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338428338428B000F3YF0SA2QQ9KSQ44QZSEJavier Miranda1141258502400Lots of Great TeaLapsang Souchong is definitely one of my absolute favorite teas. I have tried both the Twinnings and Taylors of Harrogate brands of this tea and found the Taylors brand to be better in flavor and potency. That being said, this product contains 300 teabags (that's a lot of tea!). I would encourage tea adventurers to search your organic food stores to see if you can find smaller containers of lapsang souchong in order to try it before you buy. The flavor is not difficult to get used to but may come as a shock to those used to other black teas. That being said, my only issue with this product is the amount of tea contained within the order, which is enough to last for a year or more with moderate tea consumption. If that's of no consequence to you, then I strongly urge you to buy this very delicious tea. Enjoy.
338429338429B000F3YF0SA2OSKMYXXRPZHSMoses Goddard "Moses"1151249862400excellent LapsangI have loved Lapsang Souchong's smokey rich flavor since I was a child, and I have tried every variety that I could get my hands on in the US, Europe and Asia. I'm not sure that this is the very best that I have ever tasted, but it is certainly a contender, and very consistent over the last 5 years that I have bought this brand.
338430338430B000F3YF0SA388QM4V4FMYTVCatherine0041350259200Nice tea but flimsy packagingThe Lapsang Souchong has a lovely smokey tea. I like the tea but not the packaging. Box is flimsy and the tea is kept loosely in that box without any additional packaging.
338401338401B000CPCPWOA2HC29PRBA1J46Anne Pandian1151170028800Not for the junk food junkiesbut great for the rest of us!!

My 14 month old loves them. He is the pickiest eater ever and has yet to turn down some veggie booty. I've been telling everyone I know that has toddler about it and so far it's a huge hit.

