordered, I ordered a 1-pound bag for less than what this bag cost, but this bag felt at least as heavy- I'm sure b/c they are much thicker- and the bullies from the "1-pound" bag were chewed up in no time- again, my dog is only about 10 lbs, and a constant, but I wouldn't say "aggressive" or "heavy" chewer.

A couple other notes- these bullies aren't "odor-free", however, being what they are, I don't believe it's possible to be natural bullies and be completely odor-free. But they are MUCH better than any bullies I've bought in the past. There have been some that have made me literally sick to my stomach, to the point where I'd have to eat meals in my bedroom, to avoid the bully smell. These I can't smell unless I'm right near it. They also don't look the nicest- not sure why that is... they look like they may be "stringy" but I've read other reviews saying that these particular bullies aren't, so I'm hoping that turns out to be accurate- only time will tell.

My only complaint (which isn't really a big deal) is that I wasn't able to track the shipping past when it was submitted for shipment. And it only bugged me b/c my pup was getting separation anxiety that was getting in the way of a lot of things, and is only appeased by a distracting treat- bullies being the best. But they got here within 3-4 days, with free shipping, so I'm not complaining!

So if you're in the market for bullies, I definitely recommend trying these for your pup- every dog is different, but these are certainly worth a try!!!
337778337778B0012UG416A2T4DJIG5251USCarol A. Moore1151322438400High quality for a lower priceExcellent product. Will definitely purchase again. Price is lower but quality is high. Keeps my dogs occupied for a while.
337779337779B0012UG416A3GGKLPAXF570OLovinTN1151320019200my dog likes these treatsThese treats don't have a noticeable smell and my dog really likes them. My dog is a 65lb mountain cur and it does take her about 30 minutes to eat the entire treat.
337780337780B0012UG416A179DJI5WSRW2YJoni1151319673600Excellent buyIf you buy these in a pet store they are 12 bucks apiece, way too expensive and I highly recommend the odorless ones b/c the non-odorless ones smell to high heaven. Our dog loves these and will sit there until it's almost done, then carry it around and consume the rest later. They're wonderful for his teeth, it helps to make them so bright and shiny and don't worry if it gets small, your dog won't choke on it, it kind of melts by the time he's that far down. Definitely messy, but it keeps him busy and he loves them.
337781337781B0012UG416A1NB2BRJD68ZSPK. T. Smith1151318118400Back for our third orderI'm ordering for the third time. These bully sticks are perfect for my chewers, my whippet puppy in particular (35 lbs.) We use these as a general treat and as a way to enforce quiet time.

I've counted the package that arrives both times and found exactly 30 pieces present, as the description states. In my first count I couldn't believe that it was going to be correct because it looked like there were fewer than 30 but the # was correct. Some pieces are thinner than others but I've found the average to be acceptable. The difference is slight.

I've bought branded bully sticks (I've forgotten the brand) at the local pet store for $3.95 each, these are on-par with those branded ones and much cheaper.

They come in a large, tough ziploc-type plastic bag that works for storage. Bully sticks stink a little bit, but these are the same level of low-stink as the fancy ones from the fancy pet store, I have no complaints. I've bought Target brand bully sticks before and threw them away in disgust, they were greasy, really really smelly, super small, highly variable in thickness, and left marks on everything.
337782337782B0012UG416A2TWKV7H3TLIRIshelleyl1141304985600Odor free? Um, no.These treats last a long time which is exactly what I wanted. But the words "odor-free" need to be removed because they definitely smell like a dead animal when being gnoshed.
337783337783B0012UG416A1XSU4YEUW5P2HPurely Golden1151266364800Bully SticksPuppy chewing niped in the bud with this item. Keeps the chewer busy for long periods of time. No mess or smell.
337784337784B0012UG416A1VG08WX4USS1FBenjamin Yurman-Glaser "i like music"3441256515200Great deal, almost as good qualityThese are less than 1/2 of what we pay at the local pet food store. Our puppy loves them.

