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338731338731B000HBO134A2WVF9ZQ068DN0Living it up0041247443200Good summer teaAlong with the raspberry and mango Lipton Instant Teas, the peach is a staple in my pantry.
It is my least favorite of the three fruit teas, but it is still a very good tea (and other folks seem to like it better than the other two).
I find that the peach flavoring in this tea is a little "off" tasting...that funny synthetic taste that a lot of peach flavorings seem to have.
If I'm craving peach tea, I brew up a pot of Stash's amazing Peach Black Tea.
338733338733B000QB316SA3FW2IX43LCQI4J. Stinson363611203897600Unhappy customerI purchased the "I Love You" basket for valentine's day for my boyfriend. It was total garbage. All of the snacks were stale, I mean everything, the popcorn, the cookies, and the cheese straws. I was so disappointed, and was really embarrassed. The cellophane wrapping was even ripped..............I wish I could get my money back.....
338734338734B000F6STUMA3X9FRDGQB1LDfig man1141311292800No complaints here, yum!I sent one of these to my Dad on Father's Day and ordered one for myself. We both agreed that it was very good. The wife made alfredo sauce and elbows one night and I wanted some protein in it - yep, I went there - and it was great!
338735338735B0006SKCJUAIO9244W1PX4HMary T. Foster "Colorado Bibliophile"111151175040000Hotest Chili Paste You'll Ever FindThis is the hottest Chili paste you will ever find. Just 1 Tsp. Heated up a cassarole nicely. Add more or less to taste of this product or just add it at the table. You will love it.
338736338736B0006SKCJUA16BWXV3VHK31SSean4451211241600Try with VinegarMix this with some vinegar for extra deliciousness and more control over the amount of heat. I just found out this is the 'secret sauce' at the thai restaurant by my house!
338737338737B0006SKCJUALCO70A0Z9KT2Shirley A. Challingsworth "shirleeac"4451186963200Sambal OelekGreat stuff! My husband developed an addiction to it. He doesn't use regular hot sauce as much now because this stuff is way better.
338738338738B0006SKCJUAZ3FM3E62YYGSLogan Irons4551196899200Even better than Siracha!This product is even better than the companies flagship product, Sirracha. I originally ordered a sample pack from them, but now I am purely addicted to this stuff. Unfortunately, it's hard to find in stores. Fortunately, theres Amazon!

The paste itself is especially good on bagels and sandwiches. It is quite a bit spicier than Sirracha, and a completely different (better in my opinion) texture.
338739338739B0006SKCJUA1ZSQ973I9P8WKBella1151285891200Delicious, and very spicy!This sauce was first introduced to me by a good friend of mine who is from the Phillipines. Back home in SC, I would visit my favorite Thai restaurant and bar, and always wondered what sauce they used as their spicy/garlic/chili paste. This sauce is DELICIOUS on Pad Thai noodles, fish, chicken, pork, and just about anything else that needs a lil' "sprucing up." I've used this sauce regularly for about 5 years now, and I will not change brands, thought I've tried the Lee Kum Kee version, and this (Huey Fong Sambal Oelek) is by far the best chili sauce I've ever tried!
338740338740B0006SKCJUA1J2TR2SNJKLVCdajigamup "dajigamup"0051330041600Great stuffNot much to say...If you like this like it. For me...I love it. Great to add to stir frys and I love to add it to (shrimp) cocktail sauce to add some heat.
338741338741B0006SKCJUA1YDN658UV56CBMark Twain "Mark Twain"0051327708800The best all around asian hot chili sauceThis is the best hot chili sauce in the Asian section, IMO.

I dearly love heat, but this is more than that - it tastes good too. No aftertaste, undertaste, or sidetaste, just 'good taste' - and it is hot, did I mention that? I use it on all kinds of foods, and it's a staple in my fridge. It doesn't really change the food taste much, which I like.

One of my favorites is hot & sour soup, and add a heaping tablespoon of this stuff. Not recommended for the faint of tongue.

