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339015339015B000HJ7AIYA61L6WQEI9ECOShop Possible6651248220800Location, Location, LocationThis pest trap is working pretty well for me. I've had moths for a few years now. They seem to come out mostly on summer nights. I threw out almost all my food last year, yet they continue to show up. I finally got sick of spending every evening swatting 5-7 moths. Now with the trap, I only have to chase down 1-2 moths each night, if any. I've found that location really does matter though. One trap I placed on a bookshelf and caught nothing after several weeks. I moved it just 5 feet away to another shelf, and now it's catching plenty of bugs. So if you aren't getting as many bugs caught as you would expect, try moving the trap. Anyway, this product isn't solving my pest issue, as I still have some floating around, but it's certainly helping a great deal.
339016339016B000HJ7AIYA1D8BWI2H5N1H8Barbara J. Shellko8941180656000Pantry pest strip helps.....I found I had moths in my kitchen. Looked up on internet, and found these strips available. They work ... that is all I know.
339017339017B000HJ7AIYA3E4VY0IW4I59Crob5511278633600no luck with this itemI bought and installed two of these traps 8 days ago. Let me report on the results so far. The traps have caught exactly ZERO food moths yet I killed 62 in that time myself. I am willing to believe that the product I got was "expired" or "defective" in manufacture... but it is disappointing to say the least.
339018339018B000HJ7AIYA2CPZU0OMCOR5BJ. Crossman4431179014400worked great for awhileI was impressed how many moths I trapped in just the first day...I put the second one in a different place and didn't catch any...I still see a bunch of them flying around and don't seem to be trapping them anymore..I thought they were good for 7 months...I threw out everything they had gotten into but they are still around...not sure I will try these again
339019339019B000HJ7AIYA2IMRTPCOY7OX5Sir William4451267660800The dang thing really works!Well truth be known, this product lives up to it's claim. The pantry pests are indeed pretty much gone. Yes there are still some the linger, but it culls them enough so they cannot get a stronghold on your pantry. The trap uses a pheromone to draw in the insects, it then uses a sticky pad to catch them. All that matters is that is works. You will usually see the moths on the paper in the first day. The benefits to this type of pest control are obvious. No mess, no stinky odors, and it's safe for the environment and your family.

Looking back, I would sure love to know how the critters got there in the first place? I can say this much, once they move in it's tough to get rid of them! I have a gut feeling I know where they came from, but cant prove it. If ever your in a supermarket and they have flour products reduced in price, think twice before buying. There might be a reason why they are cheap. Enough said.
339020339020B000HJ7AIYA2USY1J4PJVW2VAnwar Tarabichi4411247961600Safer moth control is no goodI have returened the item because it didn't catch any Moth Fly in 15 days while another brand I got on the same purchase was filled with stuck Moth Flies. (SpringStart BioCare ) is the best. it keep catching more and more Moth every day.
339021339021B000HJ7AIYA3MTL3BAZQOZ5JCritic No. 14451196380800Very reliableI've used this product in the past, and each time it has taken care of my pantry pest infestation. The traps are easy to install, and within a few days, the pest is gone. Wonderful!
339022339022B000HJ7AIYA1J5AORNAWQWDHW. Smith4451188777600Good product!If you have dogs, cats, or other critters that eat dried food, you will get moths sooner or later! Not to mention all of the other dried products that we all tend to use.
I have used these for several years, and they do a great job of keeping the moths down. I would rather have a few moths than risking the safety of my food using various pesticides.
One goes atop the fridge, and another atop the microwave sitting on it's cart. As the trap fills up, effectiveness decreases because the sticky surface gets covered in moths and 'moth dust'. I intend to spread some "tree tanglefoot" on top of the moths- might extend the life.
Overall, an effective product for those moths listed on the box. If this doesn't work for you, do a bit of research to identify your 'guests"!
339023339023B000HJ7AIYA22N04A27R6L5FJudith G. Allen4451181692800NO MORE MOTHS!!!These traps are amazing. We put the box containing the scent(not noticable)and sticky paper on a top shelf, and left it. When I checked it several days later there were moths caught on the sticky paper. They are attracted by the scent, and I have seen no more moths flying around.
339024339024B000HJ7AIYA2G6M1GDCHZE7UD. Bui "Great service makes a product even be...4451163289600No more moths!My parents are pack rats and they don't throw away many things ... because of this they have expired dried food ... so every time I go home their house is like a moth farm. Moths were flying in my face, near my food ... they were just everywhere.

