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338521338521B00474OR8GA3LPIFJYCCI8V7Mom of Four0051317168000Caribou Coffee K CupsLove them! Great deal. Waiting for you to put another bulk order up so I can buy them again! I'm running low
338522338522B00474OR8GAJLFOV0PFNG09mailmommy0051314057600Coffee BreakGreat tasting coffee with that little edge we like. Caribou is one of our favorites in the K-cups.Look forward to trying more flavors.
338523338523B00474OR8GA1URS764KRWVL6isharp0051313798400love this coffee.this is the best coffee. I've tried many k cup coffees and this one is the best one that i have found so far.
338524338524B00474OR8GA2H6YK4BZFGHA5David L. Roberson00513137120002nd favorite all around coffee podCaribou makes a mean cup of coffee. It basically tastes like you just paid $2 for it. Medium flavor and I mix my coffee with heavy whipping cream. Good stuff.
338525338525B00474OR8GA3A02ZHIEXYCUBohiogrown0051312848000Love This Coffee!This is my favorite coffee. Perfect level of strength. Excellent flavor. It's bold and robust without being too intense. It tastes like morning.
338526338526B00474OR8GA3O1I3KB7L1R9SVickie L. Kneisler "Vickie"0051312761600Awesome coffee!!!We love Caribou coffee,plain and simple. It is my hubby's top 5 coffee's. He loves the Raspberry Chocolate Truffle also. But Caribou ROCKS!!!
338527338527B00474OR8GA1VR9II0HC7ZQ6Della Street0031312243200Just okay CoffeeThis coffee is not quite what I thought it to be. Taste a little on the strong side. It is rather pricy, and yet I found it on sale, so I thought. I have plenty of caribou and that should hold me for a while until the seasonal coffees come out, hopefully they will not be so high in price. Saw a review on the Kcup coffees and found that they got the rating of being simply just "ok", so it is more of the easy of making the coffee rather than the price or quality of the brew of coffee. I shall keep my eyes peeled for the cheapest place to buy my kcups. The day break of the caribou is the best variety of the caribou brand.
338528338528B00474OR8GA2XUUWZZR3PP33Bob Z0021311724800Taste is obviously subjectiveI find it interesting when I see a wide range of comments for a product, particularly if for a food or drink. Taste is obviously very subjective. If I was a Maxwell House drinker I might say this coffee was great. If on the other hand, I roasted my own beans (I do), I would say this coffee is disappointing. I bought a Keurig and Breville machine for convenience. I generally use the "My K cup" and grind my own beans. At the office, however, I do use packaged K cups. I prefer a stronger brew, but a medium roast. So far I have found Wolfgang Puck's Vienna Coffee House blend to be very nice. The Caribou Blend was too weak for my taste. This morning I used 2 k cups for 1 mug. It was stronger, but lacked any real flavor. On another point, I wish there was some consistency or change in language when k cups are described as bold. Too many people thing that means a dark roast. It does not. I see so many people comment that bold is roasted too dark for their taste (like Starbucks). Bottom line .... I'll use 2 k cups of the Caribou Blend until I use the 2 boxes I have, then it's back to Wolfgang.
338529338529B00474OR8GA166CNCHL42AOETyler A. Plack0051310860800Excellent BlendThe Caribou Coffee K-Cup is an excellent blend of strong coffee. It's not for everyone. I'd recommend it to those who like stronger coffees, and even espressos.
338530338530B00474OR8GA3GHY2GE7LX7Q6K. Pruitt "mom to a Thomas Fan"0051310688000One of my favorites.I susally like Kona or a stronger roast, but this has a good flavor as well. It is hard to find in K cup variety in regular stores for me, so I am glad I can find it here.
338531338531B00474OR8GA16228TF2JGTB0DanCz0051308873600Very Smooth - Best Keurig Coffee I've Tried, So FarI'm a big fan of Illy coffee. It is a very smooth coffee. I was tired of having to work (clean stuff)to make my coffee so I purchased a Keurig.

