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338701338701B0047MF4VWA18NF8VIYOPHHWDonna M. Wolden "Healthy Mom"61111299801600Apples from ChinaI was very excitd to get these healthy organic fruit crisps. They are delicious but after further investigation...yes...the apples are from China and Chile! We have a hard enough time in the US keeping up with organic standards much less trying to track other countries. Only by US organic !
338702338702B005FHLGISA2G3AZJ0UYHGM1Wendy1211325548800Way overpricedI didn't check the price well and it is DOUBLE the cost in local stores. I am soured on Amazon. Ridiculous
338703338703B002R83LW2A1ST5NYM5PBRVRzoey2251285459200best coffee everI tried this coffee in a resturant while on is the best coffee that I have ever had. Has no bitter after taste as many others do, overall is a medium roast with alot of flavor.
338704338704B002R83LW2A142HTUNIHKNFJK. Olson2241281484800Great tasteI have given samples to my friends and they agree. I use one tablespoon per 4OZ cup of coffee. I use a 12 oz French press coffee maker and let the coffee brew for 4 minutes. Adjust the mix to your taste and you will not be disappointed. I'm looking forward to trying the the other Boyd's coffee blends.
338705338705B002R83LW2ATEACI05ZG6JWSteve1151339113600Boyds,coffee gourmet,medallion,ground medium roast coffeeGreat tasting breakfast blend,we love it!Overall is a very good coffee with a lot of flavor.We use it in a french press and all my friends love it too.
338706338706B002R83LW2ADK4WD5X1VQUULiz1151318982400Great CoffeeI first tasted this coffee at a restaurant in Montana and immediately asked for the brand. I then went to amazon to see if they carried it. My whole family was elated to find they did. I would recommend this product and do to everyone I know.
338707338707B002R83LW2AZG1PCVI8UU06A. Rublinetsky0031332720000Decent flavor, very coarse ground - not for espresso!Overall it is decent coffee - it is not over-burnt and it smells good. Unfortunately, I purchased it to use with my espresso machine and it is ground too coarse to be of any use for espresso. The hot water just flows through the coffee no matter how hard I pack it. In a french press - it tastes good. I guess my 3 stars mean that product should have been described better, so that I would know in advance that it is not suitable for espresso.
338708338708B002R83LW2A25B0YK51CTBVNboone17290051313366400Best Coffee Ever!!!I am not a coffee person, but I am in love with this coffee! My favorite way to enjoy it, is sprinkled on some vanilla ice cream! Yummy!
338709338709B002R83LW2A3TTI1LVI0A7MSRomeo0051305331200Great CoffeeI found two of the finest resturants in my home town of Reno using this coffee. I asked the waiters for the brand of the coffee because it tasted so smooth and really woke me up. Since buying this product once a month my wife and I have two cups in the morning and it starts our day off with a nice wake up feeling. We now pay $19+ for monthly coffee.
338710338710B002R83LW2AJ7L4FL7XLT50J. Torres "judeandjenny"0051294185600Best home brew coffee!As did another reviewer... I tried this coffee at a restaurant while out of town for a wedding. I couldn't get it out of my head and eventually called and asked what kind of coffee they served there. It was Boyds. Ordered this as a christmas gift for myself and am very glad I did. I no longer crave expensive coffee house coffee's and really look forward to brewing this at home every morning. It's going to save me big $$. So glad it's a prime item. I'm going to be back for more that's for sure!
338711338711B001VNFOZ6A2ZE8BSZ5MMEOPJasmine "Uniquely Yours"141451261699200Delicious, fresh and convenient Five Spice powderFrontier Five Spice Powder is a value, also, convenient with a satisfying taste. Quite complimentary too many dishes, although it has a distinct taste, it is not over powering. A few ways to use five spice powder is, simply, sprinkle it on jasmine rice or Thai rice noodles, put in a favorite sweet potatoe dish and/or add to stir frys. It adds tasty, balancing flavors to any dish. I rely on Frontier for quality fresh spices and they did well with their Chinese Five Spice Powder.
338712338712B001VNFOZ6A15P7Q1WK4RED0Terri Fountain6651293667200Love 5 SpiceThis spice is so hard to find where I live. Some stores know about it and others just say "I know we had it". So when I finally found it I was thrilled for my husband as he loves this spice and cooks with it constantly!
338713338713B001VNFOZ6AUF44ERLYYW0ABelinda "Belinda"5541318291200Good product despite missing one authentic ingredientI have been looking high and low for this spice and thought I'd found it...sadly this misses the mark by just a fraction. It is a good spice but the ingredients of authentic Chinese 5 Spice has Szechuan pepper and not white pepper; perhaps that's why they left out the "Chinese" part in the name? I found it in a google search and didn't notice that until after I got it. Also, the lid on this is badly designed. It is very flimsy and the shaker top broke on the bottle after just one use. Overall I am satisfied with the product though.
338714338714B001VNFOZ6A276OI0NHBYORXRebecca N6751300492800Great product, price, and well packagedThis is traditional 5 spice powder. The right blend - I'm very pleased.