I bought a couple of these traps and put them up near their food source (flour, grains, crackers, cereal, etc.) and hoped that they would help. A month later my parents called and told me how great the traps were ... they were very thankful. I didn't know how effective these traps were until I visisted my parents' home again .. I did not see one moth! Very impressed .. and I would recommend this product to anyone.
339025339025B000HJ7AIYA1ZDBBP8PUWZ3DMomInMA3311326326400IneffectiveWant to add my voice to the negative reviews here. My family brought home some moths in store-brand brown rice and have been battling a minor infestation ever since. Minor in that we've kept them down to only one or two living moths visible at any given time; less minor in that the larvae get into /everything/ before we find them.
Before Safer, I had used another brand, which was reasonably effective, catching several moths in a two-week period. When I returned to the hardware store for another box, they were all out, but had LOTS of Safer brand traps. Now I know why.
The sticky patches are small and not very sticky. I'd take the trap down and see black smudges on the stickum that said a moth had landed on it and then flown away again. In a couple of weeks it had caught one moth, and there were obviously others flying around elsewhere.
I returned to the hardware store for another package of the first brand (I am not remembering the name) and informed the manager of the store that this worked very badly. I hope he will watch out for his business and cease to stock these money-wasters. Sadly, they seem to be the only brand stocked in most places.
339026339026B000HJ7AIYA2BTBSFYZFWDFSShelley Scherer3311315180800DON"T BUY: USE "PRO PEST"!I purchased 3 brands of "pantry pest" type traps. The "Pro Pest" brand FAR EXCEEDED the "Safer" brand. Right now, "Pro pest" has 40 moths on it. "Safer" has NONE! I am a researcher, so trust me that I have controlled the performance environment of each product: switching their locations, etc. Doesn't seem to matter: "Pro Pest" is the clear winner and "Safer" has yet to catch anything!
339027339027B000HJ7AIYA30YTOE4FK9HX1Violet Bird3311313884800Used to work, doesn't anymoreWe used Pantry Pest for several years and it used to do a good job of controlling the occasional infestations of flour moths, but they've changed the design of both the box and lure and now they're crap. The adhesive, while nice and sticky, has been shrunk to two tiny patches and the lure is a thin rubber square that you toss onto the adhesive instead of the former round packet. The moths don't seem too impressed with the little square and neither are we. I'm trying other brands now, the Springstar one has generous adhesive and a square that seems to actually work for instance, Catchmaster is next. No more Pantry Pest for our house!
339028339028B000HJ7AIYA3W1JI4M1MSMECKR3351284163200effective and safe moth trapsThis is the third set of this brand pantry moth trap I've purchased. It's virtually impossible to permanently rid your pantry of moth eggs once you have a moth. They come in cycles for us. The traps attract and catch all the adults. They hatch in cycles, months apart. The traps will sit empty for a long time, then suddenly I'll find 8 moths in one. We keep as much food as possible in tightly sealed containers, but always have open cereals and cracker boxes on hand. Since we started using the traps I've never found moths in the food or flying around. They just show up in the traps. You are supposed to replace the traps every three months, but ours have been working for longer periods - probably 5 months.
339029339029B000HJ7AIYA1TIVD0Y3KJSCNlawyerwhocooks "lawyerwhocooks"3351281398400Lasted YEARS! Very impressedWe put out these traps in 2007 or 2008 - a very long time ago. They never caught anything, so I left them alone and simply checked every few months. I knew they probably were "dead" and should be replaced, but just never got around to it. About a month ago, I found the trap and looked inside - inside three months (when I last checked), the trap went from no moths to a dozen or more captured! And this is after years of just sitting with the phermone strip exposed to the air! THANK YOU, SAFER! I immediately replaced the traps with new ones, since the old ones were full. Hope the new traps last 1/2 as long! RECOMMENDED.
