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338581338581B00474OR8GAMYIAUMU5UPF2Ed Nowak2251265846400"Man, this is good coffee!"I have to agree with the other reviewers here. I recently bought the Keurig model B77 at Costco. And when I tried the Caribou Blend, I found myself sitting on the couch, sipping this nectar, and literally saying out loud to no one in particular, "Man, this is good coffee." I like mine with about a third of a teaspoon of Splenda. I'm definitely buying more.
338582338582B00474OR8GA2LQLGL4IUAHEGCharles G. Noss "Doc"2251264291200I think this is the bestI have purchased about 12 of Keurig coffee makers for friends and family as presents. I really enjoy the coffee makers. All my recipients do. My favorite variety of coffee is Caribou. It is bold yet not harsh or bitter. I have tried a lot of varieties and find this the best. Orders take a day or so more to come but the wait is worth it.
338583338583B00474OR8GA1PVEGT4RUAND3MDLC "MDLC"2251260662400Just a good cup of coffeeTried several different flavors at this point...this is flat out the best. It just has a good coffee taste, not too strong or too mild. I can get away with two little french vanilla creamers and no sugar (even considering I tend to like the sweeter side of the coffee spectrum). Everyone in my office likes too. I picked up at Sam's Club one time for $33 for the 108 count that I think they are offering here currently for $59.
338584338584B00474OR8GA27NYX6IBH7SUNCarole Bishop2251234051200My favorite!I just bought the Keurig B70 for my husband (and myself!) for Valentines Day. We opened our brewer and chose the Caribou blend for our first ever K cup. We were surprised at how incredibly good it was! We both enjoy a good cup of medium/dark roast coffee, and this one is definetly our favorite.. I will be sending for more Caribou blend soon.. way to go Caribou!
338585338585B00474OR8GA27PFOZAKVK484Luna Moth Wilkins2251228435200Smooth yet flavorful, similar to S's VeronaThis is my favorite k-cup coffee. It's easy to drink, smooth, yet it has a nice character and roundness to it, without any bitterness!
It is similar in character to my favorite, Caffe Verona, from a familiar large coffee chain.
338586338586B00474OR8GALDMJXA99NXEBVincent Prezioso152111295222400Truly Disappointing. Product Changed. Not for the better!We have been buying Caribou Blend K-cups for a couple of years. It is a fine medium blend that we, and everyone that we have served it to, loves. We usually order it in larger quantities to try and save some money since we go through it fairly quickly. The last order we placed for 2 x 80 boxes was fulfilled with the K-cups with green color labels (the older labels were orange around the edges). The taste of this new k-cup can only be described as vile and has nothing to do with the former product. It is not drinkable. We have written to Caribou and have been waiting for a response, but nothing yet (I will update if I hear anything). DO NOT BUY this product if you have used the older product with he orange color on the label and liked it. You will not get the same thing and this coffee is truly terrible!

Deserves 0 Stars...

Update - a note from Caribou Corporate:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

We certainly apologize for any confusion. Recently the packaging for Caribou Blend K Cups did change. Previously the regular blend had an orange band and the decaf had a green band. The new labels the regular is a green band and the decaf is an orange band.

The coffee itself has not changed, simply the label. There are two factors that might be involved in the change you taste. The change in taste is affected by the time that has lapsed between roasting the coffee beans and brewing them...freshness. Also, coffee is an agricultural crop that varies with weather and other environmental factors. Our Roastmasters put in a lot of time and attention to provide a consistency when roasting the coffee beans.

We do apologize for any confusion and please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.



