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337891337891B000NGPVQYA35L2AGZXN37CEAlexander Duval "Admirer of Good Films"0051224806400Great Tasting CandyAs much as I like Baby Ruth, I have to confess I prefer O Henry if I have a choice!
337892337892B000NGPVQYA3MBUVR19BRQTWGeoDvo0051221091200Super Fast ShippingI was shocked that I placed this order on a Sunday and it was delivered on Tuesday. That's great.
337893337893B000NGPVQYA4BCL4FDLO8F4R. Wiggins "Just the oldies, please"0051217116800Excellent candy barShipper should be more careful shipping an item that can melt in this summertime heat !
337894337894B000NGPVQYA1Y98SIX6BILI2Elyysia0051204243200Good PurchaseGreat price and timely delivery. All bars were fresh and yummy! If you are looking for this hard to find candy bar, this is the place to order it from.
337895337895B001BC96PGAHT2D9OS569S8whitedove2251292284800wonderful flavor! raw honey!this is raw honey: which can make a big difference in whether to buy it or not; as "pure" honey can be cut up to 50 percent perhaps higher with corn syrup and other things and labeled as "pure".
I got it on a subscribe and save when on sale and was delighted with the flavor! highly recommend!
337896337896B00356UVYQA11R14LKY9ULXXCB14370121320019200GrossBlends horribly in to a liquid with lumps of the powder!! The taste isn't horrible, so I have it 2 stars for that. I have to force it down....GROSS!!
337897337897B001RNTAK0A89H8NMFKJZYRKevin Milligan3351301788800Nothing says Maine like ...If you can't go to Maine for your vacation, buy this one item and a loaf of your favorite bread.

Lather a slice of toast with Stonewall Kitchen's Wild Blueberry Jam.

