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338881338881B000KXZ8E0APBSTORPIPQGZToni's takes0051323302400Great tea!I recently went to Ireland and Barry's Tea was offered in many hotels we visited. I was so happy to find it on Amazon when I came home. It has great flavor!
338882338882B000KXZ8E0A2XQJTLL6UXTL4DM "DM in San Mateo"0051322179200For serious tea drinkersI have brought suitcases of good black tea home from Canada and Ireland. I ran out and was thrilled to find Barry's tea available at amazon. If you like robust black tea, I highly recommend Barry's tea.
338883338883B000KXZ8E0A3UI9C17JJZS0LKinnore0051317772800Tea tfrom Amazon to Bring me Home AgainThis is REAL Irish tea. Many teas produced for this country are watered down for what is perceived as American taste. An example is Twinnings tea which has strong flavor and body when purchased within England but has a weak and insipid flavor even when purchased at a British airport. My father would have called it "shamrock" tea, meaning only three leaves were used in its making. Barrys has not followed that trend and this tea purchased in the U.S. is as flavorful as when purchased in Ireland. If you know tea (and having grown up in Ireland I do) Barrys fills the bill.
338884338884B000KXZ8E0A1F9T7ZHRKSIV2World "Traveler"0051307836800Barry's is great teaBarry's is delicious tea - every person I have served it to says the same. It's strong and rich without being bitter, and stands up to milk.
338885338885B000KXZ8E0A2UGP6FCE4G2JNpcave "P"0051307664000Good breakfast tea: a 20 year old habitThis is my favorite breakfast tea. I started drinking this tea for breakfast 20 years ago in Ireland where I used to live at the time. I used to put cow milk in it but switched to soy milk a few years ago. It works very well.
338886338886B000KXZ8E0A258GVZTOXPRWBiamyuneek ""In Treatment" and Gabriel...0051298246400Nice strong tea!I drink out of 12 oz mugs, and one tea bag is enough to get a nice colored cup of tea. Delicious!
338887338887B000KXZ8E0A33WMYNNZ32I5IJoeb0051296432000Nice deal on a caseI have giving each member of my family a box , I'm sure they will love Barry's tea as much as I do .
338888338888B000KXZ8E0A2FW8ZZLE1SW8UMikeyButler0051294790400A cup of IrelandThis is what I drink whenever I go back to ireland and it's what I drink in the states. Awesome.
338889338889B000KXZ8E0A2EBM78AG9EFTZEilish Hathaway0051280016000Happy CustomerGot started drinking this tea in Ireland and find it very refreshing and delicious. Ordered this from Amazon and am delighted with it.
338890338890B000KXZ8E0A1E28294XOPEW0dmcd "Tech Deb"0051268956800Great tea, great priceWe love Barry's, having developed a taste for it in Ireland. Problem: couldn't find it reliably in our area. Solution: Ordered six boxes of eighty, and got six boxes of 88! This was a promotion, obviously, but a nice bonus.
338891338891B000KXZ8E0AE52URUXDU7QHBarbara Locke "Barley"0051257465600Great teaThis is my favorite tea! My husband and I start each day with 2-3 cups each. It's very full bodied and a great way to get the day started
338892338892B000KXZ8E0AIDI737OCJ7O9Maureen Cassidy0051253404800Lovely Pick Me UpNothing like a good cup of tea at 3:00 pm. I consider this my high tea. Barry's Tea is a flavorful and robust Irish tea. I cannot find this in any other tea and believe me I have tried.
338893338893B000KXZ8E0A2QVETZGT56VOElizabeth A. Doak0051252454400Excellent teaBarry's tea is the best! Arrived in a timely fashion and I'm enjoying every minute of it!
338894338894B000KXZ8E0A2GDXFGC6KZ3VJAndrew C. Schwartz0051245801600Barry's TeaThe only tea my wife will drink. Really good stuff! Always outstanding service from Amazon!
338895338895B000KXZ8E0AWFCPF534I6AWplasma13560051231459200Tea that takes us back to IrelandWhile staying at B&Bs on a trip across Ireland, we fell in love drinking hot tea with milk to start the day. We tried several varieties after getting home and settled on Barrys Gold Blend as the closest to what we had abroad. We add boiling water, cover with a tea cozy, let it steep half an hour (if you can wait that long), and enjoy it with McVities Digestive Biscuits to re-live our vacation.
338896338896B001SAVUE6A1FBSTQOABHT8Gcuddles1151348617600baby noodlesWe love the little noodles, for everything including making soup. Glad I could find them on Amazon! We use them with cheese and also with alfredo sauce.
338897338897B0001590NWA3K80W35TB4DM5Bella5521278633600not worth the cost of shippingThe bottle is barely bigger than that of the tabasco source and it tastes like something I could have made up myself, felt a bit cheated considering the shipping cost is twice the cost of the item. You porbably can get soemthing better on the supermarket shelf.
338898338898B0001590NWA34ZNGD6J0QRLCD. Walker1151168300800Nando's Medium Peri-Peri reviewThis stuff is great. A fresh alternative to the regular suspects. Highly recommended to those who like a bit of a kick in their palate.
338899338899B0001590NWA8NUOJQ9GQ2VJSissy S5751183766400Nando's is the BEST! Why doesn't The States have Nando's??Living in the UK, my husband and I enjoyed Nando's frequently. However, now in The States, there seem to be no Nando's restaurants! I am trying to understand how this could be when there are a million other mediocre restaurants here. KFC's nasty and fatty tasting chicken and sides could be well replaced with Nando's flame grilled peri-peri chicken dishes and their sides are better too... corn on the cob, chips(fries) with peri-peri spice which also taste great dipped in the Nando's peri-peri sauce, garlic bread, and my favourite spicy rice!