339030339030B000HJ7AIYA2R8HLS28K1MYTMuriel Vasconcellos "muriel33"3341281052800Best remedy availableMy life was consistently plagued with pantry moths until I found this product. I had tried every other approach imaginable, including a high-powered chemical that I sent for on the Internet (banned in my state) and landed me in the ER.
That's not to say that the problem has completely disappeared. It requires constant vigilance. But this is the best product I've found.
339001339001B000HJ7AIYA1LED3OL5XE5JJL. Liddington1331255564800Not so hotThe bait did not attract anything. When I spread a little smear of canned cat or dog food in the trap, I caught many, many gnats. Also worked great with bits of rotting vegetables. The sticky pads are very sticky, which is good and they last a long time. The product works, just not as advertised.
339002339002B000HJ7AIYA3HNIYO7CCQ9Y6Special Education Teacher2611220745600Not very effectiveSince we are experiencing a pantry moth infestation, I feel qualified to rate traps. Of the three brands that I have tried, Safer is the least effective.
339003339003B000HJ7AIYA1LEYI6PY7Q1F1Nick0311238630400Good product bad dealthis is being sold for 5-8 dollars on most of the internet. word to the wise, buy this somewhere else.
339004339004B000HJ7AIYA3GNR7IP6AGFJSJoseph B. Goldberg "Joseph B. Goldberg Beach Bum"0311256169600Wrong Product OrderedI wanted a moth trap thta would work against fabric eating moths, not food eating moths.
I did not know that there were two different kinds at the time of ordering.
I was disappointed when receiving my order to find that they were not the same kind I had previously purchased at another site.
339005339005B000HJ7AIYA1RAEFNP0USPNJDrake1811154822400Didnt work for meI used the pest control product for cloth moths. I placed several of these around my house, 1 in each closet, ect., but none of the 8 traps have caught any moths yet. Its been several weeks since I put these out in my house. I would recommend trying just one box, and see how that works for you. I unfortunately ordered several boxes at once hoping it would help, but so far, these havent caught any moths yet, but every coule days I see one or two still flying around the house.
339006339006B000HJ7AIYAF7N69P6NYZB0Lora Lease "Quiverfull Mom"606151171929600Finally.... our pantry moth problem is FIXED!!We had been plagued with pantry moths for MONTHS, and were getting at our wits ends. They were everywhere! I checked every food item we had and threw some away, cleaned the cupboards, but nothing I did even put a dent in the amount of moths we had. When I found some information online about these pantry moth traps, I then came here to Amazon to read the reviews. I was torn after reading that the newer versions were said to not work, but I was also desperate. When I received this, I set up one of the traps in our kitchen on top of one of the hanging cabinets, and was amazed that in only about a week, our problem was solved! I wish I would have tried this at the beginning and saved us a LOT of stress. I would HIGHLY recommend these traps to anyone... they work!
339007339007B000HJ7AIYAFYA26IMBAZS6Albert Danner404041183248000The best way to use pest trapsYes, the moth pheromone wafers are very effective at attracting moths. No, the traps are not very good at catching them. I have tried these, and many similar brands, all with the same problem. Here's what you do: Buy the pest trap. Take out the pheromone wafer and throw away the rest. Buy a fly paper ribbon (maybe fifty cents) and hang it up. Stick the two pheromone wafers on the fly ribbon, about a foot apart. This will catch meal moths for weeks, and will stay sticky even with dozens of moths on it.
339008339008B000HJ7AIYA2KRRYDVSHIW6YK. Broderick "bug buster"373751125964800Get rid of pantry mothsIf your pantry is inundated with moths (or weevil-types) - this trap will take care of the moths that hatch after you clean out your pantry. With the long life cycle that these pests have - you need something to catch new ones. Even if you clean out your food and put everything kept in storage containers there may still be some rogue eggs (you would be amazed at what these pests like to lay their eggs in!) I found eggs in clean brown lunch sacks. It wouldn't even be unreasonable to use these traps before you have a pest problem. Very safe!
339009339009B000HJ7AIYA1CEIMFO70NDB6Alice White222311166918400No longer works with new bait enclosedThe trap worked well when it came with a square bait package that was fit into the back slot. The bait was changed to a square pink piece that sticks to the inside of the trap