You have in hand an authentic part of the trip, and souvenir servings to share with others.
337898337898B001RNTAK0A1K9FG7IA08ICPDavid Lence1151336435200Ddlicious jamThis jam is true to its name. It has a "wild" taste to it that makes it one of the tastiest jams I have enjoyed. I usually favor blackberries but this jam makes me rethink my initial preference.
337899337899B001RNTAK0A1T6EQGYT16AJB5700feet "Luvs books"1151324771200Our favorite flavorFirst we tried the jam multi pack. For both of us, the blueberry was our hands down favorite flavor. While the 3.75 oz size is adorable, it's not very practical so in the future we will purchase the larger size.
337900337900B001RNTAK0A1DSEZPZW8VOYBAngie0051335398400Blueberry LoverI never thought much about eating any jelly product until I tasted this from my moms gift basket. I am now a convert and plan to keep this in house all the time. This is the freshest jelly I ever tasted!
337901337901B001RNTAK0A10XKJZPT1KJ8NSunnybrook0051329004800YummyWow, this is good stuff. If you are a blueberry fan, you gotta try this jam. The flavor is wonderful and the sweetener is pure cane sugar! Sometimes the consistency varies in the small jars but the flavor never varies, it's blue magic.
337902337902B001RNTAK0A1BNPJ06EGPVN0Ryan C. Reichardt "Always into something"0051324598400ExcellentThis stuff is very good. Good on pancakes, waffles, toast and maybe even straight out of the jar. Not overly sweet as was mentioned in the other review. I'll buy it again. After I try some others.
337903337903B001RNTAK0A3LCGZJE47X7OJplatypus0051321920000Very Berry GoodYou taste, smell, and see real blueberries, and the taste of real cane sugar sweetens it, without giving it that sickly sweet taste of fructose. We put this on scones with clotted cream. Unbelievably tasty.
337904337904B000BH3K68AALIINL2LPJELAdam Machanic "Data Dude"161651243641600Great orgeatI recently purchased three orgeats available here on Amazon: Ferrara, Monin, and Teisseire. I tested each orgeat in a variety of cocktails, and Monin was the best choice in every test. It has a rich almond flavor that stands up well even when mixed with a number of ingredients in a cocktail, and gives drinks a smooth depth. Unlike Ferrara--which was my second choice--Monin's product has no preservatives and comes in a glass rather than plastic bottle, both plusses in my book. I highly recommend this orgeat.
337905337905B000BH3K68A2YDXSF45D3KXSOWEGA Girl "SOWEGA Girl"0051322956800Perfect for MaiTaisI got this for authentic mai tais and it's perfect. Use the original Trader Vic's recipe for authenticity. Viscous syrup with beautiful floral almond flavor. I actually caught my husband drinking it straight. Shipping is pricey so be prepared.
337906337906B00125PX9UA1BE6EEUUJELVHmonica2251326499200Love.I love this product! I tried it for the first time in Panama (at the Marriott) and could never find it again back in the states. I was looking for a healthier alternative to sugar free Red Bull and I found it in Steaz!! It tastes great and gives me the energy I desperately need throughout the day. Love the natural ingredients and the 0 calories!! Thanks Steaz!
337907337907B00125PX9UA1PQG24SA7CO0NE. Hellebuyck2241245628800Light but GOOD!Really love this product! It is lightly carbonated and the berry flavor is light too. More like a green tea drink. Works fairly good energy wise. Don't get the energy jitters like other energy drinks I have had before. Plus organic love that!
337908337908B00125PX9UA22U8V3UVVBP7MJoseph L. Kolb1121320451200do not like the flavorthis zero calorie energy drink has gotten a lot of good reviews which is fine. personally, i did not like the taste of it at all. this is labeled as "berry", but to me, has no berry flavor at all. i appreciate all the natural ingredients and lack of chemicals. no calories, no carbs, no sugars. that's all well and good. the drink leaves a weird aftertaste in my mouth like most other energy drinks. does it work as an energy drink? yes. i have had other steaz products and have enjoyed them. i just don't like the taste of this particular drink. best i can say is try it out and see what you think.
337909337909B00125PX9UA1PZPGYRPKVBT9SunshyneSag1141277596800Steaz ZeroLove that it isn't too sweet, it is sparkly and refreshing. Liked Guru Lite before this, but it's sweeter than Steaz Zero. Steaz is very expensive though, hence 4-stars.
337910337910B00125PX9UAET7TS1I5VMMNPsychologist, Fl1151226448000Guilt free caffeine fix!Love this product. It tastes almost as good as red bull but with fewer calories. It is healthy, has no artificial sweetners, and the can is bigger than red bull. Did I mention that is has fewer calories? Almost half and without toxic sweetners. One can is about 80 mg. of caffeine, but with green tea which is good for you. It gives me my guilt free caffeine fix. It is a bit pricey, so buy it in bulk.
337911337911B00125PX9UA5X7K9KOEI5WYD from CA2351246838400Best natural energy drink available!Terrific product - natural ingredients, a nice refreshing natural lift. Great price as well.
337912337912B00125PX9UA86BC3J6G60UCcaseyfoofoo2341240012800steaz energy drinkSteaz Diet Berry Energy Drink, 4-Count, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 6)
this drink tastes good. It is carbonated. The flavor is light and refreshing. It is a gentle energy drink. It works about the same as a cup of tea. There is no bitterness, no astringent as some teas have. It does not provoke reflux as some energy drinks can.
337913337913B00125PX9UA322W2KJ2ONS51Grandmom0051347667200My Must HaveAfter having discovered Steaz Berry Energy green tea several years ago, it's my favorite cold drink. It's refreshing, tasty, and carbonated...helpful with my aging digestion issues. The caffeine does not cause a buzz and then a crash. Another plus is that an opened can doesn't get "flat". Using Amazon's "Subscribe and Save" is the deal!
337914337914B00125PX9UA3FX5TRXP6SECGSara Crawford0051347667200Does give you energy with out the "crash".I first found this at the Health food store and it was expensive but effective. Bought it off Amazon for much less. This product is very effective and doesn't have the "crash" feeling with other energy drinks!
337915337915B00125PX9UA3C8SAU4TCGL1EC. T.0041343433600Great energy, good tasteI love Steaz Zero Calorie drinks, and while my favorite is the Steaz Zero Blueberry Pomegranate in glass bottles (= best taste), when it comes to cans and energy drink, I've got to say the Steaz Zero Cal Berry might be the next best thing.
What I like about it is that it gives me great energy while keeping everything very natural. Caffeine doesn't have much effect on me, however the guarana really does the job, giving me a huge energy boost for a long time with no crash afterward. And the zero calories is pretty "sweet" too.
Further, there's no "adaptation". (Regular energy drink drinkers will notice that after a while you need to drink more and more in order to have the same energy boost. Not the case with Steaz.)