If you have only a few kinds of hot sauce, this should be one of them.
338742338742B0006SKCJUA2BS92D8NFN5VMO. Kalashnik "NATURAL PRODUCTS ROCK"0141335571200OVERPRICEDI know it's just double more here than what I found locally, but wait it's double!
I don't know about this source anymore, I shop here very cautiously now since I find a lot of products overpriced big time!
338743338743B0006SKCJUA2L2PJ8W70LX03Heide Briggs "bremerin"0151245974400Hot Sauce purchaseVery pleased with seller for fast service and shipping of my purchase. The price is right. Will purchase from seller again.
338744338744B006372VPQAO771NIRWIXX7Pinkiez6651331856000QUITE POSSIBLY THE BEST MOSCATO EVER!!!My five girlfriends and I have been have been having "Ladies Nite" for about a decade, and drinks are an absolute must. A few years back, someone brought some Moscato and we all raved about it. With all six of us taking turns hosting every third Friday of the month, different brands and kinds of Moscato were sampled and rated. In a scene reminiscent of Goldilocks, some of the drinks were too dry, too sweet, too bitter, or too simple. Ever since then, we've collectively been looking for the perfect bottle. We've tried at least twenty different kinds of Moscato, ranging from the cheapo $6 bottle to the $27 bottle (which was horribly overpriced if you ask me).


Ohhhhh myyyyyyyyy !!! Finally, here was a drink that made all of us sincerely happy that we are over 21.
Sweetly seductive, yet wonderfully sophisticated...Saracco is quite possibly THEE best Moscato on the market.
338745338745B00269UGA2A316MMLMF1DTBIladypettis0151304640000its the only food my dog can eatMy dog has trouble with his food by the time i found some in knoxville it gones out of business no other place has it . But it got here on time
338746338746B000ZBAPMCACJ9KOJEIG0AUpatriot "tjq"1131262044800candy to bring back childhood memoriesI was a little disappointed, the candy comes bagged all in one so it looks crushed and not as nice as the photos so it didn't look as good in the Christmas candy dish but the memories and conversations it started were nice.
338747338747B00534ZXIMA2Q5I86LGJ7RREJ. Jackson-Forsberg "jjf"3351338508800My first order for seltzer flavors!My family goes through a lot of seltzer, and recently we purchased a SodaStream to make our own seltzer at home and eliminate the bags of cans that we had to return each week. Before I got started making flavored seltzer, I researched flavorings and the Bakto products seemed the best: they are natural extracts that contain no sugar or artificial sweetener. To try these products and figure out if this was a good way to flavor seltzer water, I started by purchasing the Vanilla & Citrus collection which comes with Vanilla, Bergamot, Coriander (the seed of the cilantro plant, a common cooking spice), Lemon, Lime and Orange. Lemon coriander makes an excellent seltzer flavor, btw.

All are high quality extracts, and the only one that is of no use for flavoring seltzer is the bergamot, which is an oil extract rather than a water-soluble alcohol extract. That was kind of a disappointment, because I love bergamot flavor, but I grow bergamot in my garden, so I can just stick a fresh sprig into my seltzer if I really want to! I highly recommend these products.
338748338748B000EPMP2CA3SZ6OWF3NNLWKK. OBrien "LazyBoZo"3321156291200Good value, but too sweetI purchased this product because I thought it would be a good quick meal idea. However, the sauce is very sweet and they provide way too much of it. I found it more tolerable if I only used half the sauce packet. Also, this product says it has baby corn in it... each of the sauce packets in the case I bought had a half to 1 and a half pieces of baby corn...

This product would probably be much better if you add your own veggies and some chicken or something - but that sort of defeats my purpose of having a quick meal...
338749338749B000EPMP2CAF4ROUWGVBJ21Walter E. Carter Jr. "Vardøgr-doppelgänger"2251171843200Bachelor FoodWonderful two dollar, two minute meal that invites augmenting with (ready made) soy ginger Grilled Tuna Steak.
338750338750B000EPMP2CA1CRBCB8L32J01K. E. Pollard2251169856000Wow!This item arrived a day earlier than expected, and in perfect condition! As for the noodles, they completely blew me away. This is no ramen! These are restaurant-quality noodles, and it couldn't be easier. In each "take-out" carton, there is a pouch of fully-cooked noodles(simply open the pouch, break them up a little and put them in the carton) and a pouch of thick, sweet sauce. Pour the sauce over the noodles, close the carton, and microwave for two minutes. There are no "dry spots" - the entire carton is moist and the noodles seem to develop a glaze. The price is well worth it - though you can get many packets of the cheaper noodles, this is the real deal, AND it has no MSG. Each carton contains an ample serving of noodles, enough to toss with beef, chicken or vegetables, or just to eat on your own! You will not regret this purchase.
338751338751B000EPMP2CA2MUGFV2TDQ47KLynrie "Oh HELL no"0041298764800Sweet Tasty Glaze Great for Adding Chicken & VeggiesThis sweet tasty glaze needs chicken and veggies to accompany the noodles. The noodles are real tasty ones the are glazed nicely by the sauce. It seems there's too much sauce and not enough vegetables. It's a good base for a quick meal at home, great to have in the pantry for a change of pace. At less than 2 bucks a carton on a Manager's Special, it was worth a try.
338752338752B000EPMP2CA1UCBVZW87U3Q0Saint Camber "Read the Book, Saw the Movie, R...1711160697600One Word... NAAAAAAAAASSSSSSTTTTTEEEEEEE!!!!!!Let me preface this review with a qualification - I regularly have the Ka-Me Teriyaki Noodles when I am at work. They are actually pretty good. That said, I couldn't disagree more with the first reviewer.

