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338911338911B0047220R8A3KJFAHSF48KH3Discursive Boojum1151342051200Fantastic seasoning saltIf you use seasoning salt in your cooking, you may want to try this instead. Usually I use custom mixes for seasoning things, but we got this to test a recipe. My family loved it.

Use it where you would use seasoning salt or even salt and pepper to season foods you're cooking. The instructions says to add it until it's salty enough, and it's about 1/3 salt by weight. So if you know how much salt you like to use, use about 3 times as much of this instead. The mix of flavors is a great accompaniment to meats, vegetables and soup.

One of my favorite simple dishes is to peel and cut up a sweet potato into wedges, and pat dry 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts. Heat up 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a large cast iron skillet. Add the sweet potatoes and sprinkle Tony's over them. Season both chicken breasts on both sides well. Sear the chicken breasts in the same pan as the sweet potatoes on both sides, then cover, turn down, and simmer until done. It's simple and tastes fantastic. It's not really spicy even though it has red pepper in it. Just spicy enough for people who don't like a lot of heat.
338912338912B0047220R8AM285URLQRKEXK. G. Johnson "Tackle Guy"1151336953600Tony Chachere's Original Creole SeasoningI've always used other products similar to this FOREVER. My son brought a container of this stuff while visiting a few weeks ago and we used it. I was immediately HOOKED! I use it on just about everything too. I sprinkle a bit on fried or scrambled eggs, add it to a Marie Calendar's Chicken Pot Pie to make it perfect, great on mashed or baked potatoes and adds a bit of Creole flavor plus zing to a medium-rare Rib Eye Steak too, and much much more. It has just the right spices for a mild "kick" right when you need it. After trying it, I got on-line and purchased several of these containers. They are reasonably priced so good on a budget also! As birthdays come up, this is what I'm giving to my friends for their birthday present! Much much better than just a card, wouldn't you agree?! Yummy

Ken j.
NW Oregon Coast
338913338913B0047220R8A2B6QDHAHWFOI7Kelly D. Gibson1151321142400Cajun SeasoningsTony's is HANDS DOWN the best all around seasoning for every type of meat, fish/seafood, and vegatable you can think of.
Works great in soups salads as well and again just about any dish you can imagine. Great flavor and just enough pepper to give it a decent spicy level.

Plus everything else Tony's makes is great too!!!
338914338914B0047220R8A17PZS83G56C6ABuying Happiness1151292371200Excellent seasoning be mindful of the expiration date
338915338915B0047220R8A2N7338UE4HSKDredfuddman0051342137600A staple in my cupboard.This is a wonderful seasoning. Taste great with a little kick but not over powering. Just right for my taste. I use it on everthing: popcorn, fish, steak, chicken, grilled vegies.
338916338916B0047220R8A1DU101XB2ZUHQhelen warfield0051341360000You don't need any other spices.Tony's is the best! I use it on almost everything. I love it on acorn squash with butter. It's great on hamburgers too.
338917338917B0047220R8A3PRLBROYNI4AJmersey0051337385600SpicesWe have travelled extensively around the world and these are by far the best spices we have ever had, they are the only spices used by all my circle of friends. I am sorry I introduced them as it is now costing me a fortune keeping them supplied!!!!
338918338918B0047220R8A2FMLB5CSV9I18ILIKENICETHINGS0051324944000The BestI love Tony Chachere's seasoning, I bought this at the local grocery store for a little less per pack than on line, but all in all not a bad deal online either. Excellent seasoning, great flavor, decent value, if you don't leave the house for anything order this for flavor to every day food.
338919338919B0047220R8A3B73P55GMSD8UTyson A. Miller "Tyshiz"0051323820800No longer use saltI discovered creole seasoning surfing a brief stint in new Orleans, and it changed my life forever. I use this stuff on nearly everything. My favorite foods have been taken to new heights. A steak seasoned with this and Montreal steak seasoning is an awesome combination, but you can pretty much just throw out your salt and use this from this day out.

