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338368338368B001BF7PV0ANZPF1BI1VMLYTiffany0051283817600love iti just got my pack of ice breakers strawberry smoothie gum today and i love it its easy to chew it has long lasting flavor ive never had this kind before so i decided to buy and try and its good im very glad i brought this i recommend that u buy for your self
338369338369B001BF7PV0A3KPWWIK39OW5ZJames M. Cole "Jim"0051265760000Ice BreakersAll perfect BUT would like to be able to have on Auto order every 90 days - how can I do this?
338370338370B001BF7PV0A42OB9KJOU916HappyElmo0521265500800a soft chewI am not rating this for flavor as I tried a different one but rating this for chewability.
It is a very soft gum. I did not like it as it does not have the chewability of other top rated gums.
338341338341B000H27NC4A2TURHWPQ343WPKS0051271548800Mouth wateringI love Southern cooking, but when it comes to Cajun, I am unskilled. I bought this at World Market (may be Cost Plus in your area) and my husband (a Southerner) and I were so surprised that a box-starter mix could be so good. Just add meat and veggies.
338342338342B000TTDDWEA2ASUEQMBIMP0HD. Rudoll7751186704000Rockin Razzpotle SauceThis sauce has an awesome flavor on meats on the grill, baked chicken, pork, makes a fantastic dip by mixing 8oz of cream cheese with crackers. It has a wonderful bite but not to hot. A real compliment to any meal or snack. It is a must try, you won't be disappointed!!!
338343338343B000TTDDWEA1LB5AS8CGKWQNC. Givan4451210982400DeliciousMy family and friends so enjoy the Raspberry Chipotle Sauce over cream cheese with tortilla chips. It is also good with crackers. Actually, some of us like the sauce with no cream cheese. It may seem that the bottle is a bit large, but we have found the contents go fast and it isn't too much. I recommend this for a quick always ready snack as well as for cooking. The bottle comes little recipe booklet for ideas on enhancing meats and other food using the raspberry Chipotle sauce.
338344338344B000TTDDWEA353U0L2HAMSHVCricket "Living life and loving it!"1141232496000A great tasting sauce with unlimited menu options!Whether you're preparing an appetizer, side dish, main course or dessert Fischer & Wieser Razzpotle Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce is a wonderful item to have on hand.

I originally ordered this without realizing that it did contain seeds. Unfortunately I am the type that buys seedless jams, so I was definitely worried that I wouldn't like it. Upon receiving my order, it looked as though it was a very minimal amount so I decided to give it a try. Wanting to use recipes that have been tested with this sauce I headed to the Fischer & Wieser website. There I found three different ones that looked good and would allow me to taste the range of possibilities for this particular sauce.

My first choice was raspberry creamed chicken for dinner and it was delicious! The flavor was very nice and I think the cream toned down some of the chipotle's heat which my son wouldn't have normally liked. Then for dessert we decided to go easy and drizzle some onto vanilla ice cream. Simple, but tasty when combined together. The other recipe I will try soon is the raspberry chipotle cheese ball. It's a take on the sauce poured over cream cheese that everyone has mentioned, but this mixes both together and then you roll it in nuts. I'm taking it to a super bowl party and hope that it'll be an instant hit.

Overall this is a very versatile sauce that I will continue stocking in my pantry. At first the price seemed a bit high, but when I thought about the price of fresh raspberries I changed my mind. The only thing keeping me from giving this sauce 5 stars would be those seeds! Although they didn't bother me enough to keep me from eating it, it was enough to say there is room for improvement in my opinion.
338345338345B000TTDDWEA3W2UTN0BC4ZKDHeath L. Buckmaster "_heath_"2341235865600Tangy sauce with a bit of a kick - great for pork marinadesThe Fischer & Wieser Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce really is your basic delicious marinade, especially for pork chops. They even include a good recipe for pork tenderloin on the attached bottle tag.

But the product doesn't stop there - it's amazingly versatile, and here are some of the ways that we have used it.

Salad Dressing - mix this product with some sour cream, wine vinegar, give it a really good shake and you've got a creamy and tangy sauce for your grilled chicken salad. This dressing can also be used in a wrap.

Cream Cheese and Crackers - you'll also see this recipe on the bottle tag, and so we tried it and it's great. Mix a block of cream cheese with the sauce and smear it on some crackers - you can even pair it with a light creamy cheese for an extra punch.