Caribou Coffee Customer Relations

The coffee is Dramatically different, but they will not admit to the change. Oh, well. Goodbye Caribou Coffee.
338587338587B00474OR8GA2Y38Z8OAPT0UKPeggy MIlls4521315612800I used to love Caribou coffee.Save your $$ here. There are so many other better k-cups out there. Caribou coffee was one of my favs, but their quality has gone down significantly over the past few years. This blend tastes very weak-too bad used to love it.
338588338588B00474OR8GA1A33O89SGEOCXP. Wilbourn1151345420800Caribou k-cupsLovin' the caribou...not too strong, not too mild...I'd say "just right"! One can't go wrong if you want a good cup of coffee.
338589338589B00474OR8GA3HZVRWOS6YL66Eelo1151345420800Another good oneThis is my second best, other than the Kahlua by Timothy's. I recommend it if you do not like flavoured coffee; this would be a good alternative.
338590338590B00474OR8GA3NNY8R9X6XCSSCarolyn Hatcher "The Queen"1141342224000Great tasting coffeeI love trying different kinds of Kcups and was not disappointed in Caribou, rich tasting delicious coffee. Probably will reorder this brand next time I do order.
338591338591B00474OR8GA2UKWK12MEF1REMr. Fabio1151341446400Unique blend love the tasteI like the taste of Caribou coffees. I also had the Mahogany as well and like both flavors. The price on amazon beats the brick and mortar stores and free shipping saves me fuel, a win win for price and more so flavor.
338592338592B00474OR8GAT2TU6SNDRNRBHeidi Lavelle1151336176000great coffeeThis coffee is so good. I am a diehard dunkin donuts fan but the value of the caribou is unbeatable. I drink it every morning and have placed multiple orders. I love it!
338593338593B00474OR8GA3BGYTGMNP05RESarah Lilliendahl1151331510400Delicious at a good price and fast shipping!I've loved Caribou Coffee's Caribou Blend ever since my parents got me a Keurig for my birthday a year ago with a sampler of coffees to go with it. Caribou was my favorite next to Newman's but I find the prices at some places rather off-putting. When I saw Amazon's deal on them, I had to act. And I'm glad I did. The shipping free super saver shipping was really fast and I didn't have to break my bank to get it. Will definitely purchase again!
338594338594B00474OR8GA393VX458BLK69Shawn Walters1151330646400One of the only k Kups I likeMost of the k cups have pretty bad tasting coffe, to me atleast. This one is just right, not bitter, not too light, not too dark. I like this one and one by starbucks. That's pretty much it. With amazon prime this is my fav morning drink.
338595338595B00474OR8GA1ADLO2IFD13QZMack's Mom1151329782400Caribou k cupsBold, full flavor. I like strong coffee. This is not one of the strongest coffees but it does have great flavor, like a coffee shop coffee. I like to keep this flavor in my mix. Not bitter, nice smooth taste.
338596338596B00474OR8GA2TJG4N8LNJW23Blythe Dresser1131325808000A very good middle-of-the-road blend for those who just want a plain old cup of coffee...The Caribou Blend k cups have fulfilled our household's need for a plain old cup of coffee in the morning that isn't anything fancy, but still gets the job done. We were searching for a blend that was smooth and flavorful while still being easy to drink and mild. I particularly like medium roasts and I don't care for a coffee with a lot of acidity and a bitter aftertaste, so this one fits the bill.

The only downside to this k cup is that the aroma. It wasn't the most appetizing after the first cup was brewed, but it made up for that in taste. This isn't a point that really bothers me, but I could see it being a downside for some people.

When I brew this blend on my way out the door, I often throw in some french vanilla creamer and it's my perfect morning caffeine kick.

