Amazon Fine Food Reviews

338101338101B0029NVJNIASDUSAMGI86NZannie1151314230400cat treatsBlossom likes this one occasionally. I like that they are dry on the outside so they do not go stale so quickly
338102338102B0029NVJNIA2UF91CPX22A2TJ. Raven "Very Very Sane"1141311206400Kitty cat crackI got this to give to our cat as an occasional treat. Like many of the reviewers here my cat now acts like an addict. I don't know what they put in this stuff, but she wants it all day and all night. It's gotten so she has started pestering me non stop. I'm glad I found a treat she likes, but it's a nightmare if we run out. I just came on here to order another box. I'm not sure if I want to keep dealing with this. I might have to consider kitty cat rehab.
338103338103B0029NVJNIA769DJSX7EYBIP. Watson1151310428800Whiskas Temptations -- Monthly DeliveryMy cats love the dairy flavor and they are hard to find in our local stores. The treats are not too big in size -- easy for cats to eat.
338104338104B0029NVJNIA35IHEBUFEH5OKTWIXIE952 "Jan"1151299974400temptations ,my cats night time snack !Pip knows when it't 10:00 p.m. by some cat time clock or maybe she can count the chimes on our clock ,who knows ? The point is at 10:00 every evening she starts bugging me to put her in her room and (get this ) turn on her electric blanket,set the timer on the TV for 30 mins. and reward her with 10 of her favorite treats TEMTATIONS. I close the door and have a happy cat all night long.
338105338105B0029NVJNIA2DNTJYRT6XRU4CatMom1151299024000My cats LOVE these ...The title says it all! I even buy these on a subscription as I save money over the store price (even Walmart) and get free shipping. (I never want to run out of these are I don't want my fur-kids giving 'dirty looks'). I recommend this to anyone who wants a good kitty treat that is also a hairball product. After you cats gets a taste of these, all they will need is the sound of the bag opening to come running... >^..^<
338106338106B0029NVJNIANBL9XW9M2FIBilly Worthman1151297814400my cat loves these!!my cat is a very picky eater, she will not touch human food and it was very hard to find her a cat food that she actually liked and would eat. As for treats same thing, she would not eat every kind. I bought a pack of temptations to try her and she goes crazy for them, i once left a package of them on my coffee table and went out and when i got back the cat had knocked them off the table and ripped the bag open and ate them all. (i think that these are equivalent to smoking to humans) its very addictive to cats.. 5 stars.. *****
338107338107B0029NVJNIA1WXJ2XUT3S3WSRuby "Ruby"1151290211200Need help giving your cat medication...try these.I've been giving my cat medication for a little over a year now and I just hate prying open his mouth and dropping the pill in. If I get one of these treats ready beforehand it triggers his attention to the treat instead of the pill. I give him his medication and then immediately give him the treat. (not in the same fashion, however) He used to run and hide every time I opened his pill case now at least he sticks around. It makes it easier for me too.
338108338108B0029NVJNIA1WME4X079A0PCHarvey Goldenberg "Harvey0"1151289347200Hairball Control Chicken Favour TreatEach of my three cats loves this flavor of the Temptations Treats. Anytime I go into the kitchen, one or more of my cats follows me in, sits on a perch (each has his own spot so the other will not nibble from the plate of another) and waits for his/her Hairball Control Chicken Flavour Treat. This makes it a lot easier to deal with a hairball problem.
338109338109B0029NVJNIA1NTQQ579L5WTIM. Bell "Thinker"1141285027200My Cats Love TheseThese treats are a daily ritual between me and my cats, they really love them. The product arrives quickly, appears fresh and well packaged, and is priced reasonably - a good deal overall.
338110338110B0029NVJNIA2YR96JDGCG7WTAnniered1151281916800All around crowd pleaser!Counting rescue kitties I have 13 cats that I "treat" on a daily basis and not a one turns their nose up on this particular flavor. The fact that they help with tartar control is an added bonus.
338111338111B0029NVJNIA2OBDNQ5ZYU1L8Diana De Avila "MS Gkygrl"1151268265600Like a "Stuffed" Greenie for CatsOur cats are definitely tempted by Temptations! I was delighted to find that Temptations had come out in a "Greenie" dentable form. All five of our kitties love them and they are like "crack" for cats. The Whiskas Temptations line of treats are a favorite among our felines.

