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338641338641B00474OR8GA2XXUKVPM3FOIJMatt_Muller0041326067200Great Medium Roast Coffee for your KeurigGreat Medium Roast Coffee, very similar to a lot of the Columbian Style K-Cups

Smooth pleasent aftertaste, not that bitter after taste you get from some of the Jet Fuels that pose as bold coffee.
Great start your morning coffee if you enjoy the medium blends.

I presonally don't care about this but it's not fair trade or organic.

Again coffee is not something you can review like a video game, each person has different taste and was taste like Jet Fuel to me is someone elses dream cup. However if you enjoy the medium roast coffee I think you will be happy with the full bodied flavor but is easy drinking without a bitter aftertaste.
338642338642B00474OR8GAVDCTS5K9PSB2Madelin Weiss0051324684800Excellent coffeeThis is an excellent full body coffee made better by the speed with which I received it. The price was significantly less than that available elsewhere.
338643338643B00474OR8GA2I4R9SWLWZQHQJ. Christensen0051323993600My favorite blendAfter being assaulted by very strong blends, I finally found a coffee that I like. It has a nice aroma and taste. It does not leave your head spinning with a bad after taste like many other blends.
338644338644B00474OR8GA3387UZS65PCUWSinger Girl "Teeny Bopper"0051322956800Great CoffeeI'm not much of a coffee drinker, but purchased this flavor for my husband. He is normally a "bold" taste coffee drinker, but says that this is now his favorite. He says it is not too strong and it's not too weak. It's just a nice "medium" blend of flavor. Because he was such a bold coffee drinker prior, I stocked up. I keep trying to get him to drink the bold stock and he only says: "Do we have any more of that Caribou?". Well, looks like I'll be ordering much more of his new favorite coffee soon!
338645338645B00474OR8GA1K8B2QIQ3ZRWAwhattheheck0041322179200Nice full flavorI like to say my taste buds require a lot of flavoring so it might not be the norm. When I first ordered it I was hoping it would have a nice full taste, and not, for a lack of a better word, diluted flavor. I was not disappointed. Not to say this tasted burnt like some coffee. I'm really enjoying it and will order some more when the time comes.
338646338646B00474OR8GA1LEI352C4UT5PRick0041319673600caribou blend coffeeWhat can I say, the deer and the antelop did not do anything to this coffee. Neither did the caribou. It's ok, drinkable.
338647338647B00474OR8GA2FFF324R3GUYDRHeckman0051319328000Caribou CoffeeCaribou Coffee is an outstanding choice for K Cup lovers. It comes in a variety of flavors and is the perfect start for any morning.
338648338648B001LO4YZQA1UAZ6MNSZKB7GOnce in a while202051254960000Excellent concord grape flavor, and no added sulfitesLakewood organic grape juice has an excellent, fresh, full-strength Concord grape flavor. It's actually pretty intense, which is a good thing if you like grape juice.

In addition to it being organic, the big plus to me is that there are no added sulfites. Lakewood prints that in bold letters right on the front of the label.
338649338649B001LO4YZQA14M06WLL4JDPPmovie buff111151295481600Excellent!The best grape juice I have ever tasted. A strong rich flavor, with nothing added. Another bonus to this product is that it is organic.
338650338650B001LO4YZQA2SKTULD32YR6AA J M7751319587200Now THIS is made from the best stuff on earth!This is hands down the BEST pure grape juice on the market. Not only is it organic but it is FRESH SQUEEZED. Imagine how many grapes go into making this 32 ounce bottle, and keep in mind how expensive organic grapes are; that should make it clear that the price is actually a bargain! I don't work for the company and have no interest in promoting this product except to do whatever I can to ensure that this company keeps making it. Please support Lakewood. They are one of the few companies around with integrity.
338651338651B001LO4YZQA3I8VP5FXR8DLFNaughtybookjunkie3351341792000Delicious!Well i was a little hesitant due to the price, and because i wasn't sure if i wanted that many bottles in one go. Shouldn't have worried though, as the taste makes the price worthwhile, and the amount is convenient since i keep drinking it non-stop.

Although it says it's ok to leave the bottles out of the refrigerator if not opened, i stored mine in the fridge. Since it taste exactly the same way the first bottle i tried when i received them, i'm thinking it's better this way.

