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338566338566B00474OR8GA7O0SZ153FJTMiss Terry4411313107200What happened to my old Caribou Blend??LOVED Caribou Blend. Found a great price at Amazon, ordered enough to last 5 or 6 months. K-Cups had a different logo than my previous purchases, and tasted sooooo bad I couldn't drink it. After opening several boxes and brewing several cups from each box, each cup as bad as the last, I decided to return the unopened boxes. BUYER BEWARE--I had no idea that the seller would refuse to take back or refund anything on "consumable" products. I'm out a lot of money for really bad coffee and can't find another brand that is as good as my old Caribou Blend. Any suggestions??
338567338567B00474OR8GA1Q4MNIUESQTBMJohn Schultz4431288483200Got this in a sampler-It's a very light brewNot our fav. It's great to have for guests who enjoy a lighter cup but it's not for us. We like Green Mountain's Breakfast blend and Doughnut Shop the best as our "Normal" cup of coffee and Newman's Own Extra Bold when we need a Starbucks type of brew. If you love a light brew then you will love this.
338568338568B00474OR8GA3ODALRQ2LRK1CNANCY T.3351337817600Excellant value and pricing!Have bought much of the K-cups both online and in-stores. Caribou is my choice K-cup and the price value from this seller is the best I've found. Will continue to use this product and seller.
338569338569B00474OR8GA883R2S6I5UNYW. Avery3351237939200Perfect BlendI have to agree with the other reviews here. Caribou makes an excellent coffee with a very distinctive taste. I bought this based on reading the other reviews and they were right on in their assessment and am thankful I took the time to read them. I would encourage everyone to at least take a look at the Keurig site and compare what they have to offer in the way of coffee and prices. I believe you will be very satisfied. Free shipping, 10% off when you order 4 boxes, coffee club rewards program. Just take a look.
338570338570B00474OR8GA218HVJJ88XQ9FThe Vinocat "tech toy addict and chef"3351224892800Pretty much a perfect all-around drinking coffeeThis coffee is just great. Not overpowering, but still relatively complete, even when brewed as a "large" cup, or even 2X small -- many of the K-cups come out tasting thin when you do this, but not this one! It's so mellow that some may find it to be lacking in unique personality, and I suppose that being a "medium-bodied" blend, it doesn't shout out anything at the drinker. Still, this is a very nice, all-around coffee that is great for everyday drinking.
338571338571B00474OR8GALJ44E2V313A6gmarie2251344124800best coffeeThis coffee is tops Smooth great flavor Great if you make ice coffee......Very enjoyable with breakfast or as a coffee with dessert....
338572338572B00474OR8GA3USQ2IX8012YYgrenademasta2251343692800My Favorite K-Cup Coffee. Good Bye Donut ShopMy favorite K-cup used to be the Donut Shop medium roast. Once I tried the Caribou Blend, I was amazed how smooth it was. There is no bitterness or aftertaste what so ever. I will be purchasing this from Amazon on a regular basis.
338573338573B00474OR8GA2ADWSL3372ZMRJohnA2251343692800good coffeeThis cofee is perfect for me. Not really dark but robust enough that I can taste the roast. I drink this as my everyday coffee.
338551338551B00474OR8GA2JS7QQ2DELCJML. Rester1221294358400BlechhkFor a regular cup of coffee, I like the smooth taste of Donut House Extra Bold or Green Mountain Breakfast blend. I did not like this one at all--I guess it just depends on your taste. I could tell by the burnt unappealing aroma of it that I wouldn't like it. It tasted bitter to me with a little bit of a bite to it. This one's for you if you like a more bitter/bittersweet coffee--it just didn't appeal to me because I like a smoother taste with less of an aftertaste.
338574338574B00474OR8GA1XPT6TAPFPPEMskier4ever2241338681600One of the better cupsThis brew is not bitter or too strong, it makes a good cup of coffee if you like a mild taste
338575338575B00474OR8GA3RWL5QXCYLDKHcookinmama2251337817600YUM!I've only owned my Keurig for about 5 days, but my husband and I have gone through about 30 k cups. I am a "multiple times a day" coffee drinker. I like my coffee STRONG, smooth, and loaded with diabetes inducing sugar and cream, lol. And I am absolutely AMAZED by Caribou / Caribou Blend. It's sooo smooth, perfect strength, absolutely and utterly delicious! I use HALF the sugar and cream that I normally do. It's really THAT GOOD. Haha, on a personal note, my hubby has been drinking this at work for a month. He made the cup for me, and waited anxiously to see what I thought... You know...the first thing out of my mouth was..."If GOD drank coffee, he would drink THIS coffee" joke. Deeelish!
338576338576B00474OR8GA2PD2GVDKJ8R5KJOHN W KIOWSKI JR2251334188800Caribou Coffee Blend K-Cups for Keurig K-Cup BrewersCaribou Coffee Blend is our family's favorite K-Cup flavor. It's strong and smooth in the extra bold package so you can make a max-size cup without it tasting weak. Other flavors we've tried (and like, just not quite as well) are Green Mountain Double Black Diamond, Coffee People Black Tiger, Brooklyn Bean Colombian, Wolfgang Puck Chef's Reserve Colombian. The Caribou Coffee packs seem to be more fully filled with nitrogen which makes them puffy and seems like it may keep the coffee fresher.