It is compltely ineffective. Moths fly all aroound the pantry. infest boxes of food, and never go near the trap. If you trap a moth in there yourself, it doesnt stick to the glue, and flies right back out.

I have made this known to the Safer mfg. co. as soon as they changed the bait but they have done nothing.We have wasted about $100 on these traps in the past year. Have found nothing to replace it since other companies are using the same kind of bait.
339010339010B000HJ7AIYA1C217T6VWIE3Mehetabelle "mehetabelle"384351130630400Great product, packaging can be improvedNo question, this is an effective product. Using pheramones [sic.] to attact moths then trap them with sticky paper appeal to my love of science and technology.

Today, the product is already folded into a triangular house for the moths to fly into. The interior is coated with adhesive so the moths become trapped after entering the house. Users must removed a pheramone-infused tab from a sealed package, then insert the tab into a slot to get it inside the housing. But almost always, the tab falls out of its intended spot and is stuck to the interior. I've used it this way and it seems to work fine, but the manufactuer can help users by making three changes in the way they package the product.

1. make the little pheramone-infused tab already correctly positioned and attached to the interior so that users don't have to open the sealed package and handle the tab.

2. They should cover the whole item, including the sticky paper, with wax paper, score where the folds go, and indicate how to fold it into the housing shape. Then users would just have to peel the whole wax sheet off to expose the sticky paper and the pheramone tab, fold it up, and voila, done!

This way, the manufacturer can also save on packaging by shipping the items in a flat envelope rather than a mostly empty box.

3. Make the sticky housing attachable to something so it doesn't knock around my pantry. This can be as simple as a hole to hang it on a nail, or a weak adhesive like that used on Post-it notes to attach the trap to a wall.
339011339011B000HJ7AIYA27NSJH7EK97BAK. Moore "kitchen goddess"151551218067200Solving the Moth ProblemWoodstream 05140 Safer Pantry Pest Trap (2 per box)

I have had great results with this product. Those who say they work for a while and then quit need to remember that the traps are only meant to catch flying stages of the insect. I use these traps once or twice a year, whenever I see a moth or two, once the infestation problem has been solved.

1) Use Pantry Pest Traps to eliminate all ADULT moths.

2) Next, go on a larva hunt (in the early stages they look like caraway seeds -- dark little crescent shapes about 1/8" long). Check all the food in your cabinets. Take it all out. Anything can house larva. Look in the flour, cereals, boxes, bags, anything with a seam or crevice. Think like a mother -- she is trying to hide her young so that they will survive!

3) We have a pantry cabinet with adjustable shelves. When moths kept coming back, I got a flashlight and discovered that there was larva in every single hole for the shelf brackets. Swabbing the holes with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol produced mixed results, so I finally placed a piece of tape over each hole. If the larva survived the alcohol, they starved to death in their little cell.

Using this method, I buy traps when moths come in with the groceries. I use canvas shopping bags that I wash every now and then so that the bags from the store (especially paper bags) don't bring in larva.
339012339012B000HJ7AIYA14957BJQE11CBR. L. Buckley "oakhill3"111111274227200THIS NO LONGER WORKS LIKE IT USED TO!!!!!I have been buying the Pantry Pest Trap for years, and they used to work very well, effectively luring moths with the provided lure and trapping them in liberally applied sticky adhesive that coated the entire surface of the inside of a well designed cardboard trap. The lure used to fit into a slot on the back of the trap, and the edges of the trap bent upward and in, to make it harder for moths to get back out. Well, a couple years ago they changed the lure to a little piece of pink rubber or plastic that you just dropped onto the sticky area. I immediately noticed that the lure wasn't NEARLY as effective as the old one was. Additionally, edges no longer bent upwards, and the sticky area inside the trap had shrunk significantly, so moths could escape more easily. I just bought a box a week ago, and I never will again. While they have kept the box the same size, they have shrunk the sticky portion to such a small area, these things aren't going to catch much of anything. Of course, I guess that may be the point - since these won't hold many moths anymore, you'll have to replace them more often. I'll be looking for an alternative, because they aren't worth wasting anymore money on.
339013339013B000HJ7AIYALTM4DAZXH2TEJames D. Rubins8841183334400Pantry Moth TrapFor some reason [unknown to me] I find these traps to be more effective when the pantry door is closed. Maybe the natural air circulation in an open room dilutes the pheromone scent. Anyway these traps have been VERY effective at stopping several infestations within a week. I now keep a couple on hand and bring them out when I see moths flying about. The package says they should be replaced every three months.
339014339014B000HJ7AIYA1FA820DY5YNLYRobbie Jones "Super-Secretary"7751173916800No More Pantry Pests!This product works perfectly! When I first began using the product, I had tons of moths caught in the traps. Now I find very few moths in the traps or in my house. I highly recommend Pantry Pest to anyone having problems with pantry moths, etc.

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