Amazon Fine Food Reviews

337981337981B00093CH1IA2C1FES9S8AGYUVaness "Just a normal consumer"1151345420800Exactly what I wanted.I had a hard time finding organic Rosemary powder since most companies don't have it as a fine powder. This was excellent.
337982337982B00093CH1IAA4FGF1TLQ8WPggirl1231320451200Ripoff!!The product is great as you can't find it in stores. We love to use it sprinkled over white cheddar popcorn, which Target used to sell. What an incredible flavor!! BUT, the shipping charge was OUTRAGEOUS!! DON'T fall for it!!!!
337983337983B000EFPVLYA1WCCFRU065KA8Robin Venters "BeBlessed"0051259539200cookiesI buy these for my father all the time I live in NY he lives in CA. I love the fact that I can give him something that he likes and I don't have to mail them to him they are ship right to his home.
337984337984B000EFPVLYA2HNAM0SDNYM02D. Zhou "D.Z from NY"0231197763200Great cookies, but overpricedWow, I can get the 4 lb one at local BJ's for $8.50... This is way over priced. But great cookies.
337985337985B003ZNXCIQAF6JS5ITQ300AJ. Silva141531311984000Made in ChinaMy dogs love this but it is made in China. Had I known I would not have purchased them. They need to reveal this in the product description
337986337986B003ZNXCIQA1VOYZC0FJ9VO9Wanda J. Bermudez2251308614400Peanut Butter Treat for DogsIf your dog loves peanut butter, it will love SmartBones Peanut Butter Dog Chew. I purchased the 8-pack Mini and is my dog JJ's favorite treat. Product should be offered in larger quantities, maybe 12 to 24 in a package as they don't last long in our house!
337987337987B003ZNXCIQA22VWGFUINGLLFL. Solomon "lsolomon"1151343865600Much better and safer than rawhideMy dogs love these and so much easier on them than rawhide bones. I buy these all the time! And they love peanut butter flavor!
337988337988B003ZNXCIQA1B0VGPKJV8E1C10Cs0051350172800Smart Bones? What bones? Gobbled em' down!Seller had the product out and to us very fast, TY. The only thing wrong with the product was there wasn't enough to last!! My Goldens ate them up in a couple of bites:0) Better buy a bunch!!!
337989337989B003ZNXCIQA157LA0VW1U3ZFBow0011347148800MehThe price is good, size is perfect...but my dog doesn't like them at all. Would not buy again sorry. Not the products fault
337990337990B003ZNXCIQA1TAV7GLX8SG7Pcan0051347148800smarrtBones, peanut vbutter dog chew, mini 16-packWhat a great product for dogs. My mini doxie just loves these chew and to top it of, she loves the peanut butter favor. The day is complete when she is given one. If she doen't eat it at once, she will hide it for later or carry it around with her. This flavor is the only one that she eats. I purchase the mini size because it is not too big for her and she can handle it for eating or carrying it around.
337991337991B003ZNXCIQA3BM8A3K54EW8KJo-Jo0051347148800dog loves themMy dog loves the taste of these...they're a nice change from rawhides..I feel like I can give him treats more often
337992337992B003ZNXCIQA1UMHOHCT4A2ZKC. A. Westphal "travelling for fun"0051346803200LOVE 'EMMy dogs recognize the package & the sound of the tear-off top. As soon as they get a whiff of that peanut-butter flavor, they start dancing & prancing around me! I''ve gotten these before - the only negative part is the dogs snarf these up too fast!
337993337993B003ZNXCIQAZ8J06AAWV990Aisha W0051340928000My dog loves these!My dog loves the flavor and texture of these bones! Since they are dried, they allow that stiff resistance for bigger dogs mouths without the rawhide. Great product.
337994337994B003ZNXCIQA2YDPWTLHFVH70Rose4900051334793600Tiggie's favoriteGreat product! My pup is spoiled but these treats are his favorite. He loves the peanut butter flavored ones the best.
337995337995B003ZNXCIQAE5BAQHTZXXPNE. Crowley "EMC"0051330905600Woof Woof.SmartBones are a wonderful treat for your dogss. My two Dachushunds love the peanut butter flavor. Not only do they love them they are wonderful for them.
337996337996B003ZNXCIQA2NJW1EJ9VI29Otanksis0051330560000These are a MUST!!!My dogs LOVE these Smartbones! So much so that they sometimes turn their noses at other treats I try to give them. These bones are a great alternative to rawhide, and Amazon & Co. have some of the lowest prices on them. I have seen them sold for as high as $15.99 in some local stores. The only downside is that they do not last very long, as they are so easy to chew through. My dogs (Lab mix and Boxer mix) power through the medium and large sized bones in just a few minutes. Still, all in all, worth the money!
337997337997B003ZNXCIQA3N33RDEOW0TQ9Val0051327708800Best bones aroundThese are the best bones for your dogs. No rawhide and my labs love them. Well work the money. I have been ordering these for about 3months now and always a great transaction. Delievery has arrived either on time or early. A++++++++++++++++++
337998337998B003ZNXCIQA3VO5S9AF9DCVCsassafras140051325635200treatsMy dogs love them. They don't last very long with the larger dog. Will order more some time. Good price.
337999337999B003ZNXCIQA1HUQMY4NF8LKUJeanCase0051324771200Happy puppy!Our Cocker Spaniel Tinker Bell got this from Santa, and she picked it over all the other treats. It was gone in no time.
338000338000B003ZNXCIQA1VOYZC0FJ9VO9Wanda J. Bermudez0051317340800My dog loves Peanut Butter Smart Bones!My dog loves Smart Bones Peanut Butter Dog Chew Minis...your dog will love them too! Good for digestion and affordable.
338001338001B001AAPVDKA3HY45M97B1BQ4mpls14320051330992000Best brandied cherries!We bought these cherries to use in a drink recipe. They are so good, I would put them over ice cream, short cakes, pancakes. They are better than we hoped and will order them again!
338002338002B001AAPVDKA1EMTCR7O20ZAGD. Hwalek2511304294400DisappointingI was looking for cherries to add to my favorite drink, the Manhattan. These cherries were not whole, nor did they have stems. Very disappointing.
338003338003B000HIHE40A1CQRJFY5EEMDZCharles W. Long1151181174400Good stuff.Good when done as directed, but better if things such as meat, peppers, onion, etc., are added.
338004338004B000HIHE40A3296XF40IS2Slucy cranky "yarncrazy"0041269648000food for grandkidsI buy stuff like this for the grand kids. I think they liked it. I cannot eat pre-packaged foods due to health concerns. I haven't heard anything negative, so it must have been ok.
338005338005B000HIHE40A26YFRELXBZGF1Eva J. Alley0011220140800yuckYuck! This is the first time this tasted bland. Is something different with this batch?
338006338006B003ZXJBRMA3QNK88K5JM8V3Robin Black "Tricky123"0011303257600No FlavorThese cookies have no flavor. I think I will give the other 11 boxes to a food bank. Is that bad?
338007338007B003ZXJBRMA2WGD5GNQME5O5Frank1311289001600NOT EVEN FOR SANTAI got a pack in a vending machine. I just ran 12 miles. I was ravenously shoving them into my mouth, expecting an oreo like taste, or even just a cream cookie.


