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338851338851B002O0NGR8A3Q9J9WT1X2MRHDavid Sipos0051278979200Sugar free - and Tasty Too!A sugar free product that doesn't taste like wax-how refreshing! Definetly a product good for home or a gift for those trying to cut back on sugar or who have diabetes.
338852338852B002O0NGR8A3HP3UH0J3QR8DMinnesota Red1311309651200NOT SUGAR FREE!BEWARE! This candy is made with Malitol, a sugar alcohol that's only SLIGHTLY less glycemic than actual sugar. Malitol WILL trigger reactions in anyone with food allergies/ who's sugar-sensitive. The candy IS very tasty - because it's loaded with bad stuff!

Not to mention the fun side-effects!**

I am REALLY TIRED of manufacturers trying to pull off this "sugar-free" B.S. Technically, there's no "sugar" in them...but what ISD is them is JUST as bad. If not worse, since people think they're buying something healthy.

** "Sugar alcohols may cause gas and discomfort in the stomach and may cause diarrhea in some people when large amounts (more than 20 grams per day) are consumed." - Web MD
338853338853B000FD78R0A3HPZ6BIMNXSZRGabriela Perez "Oy! So many books. . . ."141451231545600superb product at a superb priceAt my local grocery store, these cans sell for almost $3 each, so I was excited by this bargain. However, the price didn't totally decide me on buying them, as I love artichoke hearts.

These are excellent. They're quartered, so they're much easier to use in recipes, etc. I like to chop them up even more and add them to salads, pasta sauces, pizza toppings, etc.

They are NOT marinated, so don't expect all sorts of olive oil and vinegar tastes. These are a mite salty, so rinse them if you're not a huge salt lover (I am not one myself, so I rinse pretty diligently).

My fave way to use them:
I heat up some olive oil in a skillet and add minced garlic. Once the garlic is beginning to brown slightly, I add 2 cups of chopped tomatoes, 1 cup of the chopped artichokes, some chopped black olives, and whatever Italian seasonings light my fire that day. I cook this down until the tomatoes are soft, then add the mix to some whole wheat pasta and toss. I sprinkle some fresh parmesan, and voila! Sometimes, I add chopped chicken breast to the mix. Sometimes I use chopped sweet Italian sausage. Delicious!

Anyway, these are an incredible bargain, and you can't go wrong. Just using the artichoke hearts is enough to go through several cans.

338854338854B000FD78R0A192Z1UVDNK88EMom of Sons2211315008000Brown, tough, inedibleIck! I planned to add two cans of quartered artichoke hearts to a fancy tortellini and shrimp salad I am bringing to a party in a few hours. What a bummer to open the can and find limp, pale yellow (brown in some spots) soggy artichoke hearts, all with leaves and a portion of the artichoke bottom so tough I couldn't bite through them. Horrible. I threw them out, and will have to carry my dish to the party sans artichoke hearts.
338855338855B000FD78R0A2H2LJCQ5DJ5K3rc "Adopt a shelter pet PetFinder."2251238457600Best of All Reeses Artichokes!Recommend buying when Amazon has a special offer because these are very expensive. But, the product itself is great. I like the quartered ones better because they seem to put the tender pieces in there. The whole ones have a lot of parts that you can't really eat because they are the tougher outside leaves.

I eat them with a little season salt or mayo.
338856338856B000FD78R0A30U2QQN2FFHE9J. Amicucci2351271376000Best Canned Artichokes Out There!UPDATE - 8/9/2010
A lot can happen in just a couple months, the last two cases of these I have ordered from Amazon have been horrible. I've had whole artichoke leaves in several cans (not the small soft leaves near the heart, I'm talking the big tough artichoke leaves). Brown spots over many of the artichokes. Very poor quality.

I contacted Amazon both times, the first time they replaced the case and the quality was much better. The second time I asked them for a refund because two times in a couple months is not acceptable. I also contacted Reese direcly who doubted me and asked me to "prove it" by sending them two cans at my expense. I told them I'd gladly send them all the cans at their expense, but they would not do that. My impression of Reese has changed very much and I will no longer buy their products.

ORIGINAL REVIEW - I've tried just about every brand out there and Reese, by far, is the best! I love that you can buy them already quartered, great for tossing into salads.