NOTE: We tend not to prefer dark roast so this review may not help you if you like darker roasts.

Also, if you read the other reviews, AZS was correct that these 80 count packs are cheaper at S*ms. Wish Amazon was a little more competitive on the price.
338577338577B00474OR8GA1MFWKJT9J3P4PR. Chambers2251320278400Caribou CoffeeCaribou Coffee is excellent. It is stronger than most other brands so it works well, especially if using the Keurig to make a large cup of coffee. I highly recommend this if you like strong coffee and brew a large cup with your Keurig.
338578338578B00474OR8GA1LPZ8KP3BEVKKEPayne2251317427200Delicious and SMOOTHI have tried many different types of coffee for my Keurig, including Dunkin Donuts new K-cups but none of them come close to the taste of this coffee. It is smooth and delicious! And, a great value on Amazon!
338579338579B00474OR8GALDMJXA99NXEBVincent Prezioso2211295222400Truly Disappointing. Product Changed. Not for the better!We have been buying Caribou Blend K-cups for a couple of years. It is a fine medium blend that we, and everyone that we have served it to, loves. We usually order it in larger quantities to try and save some money since we go through it fairly quickly. The last order we placed for 2 x 80 boxes was fulfilled with the K-cups with green color labels (the older labels were orange around the edges). The taste of this new k-cup can only be described as vile and has nothing to do with the former product. It is not drinkable. We have written to Caribou and have been waiting for a response, but nothing yet (I will update if I hear anything). DO NOT BUY this product if you have used the older product with he orange color on the label and liked it. You will not get the same thing and this coffee is truly terrible!

Deserves 0 Stars...

Update - a note from Caribou Corporate:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

We certainly apologize for any confusion. Recently the packaging for Caribou Blend K Cups did change. Previously the regular blend had an orange band and the decaf had a green band. The new labels the regular is a green band and the decaf is an orange band.

The coffee itself has not changed, simply the label. There are two factors that might be involved in the change you taste. The change in taste is affected by the time that has lapsed between roasting the coffee beans and brewing them...freshness. Also, coffee is an agricultural crop that varies with weather and other environmental factors. Our Roastmasters put in a lot of time and attention to provide a consistency when roasting the coffee beans.

We do apologize for any confusion and please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.



Caribou Coffee Customer Relations

The coffee is Dramatically different, but they will not admit to the change. Oh, well. Goodbye Caribou Coffee.
338580338580B00474OR8GA3UXMCZD5HHEE1Wendy Moffitt2251268611200Caribou is one of my keurig favorites the go to coffee for meWe love this blend and buy every month or so. I give it to my friends and family but it's not light very tasty.
338552338552B00474OR8GA3Z9QN0RCOHEYBibliophile By the Sea1251285027200Not too Strong - Not Too WeakThe Caribou Blend K-Cup is one of my absolute favorites. Not too strong and not too weak. No after taste either. Plenty of caffaine to start my day nd keep me going as well. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
338553338553B00474OR8GA3TP31S61PPE3GAlexJouJou1251282953600Smooth ideal blend - not too dark and not too light and no bitternessCaribou Coffee is one of my favorites in spite of the fact I have to order the regular type online since we don't have any where I live. I ran into these K-cups at Target and thought I'd give them a go.

I have occasion to offer people coffee in my office and the K-cup Keurig brewer is perfect for this as it makes just that cup for that person and it's fresh. Without exception everyone I served this too has loved it and asked for the name to purchase for themselves. It is full flavored but not dark and it has a very smooth taste with no bitterness (this is important to me..I find many K-cups to have a bitter aftertaste that affects the aroma of the coffee as well). A normal adding of cream and sugar works fine as well - you don't need more or less than your usual (again helpful when you are making it for clients and such).

This is THE favorite for my office and one we will continue to purchase. Enjoy!
338554338554B00474OR8GA1V7EJMR3FOQ93Lee Anne Olson0121350432000Disappointed in coffee choiceOn the recommendation of someone else's review which said this coffee was mild, I chose to purchase a box. It is still stronger than I like. I have to use much creamer and sugar, plus run more water through a second time. Not what i hoped for. Sorry.

