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338431338431B001EHM7AEA1AC3U6ZVO75PNJoseph D. Kniesner0031297296000nice box, very little candyI got this for my dad for christmas. He opened the box and found there was only once chocolate covered pineapple slice...the title states "slices" which is misleading.
338432338432B001G7QYISA3U5Z6UTIJ8FZ91.5 Trick Pony "SuperDuper"1141189468800Convenient shaker, taste is fineThis is my first time trying stevia in any form or brand, and I just made myself my first cup of tea, sweetened with 5 very careful shakes of stevita until it was sweet enough. I read a prior comment about dipping a toothpick twice and the tea being too sweet... maybe that was a different brand or a liquid, because with the filler it seemed to be about somewhere between half to equally as sweet as Splenda with the same amount. So far the taste is fine... there's some mild bitter taste that lingers on my lips, that I would call "chemically" except that it's supposed to be natural. I guess it's no worse than Splenda though, and certainly better than Equal and way better than Sweet'n'Low. I figure if this can help me kick my addiction to fake sugar, and get my brain cells working again. Probably not, until there is a Diet Coke made with stevia (which they say is in the works). I'd say worth the try, but get it from a vitamin store where you don't pay the same amount of shipping as the actual stevia!
338433338433B001G7QYISA2NTRCIRS2XJ9SMs. Read0051254268800Used this product for years!My family has used this brand of Stevia for many years. I like that I can get it on Amazon at any time with free (Prime) shipping. It's a pretty good price, too, compared to other stores. We use about a bottle a week and haven't used sugar or other sugar substitutes since we found this a long time ago. We buy the packets, too, to take with us on the go. I take my packet to Starbuck's and have them add it before they foam my cappucinos. I use it at home on everything, in chai, coffee, tea, on cereal. It is simply the best and worth every penny.
338434338434B001G7QYISA222QNC2416JDCGalagan "Naina"0011235952000horrible!I used stevia based products of a different brand for a while now. I decided to try this one because it seemed like a very good price. Boy, was I wrong! This powder gives your your tea the nastiest weirdest bitterish flavor that cannot be killed even by lemon or milk. It's just horrible!
338435338435B001G7QYISAISFVBXFVY7XCNotblueatall "Notblueatall"0021207094400I really wanted to switch to Stevia...I just couldn't hang. The aftertaste was just, gross. I'm sure if you're used to the whole world of sweeteners than this stuff is great. However, my newbie taste buds just weren't liking this. I bought it based on the other reviews. I've since simply cut back my sugar intake as I'm not a diabetic or have other sugar issues. I only tried it in my capuccinos.
338436338436B001G7QYISA2PNOU7NXB1JE4Peggy "pab920"00511854080005 for flavor, 2 for priceIt is pricey considering what a pound of organic sugar costs. I will likely try growing my own for 2 reasons-cost and I'd grow it organically and not bleach it from green to white. But until I get around to that, I'll buy this item since I like the way it tastes in comparison to another well known brand.
338437338437B004NE09PAA377BE6XEYYIH1CJ0141324252800Bananananananan....Great stuff. Stumbled across this in France in September 2011. Pretty tasty especially on a cold or rainy day. If you can get past the racially insensitive packaging you'll find a nice hot chocolate.
338438338438B002DQ2ETYA3PX0WRRBQ7V70Patty0151339977600okvery good, they have a good taste and last very long
very good, they have a good taste and last very long
very good, they have a good taste and last very long
338439338439B001Q9BUJ4ANDKHD87MZZXQRichard L. Doe0011320019200Major let down!OK first of all there is NOTHING ass kickin about this stuff! It is only very mildly spicey; not at all what you would expect from the wonderful habanero pepper. Which brings me to my second point, trust me I know habanero and there doesn't actually seem to be any in here. There is none of that awesome gutsy taste that I'm used to enjoying with other habanero products. I was expecting a nice mix of sweet and at least medium heat with lots of flavor. All this has is lots of sweet, a very mild amount of heat and basically no flavor. Would not recommend this to pepper lovers!
338440338440B001Q9BUJ4A1K1BAQ7KQ92FJ. Farrell "work shopper"0051236124800yummy!A co-worker turned me on to this jelly a few years back and I just love it! It's great with biscuits and butter. It's the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. I highly recommend for everyone to try. You won't regret it.
338441338441B004AGP1TAA2RDSPT23GR4ESKimmie0051314316800Tim timsTim tams are so awesome ! Thank you for selling these cookies(biscuits) I will continue to get Tim tams on amazon more often
338442338442B003J9W5JIA10VOYIXJZCI1GCricket0051349222400Sour jelly bellies!These were fresh, arrived quickly in one bag, and have a nice tartness. This being such a large bag, I repackaged the remainder in several smaller bags to retain freshness. Really great for people who suffer from dry mouth constantly to have some of these on hand. Excellent product. I have no idea which color is which flavor, but doesn't matter since they are all good!
338443338443B003J9W5JIAZ3SMS383Q9ZDJohn L. Ragle0051332028800Yum yum, good!Reviews must be at least 20 words long, so here goes: Finally jelly beans that are polar opposites of the usual sickeningly sweet variety with undecipherable flavors. These guys really taste good (and the dog loves them too).
338444338444B003J9W5JIA23HLM6ZDO2IF3J. Olivo1251316995200Jelly Belly Sour FlavorsReceived ten 8-ounce bags, not one 5-pound bag.