Love to see my cats run around and chase these things! Stuffed delights for them! Cats love 'em and they are supposed to provide good dental hygiene for them.
338112338112B0029NVJNIA14T81IZOUR7LPSharon P. Smith1151266796800Well trained catsMy pride of 11 "rescue" cats found it easy to help themselves. From the 5 month olds to the 15 year olds, they all love Seafood Medley.
338113338113B0029NVJNIA2H2DJS31WHEXPK. A. Wolfe "rebel with a cause"1151265587200Cat begs to clean teeth!My geriatric cat loves these treats. He begs every time I sit down at my desk (treats are stored in a drawer). Hard to say No to my companion of many years, especially since the treat is good for his mouth's health. But I remember not to over feed since he loves them so much.
338114338114B0029NVJNIA1R0HMB3PTIJYTCrazy BamaGirl "Miss LJJ"1151262476800My Cats go GA-GA for these Treats!I have 2 older cats (about 13 years old). They are both absolutely crazy about these treats (even the picky one)!. All I have to do is take out the bag, even if they are in a different part of the house, they will hear it and come running. I love giving them this treat because they enjoy it so much!
338115338115B0029NVJNIAE6APIV5K93KFSusan W. Sager "fancyface"1151261872000Great product!I am sorry but the below reviewer is absolutely talking non-scence. I have 7 cats and 8 bags of these in my cabinets but I have gone days on end without giving these to ANY of my cats and they are absolutely fine. Also I run a shelter with a LOT of cats and have not had them acted like she sais.

These cat treats have the ingredients on the label and just like any cat treat cats love them... My cats also love Party Mix, does that mean they are drugged product.

That being said please do not listen to non-scence on these ratings.

My cats do love these temptations... They do not beg for them,,,, but they do like them!

I feed them each 10 treats at home at a time, the suggested ammount and of course they could go for more (because it is a snack)...

I love that these taste good to the cats but they are also very healthy!!!!

I have 7 cats. One of my cats will only eat 4-5 treats and she gets FULL easy and the rest can eat ALL that I put down........ My neighbor sais that her cats do not like them because they are spoiled on "people food"... I was shocked when she returned the bag I sent them for Christmas!

I tried to get them to eat them also and they walked away, tried to also put one in there mouth...

I also have 35 cats in our shelter and they ALL love these treats, they will eat as many as you give them.... We cannot afford to buy these for them all the time but we get it for them every few months.. We keep them all the time for our own cats!

They are a great product, I like to buy the large bags because you are saving money!
338116338116B0029NVJNIAEAWYYXDYYUVAaptos1151257120000works for my cat!We have one cat with both a sensitive stomach and hairball problems. I've tried quite a few treats, and these are one of the few I can give her that don't come back up.
338117338117B0029NVJNIAXPYUSKEKC9G6Peggy Miller1151257033600great pricecats - if you are owned by a cat you know how fussy they can be. My adopted feral cat just loves these treats. I love spoiling her but they are so expensive at the grocery store. Now, thansk to I can buy them in multiples. The price is cheaper, and what can I say about the convenience of having them shipped to the door!
338118338118B0029NVJNIA1I85Y08VRZ32QJimmy Morelli1131254700800Hairball formula doesn't seem to tastyMy wife's cats love all the temptation treats. They will eat these becuase they are gluttons but it is obvious they are not that keen to the taste or the way it makes them feel.

