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338821338821B002CYLV5UA39MB61G68XLS4Lingering Lethal Poisonous Lene of Death1151296345600If the Princess likes it, so do I.Princess gets a pouch of food every morning. I rotate so she doesn't have to get the same every day. She usually have three different at any given time. This was the first time I purchased Turkey and Duck. These seem to be harder to get out of the pouch than the others I've tried.

I first shake the pouch to get everything to settle in the bottom, then I pull it open. So far, so good. But when I then turn it over, the food gets "stuck" in the pouch a bit. So I usually make sure I open the opening first and shake it a little bit around, turn it on its head, and start milking it out. That seems to work.

The Princess seems to like it, so I will continue buying.
338822338822B002CYLV5UAO5CPY21TJNEFElizabeth M. Smith1151295222400The BEST food for your catsWhen we adopted our cats several years ago, our vet told us it was really important to feed them wholesome food from the beginning (they were kittens at the time). She recommended Wellness brand, so we picked up several of the flavors of both wet and dry food for the cats to try.

Both of our cats immediately loved the "nuggets in gravy" style wet food over the more common pate style and we haven't tried a flavor that they won't eat (although they do strongly prefer the seafood flavors over chicken or turkey). I like the fact that the ingredients are whole foods - no fillers or cheap grains. Although not in this combination, they're foods I eat myself - salmon, cranberries, flaxseed, zucchini, etc.

I consider this food a win-win because the cats love the taste and texture and I love that they are eating whole foods that contribute to their silky, shiny coats and general well-being.
338823338823B002CYLV5UA2OFECAI30TX7US. Andress1151285372800Best cat food ever!My two cats love this food! In combination with the Wellness Indoor Cat dry food, I think it's the best diet you can feed an indoor cat. My brother, an animal breeder, recently told me that every pet food on the market is full of fillers, preservatives, and substandard ingredients. He changed his tune when he read the ingredients on a package of Wellness.
338824338824B002CYLV5UA12DQUAJN9QH23JudyCA "cat lover"1151285113600Healthy and TastyMy kitties eat Wellness grainfree canned food and I wanted to try the pouches after others told me their cats loved them. So do mine! They eat the chunks first and then lick the gravy. So now I feed them both the canned and pouches. I love Wellness food for my cats.
338825338825B002CYLV5UA1DFT4CTKG3U90N. Pasternak "nikkiraep"1151285113600My Cat LOVES this!I have a male cat who's 12 who has to be on a grain-free diet or he breaks out (like his mom!) :)
He also doesn't drink enough water so this moist food encourages him to eat (he's PICKY) and is good to his system. He likes this much better than some of the other brands we tried.
338826338826B002CYLV5UA3OWU1R4LAL8GFGirlX ""Addicted to Amazon""1151284681600Excellent choice - even for the finicky!I decided it was time to start feeding my senior cat a wet food diet. She has a tendency to turn her nose up at most of the "healthy" choices, but she absolutely devoured this one. Several months later, she is still loving it and practically licks the bowl clean! It has made a world of difference in her energy level, her coat is shiny and it has cut down on the amount of waste in the litter box. The ingredients are all natural and my vet recommended this as one of the top choices of wet food for my cat.