Ps- ignore all of this if you don't like spicy food.
338920338920B006JW4ZO0ACEYAUDKN4ZY6Discerning0041346544000Chicken noodle soupVery good soup, somewhat similar to other Campbell's condensed noodle soups, but homestyle, with less salt, more noodles, with carrots and tiny bits of celery leaves, larger chunks of chicken, and - most notably - contains no milk products, so it doesn't trigger milk allergies. For some reason, Campbell puts milk products in all but the original, very salty, chicken noodle soup and this Heart Healthy Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup. It is convenient to buy this product from without worrying about mistakenly buying one of the Campbell's milk containing chicken noodle soups from the grocery store.
338921338921B0000BYSQ0A1IUHFFL0SXZXSuniwolf0041349827200goodsatisfied, good product with exactly 100 spikes. met my expectation. though no container to put in. quality is excellent and packaging is alright.
338922338922B0000BYSQ0A3TIIRKWJASOC7Byard F. Edwards0051335225600track spikesLegal for all sanctioned events, these 1/4 inch pyramid spikes are of good, uniform quality. Best for track, they not optimal for some field events such as high jump. Great price. More than enough to get through 4 years of track duty.
338923338923B0000BYSQ0A3RLGHEXNT6PLGTammy0151338681600elements are great, but the provider has a tough time reading sizesGot the elements faster than promised which was great. Quality of the elements were as expected. However, I ordered 4 bags of 1/4" and received 3 bags of 1/4"and one of 3/8". What a pain! Despite the fact that the sizes are clearly written on the package, the provider has caused me to waste money on elements that we'll never use since nothing but 1/4"are allowed on our track.
338924338924B0000BYSQ0A2IXM5CCM7Z5R4Ozkanim0121337472000Different dimensions.Friends of different sizes. Some of the key does not fit. It turns out the nail before you know it. They do not realize how this error!
338925338925B000HJ7AIYA25C2M3QF9G7OQComdet0021344124800Not nearly as effective as the Catchmaster brandI usually use the Catchmaster brand traps, but saw these in the store and thought I'd give them a try. While they have the same design as the Catchmaster (basically a cardboard triangle with a sticky interior and a scent lure to attract the male moths) they don't work nearly as well. In the same cabinet, the Catchmaster trapped over a dozen moths; the Safer only got one.

I'll be sticking (sorry for the horrid pun) with the Catchmaster from now on.
338926338926B000HJ7AIYALKACAMVXXYZWBennett Dolin0051343520000Good JobProduct is effctive, simple, cheap and unobtrusive. Put them on top of cabinets and forget them, for a few months, then toss them.
338927338927B000HJ7AIYA138AEM5FWZ1AOcfacar0011343347200Adhesive not effectiveBought these from the local hardware store because the house was infested with indian moths. The traps come already assembled and the adhesive is already exposed. Set these up in the kitchen and pantry and came back and saw the moths left brown tracks on the adhesive but managed to escape because who knows how long the trap has been sitting in the shelf. There is no protective cover on the adhesive to peel off like other moth traps on the market and so the adhesive is not very effective in adhering to the moths. Will be trying Catchmaster traps since the adhesive has a protective backing to be peeled off when ready to use.
338928338928B000HJ7AIYA1XMX6CAATDEKDBetsey Hansell0011343260800Safer moth traps no longer workI had been using Pantry Pest traps successfully for years. Recent purchases haven't worked at all! I will not buy them again.
338929338929B000HJ7AIYA1OPD0BLGJS798L.0041343088000Got the job doneBrought pantry moths home in a bag of cat food. The trap seemed to catch many of them, and eventually, after a few rounds of purchasing traps, I stopped seeing evidence of moths in my kitchen.