I purchased a sample pack. The only coffee I was impressed by was the Caribou. It's a slight bit weak for my taste but it is oh so smooth and flavorful. I actually purchased this pack because it was so good. It's as close as I can come to Illy on my Keurig, so far.

I also purchased the Caribou Mahogany but it has not delivered yet. I'm hoping it's stronger, yet smooth like the Caribou blend. I like strong but smooth. I'm not interested in bitter.

If you want a delightful smooth full bodied coffee, this is it. I drink coffee more for the taste than anything else and I'm extremely picky so I was pleasantly surprised when I was pleased by the Caribou Blend.
338532338532B00474OR8GA1PYM5X59JM6VRSueha0051302393600Very tasty coffee!This is really tasty coffee - not too strong, not too weak, just right! We have been trying all different kinds and this is one of the best. Getting ready to order more right now.
338533338533B00474OR8GA2ZOVHKYDH4UOJark76 "Annie K"0041299715200Nice strong flavor w/out being too boldA nice strong "regular" flavor of coffee w/out being too bold. Strong enough for the larger size cup choices without getting too weak like some of the flavored coffees do and yet not so "extra bold" that you can't bear it. A nice option when you don't want flavor.
338534338534B00474OR8GAE8D0IW1ULZFRMommyM0051298592000Delicious!!Takes like a sweet/mellow breakfast blend to me. I was drinking the Tully's Kona Blend, but I like this much better. I use the 2nd tallest cup setting on my Keurig so it's not too concentrated.
338535338535B00474OR8GAY9XWXW7E47E0T. Duncan "TammaHam"0051297814400Good coffeeMost of the reviews I have read were pretty much how the coffee tasted to people. Since everyone's taste is different, I think it's a moot point. What is important is how fresh the coffee is. I found that each cup had the same freshness so that's a nod to consistency. As for my own personal taste preferences, I drank Folgers Classic Roast for years and since that isn't available in K cup, I've been drinking the Caribou Coffee blend as a replacement. It tastes fine to me and the caffeine keeps me going all day. I haven't had any problems with using the Caribou Coffee K cup either. When company comes, this is one coffee I don't share :)
338536338536B00474OR8GAZJHB1BU40E1QRobert Lundgren0031296432000Caribou: an average cup of coffee.The aroma of this blend is sharp and bold, but not as appealing as some of the other varieties ive tried, semi astringent. I brewed this on the 7.25oz setting and found it to be strong and dark enough to use milk and one tsp of sugar.
The taste is underwhelming, and seems to be along the lines of an average at best cup of coffee. The taste characteristic is along the lines of walnut and brandy, which is nice but not present enough to make this blend memorable.
It is as drinkable as a mild cup of starbucks coffee...
338537338537B00474OR8GA2DIG0DGRLZZX1elto0051295222400great coffee-excellent servicegreat coffee
excellent service
best way to buy K cups
stock up-before coffee prices go up again
338538338538B00474OR8GAXW1OVBP9WL7JEB. Seattle0051294876800soft and smoothThis is MY favorite for my Keurig brewer. I make the biggest cup out of the 3 sizes. I add milk and quite a bit of sugar, simple. I love that for me this one tastes so smooth and soft, nice aroma, tiny bit chocolaty taste, perfect. All my friends I have ever made it to enjoyed it too! :-)
338539338539B00474OR8GAU0OW7FV977EYNetwork Tech0051294876800Hands down the best flavorI have tried a variety of K-Cup and have found this to be my favorite, of course taste is all personal preference.
338540338540B00474OR8GAN9QZC9PV3UUUSonia Drabek0011294531200BoringThis was a just a boring type of coffee, kind of like the kind you can get in a bank that has been sitting out for awhile, nothing exciting about it. With that stated my two top K cups are Santa's Buzz and Gloria Jean Butter Tofee if that let's you know my taste preferences.
338541338541B00474OR8GAVI6809ANU49DLinda0051293148800K-cupsThese k-cups were good. It was the delivery charge that I was upset with. Order a large amount to be delivered ASAP and didn't get them on time. I will not order from this site again. Was told by Amazon that they would reemburse me for the delivery charge and I was never compensated. I'll order from another site.
338542338542B00474OR8GA2XFMRFEC6CY2Wsheila kraft0051284940800Love the coffeeMy husband and I were useing the caribou blend beans at home. We really enjoyed that coffee. So when I got a kurig I looked for caribou coffee. Am very pleased. Will buy again and again.
338543338543B00474OR8GA1BT1QJ7TVTO5KKatie0051284768000Excellent and so convenientI love Caribou coffee and the convience of the K-cup! So easy and tasty
And you can't beat the price!
338544338544B00474OR8GA2M3GY0ZRSHAMwit_110051284336000The best we've foundWe've had our Keurig for about 2 years now, and have tried almost every single variety of the K-Cups. Caribou Blend is our favorite of all these. It has a great bold taste, with no bitterness. This k-cup will always be in our pantry!
338545338545B00474OR8GA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"0051282521600Very Smooth Coffee - Highly RecommendedCaribou Coffee "Caribou Blend" K-Cups make a very good cup of coffee in my Keurig B-40 B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System. This is a very smooth tasting brew that my wife prefers over the Coffee People, Donut Shop K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] I generally drink in the morning.

