Amazon Fine Food Reviews

337861337861B002L96YM6A3439KDL1P7I8YDanny B6651273017600OH SO GOOD!I am a cookie expert, I've tried them all. This is the best ever, you can eat a handfull and you dont feel full or feel like you have sinned. I've tried the Rasberry and the Butterscotch and they are so good you would slap your Grandma if she tried to take them away from you.
Yes I would recomend you buy them.
Danny B
337862337862B002L96YM6AR0IJ3K6DQG1BKathleen Baker "Kat B."4451286582400Not a sour lemonThis is the best lemon cookie that I have ever tasted. I bought a box at a Ross store and then never saw the product again. I went on to Amazon and bought a case three weeks ago. Between my friends and I they are gone.
I am going to buy another case.
337863337863B002L96YM6AN144V647GXUHBobJam1151337990400GREAT PRODUCT AT EXCELLENT PRICENeeded a Mother's Day gift for some family and friends and found this product and based on the reviews purchased it. Everyone loved the taste of the cookies and wanted to know where I purchased them. Great product at an excellent price. Will order more.
337864337864B002L96YM6A2W0XI3K5ZIN11MMC1121320451200Beyond Expiration DateExcellent cookies, but the packages were all beyond the Best Sold By date... Since I wanted to give some as gifts, t was unable to do so. Very disappointing.
337865337865B002L96YM6A2G03TL2RNWOV9Owen P. Bird "Wingfat"1151298592000Best cookies ever!!!We have not been disappointed with any flavor or these cookies. They are the very best! Raspberry is my favorite:)
337866337866B002L96YM6A2BAEHHC6BN710Shopping Maven "Fiddle Whiz"0011347926400SOURED ON THIS CHOICE !!The case arrived with the pieces mostly broken and the confectioner's sugar "dusting" all moist, gummy and barely coating the cookies (most of the coating had fallen off). They looked gross, so they ended up NOT being served to guests as a light dessert. Some tasted stale even though they were (barely) in date. The lemon flavor is quite unnatural and the pieces of hard lemon candy baked into these "shortbreads" contributed to this very unnatural flavor. Not a plesant experience and I actually ended up tossing them after tasting the first few boxes. The fact that the shortbreads were broken--very few were whole cookies--added to the disappointment of this purchase. I can't recommend them for these reasons and won't purchase again.
337867337867B002L96YM6A9KKSCBTKXWMUKathryn0051342742400Unbelievably goodLove this product. How can these be 1 pt on weight watchers for 3-4 cookies? My plain shortbread list the following ingredients- wheat flour, butter, sugar, salt. I read the review claiming for this to have all sorts of additives. What kind were they eating? Is it flavored?
337868337868B002L96YM6AAUICTIUBVU7RRoy Berger "Everyman"0051341446400YUM, YUM, YUM TERRIFICGreat flavor and plenty of it! It's like eating chocolates: They are so rich in lime flavor you can only eat 2 or 3 at a time. The bite size morsels are perfect, lots of flavor and great cookie tastes blended together well. We will be buying more.
337869337869B002L96YM6A3BSKE30VFG3FGChowDownBrownCow0051340928000Dakine of dakine cookies!The Key Lime Shortbread Cookies are divine, absolutely delicious and addicting, perfect texture, perfect keylime flavors that cool your lips and the taste of real butter make them gourmet unlike any commercial brands and definitely set them above even some of the mirobakery shops in town. If you like shortbread, you have got to give these a try, start with a package of 6 and You Will Not Regret it!
337870337870B002L96YM6A3R1O3R03TWAR3Susan Emmett0051337904000Love these cookies!I can hardly put these down once I open a package. Bought these originallyt at a discount place (only pkg. they had), but after I finished that pkg. I went hunting for the maker, and then ordered more. Just ordered another batch the other day. Soft, with crunchy little chips in them. Really good.
337871337871B002L96YM6A3I3IWVLOY3BPYCultured Cowgirl0051335312000Beware, highly addictive!These cookies are addictive!Maddy's Sweet Shop Key Lime Shortbread Cookies, 7-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)Sweet, buttery, with crunchy bursts of key lime candies, great on a warm afternoon with tea.
337872337872B002L96YM6A3UCIJXM42C8BDRaymond L. Crawford0051335312000Maddy's lime cookiesThese cookies are totally addicting!! Don't dare order them too often. Originally, we were able to buy them at Costco. So glad to find them through Amazon.
337873337873B002L96YM6A2ESVAFM4DSRM6Eileen A. Falvey0051334016000ExcellentI absolutely love these shortbread cookies. Unfortunately my store is out of them and doesn't know if they'll get them back in stock. They are plain shortbread...not flavored. I would order the butterscotch if I knew the nutrition count was the same. Could someone give me the nutrition count on the flavored ones?

The plain ones are: 76 cal, 2.5 fat, 5 carbs, less than 1 protein, 0 fiber. Serving size 3 to 4 cookies.

On weight watchers these are only 1 point a serving.