They are Jelly Belly jelly beans (the white name stamp is clearly visible on the candy).

The Jelly Belly Sour Mix Flavor Guide: [...]
There are five flavors: sour apple, sour orange, sour cherry, sour grape, and sour lemon.

They are sour. They are delicious. Great for pouring into a candy jar on your desk!

See user pictures for more details.
338445338445B002X0X7A0AHX258W6U2T1OBeq1251283299200No longer homesickI love these candies! They're the one taste of home that I haven't been able to find here in the states! Let's face it - Vegemite is sold all over the place and Fosters (if any self-respecting Aussie would drink that stuff) is in every gas station fridge. But minties! Chewy, sticky, minty... there's nothing like it here! Bring it on!
338446338446B002X0X7A0A15ANGI9LOZ1PJMomma Bear0151279843200There's always time for a Minties.First had Minties in 1991 in Australia. Fell in love with them. Wonderful, refreshing mint flavor. Nice and chewy. Last a good long time. My favorite Australia candy. Yum!
338447338447B0061LRULEA1Z54EM24Y40LLc20051335398400Disappeared in an instantI have to admit - when I saw this at my local pet store, I thought, "sardines? Are you kidding?" Well, I took the plunge and grabbed a few cans anyway and wouldn't you just know it - the Persian king inhaled it faster than my Bissell Pet Hair eraser vacuum! Fastest shot of blue lightening ever! Imagine Garfield and you can get the picture. It's the same as all the other shredded varieties - some thick gravy and the meat of choice, but it's the sardines that sets this one over the top in this house. I always put a bit of warm water in with the food to give the cats extra water and they love it. Great, great new flavor, highly, highly recommend!
338449338449B00485BGEWA3DL6J2CX6XB5TRITA LINTNER1131298160000shirtsI bought these shirts for my grandaughter was pretty much pleased, however I thought the guage of fabric would have been a little heavier that what it was. All in all they're fine.
338450338450B00485BGEWA3J00C712JAN6DTiby Gold0141347235200BASIC Southpole Juniors Plus-Size Solid Color Crew Neck Tee, Musk Melon, 3XUn producto de calidad, suave, de un color sólido, la prenda se correponde a la descripción del vendedor, quien desee adquirirla comprara una franela de calidad.
338451338451B001TZRYRMA38HVF8JZGWGJRShibui Designs Ltd0051336176000The best cider vinegar ever.I have been searching for years for a good, tasty, pungent but not too, coder vinegar. This is the best, bar none
338452338452B004AH4NKWA60APQBN3TMKMBeth0021317513600Wholesome Rawhide DonutGot a pretzel instead. Wanted the donut. It would have been nice if the vendor sent me what I ordered.
338453338453B004U8WJSYA2AGXO8YSQTXFOLoyal Amazonian "Loyal Amazonian"1221334361600Dry tasteless crap!I had such high hopes because I really love coconut, but this was a total waste of money. Brought them into work, and no one liked them there either. Eventually they were gone because there was nothing else to munch on. Don't wast your money on this product.
338454338454B0011MYBWYA18TZWC6E47R4PLisa2251320019200Met expectationsThis syrup met our expectations. It works well with our shaved ice maker and tastes just like what you would get at a fair. A little goes a long way.
338455338455B0011MYBWYA280YURYWQOV7CSAH (aka Mr. it with SpriteI bought the lemon lime flavor to try and recreate a drink at a local restaurant called "Green River." It's super simple: just mix 1 part lemon lime snow cone syrup with 4-5 parts Sprite. It's very sweet, but very good. I chose to buy the Hawaiian brand because it had good reviews. Though shipping is a little expensive, which you might expect when shipping a liquid, the syrup is good, it was delivered quickly (I actually received it before the rest of my Amazon order), and it was packed well/carefully.
338456338456B0011MYBWYA25DPTSPX9CPG6Big Penguin1151319673600My favorite shaved ice syrup.I love snowcones. Year 'round. Even more than ice cream, if that's possible. Hawaiian Shaved Ice is my favorite brand of snowcone syrup. That's why I'm a repeat customer with them. They have a great selection of flavors. I have my favorites, of course, but I haven't found a bad one in the bunch. The classics are all here, along with some fun wacky flavors, as well. The concentration of the syrup and the nuances of flavoring are just right. I use a little snowcone machine that gets the ice to the proper consistency, put it in an ice ice cream cup, and then with the Hawaiian brand syrup it's as good as they have at the amusement park. If I have any little complaint, it's merely that the last bottle I ordered didn't have the little smiley face sun character on the label anymore. I say "bring him back!"
338457338457B001E5DRLYA3FWVQ4OU30WU1Bob from the Midwest7931238889600It's just another black teaand not worth the premium price. I had seen this tea before and when Amazon offer the $10 off I decided to try the Yata Watte & the Breakfast teas.