This may be a little TMI, but they might be people like me who have the same trouble, so i'll say it. If you have trouble with constipation or hemorrhoids, this is perfect way to regulate yourself and make it easier. Sure you could stuff yourself with a bunch of fiber pills everyday, and probably accomplish the same results, but if you hate taking pills this work as a natural alternative.
338652338652B001LO4YZQACOVG0ZH724Q1Margaret R Lerner1151350604800not just for flavor...I buy this product because I read on a medical website that 100% concord grape juice with pectin alleviates pain from fibromyalgia & arthritis (I have both of these diseases and have been really suffering for more than 10 years ... the docs have tried all kinds of prescription meds, some of which don't work and some of which have horrendous side effects). I have been drinking 8 oz of this grape juice daily (without the pectin) for about 3 months now ... it works! my visiting nurse was here today (she has the same 2 diseases) ... she was in pain and i was not!
and yes, it tastes really good too!
338653338653B001LO4YZQAL3EQN8HMELY2a work in progress1151347494400mmm mmm good!This stuff is fantastic! I'm not sure what else you could say about it. If you like the taste of concord grape juice don't hesitate to try this brand.
338654338654B001BVX0GIA181WPHHY1O7SRoy M. Robaldo0051252454400Finally a hard ChorizoBeing raised in Tampa Fl. in a section called Ybor city which has a large Cuban and latin population, cherizo was used in many meals even breakfast. It was always "sliced" about an 1/8 inch about big as a half dollar. Thirty years ago I moved to Texas and looked for cherizo to make cabonzo bean soup, I found it readily avalible at most larger grocery stores but to my dismay it was soft and muschy and would not slice but just crumble and the taste was .......well different. Moved to Oklahoma 15 years later and just never thought about cherizo until I was back in Texas visiting a HEB grocery and found Hard Cherizo by the Columbus Salame Company.....WOW what a surprise just fantastic texture and taste, I found that I was able to order them on amazon and even with shipping was less expencive than the HEB store sold them for.Now I think I'll go slice some up to add to my scrambled eggs for breakfast........
338655338655B001E5DRLOA14BY8J0TQIBV1B. Walker "sdbarb"1141240444800Flavorful Black TeaI first tried this product when last I visited New Zealand. Back here in the US I was looking for a replacement for the usual supermarket teas and found Dilmah on Amazon. The tea has a full, rich flavor and pleasant aroma. It's not as strong as some "British-style" teas, but is robust enough that it is not overshadowed when I use milk in my tea. Highly recommend.
338656338656B001E5DRLOA2RB22K5D97GDICarol Schilansky "Nature Photographer"0051350345600delicious morning cup of teaI first found Dilmah tea at World Market in Arlington but when I went back for more, it was all gone. No wonder. It is a wonderful full bodied delicious cup of tea. I always favor Orange pekoe and this is a great one. It leaves the Twinings way behind. I drink my tea black and this tea has great taste without bitterness. I am very happy I have found the tea on Amazon.
338657338657B001E5DRLOA2N11SYIW1DDVXKookaburra Queen "From Miami"0041326931200Dilmah is one of the best Sri Lankan TeasWe were drinking Dilmah tea from long time and we love them. When we went to visit Sri Lanka we received as gifts from 2 tea plantations, loose black tea. After we finished those Dilmah Ceylon Orange Pekoe is the closest we could get here to suite our busy live style[Tea bags]. It has a good aroma and a rich taste which we enjoy in a cup of tea. I would love to give 5 stars but reduce one for false advertising. Tea bags are not foiled wrapped and package does not say that any where. I think the seller is insulting the Dilmah company with misleading advertising. Hopefully, the seller will take steps to correct it. Today is Jan 19th 2012.
338658338658B001E5DRLOA3UPKWW76TQGT7A. Gift For You "Priya"0051272931200Great Sri Lanka teaThis tea is full bodied, gives you quite a "kick" (your whole body gets invigorated!!)and if you really enjoy good tea,
this should be your pick!!
338659338659B001E5DRLOA1VK2PQ6S7CP49Tea Lover Mommy0051233792000Refreshingly Delightful Tea.My day does not start without this particular Tea. All thanks to Dilmah for bringing the best in the finest and freshest form. This particular tea keeps me fresh and calm the entire day and relaxes my mind. I have gotten to like it so much that I look forward to my mornings and my special Cup of Dilmah. Now I carry my own bag of Dilmah wherever I go and cannot even fathom of going back to any other tea. I am so glad to have found this tea on Amazon. . This tea is the best Orange Pekoe available in the market today and I have tried many of the other brands. I would highly recommend this tea to be anytime tea.