Would like a truly mild tasting coffee, there were some in the first sample box I bought, but the next two sample boxes had too many strong coffees and many tea cups. I already have a good selection of tea, etc and only wanted coffee samples. Am not sure how to find a coffee to my taste without a lot of waste.
338555338555B00474OR8GA2708XMGVXIHJ4Diana Penn0121318982400Odd TasteI got this in a sampler package. I won't be buying it again. It had a sort of stale taste, like coffee that has been sitting in a pot for hours. I like fairly strong coffee. Coffee People Donut Shop for example. But this doesn't come close. It's not weak, just stale. And no, it wasn't even close to the expiration date.
338556338556B00474OR8GAK7CAW3N1XZV6Beth Cholette "doctor_beth"1321286323200Didn't appeal to me at allThis K-Cup was one of the samples that came with my Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG1 Single Serve Brewing System, Silver. I hate to be the lone dissenter, but I didn't like this coffee at all; in fact, it was the first of the four samples I've tried so far that I did not like. To me, it tasted like over-brewed coffee--i.e., like coffee that has been sitting in the pot for several hours. It wasn't bitter, exactly, but it just did not have a particularly appealing flavor. I definitely would not buy this coffee again, and I would not recommend it.
338557338557B00474OR8GACSK8EI0JR5QUMaureen M. Donnelly0331251936000Caribou coffeeThe coffee is ok, nothing special. I will like to find this product at a better price.
338558338558B00474OR8GA17HFMUBV1AOGJTracey Harvey "Viking Fan"202051188864000AWESOME coffee!I have tried a lot of the k-cup coffees and this one is by far the BEST! It's a medium blend coffee with a strikingly good taste-smooth and NO bitterness!
338559338559B00474OR8GA34UVV757IKPVBjustsomeguy323551286841600This is hands-down, my favorite coffee on my Keurig coffee maker.Hi! I have that coffee maker at home - the Keurig thing. I love it. And I love coffee - I have some every single morning. I can't live without it. I love my coffee maker - and I tried many, many, MANY of the numerous types of coffee that are available for it via these "K-Cups". Let me tell you, that as an avid coffee drinker, this is hands-down my #1 favorite brand to make at home. It's mild, it's not overly bold, it's nice and mellow, it's not bitter in the least, it's not watery, it's PERFECT. I like my coffee with milk and sugar and this one is just the BEST. I am sick of the "Extra Bold" coffees they make for this machine - they all taste the same and are just too harsh for me. This one - this Caribou one - ROCKS.
338560338560B00474OR8GA1OP7O7OLH0AKMPhotog Mom141451233878400This is what coffee is supposed to taste likeWonderful coffee. I have tried many different k-cups, and like Goldilocks, I found some to be to strong, some to be too weak, but this one is just right. No bitterness, no acidity, just pure coffee taste. I enjoy flavored coffees but sometimes just want a plain old coffee, and this is THE ONE for me. After having experimented with many others, I will stick with this one.
338561338561B00474OR8GA1EL9U1B1PJYF5iChat Apple "Bob"212411288224000Caribou Pulls a Fast One on Loyal CustomersI've been drinking Caribou Blend for years and it is just right for my taste... or at least it was. Got a new shipment in and I noticed a color change on the K-cup, orange to light green. Uh-oh, wrong product? I compared the box to my old one and found the same SKU number but the roast level has been dropped from medium to very light along with the color change. My taste test revealed exactly that... a mild, relatively tasteless coffee more like their dishwater Daybreak than the old Caribou blend. Caribou (I got this second hand) claims that their flagship blend is more of a light roast than a medium roast and they made the change accordingly. Yeah, sure. Nice try but we all know that the wholesale price of coffee has skyrocketed. Sounds to me, the skeptic, that perhaps they have been forced to switch to a cheaper coffee with less gusto and more bitterness to maintain their competitive price points. How sad. I would have gladly paid more for my favorite. The new blend is far inferior. If you're a regular, have someone brew both and I bet you'll have no problem distinguishing the difference. Time for a new favorite with a company that doesn't play sleazy tricks on its loyal customers. If and when prices return to normal, watch the return to the old orange based on "we listen to our customers" and more corporate-speak BS.
338562338562B00474OR8GA13BOAPJ00I487StressandRest101151297728000Caribou Wins Hands DownAfter sampling about every K-Cup out there, I have to say the Caribou blend is the best one for daily, regular coffee drinkers. I'm not a huge fan of flavored coffees, nor do I love the dark, bitter, bold types. I simply want a smooth cup of Joe I can drink daily and feel comforted it will be consistently the same tasting and awesome. Caribou's are the perfect fit for me. I would go as far as to say that brewing Caribou in K-Cups at home has kept me from going to Starbucks for over a just tastes better!
338563338563B00474OR8GA3D7MXGCU7HCYETeri S.91051198886400Great Coffee!I completely agree with the previous review - this is outstanding coffee. I too have tried a lot of the K-Cup varieties and have found this one to be the best. It has a wonderfully smooth flavor. It really is a superior cup of coffee!
338564338564B00474OR8GA1WIZHKBB8L4SQJeb6651230854400Amazing coffee!I received a Keurig machine for Christmas and was eager to sample all of the coffees that were included. Unfortunately the Caribou Blend was absent in my sampler. Lucky for me I decided to pick up a box of this coffee once the sampler was depleted. I can sum up my experience with one word... "WOW!" This coffee is very smooth but loaded with flavor, even on the largest cup setting. I was taken aback when I took my first sip; the subtle hint of berry and chocolate was so pleasant. I would say this is one of the best, if not THE best, coffees I've ever tasted.
338565338565B00474OR8GA1MCX5OD6J026WWilliam Alpert "violin teacher"5551209945600Caribou rates #1I concur with the prior reviewers and independently came to the same conclusion. After going through everything in the variety pak, this particular coffee consistently came out on top. These K cups are a bit pricey, but still a better deal than Starbucks by far.

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