Regardless of how you use it, you'll get a fresh taste of raspberry and a gentle kick of chipotle pepper in this sauce (which also contains Jalapeno as well). Any time you want to tame it down, use some sour cream and you'll be just fine.

I only gave the product 4 stars because of sugar being the first ingredient. I'm a big fan of using the natural sweetness from the fruit for things like this, so I wish the sugar content was lower (it's 9g/serving). I do, however, like that there are no preservatives in the product.

Contains: Sugar, Red Raspberries, Jalapenos, Apple Cider Vinegar, Water, Pectin, Chipotle, Garlic, Salt, Spices, Natural Smoke Flavor.

338346338346B000TTDDWEA3GAMJ1Z2PB4HMSuny0051350691200YUUUUUMMMM!!!!I search for this delightful sauce as it is no longer in Costco for few years now.It is delightful to say the least.I cut it with jerk sauce(Lawry's)and also great and goes farther.Good on steak pork chicken fish!!!
338347338347B000TTDDWEA2ULZFYL7PSOXPFran Zimmermann0051348012800Delicious!I tried this sauce at a friend's house and couldn't believe how good it was. So I bought it and have used it on chicken and fish. It gives the food a great flavor. If used as a bbq sauce you need to be careful since the food will burn due to the sugar content. I brushed it on just a few minutes before the chicken was done and it was fine. The product came just a few days after I ordered it -- great delivery time! It is expensive but worth the price!
338348338348B000TTDDWEA26M9B8363FOFEAnne kee "dog lover"0051344902400awesomeThis is just awesome. That's the only way to describe it. There are other copy cat products on the market but none come close to this.
338349338349B000TTDDWEA1G3TD17U9UPKZMr Rebel0051343606400Perfect sauceGreat transaction, no problems at all. Would do business with them again. Have purchased this item before in the large bottles, but haven't been able to find it lately. Item is wonderful as always!
338350338350B000TTDDWEA36IMQYMUOCCY3EF0051341792000YUMMYThis is the best sauce for several recipes. We use it when we grill Salmon, On top of a block of Cream Cheese w/crackers, chicken on the grill....There are so many uses for this yummy sauce.
338351338351B000TTDDWEA16ITSHA00N6YTCynthia Robertson "CINDY LOU WHO"0051339718400My Raspberry Chipolte FixI love this stuff on top of cream cheese and put on either corn chips or ritz crackers. YUM! But it's so hard to find in stores. I was happy to see it come in such a big bottle. YIPEE!
338352338352B000TTDDWEA1DC93B7CSTKAPL. Ross "Raine"0051328572800Great sauce!Very tasty sauce... wonderful just poured over cream cheese for a dip with crackers. Ummmm!It comes with a few recipes, which I haven't tried yet.
338353338353B000TTDDWEA2OIN7OQM5QGC7SRRHR0031323820800the sauce is great but the bottle was dented plastic!The raspberry chipotle sauce flavor is a winner, but this must be a "second" (and possibly from Costco old stock) because the plastic bottle came dented, beat up looking.... in BOTH bottles I ordered, and it never said it was a" second" it on the web! Not nice!
338354338354B000TTDDWEA20I8KB3MBDETMMGR0051322956800Wonderful. Love it.I have used this on meat, salad, almost everything. I love it. My husband thinks it is a bit sweet. It is my favorite to add to salad.
338355338355B000TTDDWEA1T5RLNDKVTOCEMichele Hamilton0051310860800Awesome Sauce!!!!I originally lived in Denver and was able to get this sauce and keep it in stock all the time, but now I have moved to NY and there is no Costco around where we live and I have not been able to find it in any stores. It would be great to be able to go to the regular grocer and buy this! It is the best, most delicious sauce I have ever used and you won't be able to stop eating it once you start! The prices are a bit high on here, but when you can't get it anywhere else, it's worth it.
338356338356B000TTDDWEA1OHEN5DI1RBZAKENTUCKY0051307577600great for partiesthis sauce is wonderful drizzled over cream cheese and served with flip side crackers! my boys love it!this is my third bottle. whenever I take it to a party, I get great reviews. sweet with a spicy "pop".
338357338357B000TTDDWEA28MM3BZGVZNFYbuggie0051307318400appetizerThis is a great product, the price is way too high, Costco is much more reasonable, but I needed it NOW! It's fantastic over cream cheese, to serve with crackers of your choice! Yum!
338358338358B000TTDDWEA16ZE79F7H7KNNtkspears0051284681600Great Sauce!This is one of my favorite and yes underused sauces! I love to pour it over a block of cream cheese and serve it with corn chips. Wonderful appetizer!
338359338359B000TTDDWEA1433KCGEPX4O9playful0051283040000great stuffThis suff is good on most everything. The internet is the only place I can find it now.
338360338360B000TTDDWEAA1TQ4QJ4Y94Pbarb0051267660800YummyI bought this item at Costco at Christmas time & have been unable to find it since, until I went to Amazon. I love this dressing. I use it on everything. I use it for salads, baked potatoes, meat, etc. There is 0 fat grams!!! It has a "bite" to it, but I love it.
338361338361B000TTDDWEA3EK01N8Y78LLDA. French0051265932800YUMMO!There's just a bit of a zing to this, which is, in my opinion, what makes this amazing. I've combined some with whipped cream cheese then I spread it on crackers. Seriously, it is completely addicting!
338362338362B000TTDDWEA22CW0ZHY3NJH8Noname0051245715200Razzpotle is yummiliciousThis is a marvelous product. My favorite way to have it is over a block of cream cheese, served as a spread for crackers. I've also tried it on turkey sandwiches and in tuna fish sandwiches, just plain as a dip for bread. It is sweet and fruity, like a raspberry jam but thinner, and is very mild.