Highly Recommended!

338546338546B00474OR8GAZIF0326F6T8GThomas R. D'ercole0051276300800Finally!!!I have been looking for the perfect cup of coffee and i think i found the closest thing to it. So Far i have tried Timothys kona and italian, all of the green mountain brews, coffee people, and gloria jeans. I think i am settled on the caribou med roast, it is not acidy, it packs a nice caffeine punch and has a good coffee flavor. You will not be dissapointed with this coffee.
338547338547B00474OR8GA7ZXCZ7NEP1GSS. Blakely0051274140800So good!This coffee has spoiled me for all other brands and types. My husband too. We are Caribou Blend people. This coffee is so smooth
338548338548B00474OR8GABAHKMFEHT8K1Gerald Balmes "Jerry B"0051271980800Doesn't Bite backI just received my order from 1 Quick cup of this coffee today and was never so anxious to try a Kcup due to all the raving reviews. I brewed it in my B40 @ the 9.25 mug size and added cream and a sugar substitute. This is a wonderfully blend; not harsh not weak and it doesn't try to be something it is not. I know that sounded a bit odd but that was my first impression. This is my third cup this afternoon so I would like to try another cup without the nuances of the other kcups on my palate

Not to be redundant from what the other reviewers have written; it's very mellow yet rich and doesn't bite back and leaves no harsh after taste. Can't wait to try it later @ the 7.25 mug size.

UPDATE: Well I just had my Caribou @ the 7.25 mug size and it was as delicious as the larger mug size. A bit more after taste but again not offensive. Though I read that this coffee is a medium roast, to me, it tastes more like a light roast which I seem to gravitate to. I will brew it @ the larger mug size just so I can enjoy it longer. Caribou differently hit the nail on the head with this one. So it wins a spot on my top ten favorite Kcups list.
338549338549B00474OR8GA2JO3AQ0PB318Pdave1231337644800good coffee but NOT a 24-pack!!This variety of coffee came as a sample with my Keurig brewer and I LOVED it, so I ordered this from Amazon. When it arrived today I thought it rattled more than usual so I opened up the carton and dumped them out to count them -- only 22 in the package. Looks like I'll have to re-order a couple of days sooner than I had planned.
338550338550B00474OR8GAEGN09Z0R7JH0George E. Reid "George Reid"1251301529600Wife loves CaribouWhen im in the dog house I buy this for my wife it works every time.I love dark coffees(french,Italian,jet fuel)but my wife likes this and what the wife likes the wife gets.
Its a medium roast with good body and low acidity,makes for a good all around daytime coffee.

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