The bottles are also nice - nicer than in the picture - which may seem like a silly thing to care about, but I prefer a nice bottle on my spice rack to a plastic bottle with cheap labeling. I know that sounds so so silly - but I enjoy cooking more when I feel like I'm using quality ingredients, and I do sometimes (perhaps mistakenly) associate good packaging with quality.

The price here is less expensive than what I could find in a store. The 3 pack was great because I gave 1 away as a gift in a basket along with a few other asian themed cooking items.

Packaging was great - bubble wrapped for shipping, but not insanely difficult to unwrap. I'd buy again, but I imagine the 2 bottles I kept for myself will last me a while.
338715338715B001VNFOZ6A144UI9S7Z9MYARachel Marie Zhao3351307923200Excellent Chinese Five Spice''' For those who cook Chinese Chicken, Duck, Beef, etc., this is the perfect spice! My husband who is Chinese, said I cooked wonderful chinese chicken when I used this five spice!
338716338716B001VNFOZ6A3QA0BBQW08DLZMc "m0c21"0041351036800Good spiceI've had better five spice powder, but those cost twice as much as this. At this price point, I think this is a great deal.
338717338717B003UAQHOUAIZWF6JVIZTC5Tonya Artzer1151337990400Hill Science Diet Dry Puppy FoodHave fed our Siberian Husky this food since she was old enough to eat solid food and she still eats it just fine and is in beautiful condition.
338718338718B003UAQHOUA2F9VWG87OW13XVijay Kumar "vijay"0051282003200My puppy loves itWe have a 8 month old LabraDoodle and he loves this food. Prior to trying this food we tried several other brands, a few times Raja ate the food but threw up a little later. Even on the Science Diet brands we tried other variations like "Lamb Rice" formula and he did not like that at all. He would rather stay hungry than eat other food. There is something about this "original" formula.

One note: make sure you keep the food in a sealed box, in cool dry place, as per instructions.
338719338719B000HBO134A3G07AKUPSTJU2Brownie7751240099200refreshing iced teaWe became hooked on this iced tea several years ago and have since not been able to find it in our local grocery stores. All we can find are the diet mixes that use artificial sweeteners - - this one is sugar sweetened.
On a whim, I decided to try Amazon - - - here it is. It was only sold by the case however, the product is shelf stable and we go through it quite quickly as our family drinks this all year round.
Tip - - Brewed as directed tends to be a tad too sweet for our taste so we doctor the mix a little by brewing a pot of strong tea using tea bags, then use this mix to flavor and sweeten the tea. Play around with the doctored measurements to suit your own taste, but we brew 5 teabags, mix with 5 tbsp of mix to fill a standard 2 quart pitcher.
338720338720B000HBO134A2EOJ145WNAXA0E. Toft5541194134400more natural than bottled sweetened Lipton peach teaI buy this rather than the bottled Lipton peach tea, because it is sweetened with sugar. The bottled Lipton peach tea is sweetened with corn syrup. If you don't want a diet tea and you want to avoid corn syrup, buy this.
338721338721B000HBO134AD63V1AC9DO43Suzanne L. Searle "puma"2251262736000in a word...yum!
(mix it with lemonade, punch, tang, any other powder drink, or have it quite wonderfully on its own)
i say again:
338722338722B000HBO134AKSSHPJ1CRKZ5bob y "bob y"2251240099200Simply marvelous!!!!I could never find the Peach flavored version of Lipton Sweetened Instant Tea Mix at my supermarket. I recently bought 2 6 packs of the mix at 25% off from Amazon with free delivery. You can change the mix ratio to make your drink sweeter or less sweet according to your taste. Very good stuff.
338723338723B000HBO134A37ZONHNRUQQCNLori J. Larsen2251229904000A good dealI believe that Lipton has an excellent product. I have long loved this flavor of iced tea, and am glad that it was available to me on Amazon. I have share a couple cans with others, and so we're all enjoying the delicious and refreshing taste.
338724338724B000HBO134A3CYW18W04IPBUHJ "HJ"1111312156800Not all natural as it claims!This has added artificial coloring so the description of all natural no artificial colors is FALSE! Why do companies insist on adding artificial colors to everything? This product description needs to be fixed so that it is not misleading.
338725338725B000HBO134A2QKIJM43FUREJPatricia A. Fleming0051317772800Great refreshing flavorLove this product, discovered it in the market, and loved the fresh true peach flavor..but when I tried to buy it again, I found it was very hard to find in the store..then I found it here on Amazon, I keep it in my cupboard, It is hard to find a good true peach flavor and I have tried many other brands, but Liptons hit the nail on the head...very good flavor and very refreshing, like the fact it is sweetened, because it is just right...
338726338726B000HBO134A24ZV048V7J0MTMurphy "Goldenmom"0051313020800Tastes GreatI tried peach tea at a Cracker Barrel near me and loved it. I found it here at Amazon and bought my 6 pack and have gone thru more than half in less than two months. I love the taste and being instant, can be made very easily for a quick drink. I think I like this better then ice tea with lemon even and that is a favorite.
Thanks for the good price Amazon and quick shipping.
338727338727B000HBO134A395NO72R424AUSkygazer0051312848000The official drink of the Navy SealsFlying over the rugged terrain of Pakistan, a team of Navy Seals, thirsty hungry and tired, were hot on the trail of a war criminal. Their mission - bring him to justice.