They are always good quality, not too firm, not too soft. Consistent taste, never a bad one in any can. Best price on Amazon too, about $1 cheaper per can then my local grocery store.
338857338857B000FD78R0AACRE7AI4JXOZEva Garibian0021339718400Not that great.All of the cans were dented and the artichokes are not tender. I wont purchase again. The tiny artichokes are so much better.
338858338858B000FD78R0A2445D72UBPUN5EndlessNewFan0011336262400Awful productI've been buying this product for about a year by the 12 units case. The last 2 cases have been horrible, I should have stopped buying them when I got the first bad one. 2 of the 12 cans were banged and when I opened them the artichokes were spoiled, awful smell and color. The rest of the 10 cans all of them taste weird, don't know if over ripe. I ate them anyway they didn't seem spoiled just unpleasant taste that i disguised with dressing. Next case same weird flavor. I will buy them at the grocery store from now on by the unit, price is even cheaper in some stores.
338859338859B000FD78R0A37ZOMFMD8YNV0H. Shaver0051308700800Exellent ProductI love artichokes but not willing to prepare them fresh. Reese knows how to can them without to much salt or other seasonings. Ready for salads, soups, etc.
338860338860B000FD78R0A1WX42M589VAMQMir0051280966400Like the artichoke, like the price--very handy to have in pantryI love artichoke hearts and I hate to cook, so when I can, I go for convenience: nothing's faster than opening a can.

I was leery ordering a brand I hadn't tried like I had Cento, Haddon House, Whole Foods's 365 brand, other supermarket brands. But, well, the reviews and price lured me.

Very glad I took the subscribe/save bait. I like these. Very good canned artichokes--and yes, we won't compare with fresh or even frozen, we're talking CANNED. Very nice. Very handy.

I rinse them right in the can several times, then I can quickly saute them with some EVOO and garlic and lemon juice for a great side dish. Or toss them in pasta with spinach and aglio olio sauce or alfredo sauce. Or just some mozzarella on top. Toss them in salads. Add them to omelettes.

I find this brand has less "toss away" hard or dark bits like some brands do. In fact, very little "toss away" bits. I think in the first can I tried, ONE hard piece I pushed to the side of the plate.

I use them wherever it strikes me.

Very happy I risked trying these. I will keep them on my S&S to reorder as needed. Thanks, amazon. And thanks to the reviewers that made it easier for me to give these a shot.
338861338861B000FD78R0A1R377IPZOKLMMGina B "It's a dry heat!"0051249689600Love these for a fast addition to dishesI love these artichoke hearts; they are so easy to use when I do not have fresh veggies in the house. I've added them to italian chicken bakes, to salads, to homemade pizza as toppings, and baked them alone with breadcrumbs.

Just make sure you rinse them WELL before using or else they won't taste right. I drain the can fully and then fill it with water and rinse 2-3x.
338862338862B000FD78R0A35LT14WG5BX0TLola Bunny0051242000000Great product, at a great price!At less than a dollar a can, these were a steal! As far as the product goes, just as great as any other artichoke hearts!
338863338863B000FD78R0A1GNYV0RA0EQSSSl Judge "gatormomz"0051236124800Out of the TGIFridays!Move over Fridays! Now I can make your artichoke and spinach dip at home and is it great with these Reese artichoke hearts! So many ways to use them! Healthy for you too!
338864338864B000FD78R0AN8DCNMUTWEF7Max Frisch1231239321600Edible, not greatGenerally I buy frozen and not canned artichokes, so this may explain why I did not care for this product. It sort of squeaks in your mouth. In addition, there are quite a few tough parts included. Edible, not great.
338865338865B003AYH31WA2M98NPVGQX2GKCamille0051325721600YUM-M-MOh, wow are these good! Had never heard of them before, so we tried them. We could have eaten 50 each, but we realized that we needed to rein in and be good. It's hard. Try them and you'll see.
338866338866B000NPBQCSA1Y1G3DQQ4BPUSallen4cisco0051300838400Chocolate DelightI enjoy chocolate and Kit Kat was a favorite of my fathers and when I have the funds I indulge in the very tasty wafer chocolate bar myself. This is a wafer that other of my family enjoys and that is why it was purchased.
338867338867B000N8GFCQA2JYEVXI4LYS3VR. Dillion "R"2241271980800Good quality ground mustardGood quality, and the price cant be beaten- as this is a very expensive spice in supermarkets. To get it in bulk like this is great!
338868338868B000PJG1WCA2C9XE9I8RSKNXJ. Johnson0031332460800They're OKI like the originals better. These aren't horrible- just will not order again. Live and learn :) NO bad aftertaste or anything, just not as good :)
338869338869B0000D9MR9ACRV8687JVWMKMommazilla5531135296000Wrong items in Amazon's DescriptionThis is what you really get as per web site:


Paladin Blue from Germany (8 oz)

Monte Veronese from Italy (8 oz)

Camembert from France (9 oz)

Red Leaf Cheddar (8 oz)


Serrano Ham (3.5 oz)

Tegole Italian Cookies (1.7 oz)

Belgian Chocolates by Ovidias (4.4 oz)

Les Trois Petit Cochon Mini Toasts (.9 oz)