I don't feel any heat at all when used in combination with other foods. When eaten straight out of the bottle, there is a slight kick. This is not a sauce for those looking for a very hot sauce nor is it for those whose tongue only favors the bland. If you are meat and potatoes, this is not for you. For the majority who are in between folks, I can say this sauce is the hit of every party.
338363338363B000TTDDWEADLVFFE4VBT8A. Dent "Aragorn"0051235865600Nobody doesn't like the ChipottleExcept for my wife but somehow, she stays sweet by consistently refusing to ingest anything sweet and THIS Chipotle is sweet (because of the raspberries) in a smoked and mildly hot, perfectly balanced smooth way, if that makes any sense.

I had the Chipotle tonite on rice, then on cheese, then on some more rice. I had it yesterday on my omelette. I am planning to try it out tomorrow with tacos... To make a potentially long story short, the Chipotle goes well with just about anything that would take sauce for a flavor enhancer. I don't know anyone pregnant at this time but I can see how the Chipotle on top of ice cream could be an instant hit.

Do I have to formally state that now I'm a believer and an instant fan? Very well, I do and I do.

Give it a try but, if you're not sure, maybe you should try the smaller size first.
338364338364B000TTDDWEA1ZY533VQ8UWLNDeborah Stone0151216684800RAZZPOTLE ROASTED SAUCEWonderful sauce, perfect for all types of dishes from main courses
to appetizers. Quick delivery.
338365338365B001BF7PV0A2OEUROGZDTXUJJ. Graves1151329782400Mmm, strawberry!I love strawberries. However, it seems that most strawberry gum has other tastes mixed in. I'm not interested in strawberry-kiwi or strawberry-lime or strawberry-banana. This one says strawberry smoothie, which implies a creamy/yogurt flavor. Rest assured, it is simply strawberry. It is also very easy to chew. The flavor holds up fairly well and I love that it doesn't harden much. Blowing bubbles with it is easy.
338366338366B001BF7PV0A34ILI5H55BON5S.W.R.1151320451200Soft & Perfectly SweetThe texture of Strawberry Smoothie Chewing Gum is perfectly soft and not "rubbery" like so many sugarless chewing gums. The flavor is sweet and mildly fruity and doesn't have a strong artificial strawberry flavor. Many of the sugarless gums seem to contain too much xylitol and it burns my mouth, this one doesn't.
338367338367B001BF7PV0A17XC8D1HYP99Fgrace1151278720000a favoriteI bought these for a friend to give her husband. They are his favorite and cannot always be found at the store in this flavor. He apparently has some sort of allergy to the sweetener used in most sugar free gums, but not the xylitol in this one. He was (and I quote) "ecstatic".

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