For the adults, the first taste is a bit bland, but after a few days of feeding it to your kids, you'll start enjoying it yourself for sure. If you're already a health food junkie, veggie booty is a tasty snack that you'll wonder how you lived with out.
338402338402B000CPCPWOA1QETBP2JUFUG1K. O'Connor-Salomon1151153094400Kid's Love Them!One of my daughter's daycare classmates brought these as a snack, and she wanted to try them. She loved them and we always have some in the house. They are my go-to snack. And they are vegan!
338403338403B000CPCPWOA29H4KC75GDXHDVeggie booty fan1151152403200An acquired taste, but worth itYeah, it takes some getting used to; Cheetos it ain't. But it's actually good for you, and my two kids love it. My one year old daughter freaks out just from the crinkle of the package! The price here is better than any Whole Foods or co-op, so stock up.
338404338404B000CPCPWOA37KU9VNSHWXLODeborah J. Carpenter1151150329600I love this productI really love this product. I'm very health conscious and try many products and for snacking I tried this product a while ago and really enjoy it! I like knowing that I'm eating something very good for me and at the same time love the taste. I know that natural/healthy snacks sometimes can be bad tasting (I've had my share) but this product isn't one of them. Is it for everyone? Maybe not, but try it for yourself. I know I plan on purchasing this through Amazon for the savings.
338405338405B000CPCPWOAZ6DJLNAUGTUGrka0051350000000Love Veggie BootyThis is a great snack that is healthy and low calorie, plus if you are gluten free it is a great find! Love to eat this!
338406338406B000CPCPWOA1NMKXK04PZ6KKNEH0051339977600Tasty stuffThis is an acquired taste I guess. I picked up a bag years ago and loved them. They are very tasty and this pack is at a great price compared to buying them individually.
338407338407B000CPCPWOA1H0P7ESJE2109Gadget Girl0041325548800Great product - Just be sure to inspect when it arrives!We love the Pirate's Booty products and buy Veggie Booty, Tings and Pirate's Booty in bulk to save money, since it's only available at a few stores where we live and it's expensive out here. My only complaint is that the last box we bought, we stored up in our pantry with only that front cardboard part pulled out, and just grabbed a new bag when we needed one. I went to pull the box down today and discovered that 2 bags had opened at the top seam (or more likely had never properly been closed) and so had to throw them away. That bums me out, and it raised the overall cost of the remaining 10 bags about 50 cents each. Since I ordered the box over a month ago, I don't feel like I can request a refund, so my only advice is when you get your bulk package, don't just open the cardboard cutout and store it. Be sure to go through and inspect each bag for any problems. That way you can contact Amazon and get a replacement if there is something wrong. Otherwise, I highly recommend these products at healthy alternatives for snacking kids (and adults).
338408338408B000CPCPWOA19MCYIFQ57G7VNic0051314576000FantasticI absolutely love this product!!! I used to buy these at Trader Joes and have not been able to find them anywhere! So happy to have found them again.
338409338409B000CPCPWOA6TXJN36IUKBKReviewer0051303430400Beyond my expectaion!!I just bought this not knowing how it would tast like. But when I first put into my mouth it had right texture it just melts in your mouth. The color of snack reminded me of pesto. You can smell a hint of parselyas well. Just right amount of sodium not too salty hoping to try other tastes.
338410338410B000CPCPWOA3UVYS7MW3JR7GJoink0051301616000Ahoy, ye snack lovers!Veggie Booty is my absolute favorite snack. It has a subtle, yet tasty flavor, and beats fried, artificially flavored snacks that leave a lingering taste in one's mouth (but then again - my palate has a preference for health over junk). And just how many snacks exist that are green and made with kale or spinach? Very unique. Consuming 3/4 of the bag in one sitting is not out of the ordinary for me. Can't get enough!
338411338411B000CPCPWOA3B95S9L3JM5CPDescendant of Lillith0051299024000Unique and Yummy!I have to admit, the first time I tried Veggie Booty, I did think it smelled and tasted a bit odd. But it grew on me quickly, and it is now one of my favorite snacks. My six year old also loves it, she takes it for snack at school and I can barely keep it in the house - she even likes it better than the regular cheese Pirate's Booty.
338412338412B000CPCPWOA3JZ6L1CTFPNPMS. Ritland0051288828800Melts in your mouth...My little guy got a hold of these and I was worried at first because they are pretty big, but they literally melt in his mouth and he loves them. Great to throw on the highchair to keep them busy while getting the real meal ready! Highly recommend!
338413338413B000CPCPWOAVL5IDEE8YA3DRachel McElhany0041265500800Kids love 'em!My boys are five and three and they love this stuff. They love crunchy snacks and I'm glad to let them eat this because it's healthy. It has spinach and kale powder in it. I'll admit - I think it tastes like cardboard and don't eat it myself. It's a great snack for kids though - mine would eat a whole bag in one sitting if I let them.
338414338414B000CPCPWOA2UDUJG17I8S1RunVeg0051258416000So delicious and low-calorie!A 1/2 oz serving of these are only 65 calories, and I felt like I was munching on them forever! I think that they're so delicious, but in a much different way than you might expect. They're not too salty, greasy, or over the top like most snacks. You don't feel bloated and nasty after eating them, like you might (I do!) after eating a bag of potato chips or something akin to that. At first pop, I thought it didn't have a ton of taste. And then I let the flavors kind of settle in, and I realized the flavor was much more complex and savory than any snack I've ever had before. I mean, think of a potato chip: it tastes like grease, salt, and if you're lucky, you might get a tiny taste of potato. But these! These! I could taste the kale powder and broccoli powder (kale is my favorite food) and I could taste so much more flavor than I would ever expect from a simple bagged snack. By a few bites in, I was hooked. I finished the bag, and I wanted more! So, like I said, only 65 calories for the whole bag, and since they're puffed, I felt like I had eaten quite a substantial snack. I love these!
338415338415B000CPCPWOA2RY8TR4UBL55AD. Rice0051255046400Acquired taste, yes, but good for those with limited dietsI was drawn to these because I love the Pirate Booty with aged cheddar, but then I became lactose intolerant, along with developing an allergy to garlic. Do you know that garlic and some sort of milk product is in almost every snack food? These however are free of both. The first bite is not what you expect. The second bite is better, and by the third bite I was hooked. I have eaten a whole bag in one sitting (not recommended, by the way). I love these and can't live without them now.
338416338416B000CPCPWOA18CL73MAOOP78Readstochildren0041182816000This snack is an aquired taste/ popular with toddlersMy two year old loves it and I have a hard time getting him to more can I say.
338417338417B000CPCPWOA1UH8CODMYK21QPupsketches "Christine"0031171411200Smell like fish foodMy 16 month old loves these! And they are healthy and perfect texture for first foods. But he loves to "feed mommy" and I have to admit it's hard to choke it down. It smells just like the stuff we feed the koi out back.

So 5 stars from him, 1 from me, average it out to 3.
338418338418B000CPCPWOAQM5J7TL8KKO9online shopper 70051168560000Veggie Booty is Good StuffVeggie booty is a nice snack with healthy vegetable ingredients. It arrived fresh with plenty of time before expiration.
338419338419B000CPCPWOA2JCSYAJ14EXLS. Boling "REEL Thing"0051163030400Go Veggie Booty!My son, who is now 4-yrs-old, has always loved Veggie Booty. I feel much better having him chomp on a snack that includes some greens, and he really likes the taste. I really like it as well, although it may be an aquired taste for some. Be brave and give it a try!
338420338420B000CPCPWOA6FIAB28IS79Samuel Chell71221153353600Arrrgh!(I wonder if anyone else has seen the"Saturday Night Live" sketch about a convention of pirates whose discourse is limited to the"arrrgh" sound.) This product tastes like alfalfa/barley juice, except the popcorn texture makes it difficult to make the taste go away simply by holding your nose. As for all the health benefits, the veggies indeed impart "flavor" to this mish-mash, a bag of which equals 8 grams of protein plus nearly 600 calories, but what do the veggies contribute and what percentage of the product do they represent? Unless I notice some dramatic health benefits, I'm going to have trouble disposing of 12 bags (Lesson: Even though Amazon limits you to large quantities, don't order 12 bags if you haven't first tried one). The only way I can consume this stuff is to wash down every bite with a mouthful of cold Coke. Or, picking up on the company's pirate theme, Coke laced with a lot of rum. Unassisted by such complementary beverages, I'm afraid this booty elicits no pirate's celebratory "Arrrgh!" from me. Just plain "Yuck!" is more like it.
338421338421B000CPCPWOA1MA3OY6Z3DGO9Scott R2531148428800Veggie booty tastes like feetI mean, not bad or smelly feet, just... feet. Or what I assume feet would taste like - mostly nothing with an aftertaste of ick.