The food is in smaller size chunks with a LOT of gravy. The pouch is easy to rip open, or can be cut. I highly recommend it as a healthy choice and for your finicky feline :)
338827338827B002CYLV5UA2FRFAQCWZJT3QB. Davis "The Happy Hermit"3431304380800Kiki likes it nowMy cat likes the gravy but not so much the bits. She eats some of them but not many. Update - actually since I published this review months ago I've re-ordered several times because it has become a favorite food. So if your cat seems disinterested at first, there is still hope she/he will decide it's pretty good after all.
338828338828B002CYLV5UA4AH3SBHJ92RXJMS66 "jen"3451301961600My cat's addicted!My cat loves the tuna recipe so much, it is the only food she'll gobble down in a single sitting. Interestingly, she doesn't to be as keen on the other flavors.
She seems to especially enjoy the gravy, almost slurping it down!
I give her one pouch a day and free-feed her dry, grain-free kibble. She's healthy and lean, and her coat is silky and luxurious.
Maybe it's because I once owned a 96-pound Labrador that ate me out of house and home, but I cannot understand why people would think spending $1 and change per day to feed a pet is expensive...
For the price of a soda, you can feed your beloved pet a grain-free, quality cat food. In reality, the junky, mass-marketed supermarket brands are a real waste of money, because you are paying for filler ingredients and added junk.
$1.20 a day is a bargain for the convenience, the quality, what it does for my cat, and how much she enjoys it. I certainly fitter away more than that each day on myself, in the way of "indulgences"!
I know that the economy is bad and there are certainly a lot of people who have fallen on hard times, but for those who can afford to keep a pet in the first place, the cost of higher quality food shouldn't be a deterrent.
338829338829B002CYLV5UAX649LGH0JHFCAndrea McClain3451287878400A GREAT choice!Our vet recommended these pouches for our 2 cats to help them loose weight. Dry food is full of carbs, and he suggested wet food since it's mostly protein and fat - what they would be eating in the wild. Needless to say our picky felines love the food, their coats are shiny....and we'll see if they loose the extra lbs! We've also tried other flavors of this food, but this is their fave!
338830338830B002CYLV5UAF7KVFTGUBK98CatWoman2341281830400Tasty but pricey might be better to get cans & recycle
338831338831B002CYLV5UA1OE2U63JGGGJVDoris S. Shaw "hobby cook"0051345248000treatOur cat is allergic to grain and just loves this food as a special treat. With the shipping, the cost is too high to use it as a main food, so we cook his everyday meals.
338832338832B002CYLV5UA3BBCDCHC5U1VKCAWireless0051323820800Love this stuffI originally became a fan of pouch-based cat food with the Nutro line of pouches. However, Nutro was especially hit by the nasty recall episode from a few years back where a number of pet food manufacturers had contamination issues, and they eventually pulled their pouches. I tried a bunch of canned foods afterwards, but my cats never warmed to any of them like they did the pouches.

Wellness came out with their "healthy indulgence" line of pouch foods not too long ago, and interestingly the packaging is pretty much identical to the Nutro products, down to the notches to facilitate tearing. I can only imagine that they are using the same manufacturing facilities as Nutro did, but hopefully with a superior product. Everything I've read about Wellness suggests that they make high-quality pet foods. My cats seem to love these as much as they did their old pouch foods. They have now been eating pouch foods almost daily for at least 6-7 years, so I don't have any major concerns about long-term health issues.

Overall, these pouches are great. Each single pouch is one serving for one cat, so the costs do add up fast if you have multiple cats and serve this twice a day. I give dry food in the morning and the pouches at night to help conserve costs, but they always finish the Wellness pouches within a half hour, whereas the dry food often sits around unfinished all day. Another plus is that no spoons or forks need to be involved, since you just tear each pouch and shake the contents into the bowl. No mess or debates with spouses about putting cat food forks into the dishwasher with the rest of the dishes!
338833338833B002CYLV5UA1O19A1UD8OZ96E. Howe0051293840000Tasty, Grain-Free, and a hit with my catsMy boyfriend bought a pack as a one-off to tempt his aged kitty- who can be finicky- into eating. His Kitty was uninterested at the time, so I took it home to my little eating machine, who wolfed it down. She's been eating Wellness products almost exclusively for the past two years, and I was interested in finding a gravy-rich wet food in this line. The tuna chunks are substantial - but not too big - and are in a thick, rich gravy. I feed her a mix of 1 pouch of wet food and 1/2 cup of dry daily, and she is both happy and of normal weight. I highly recommend this food for being grain-free, as my cat has had issues with extra fiber clogging her digestive tract in the past, and free of odd, unrecognizable (and unpronounceable) ingredients.
338834338834B002CYLV5UA1DTJY4FXJN305Lisa A Lusk0051290988800Great cat food - great priceI've been looking for this cat food locally
338835338835B002CYLV5UA12S5JMBF5Y9K3Amazon Girl "Cat Lady"1231302912000cats were not too fond of this foodThey would eat some of it, but not finish it which they do if they really like the food. It is very easy to open and feed as you just squeeze the pouch.
338836338836B002CYLV5UAF7KVFTGUBK98CatWoman1241281830400Healthy but pricey may be better to get cans & recycle
338837338837B002CYLV5UA3B1S58B0T1HSSJoseph Maxwell0111349481600Caution!The "Healthy Indulgence" pouches of cat food are prepared with FLUORIDATED water! A number of studies have now shown that fluoridated water increases the risk of osteosarcoma or bone cancer in humans and animals. Alone from my own circle of friends, two have lost their pets to bone cancer, most likely as a result of the animals' having consumed fluoridated water! BUYER BEWARE!
338838338838B000LL84T2A3V3NR15HUEN28L. Vecchiarelli1151197331200GREAT PURCHASE!!!I bought some of these for doggie birthdays in the past and they absolutly loved them, so I figured if I was sending out Christmas Cards to humans, why couldn't I send Doggie Christmas Cards?! Everyday I would get a phone call from someone telling me "HOW CUTE" they were and what a great idea! They loved the idea! Not to mention the dogs being able to eat their card! Perfect Perfect Perfect!!!
338839338839B000LL84T2A3DK0SU89YQJWQmike kline0011331424000Never Got themI have always gotten their cards before and my dogs loved them for Christmas. However, this time, after a couple of weeks of not getting the cards, I emailed the company and asked if they could send a couple of other cards. They replied that I should wait to see if I would get them and if not let them know. They never came and as it was too close to Christmas, I just gave up.
338840338840B000LL84T2A320TGY28WPNNVMCS "MCS"0051168905600Great Gift Idea!I sent one of these cards to every dog on our Christmas list instead of buying little toys for them and everyone went nuts! They thought it was so creative and fun and they really enjoyed getting mail for their pets! :) I would definitely get them again as a unique gift for dog lovers and their pets! :) Thanks!
338841338841B002O0NGR8A3LIGD1FKY7UM4A.P. Wilson101051295395200Delicious and addictiveThese candies are delicious, and that's a problem for me, it's hard to stop eating them. The serving size is 3 pc., which contains 38g. of carbohydrates, most of it in a form of malitol syrup and malitol. Malitol syrup has a glycemic index of 52, malitol in powdered form GI=32, and regular sugar is 60. It will raise a blood sugar levels, especially if you are diabetic.
338842338842B002O0NGR8A3UHFQT4E3R2D3a consumer7751287100800Delish - requires self-conrolI looooooooooooooved this candy in my pre-diabetes days, so finding it was available sugar free was thrilling. And this version is every bit as tasty and smoothly textured and chewy and nutty and satisfying as the original!