So far this is the best average blend we've tried. We're open to others but until we find something better, we're sticking with the Caribou Blend.
338597338597B00474OR8GAWQ679PTXJDB5Ian Grasso1141316044800SmoothThis is a great mid morning coffee, best for drinking after I have already had my jet fuel. It is a medium strength coffee, but has great aroma and flavor.
338598338598B00474OR8GACGV1Z965LP1JJ. McMillan1141315872000One of my favoritesThis is consistently one of my favorite cups of coffee for my Keurig. Not too bold, not too light, just a good regular cup of coffee that this regular guy likes.
338599338599B00474OR8GA3G0E1BU8DQGTCjman571141315785600Interesting blendI gave this a shot out of curiosity and was glad I did. It's a very good cup of coffee.
338600338600B00474OR8GA27DHWJ275D678Rev. George T. Cox1151315526400Caribou Coffee K CupAccording to my wife this is one of the best k cup coffeees we bought, it was also the first to be used up. Great Coffee, will be trying other Caribou types
338601338601B00474OR8GA90GGJ03Y6RQUZ. Miers1151315526400Best K-Cup coffee I have had so farCaribou coffee is the next best thing to roasting the coffee beans yourself. I highly recommend caribou coffee when using the keurig machine.
338602338602B00474OR8GA3528HUM92XICQflossie821151315008000Smile makerThere is nothing like a good cup of Caribou coffee to put a smile on your face, Great tasting, smooth coffee. A+++
338603338603B00474OR8GA3HZUHU2FRJJJ8Kathy Sweatman "KCS758"1151314489600Caribou CoffeeI am a huge coffee drinker and Caribou has become my favorite coffee. It is bold but not bitter. I purchase this product every month.
338604338604B00474OR8GA2ZWTFZRNQW7D5Jeremy Storly1151314144000Go Caribou!OK, so I'm a high school English teacher and a total Caribou addict. There is not one in my city, but whenever I travel to Minneapolis, I hit a Caribou at least three times a day. My school librarian got a Keurig coffee maker and made me a cup of this stuff. I was immediately hooked! I started buying boxes of these K-Cups so I could enjoy Caribou coffee all day long while teaching, and now students see a smile on my face, cup in hand, and my coffee-fueled lessons have been taken to a whole new level. While I'm brewing my coffee, I communicate more closely with the librarian, and this has resulted in some collaborative efforts between myself and the librarian, particularly concerning research, which in turn positively impacts the education of my students. I savor every delicious drop of my Caribou coffee while the other teachers choke down the weak and bitter rat pee in the teachers' lounge. Guess who looks forward to coming to work every morning? Thanks, Keurig, for making Caribou a part of my daily life!
338605338605B00474OR8GAQQLWCMRNDFGISteven A. Peterson1141303516800Good entry in the K-cup portfolioCaribou makes a series of coffees; my current favorite is Mahogany. However, this, too is nice on the palate. The package describes the taste thus: "Caribou blend begins with a delightful heaviness on your palate and finishes with a relaxing balance of bittersweet chocolate and fruity flavors."

For tree huggers and environmentalists, Caribou--as a company--is a member of the Rainforest Alliance, designed to "protect ecosystems and the people and wildlife that depend on them. . . ."

The coffee? I like it. It is not my favorite K-cup product, but it is tasty. I would have preferred a bit more boldness to the taste, but it is smooth and has a nice aftertaste.

If you've entered the Keurig world, this might well be worth trying out. . . .
338606338606B00474OR8GA2SZLNSI5KOQJTCarrie, "Formerly "Sister Carrie""1131301184000Medium Roast. No Outstanding Flavor. Slightly Bitter.There is not much to say about this Caribou medium blend coffee. It has an unremarkable flavor with a hint of bitterness. A bit of cream and sugar will cover it up, but that shouldn't be necessary given the coffee choices available.

Drinkable, yes. The coffee isn't so bad that I must throw it away. I'll finish them off, but I won't be a repeat purchaser.
338607338607B00474OR8GA22PH12P71FH93Missachickapee1131292716800Makes a good cup of coffeeI tried this k-cup in a sampler pack. Is full-bodied and tastes good but has an aftertaste (more like afterBITE). I like my coffee smooth, so that was a minus for me, but definitely not a deal-breaker. Made this flavor more than once, and the taste was consistent with each cup. Also, I can use the 9oz setting on the Keurig and the coffee does not taste watered down.
338608338608B00474OR8GA1B6I5FLWX64R8vetpathguy5711302048000DisappointedI used to enjoy coffee from my local Caribou cafe. When I moved to a location that didnt have one I tried the Caribou blend K-cups. Caribou blend was never my favorite, but it was all the store had at the time, so I gave it a try. The flavor is incredibly flat, one dimensional, with a bitter aftertaste, and generally unpleasant aroma (sour). It was so off that I checked the expiration date, but found out it was still months away. I wont buy this flavor again.
338609338609B00474OR8GA3RWSYNSZX7KQQDaniel T Sullivan0041351036800SMOOTHELooking for a cup of Java that doesn't bite? Look no further, this is it! A mild blend that many will find very pleasing.
338610338610B00474OR8GA320YYMCLRJIZBMarilyn B. Holloman0051350864000Great coffee choiceCaribou is a nice coffee blend - full of flavor but not bitter. A good choice for those who drink their coffee without cream or sugar. Attractive price for 24-count package, as well. Very satisfied with the purchase.

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