I had only 3 and stared to feel sick. I've eaten whole boxes of oreos and loved it. I could hardly eat 10 of these before feeling sick.

They're just terrible cookies. Get real cookies without all those junk ingredients.

I'm just sad i couldn't eat a pack of friggin cookies after running 12 miles.
338008338008B0024V5MQUA38XW5668UKIJ6Truth Crusader0041330473600Yummy & low carbTrying to find snacks made of alternative flours & lower carbs, I found these. We love them. They're little balls and look kind of like Kix cereal. They're just a bit salty and yummy. We've made them a regular item on our subscribe & save list.
338009338009B002D86EWAA392NWG7Q4PGSOSamantha Lane "Samantha"1151305417600Highly recommendThis cereal is still made and sold. I just saw it today at Publix for $5.99. You are paying for quality ingredients which are not only good for you, but taste amazing as well. I have been eating both Quaker Oat Bran and Quaker Oat Squares for 20 years. It is a great way to start the day. My grandfather introduced them to me when I was younger and my son now eats them and loves them as much as I do. I have never had a weight problem and I believe that having a healthy diet including these cereals every morning have helped me to maintain my high school weight even after having a child. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great tasting way to stay in shape on the outside and healthy on the inside! (and no I don't work for Quaker, I just love the cereal bc it's helped me stay fit and reminds me of Grampa!)
338010338010B002D86EWAA2AW8YAOMUAX76T. Plocinik1151274313600Is this discontinued?The reason that they are charging so much for Quaker Oat Bran cold cereal is probably because it has been discontinued by Quaker. It is not available in the grocery store so what is for sale on Amazon is probalbly what is left over. Be careful that it is not past its fresh date.

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