Our 11-month-old daughter loves them, but I would certainly not feed them to grownups.
338422338422B000CPCPWOA1OZEX6BNJEDBMA. Barry "THE reviewer"41511140393600My review on this *cough* *hack* oh sorryput one in your mouth and you'll understand,they're bad. And not just BAD,they're the baddest of the baddest. A black hole of taste.

I just want to say that *cough* *cough* *hack* that they're really... *cough* oh forget it!
338423338423B000F3YF0SA2BVVLD0DN1SVPGrace Hughes "gracey"101151173312000Excellent Lapsang SouchongI'm not able to buy Lapsang Souchong locally, and was pleased to find it on Amazon. The price is good, and the quality of the Taylors of Harrogate is excellent. It's stronger than the Twinings brand I've had before.

Lapsang Souchang has a smoky taste; it's not a sweet tea at all. It's interesting and different from other teas, but don't buy a big quantity until you've tried it for yourself.
338424338424B000F3YF0SA17EX7ZF5GYTYDPqP5551303516800It's not only good, it's a steal!I love Lapsang Souchong tea, which is hard to find in retail stores. The online choices are Twinning or this Taylors of Harrogate. I won't pretend to make a "connoisseur's" analysis of their relative merits; to me they both taste delicious, even though I do believe this (Taylors of Harrogate) tea to have a more pronounced taste (perhaps -- see below -- because there's more tea per cup???).

But let's look at what we're asked to pay... This one is $0.12 per bag while Twinning's is $0.16. Moreover, each Taylors of Harrogate tea bag contains 25% more tea than Twinning's (2.5gr vs 2.00gr), so that an equal-weight Twinning tea bag would have to cost $0.20, or a Twinning-size tea bag of this would only only cost $0.09. So in effect we're asked to pay over twice as much per Twinning tea bag! Now, even if there were a difference between them (and they all come from the very same Chinese makers) and the Twinning were the better-tasting tea (which I dispute), it would still not be twice as good to justify spending the extra cash.

Yes, it's a lot of tea to buy at once; but at my rate of consumption it represents about a bit less than eight months' supply, and the shipping is free.

Finally, regarding that misguided soul who wrote the single 1-star review complaining about the expiration date... this stuff is bone dry, packed in cellophane. It has no meaningful shelf-life limitation. If I brewed you two cups of this tea, one from a freshly-bought box and another from a box that's 1-3 years past its expiration date, I'm confident that -- in a blind test -- you would not be able to tell the old from the new.
338425338425B000F3YF0SA1A043A4JU4T7BStephen Elderbrock3341238025600A Tea With CharacterLapsang Souchong tea is difficult to find, and it is an acquired taste, but I love its smoky flavor - Lapsang Souchong has more character than regular black tea, and it conjures up visions of sitting by a roaring fire on a cold winter's afternoon with a good book. If you have never tried it before, you might not want to order this much, but if you have experienced Lapsang Souchong before, or if you're feeling bold and want to try something a bit rarer than Lipton's, I highly recommend it.
338426338426B000F3YF0SA31ITHK991UQ0DChrista McElroy2221308960000not my cuppa.....I tried this tea because the reviews intrigued me, and I can only say Please Try It before you spend a lot of money! It must be totally an acquired taste, but this is the first tea I have ever found undrinkable. The only way I can describe it is canadian bacon in a cup.
338427338427B000F3YF0SAYE93PKMGL7HZlynx1141311379200might be smokier, but quite niceof the admittedly few types of Lapsang Souchong i've tried, this is certainly the least smoky. my partner has complained about the smoke fragrance of every other variety, but never mentions this one; and that's a person with a remarkably sensitive nose and a dislike for smoke.

that's not all bad, however. with some other Lapsang Souchong varieties, i've found myself wondering if all the smoke was being used to cover up a substandard tea --- with this one i can clearly taste the black tea underneath the smoke, and it is good.

a little bit more smokiness would have made this a five-star review. as it is, it's well worth four.

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