Thank You, Eileen
337874337874B002L96YM6A11B9SY4D6JINXLinda McMullin0051330732800Best EverMaddy's Key Lime Cookies are like the ones your grandma used to make, when everyone used real butter and really staked their reputation on the cookies they could bring to a gathering. To taste one of these melt-in-your-mouth cookies is to travel back in time. If you want to give your family a really great cookie without baking it yourself, this is the one!
337875337875B002L96YM6AVFA1JB08RG8GWile E. Coyote "^. .^"0051327536000It's key-lime-time!If you're looking for something to serve at your next afternoon tea, you've just found it! These cookies are premium key-lime pie in finger-food form. The texture is light and slightly crunchy, with a moderately sweet and somewhat tart key-lime flavor. They're truly sinful and addictive. For this reason, buy these only if you intend to share, lest you'll find yourself devouring the entire box in one place.
337876337876B002L96YM6AATCD7K21674GApril0051322179200TastyVery delicious cookies, both sweet and crunchy. I got these for Christmas gifts to go along with tea. I think the receivers will really enjoy these.
337877337877B002L96YM6A1Q7A78VSQ5GQ4Nice Lady "a reasonable person"0051316304000These may just be the best of these lemon cookies. Try the Key Lime!The flavor is more uniform than others, the confectioner sugar perhaps adheres better.

Light and flavorful. You will not be disappointed.

Buying in quantity enables simple gift-giving. The package is very nice and makes a good presentation.
337878337878B002L96YM6A215F4D2VRKY5RTily0051311465600Great TasteI've purchased the lemon, raspberry and shortbread cookies and liked them all. What I like the most about the brand of cookies is that they are not too sweet--perfect for my taste.
337879337879B002L96YM6A2I069BL3ENRAMCats&Music0051299888000The BEST Key Lime Cookies!I love all foods flavored with lime, and these are by far the best key lime cookies I've come across. I am addicted!
337880337880B002L96YM6AYF6DQ36U6C25Natacha1211338854400HORRIBLE INGREDIENTSDespite claiming they use the "finest ingredients," their products include enriched flour, hydrogenated oils, and a host of additives, which are cheap and carcinogenic.
337881337881B000TA4LZQA6P9BO3HPVMLSK. May0041299801600hard to findI needed fenugreek seeds to make my own curry powder...but couldn't find it locally. As always, Amazon helped me out. The details also indicated that these seeds can be eaten or planted, so I'll be planting a few in a few weeks to see what happens.
337882337882B000IKCPB4AFK6U9GVTDMMMKathy0051240185600They were enjoyed!I purchased this product for my sister in FL. She loves cherries! She said she had plenty to share with customers and friends and she enjoyed them as well. They were shipped on time!
337883337883B0035Y17XCA2LLU62J1CHUOAPunter "Punter"1151299196800Chef Boyardee Variety PackReceived as promised. Don't understand why company won't ship to APO addresses. Had to repackage the cans to send to my son when he was overseas. A can opened up during it's trip overseas. Son loved having a variety of pastas. Found out it is a lot cheaper to purchase the products at a grocery store. No need to contact the company.
337884337884B003P9XFUUA2PTK4FCACMUFDBetsy F3351289347200Great Holistic Dog FoodWe really like buying holistic dog food that's good for our little rescue dog (found wandering a parking lot! Who KNOWS what he was eating up to that point??) that's not crazy expensive like some of the other organic/holistic dog foods can be. This one was an ok price at PetSmart, but we were only able to buy it at PetSmart (not any of the other local pet stores). I searched Amazon and the price was $1.15 LESS per pound AND qualified for free shipping with my Prime Membership - SUPER nice for a 15lb bag of dog food. I can't stress how much I love this food for my dog, and how easy and inexpensive Amazon has made it to get good quality food for our dog!
337885337885B003P9XFUUA3CWZTAEAHQMTSJ. Cox2241326499200Great FoodThis is all I feed my dogs because of the quality of the product. I prefer the small bites because I have Boston Terriers and they seem to prefer it. If you follow the directions on the package, you can also get more feeds out of a bag than you can the large bites
337886337886B003P9XFUUA3M934F2FWXD8ERed2251308355200Our Picky Eater EATS!!Our adopted dog is nearing 12 years of age. In the nine years we've had her she has never been a hearty eater. When her vet suggested she move from adult food to senior food I began a comprehensive search for a high quality, healthy and digestible food. By comparing labels it didn't take long to rule out many so-called "healthy," and/or "vet recommended" foods. Blue Buffalo was the obvious choice. We bought a small bag and began adding it to her soon to be former food. She promptly began picking out the Blue Buffalo bits and scarfing them down to the exclusion of the other food! We upped the ratio to 50-50 and within 10 days she was eating Blue Buffalo exclusively. I feel confident and secure our beloved dog is eating the most nutritionally balanced and healthy food available. As a bonus I've given up going to the store to lug the bag into the cart, lug it out of the cart into the car and again, lug it into the house. Why keep up that routine when Amazon delivers it to my door?!?!
337887337887B0045DWZV0A3SFV4YNXOL3XDDon0051310515200For Black Tea LoversFirst had the tea in Mexico and instantly loved it.Tried to purchase in the states
337888337888B00126K6UUAYVXX61O5E80GBecky Z "Mommaz"1151226016000Best ham ever!This by all means is the best ham i have ever tasted and i will never buy any other ham but burgers. All my family and friends are hooked on burgers hams also. Try it I know you will love it to.
337889337889B000NGPVQYA1JJYWNU6VYH71Merle Hook2251195257600DeliciousWe were pleased to find Oh Henry candy bars again. The search began because of our grandson, Henry. He was delighted with the taste and the fun of handing the bars out at Halloween. The candy was fresh and arrived promptly. Great product!
337890337890B000NGPVQYA1JUFWET5EGYBYK. McCauley0051257206400Pleased to findWe were so pleased to find these Candy bars to celebrate the birth of our son Henry. We had them shipped in August and they arrived unmelted! Taste similar to a Snicker bar.

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