Every blessed carb in them is sugar alcohol, so don't be a piggy and wolf half the box down like I did, or you'll pay for it with, err, intestinal distress.

Still, such eruptions are not the candy's fault. They're wonderful and worth the risk if you have better self-control and enjoy in moderation. Distinctly fruity (in lots of helpfully labeled flavors), laced with a few nuts, and a pleasure to work over in your mouth.
338843338843B002O0NGR8A1IBAXVEJ38KQDbobthedog3351294704000Just As Good As The Sugared Ones!!!These delicious, nutty, fruity sweets are every bit as tasty as their sugary cousins. They are cholesterol-free, sugar-free, and contain precious little fat (3gm per serving). Highly recommended!
338844338844B002O0NGR8A2SJ4VQ7H3FFS5REITdude3341284768000Great product!I really enjoy these! The taste and texture are so similar to their sugary counterpart that it's difficult to know they are sugar-free. Though keep in mind they are made from maltitol syrup and eating more than three or four at a time will send you to the bathroom - or worse!!
338845338845B002O0NGR8A37F5BQAYL9NFGLorraine P. Zigman0051326672000Wonderful!While traveling in Turkey several years ago I bought some boxes of a similar candy from a vendor. It was delightful and enjoyable. As a diabetic I find this candy almost identical and just as sweet, which is rare for a "sugar free" product.
338846338846B002O0NGR8A1XJR6X9MA37XBMarcy Marks0051317686400Delicious, addicting and SUGAR-FREE!Best sugar-free candy I've ever tasted and a fabulous price for three boxes! These taste just like Liberty Orchards' regular product with sugar. My husband and I finished off an entire box after dinner, and I was so excited I came right back to Amazon and ordered three more. Love love love these.
338847338847B002O0NGR8A3D5QXJNOJWNVASouthern Gal0031303084800Good, but...For the most part these are pretty good, but not as good as the real thing. Have the same texture and feel as the sugar version. Some of the flavors are excellent and some are definitely not. Might just be a matter of personal taste. With so many sugar free products to choose from, will probably not buy these again.
338848338848B002O0NGR8A2RNYW2HIQBGSMCarlos Alvarez0031302739200Pretty good, just a little bit of an odd flavorI think these are ok, but not great. I don't know if I'd buy them again, but will eat up what I have and enjoy them. They have quite a bit of an artificial flavor and they are overly-sweetened like many sugar-free foods.
338849338849B002O0NGR8A2GHT0CYHJFEJIMalumastrum0051297814400Unbelievable!We were amazed by these candies. Delicious, satisfying and one or two pieces make a great dessert.
The flavors are genuine and provide just enough of that decadent sweetness one craves.
We will definitely buy more!
338850338850B002O0NGR8A1RLLTUBCFQV22Paula the Gourmet0051289779200Unusual and deliciousThe taste isand texture are very appealing. This is an unusual sugar free treat, and it is also filling as a snack.

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