I noticed no difference with hairballs using these treats. If you need something for the hairballs get the brown barley or malt paste. That stuff works real good and some cats actually like the taste.
338119338119B0029NVJNIAC4WH9ABLIKQKJohn C. Sopp "John"1151254614400My cat's favorite treatI have three rescued cats and feed them regular food of course but when they want a treat they will only eat the Whiskas Savory Salmon. I have tried more expensive treats and pretty near every type and brand. They will only come for Whiskas Savory Salmon. They rate it a five star treat!
338120338120B0029NVJNIAJLEWBV6DH1E6red cabin3411306886400Made my cat sickMy cat had a very bad reaction to these treats. He loved them, but they were like an extreme laxative. It took me a while to track down his problem. Maybe it was the chlorophyll, I don't know, but if your cat has a sensitive stomach, I'd be careful with these particular treats.
338121338121B0029NVJNIAI8LDBFJR0SGELainey0051351036800Why can't I buy these in Canada!?I bought these when I was in the States (I live in Canada), and now my cat has a monkey on his back...and I can't buy them here! :( And not only can I not buy them in Canada, I can't even order them on Amazon for reasons I don't fully understand. What am I going to do? His Royal Majesty (I mean the cat, of course) MUST have his Catnip Temptations! He's addicted. I can't drive down there in the winter when the roads are bad (like right now). He doesn't forget about them. It doesn't matter if I hide them. He knows. He watches me. He watches everyone who he thinks might give him his treats. I'm down to the last bag. I need...I need a Catnip Temptations dealer. Or I need to send him to Catnip Temptations Rehab.
338122338122B0029NVJNIADVBAVUZRKXNSTchoupitoulas0041351036800Kitty CrackJust the shaking of the bag and they come running. I call it "Kitty Crack"...and I am currently feeding about 19 of them. One of the ways I can trap to spay/neuter them.
338123338123B0029NVJNIA3F40Q2G16NYZIpat brown0051350777600happy pairMy pair of cats, old and young are lovers of Temptations. They like the Seafood medley flavor. They will not let me stay in bed in the morning. This Temptation time. After they have their Temptations I can have my coffee. Guess who rules this
I get my Temptations from Amazon. It is so handy.
338124338124B0029NVJNIA2DYQUFAUTO7N4Diana DeHaven0051350604800Cat's favorite treatI've tried several brands and flavors of treats for my cat, but this is the only one she really likes. Finding the dairy flavor after we moved was difficult, and ordering from Amazon is easy and keeps a supply on hand.
338125338125B0029NVJNIA1US7XTK43CCJYR. Penny0051349568000Delicious!!My wife wouldn't touch them but I found them to be the perfect after dinner snack. The cat also finds them to be quite delightful. They do a great job of keeping the cat's teeth clean.
338126338126B0029NVJNIA3NTOYUJYVKOV7Miss Daisy0051347753600TreatsAll my cats, but one like them. I foster cats and have 14 now. They come running at night, after I have scooped the litter boxes. They know it is treat time. It is a real convenience to have a box of Temptations delivered to my door...especially in the winter with the snow on the ground.
338127338127B0029NVJNIA3PNDHFUA8EG4Omy name goes here0031347494400My cat loves it.. I don't know if I do.Bought a pack of these since I saw them on sale at my local grocer and we were running out of his usual treats. Once I opened it, my cat came running. I'm thinking he could smell it from across the room. I gave him one and it disappeared instantly, and he looked up right away and begged for more. I gave him a few more and put it away but he would not stop begging until I gave him more. One more, that's it. I put it away again and my cat got all feisty and testy with me. He started biting my empty fingers until I gave in again!

I don't really like how it unleashes the BEAST in my sweet cat, but I can tell he loves it. It's like a drug even! With that said, I don't think I'll buy another pack for him. He loved his old treats but it never made him go crazy. There must be some kind of MSG-equivalent in these treats that makes them beg for more. I've never seen him act so ravenous after getting a treat.
338128338128B0029NVJNIA39LURR2WD1FLLRoof0041346630400Probably not the best flavor, but good.I have many different flavors of these treats for my cats. They like this flavor, but something tells me they like the animal flavors better, whether it is fish or mammals. Don't get me wrong they love this flavor, but I don't think it is the best flavor you can buy.

Temptations is most likely the best treat brand you can buy though, they never fail. Just shake the bag, and look, I have cats!
338129338129B0029NVJNIA2WPT1PUKV3RRTMara0051346630400An Absolute FavoriteThese treats are my cat's favorite. They go nuts for it. I've tried a lot of brands, but so far, Temptations has them beat!
338130338130B0029NVJNIA3QCXD74OFXOOSwhite dog0051346284800Kitties Love ThisWe have eight cats - And they all love their kitty treats every night. Thankyou Whiskas Temptations, our cats won't eat any other brand than yours. Thankyou for selling this item as a monthly automatic delivery to our house. How handy is that?

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