A word of caution: If you live in an apartment or have neighbors who live very close, make sure that the moths are coming from your home and not in the windows. After my own infestation was cleared up, I noticed that moths were coming in through the windows to get to the lures. As soon as your home is moth-free, get rid of the traps or you might end up with a new problem!
338930338930B000HJ7AIYA13BBBH41285DJLorraine D. Haberbush0051342915200works welleasy to use, no poison, takes a few days, but gets rid of the moths, buy several to have on-hand when the pesky things come back!
338931338931B000HJ7AIYA3FC8L20I80LG4Jenn0051342569600Great traps!I have a serious infestation going on. I kept hoping they would die out but after walking into a room and seeing literally a dozen or more flying around I went out to buy traps. These were the only ones available and I was skeptical about them. I set up the two in the package and went to wash my hands. When I turned around there were at least 12-15 moths flying around the trap already! I keep going back to the store to buy more because they get full it attracts so many. I counted 30 in one trap alone! I can't vouch for length of effectiveness because they fill up but they DEFINITELY catch them! I would absolutely recommend them.
338932338932B000HJ7AIYA2BWAP11ZX3YMEJoe "Joe"0011342569600Catches NothingI have 2 of these and hundreds of flys in the basement. These have not caught a single moth. Thankfully the cause of the flys were found and are now gone.
338933338933B000HJ7AIYA2N03E3MZFMLGXncoy0051341446400Better than chemicals and saves my pantry from bugs!I love this because (1) no chemicals in our kitchen 2) it really works and saves our kitchen/pantry from moths and 3) is easy to hide or place anywhere. I would highly recommend these. Order extra so you can replace them every few months. It's completely worth not having to throw away food that is fulled with moths (which happened to us last year!) These have been a lifesaver.
338934338934B000HJ7AIYAQFRMFOM0FO5Adele Sands0051339977600Excellent traps!Moths were circling the shipping box before it was opened the lures are so effective. If anyone has complaints with the traps, they must not be taking the lures out of their packet and placing them in the traps. They are almost covered with moths in a few days. Ordering more.
338935338935B000HJ7AIYA2BHJUG4AJBD3Varlene0011339027200does not work at allI set the traps out, one in my pantry closet and the other one out in the open and after several days not one moth was in the trap and I was still killing them on my own with whatever I could find handy to swatt them with. These things are worthless.
338936338936B000HJ7AIYA2X10H883TV6ZTBossqueen0051338768000Amazon purchaseI have tried many other brands but this one is safe and effective everytime. I have used this same product for years and this purchase was actually cheaper than most locations.
338937338937B000HJ7AIYA2PKUKZFIS1W5Ycharlie0051338681600These traps work well for me.I bought a 2-pack of these traps to see how they would deal with my moth problem. I just ordered three more 2-packs because the traps have caught so many moths that the exisitng traps are running out of room on the sticky surfaces.

I think they are a winner.
338938338938B000HJ7AIYA2TYESKS4H8BLHsam0011334707200Very Small Adhesive AreaI had a bad infestation of pantry moths and tried this brand but was very disappointed to find that the area where the moths stick is very small even though the cardboard trap is as large as the other competitors traps. The sticky area fills up with moths and wing scale very quickly and then is totally useless even though it is supposed to last for three months. Poor Design.... I guess they want you to buy a lot of these. Check out the other brands. The best I found are the Pro-Pest Pheronet Brand. It is here on Amazon: Pantry Moth Traps - Set of Three
338939338939B000HJ7AIYA3PP3ZRJBWZYRLArchivist120051333411200Do what it saysIt definitely works. Be sure to read the package carefully and follow up with frequent cleaning of the effected area.
338940338940B000HJ7AIYAWECEELIFMGQWdimitri440051333065600Safer did it!I did the job! No moths for a weeks now! The instructions are not real good but if you read them carefully and not drop the little tab through the hole, but slid it under the tab until it drops, it will go where it should go. You may need to use the corner of the envelope the tab comes in to push it all the way through.

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