Jar of Canadian Mustard (250 ml)

Jar of Grandma Jones' Pepper Jam (10.25 oz)

I just received this today. I give Igourmet 10 stars! Amazon, 3. I had no way to track this package until I called Igourmet. Customer service is wonderful! I had used "Expedited Shipping" when I ordered on Sat. When I called Igourmet on Thur., wondering where my package was or how to track it, Customer Service was great. Because of the delay in shipping on Amazon's part, Igourmet added an extra meat, gift cert. & 10% off my next order. Which I will use, but through

The products themselves are wonderful. Very nice sizes, not "sample sizes". Everything came chilled & the taste is so fresh & truely a "least one time in your life" indulgence.
338870338870B0000D9MR9A2QJ87KVK3CSH8Ms. Mary1151262217600Nice assortment from igourmet.comI always enjoyed anything from [...] I found them on several years ago and even shop on their website store as well. This assortment a little bit of everything speaks for itself. It's is great for a picnic or a spread for entertaining. I recommend [...] for all your party or gifting needs.
338871338871B007UOMOMGA254QZWPSXZG52Craig Thayer0051348617600great Coffee by a Great CompanyProduct arrived AHEAD of schedule so mom could enjoy her French Vanilla coffee sooner than she expected, which is a good thing. We all know that if momma is happy, we're all happy, right? Box was in perfect condition as was the coffee, good job all involved!!
338872338872B000KXZ8E0A2KO6HNNDVHU5IK. Ongkeo "Bert"3351202428800Afternoon Tea with Barry'sSix cases of Barry's Gold Blend might seem to be a lot of tea for someone who only drinks about two cups a week. But great to share among friends and family.

I had a wonderful friend from England, who taught me about afternoon tea. Sampled some of his variedly English/Irish teas. PG Tips and Typooh had a nice mild flavor but it was missing something. Then he introduce me to Barry's Tea.. A stronger taste but not overwhelming the pallet. A black tea aroma with some light hint of spice. Great with some milk, sugar, yummy Biscuits, Scones and Finger Sandwiches.
338873338873B000KXZ8E0A213UFMBOI3IUFBruce Boyes2251218672000Best packaged tea according to my wife...I'm a coffee drinker so this is for my wife who reports it is way better (better taste, stronger brew per bag) than any Lipton or Trader Joe teas.
338874338874B000KXZ8E0AU3XR74SB6CL9Debra Principe "littlemamasan"1151215216000Barry's Gold TeaThis is the best tea made! I have tried many different kinds, and none compare to the rich taste of this tea.
338875338875B000KXZ8E0A13C1DS2VJRDO2Ethel M.0051347235200Best everThis is wonderful tea, full of flavor and great taste. I especially like it for cold brewed iced tea, as the rich flavor comes through.
338876338876B000KXZ8E0A1RZH75FHMLGD5Cathy B.0051336953600Best teaWe tried Barry's tea on a trip to Dublin. I'm spoiled now - will not drink any other tea. It's just that good!
338877338877B000KXZ8E0A3DI936XOB0DPXMaureen Sapnar "Lego Mom"0051331424000The best tea I have ever triedI can't live without this tea! A friend gave me some Barry's tea once - and then all other teas tasted like dishwater. The taste is rich and bold and if something can taste golden, this does. It is not the least bit bitter and you can re-use your tea bag, or use less bags per pot of tea because it is so flavorful. This is my everyday tea. I ordered 8 boxes so I will not run out!
338878338878B000KXZ8E0A1Y9OBI33VD8K0Brooke0051330041600Best tea ever--a taste of Ireland in the U.S.We first tasted this tea in Ireland, brought home a box, and then searched for more when it ran out. It's smooth, without the "bite" of many American teas. I make a pot each morning and take it in an old Stanley thermos to work; it never loses its flavor. I checked everywhere for the best buy on this tea, and the price is best by far on Amazon. I saw a box in a store recently for $12.99, but when I buy six boxes at a time, it's about $8 on Amazon for 80 teabags. The boxes keep well, with no loss in taste. Great product for a great price through Amazon!
338879338879B000KXZ8E0A1K6NGPFVJDH0FDennis M. Gehley "DJ"0051328572800Barry's Is BestWhen you don't have time to go overseas to get this, shop the 'net and have it delivered to your home. You will be glad you did to get the original Barry's.
338880338880B000KXZ8E0A19Z6KFAO9TFPChappy reviewer0051326931200Best teaThis is my favorite everyday tea. I drink at least two cups a day, sometimes more. It's nice and strong without being overdone like some breakfast teas are. It's also not smoky like Twinings Irish breakfast tea. Barry's is itself. Nothing else like it. I take my stash with me when I travel. It deserves 10 stars.

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