I give this pretty much the same review I gave the Yata - in fact I have trouble telling them apart in a blind taste test. About the only difference is this is ground finer.

Twinings Ceylon has a distinctive - as they call it - "bright" flavor, but I can't detect any taste that comes close here. This tea isn't that different than from PG tips, Yorkshire gold or any decent quality black tea.

Second issue is the packaging, if you go to the Dilmah web site you see the owner patting himself on the back, for what a good guy he is, how he runs his plantations. He should try producing a little less waste for us consumers to throw away. First a shrink wrap holding the 3 cans together, then each can is shrink wrapped, an outer lid, an inner lid. The yata is in a foil & plastic bag and the breakfast tea has plastic handle on the inner lid. Not only does it gripe the conscientious consumer in me to see so much waste, but it is adding 2-3 dollars for something that may get second use or second best goes to recycling.
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338458338458B001E5DRLYA1DTK26PJROKIZJd Lyall "J.David"3441217030400fine tea, but not whole leafI had never heard of this tea until finding it here while scanning for something different. Different from the PG Tips I've been using. I prefer loose leaf but PGTips are pyramid bags.

So I searched and found the Dilmah web site. All the tea is from the same estates. Not blended, they say.

One disappointment is that this is broken tea rather than whole leaves. What do they do with the whole leaf? It is 'loose', but not 'loose leaf'. The quality of the taste is certainly not impaired. Far better than PG Tips. More expensive as well.
338459338459B001E5DRLYAVH371ZW6BBD8Uncle Tom "0051333411200
338460338460B001E5DRLYA2GE37DU6B6FA3B. Rybicka-butkiewicz0011330214400what leaf?whoever wrote in the title "loose leaf" did not look inside, because inside there is this powder that goes through everything and stays between your teeth, the taste is so so but you need to use a coffee filter to brew the tea to enjoy it, I don't think I would recommend it to anyone.

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