Seriously, if you haven't tried Nando's sauces you need to because it's the best I've ever tasted. If you live in The States it will be unlike anything you've ever had before and you'll love it. The Medium Peri-Peri is hot enough for my tastes, but if you can it's good to try to consume the Hot Nando's Peri-Peri as well as it contains more chillis. The more hot chillis one can consume the better for their metabolism and health. So, Nando's is not only a tasty choice, it is also a healthy one.
338900338900B0001590NWA7IJ9T62HHZTKLoveQuality0051345420800Yummy!Tried this first in Australia at a Nando's and after 2 years, I cannot get enough! This tastes great in sandwiches, with chicken (try the marinade) and, my favorite is with scrambled eggs!
338901338901B0001590NWA16JFBUDAA15XKjamesburkett0041335052800Best way to have Nando's no matter where you are in the worldWe were very pleased with Nando's sauce. Simple to use and tastes just like you are at Nando's. Wish it was a bigger bottle, but we'll take it!
338902338902B0001590NWA100RVHUZLLUD1hgr0051301788800hgrI love peri-peri chicken cooked in Nando's Restaurants in London...Hope i can make it as tasty. my only complaint is that the bottle is small.
338903338903B0001590NWA2PMZ6HXCW2HO9chillipepper0051297900800Good on everythingThis sauce is delicious. It isn't real spicy but has a kick. It's real tangy and real good. I've used on anything from eggs to hot dogs to chilli and it's all really great tasting.
338904338904B0001590NWA3QE8EZ5QWW60WS. Lewis "Steve Lewis"0051270080000Great flavor, great kick!After eating at a couple of Nando's restaurants on a recent trip to South Africa, I just had to bring some of this sauce home with me. It's got a tangy flavor that is great on chicken, roasted potatoes, or even just mixed in with some rice. Be aware, though, that even the medium sauce packs a punch. If you've got sensitive taste buds, you might look for the mild stuff, or just use this with a little caution. Just get it!
338905338905B0001590NWA7NA8HA5NRVXUJ. Prosio0051253404800LOVE Nando's peri peri sauceWhile living in the UK for 3 years, my husband and I became addicted to Nando's! After moving back to the US, we were ecstatic to find Nando's at World Market and Safeway (?!?!) Several months ago they suddenly both quit carrying it :( It's great to use as a marinade on chicken breasts, and then as a sauce. My favorite is to make a chicken pita sandwich using a grilled chicken breast marinated in the med. sauce, pineaple ring, swiss cheese, shreded cabbage, in a pita with garlic peri peri. MMMMM!!! BTW, I heard they opened a restaurant in DC. Maybe more on the way???
338906338906B000JMFCSEA28FQ3KRGCOBECody0051343520000AwesomeI watch a YouTuber from England who always talks about drinking Lucozade, and living stateside I'd never heard of it and wanted to try it. So when I ordered it I didn't expect it to arrive so soon, but it got here fast. Everything was great, and if you live in the US, I encourage trying it if you like energy drinks, it's definitely a different taste in comparison to the ones we have here. It's a little expensive for a liter of anything, but I thought it was worth trying, which in my opinion it was.
338907338907B000JMFCSEA2Y695A1DXMT1JDrew Samson0031334188800The Original Energy DrinkIf you like Red Bull you'll like this -- but since I don't, yeah. This basically tastes like Sprite or 7 up, but it's orange in color, and is a bit more sour, and also less sugary. It's made in China too, which I find pretty weird.
338908338908B000JMFCSEA36M3C66SSVCKWFreelanceMe0241308355200Good for What Ails YouLucozade has been around for as long as I can remember, long before competitors like Red Bull and Monster Energy began hitting the shelves in a sea of brash advertising. As a youngster everytime I was poorly my grandmother would bring me round a bunch of grapes and a big bottle of original lucozade. The extra calories (350 per 500ml) and sugar (21.8g per 500ml)would always make me feel better, giving me the sugars my body had been missing while poorly.
While, for me at least, lucozade does not give me a huge energy boost, it is good for allowing me to get through a particularly tough workout, by replacing fluids and sugars. It is also good for giving that little extra needed to get through a tough working day getting those last niggly bits of work done.
For a longer term healthier and energised feeling amazon users can try Gene Eden which as an antiviral (all natural..hurray)supplement helps to fend of colds and reduce latent viruses, giving a longer term energy boost.
Gene-Eden: Antiviral Natural Remedy for Latent HPV, EBV, Herpes, Hepatitis, Safe, Effective, Patented Formula
338909338909B0028S6UROA1K8IZZYM5NYJGJulia E. Hamm "Monies Grand"0051273536000Baking And Pastry Classthis product is used in my baking and pastry class, AWESOME texture and flavor. melts with ease and smoothness, a must have for any serious chocolate baking
338910338910B0047220R8AB8O7QM5PCVXGScott1151342051200Brilliant FlavorThis blend of seasoning is absolutely perfect. Not too salty or sweet, and with just the right amount of "heat" for 90% of the people out there. I use it on everything from scrambled eggs to pizza, or when I'm making gumbo, jambalaya or my famous fried chicken. Add it to a pork, toss it in the slow cooker and out comes fantastic pulled pork. I haven't tried it on ice cream... yet... but everything else, it improves.

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