This item is SO BAD, I gave it 1 star ONLY because there is not an option for NEGATIVE STARS. This product qualifies for a NEGATIVE star rating. The smell when I opened the flavor packet reminded me of UNWASHED FEET. That SHOULD have been my first clue to just chuck the whole box in the trash. However, I gave Ka-Me the benefit of the doubt and nuked the food.

The only way I can think to describe the TASTE, is to imagine the smell of a chainsmoker's overfull ashtray, a chainsmoker, with POOR housekeeping skills...

NOW, translate THAT into a taste... There you have it.

I took ONE BITE, spit it back into the container and chucked the whole thing without even swallowing. It took 3 Snickers Bars to get rid of the aftertaste...
338753338753B008CV0FQIAJ6NU4D5XMH2VG. Hughes2211347321600Not responsiveBased on the one positive review - that will teach me - I ordered a banana shrub and this product - two sweet olive tea trees. I received three plants in a box, wrapped in plastic wrap. The packing slip said the box contained a banana shrub and the requested two sweet olive tea trees. However, the tag on the plants and a visual inspection showed that they were slow growing bay trees. And they were tiny with two or three leaves. It will take me years to get them to shrub size.

I called the number provided inside the box twice and got a recording both times asking me to leave a number and PROMISING EARNESTLY to call. I left my number and reason for call - twice - and nothing. It's been almost a month now.

Buy from a reputable company that sends what you ordered instead of what they have in stock. This has been a totally frustrating experience.
338754338754B008CV0FQIA1K8BTBP4H225HMary Anne Pickett1151344556800sweet tea olive trees Amazon verified purchasegot my order very quickly, there was one plant left out, but got it quickly. they are all looking like they are alreading growing, especially the gallon one, has new leaves. they were packaged great and arrived in great shape. I'm happy with this
338755338755B004Y1OJA8A2QLE5ZLHQVNGIShannon M. Garde7751328832000Just what I was looking for!Ever since Twining's changed (destroyed) their Earl Grey tea recipe by using less Bergamot and adding more Lemon hoping people wouldn't notice, I've been desperately looking for a way to get back what has been missing in my tea!

I've tried every different brand of tea I can find in attempts to find the best Earl Grey I can, but they never use quite enough of this valuable extract.

Now, ever since I bought this bottle of 100% pure edible Bergamot extract my problems are solved! I only add a few drops to an entire pot of tea and it makes it taste wonderful again! For a single cup of tea I just wipe the lid on the tea bag and it's perfect! This will go a long way, because of how potent it is, and 4 ounces is a lot more than I thought it was!

I will be buying from this seller again, if their other extracts are half as good as their Bergamot is, that's just fine with me!
338756338756B0081IOP3QA2OEG7479S4W67Patricia0051339372800This is great and very convenient.I love this container. I use it at home, and you could also take it with you when you eat out.
338757338757B004YLHA9AA1AULJ471YG7X3HeyJude1141348185600Good CoffeeThis is a nice refreshing coffee. I was not sure I would like the raspberry. It was a nice surprise. It smells wonderful when brewing.
338758338758B004YLHA9AA26QAAJCS6C59VJoanne1151319241600sweet summer raspberryPrompt delivery, got it sooner then promised. the coffee was great and you can smell the raspberry. love it one of my favorites wish they sold it year round.
338759338759B004YLHA9AAIEJLO6BQWBAIDragon Queen0051349308800Love Love Love this!I've tried a lot of flavors in my Keurig and this is my new favorite! It really does taste like summer raspberries.
338760338760B001IK2C84A3I5D3BUR9V5RNK. Kirkland "Aidan's Mom"0051258329600Everyone loves these and they are car friendly!My 79 year old Dad and my 4 1/2 year old son love these (and so does everyone else)! Highly suggested for after school snacks that are still car-friendly (little to no mess).

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