After weeks of searching in the hot Pakistani desert, they had finally located his mansion. Inside, lay 20 or 30 guards. The Navy Seal team approached but their dry throats kept them from being able to talk to each other. That's when Navy Seal Team Commander Jacob Michaels commandeered an old barely functioning pump. The sludge water was deadly toxic to people even to Bear Grylls and his pee drinking self. Desperate, they opened their 10 quart tea mix, poured some in - and out came rainbows and goodness that the world has never seen before. The seal team drank their magic tea elixir and continued on their mission.

As they approached the house one of the Pakistani guards noticed the team, and called an alert. 20 bearded men started shooting randomly at the exposed seal team. But by the grace of Lipton, the commander tossed his can into the middle of them, which exploded into a cloud of choking biohazardous gas. 8 of the Pakistanis died instantly, and the dust cloud made it easy for the Seal team to get inside. Shouting FIRE IN THE HOLE three more canisters were tossed into the compound, blinding and choking most any living thing in the area.

When breaking into Bin Laden's room, the Seals, now down to the last of their 6 cans, decided to hold back their can to help provide cover in case of a fire fight. Breaking down the door, the commander - firearm in one hand, tea mix in the other, screamed DEATH TO BIN LADEN! and started firing. Bin Laden fired back, shooting the can, which exploded into awesome particles of win, which surrounded him and suffocated him. On his dying breath, the tea mix kicked him in the groin and shouted "USA BITCH!"

The tea mix residue on the Navy Seal uniforms sped up the growth rate of their manly chest hair and beards, making them easy to spot - the handsome rugged bearded men of Seal Team Six.

After being flown out of the area, all the hot British chick soldiers were so turned on by the smell of tea around the Navy Seals that they all started stripping which led to a massive orgy.

This is why Lipton tea is the best tea anywhere and why buying anything less than a 6 pack makes you a pansy.
338728338728B000HBO134AC39BJHDWRGF6Winniesmom0051309996800Yummy!!It's the only instant tea I buy. All my friends know that when they come to visit, that's what they'll be drinking!
338729338729B000HBO134A1DVEJSGYGTFJ7buckskin0051285891200quick and easyUsing this product is much easier then making tea myself since my husband is the only one who can drink sweetened tea.
338730338730B000HBO134A78SUXJ02Z9JQC. Curry0051276041600TOOOOOOO goodWithin the last MONTH- I have consumed LIPTON Ice Tea like it's going-out-of-style!
GREATTTTT flavor, easy to mix. . . DISAPPEARING too FAST!
GREAT product, FAST & easy ship, will DEFINITLEY order MORE!

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