As for the taste -- it could be better, but it's definitely not bad. (Unless you drink it warm - I definitely do not recommend that. You want it cool and fresh.)
337916337916B00125PX9UA3ETPCTG5Z3HLBL. Li0051342828800Steaz Zero CalorieI know some people complain about the flavor, and I can't lie, I didn't think I was going to be able to even drink one can. But, like most energy drinks, once you get over the initial "this doesn't taste like something that should go in my stomach," it's pretty decent. It keeps me awake and that's also what I need them for. I'm already done with a 4 pack (been 2 days) and I'm actually excited to open my next one!
337917337917B00125PX9UA27C5GHRX2SPZ2Nat'sProductReviews0011329350400Steaz lo-cal energy is horribleSteaz regular energy drink is quite tasty and I enjoy it. Steaz had an ingenious idea of coming out with a reduced calorie energy drink which had approximately half the calories of their regular energy drink, just made with less sugar. I was a regular purchaser of the old formulation of Steaz' diet beverage. They decided to cancel the reduced calorie version and started making a zero calorie one, which is this product. I do not like it at all. It has a terrible aftertaste. This one also has the sweetener erythritol, which I believe contributes to the foul taste, in combination with stevia. I would seriously suggest re-thinking the purchase of this beverage if you haven't tried one can. Sorry Steaz. You should have kept your old diet energy drink instead of replacing it with this one. People have taste buds. Zero stars for this zero calorie drink.
337918337918B00125PX9UA153Z14M79BKXBShaiya0041307750400Amazing Energy Drink With No Taurine and Zero CaloriesBeing a paralegal, my work requires me to stay long hours inside the office. I need the much needed energy to finish the necessary documents required the following business day. I have long benefited from Gene Eden Vir 101 as my supplement. It has helped me with my very stressful profession but it is often out of stock due to its known efficacy.

I was a bit hesitant in trying this product because I fear the possible alcohol content. But my friend to informed me that it is completely free from this ingredient and it has been certified organic; so I had a taste of steaz energy drink berry flavor and instantly liked its sweet tingling flavor. I am soon running out of this product and is a little bit disappointed because I soon realized Amazon does not ship it in my country yet. I do hope it can be shipped soon.

Thanks so much steaz!
337919337919B00125PX9UA13K9WNLV3CN5Mjohncdorgan0051306195200I'm a Steaz lover.I buy them by the case because they are completely free of artificial stuff AND sugar which is very hard to find in an energy drink. I think they taste fine - not as good as a milkshake - but not much different from plain red bull to me. The energy boost is mild a long-lasting.
337920337920B00125PX9UA2CN12UQD1AHR8Steven Biersteker0051265414400Healthiest Energy DrinkI accidentally ordered the diet berry instead of the normal. Angry at myself, I checked the nutrition label to see how much bad fake sugar I'd be having. To my surprise, there were no artificial sweeteners at all! It looks like diet berry just means less sugar, good!

So the taste wasn't too great. You have to like tea a little bit, and be okay with the lack of sugar. The carbonation is definitely helpful.

The energy is pretty good, you can feel it immediately. It's nothing like the really intense energy drinks, but it's still there. You also don't have to worry about any crashes or bad chemicals like other drinks.

It's my favorite energy drink now, I'm going to get non-diet next to compare.

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