They are almost as good quality but not quite as good. We will be purchasing these again.
337785337785B0012UG416AQBONTI7LJROIMarcus Franklin3451216598400Yummy!The price was really fantastic after shopping around. My dogs, Blue and Skylar agree that they taste great. The shipping was prompt and I even got a discount coupon for the next order. I will definitely re-order again. Blue and Skyler give this product 5 stars!
337786337786B0012UG416A33KMVP78GVMYPKayV2321266192000I agree, stinky and skinny!!!My mini schnauzer loves the (expensive) bully sticks we buy at the store, so I decided to try these. They are skinnier and she goes through them much faster. They also stink and make her breath stink!! We still have a lot left, not sure what I am going to do.
337787337787B0012UG416A2NPALYKSY3MZFMatt A. Feyerabend "Maus10"2341254528000Great valueThey're not as big and thick as some of the bully sticks we buy locally, but the 7-inch sticks we buy locally cost $5 or more. Overall for a $1 a stick, you can't beat it. Our dog loves them as much as she loves her treats.
337788337788B0012UG416A2BJ9MXH48C9WApdc0051349740800Bully bullyGreat job as usual. Got here in a very short time. The dogs enjoy them and. We enjoy the peace and quiet.
337789337789B0012UG416A38A9WA3S1WKTEB0021343433600STINK!Although the price is right, they are very stinky! I ordered these because they claimed to be odor free. They are So NOT. Also, I agree with the comment above, some are very skinny and some are nice and plump.
337790337790B0012UG416AL2BA3R3KQXNBAlan Mushnick0011343001600too thinthese bully sticks were so thin that my dog, a tiny Shih Tzu, finished the thing so quickly they were useless. I would not buy this product again. There is no recourse with a consumable product like this. be careful.
337791337791B0012UG416A3W02YSZYXIO75bluezoe0051341792000good priceOur dogs really go crazy for these. They are really good for their teeth and they seem to be able to digest them easily. They are small dogs, so I let them have them for about 20 or 30 minutes and then i take them away. Bully sticks are really expensive at the pet store. I saw two for about 8 bucks. too much. These are a great deal.
337792337792B0012UG416A3JQ789K70O5O2love2craft0041339113600Bully SticksMy dogs love these things and I've purchased from this seller many times with great results. I've only used 2 of the sticks so far and they do seem to have an odor to them
337793337793B0012UG416A8JA1JZ36MHYYKayRay0021337731200Disappointed...quality is usually betterI'm bummed to say these bully sticks aren't the quality I was expecting, although they were shipped VERY quickly, so if you're in a time crunch they'll work.

As a previous reviewer said, make sure to count your package. There were only 28 in mine, and several of them were so hollow and flimsy (more like just a dried sheet or skin or something) I wouldn't even count them as full bully sticks. They were also really greasy. Considering I've had much better luck ordering directly through the BBS website, I won't be ordering these again. Too bad, because the price and shipping were great!
337794337794B0012UG416A2EL5N60TIQCTEShoeGirl680051336953600Great product, great priceI have a very hyper but adorable chihuahua papillon mix. He is my favorite little thing in the world but every now and then I need him to settle down and let me do other things then pay attention to him. These bully sticks are a god send. He loves them. They are a great price. I've ordered from ebay and from other pet websites and can't find anything better then these. It takes him from 4-5 hours to get through one of them depending on how thick they are. It does vary a little. And then have the typically bully stick ichiness, and they aren't completely odor free, but it's tolerable. They are worth every penny to me for a little down time.
337795337795B0012UG416A3B7EKO1UKOZVnewbuyer0031334361600stains carpetthey do leave a small stain on the carpet, if you have white anyways. comes out with damp paper towel, and does have an odor when chewed....
337796337796B0012UG416AU6U881J1M4TBSCM0041334275200Love it!Our dog loves it, not to mention my neighbor's dog. It keeps them from chewing on the furniture which is even better. It provides hours of work for the dog.
337797337797B0012UG416A38PE3VIYDMMUEMargie0041332806400Our dogs love themA great, long lasting back for our dog and puppy. They love these bully sticks and they keep them busy for quite a while....
337798337798B0012UG416A147H5VJW0VRPMLove the Sticks0051331510400Quality Bully SticksThese are quality, thick bully sticks, unlike some sold by other companies. My dogs love them and they last for much longer than the few minutes that those of lesser quality last.

Well worth the cost.
337799337799B0012UG416A1RW1OG2V20LYGmbingha30041331164800Great product, but smells horribleThis is the second time I have ordered these since they are a great price, and my dog loves them. However, make no mistake, they are NOT odor free. Seems the worse they smell the more my dog loves them tho. For the price, you can't beat them, and they shipped extremely fast. Great seller!
337800337800B0012UG416A2ESWQCZ0JWUQEMaya260051330905600Great Bully Sticks!!My dog loves these bully sticks!! She is a Cairn Terrier and I have been ordering these bully sticks for over 6 months, she loves them they are all a good size and come in a nice package. My dog loves chewing on these they are a life saver!! My sister's Scottish Terrier loves them too.

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