PS: Most people believe that Orange Pekoe is a flavor whereas; it is a grade of a tea which is called so.
Dilmah Ceylon Orange Pekoe, 100% Pure Ceylon, 50-Count Individually Wrapped Teabags, 4.40-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 3)
338660338660B001E5DRLOA12MREED5RF4LSLinda1231289952000Not foil wrapped!This tea is as expected from a bagged Ceylon Orange Pekoe, but the bags are not foil wrapped! They are ordinary paper tea bags. I actually bought this particular product because of expected foil wrapping.
338661338661B0016863K6ACLCGYMHTRV6PTJ Moore1151309824000force your grocer into carrying this soup....This soup is fantastic.... Walmart used to carry it and Safeway, however no longer.... it was in both cases, put on the upper most shelf and Campbell's did no advertising on this soup.... I used it in casseroles, gravies, soups, hamburger patties and many more places in place of raw or dried onions..... lets force our grocers into carrying items that have multiple uses for us...!!!!! TessCampbell'S Creative Cooking with Soup
338662338662B0016863K6A1TXM257R7G2W3karly0051327968000Out of this worldI had used this product a long time ago and could not find it for literaly years, so was so excited when I found it once again simply delicious, I love for having my favorites.
338663338663B0016863K6A7V6M3TVT8P2WJ. Tishma0051323216000Soup's on!It's a little spendy but you can't find it anywhere in the stores. It was shipped in a timely fashion with a minimum of packaging and arrived in perfect condition. I'm looking forward to using it in recipes. A nice change from the ubiquitous cream of mushroom soup.
338664338664B0033B0T9UA3Q3O1UGSBVJFIMichael van Kralingen0051289520000great marinadeGreta peri peri (african chillie) marinade for seafood, chicken and the like. Add a few dashes ot onions when preparing a stew base or making hash
338665338665B0033B0T9UA18W77ZCLPPK48Dr. Eric America0051284854400Absolutely deliciousI first had this sauce while on a trip to Durban, South Africa. I ate at Nando's everyday for the 2 weeks that I was there. It is a spice and taste I have had no where else in the U.S., and I am from New Orleans.
338666338666B0033B0T9UAJEWF6BIRF14QGabi7770051283731200Mouth Watering Hot SauceYUM, Hot Peri Peri is the perfect hot sauce for chicken. A little on the hot side which is the way I like it (ahuh ahuh). I didn't enjoy the Garlic version as much though. Great on Chicken Burgers or BBQ's
338667338667B005Q8BNFCA203UL1U937GVLK. McCutcheon1151348099200Delicious & NutritiousWe love the Oskri bars. We tried them because they are gluten free. We continue to buy them because they are delicious. On busy days, Oskri bars are the only thing I eat for my meals. They are satisfying. Plus, I love the fact that I can see the ingredients, nuts, cranberries, ect.
338668338668B005Q8BNFCA2YO8731SKDKLLGoofball0051349222400Great Taste and a great dose of fiberI have been of fan of Oskri for a few years but I thought this item went away as it stopped coming on subscribe and save but happy to see it back. The taste is really great and for a gluten free snack it delivers for our child who needs this aspect in all food.

The 12g of fiber is roughly 50% of your daily need so it covers the fiber need with out a great deal of calories which is only 190 in the 1.9oz bar.

I would highly recommend this product to others.
338669338669B005Q8BNFCA1TKBDWY45OW3ZA. Kramer "voitel"1241339372800Not ImpressedThese used to be much better before. I have noticed that the product may be a bit inconsistent from time to time.
338670338670B0041VE9VAA2MPU3NTPZP5LCwillsapi0011349049600not enough product for the moneyI sent it back after I received the package, It was only one pig ear and and a stick for over $7, I can buy 6 pig ears for the same money, not a good buy

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