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339121339121B000E671XYA20GVR1RTE3DVUCE "Lilly Pad"0051236816000RefreshingI really like this tea. I did want to order the blue berry flavor but I believe they discontinued the one with caffeine and now just have the green tea blue berry, so I tried this flavor. This flavor has less flavor than the blue berry one. I am satisfied with it and will buy a different flavor next time to try them all out eventually. This is a good product.
339122339122B000E671XYA10MRIIUB6KT24P. M. Ponsart0051221955200Light, refreshing and easy!I love this product because it is ready to enjoy very quickly. It "brews" in the refrigerator.
339123339123B000E671XYA2C9G3BLQB4JPIAmy P "Amy P"0051221436800Best Iced Tea I've tasted!This is the best iced tea I've ever tasted! And the cold brewing makes it so easy. I brew it longer than the instructions call for (a half hour - I like it strong!) and I add fresh mint leaves and agave syrup for sweetness. Awesome! The Celestial Seasonings Tropical Fruit Iced Tea is also great - a nice alternative for those who prefer decaf or herbal tea.
339124339124B000E671XYA3AVC4KFZ5H2HUShaun McParland0051209340800Great buy if one likes raspberry teaThis tea is wonderful hot or cold and great value. Tastes just as well as the more expensive ones and has the advantage of being tagless and not individually wrapped.
339125339125B000E671XYA17HXCWRCLYZGESnooky1341168300800doesn't get easier than thisEconomical way to purchase a cold brew tea that has natural flavoring. Easy to make and tastes great. No guilt with this drink.
339126339126B000EM8UJCA166ECXSBXJVC1S. Jacobson8851203724800We LOVE this soup!We LOVE this soup! I have not been able to find the "Extra Noodle" soup in our local stores, so I was VERY happy to find it here on Amazon - thanks! This soup is excellent and easy to make. The Extra noodles make this soup Extra good! Kids love it and so do Mom and Dad.
339127339127B000EM8UJCA3DVYC3WFZ07ETFridayShopper "shoppin'Amazon"5551202688000Delicious!Easy to make. Extra noodles, mmmmm.
The kids really love it and so do I. Yummy!
339128339128B000EM8UJCA12VUB77Q48XI4J. Collins4451296777600good stuffLipton's noodle soup is awesome. At work, I fill a very large mug with water and nuke it for 5 minutes. I then pour my soup mix into my Thermos followed by the hot water and screw on the cap. After about 5 minutes, the noodles are nice and soft. The broth is very tasty. This soup goes great with my turkey sandwich.

I always add a really good dash of cayenne pepper to spice it up.
339129339129B000EM8UJCA1SZC1AHAX7S3TBarb1151348272000Easy to useLight and easy to use when you need something quick or not feeling well. I have been using this product for over 50 years and it still tastes good. My grandchildren like it too. Not greasy tasting. They like to put crackers in it just like I did and still do.
339130339130B000EM8UJCAUQ4LZ9ANWV6WHypnoticfire "Hypnoticfire"1151240704000YummmmThis is my son's favorite soup. I cant find it in the stores anymore once we moved to a small town and this is an awesome price. My son calls it dog dog soup because they used to have clifford the big red dog on the box when he was really little :) Enjoy! You wont be sorry
339131339131B000EM8UJCA332N2ECT2X1HSBarbara Croom2351196899200great soupLipton Noodle Soup, Extra Noodle, 4.9-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)It came in a timely fashion,my daughter just love's it.It's quick to make and has very good flavor,just the thing when your studying.
339132339132B000EM8UJCA2Q2RFLSA283VNLily0051339804800LilyMy grandchildren love Lipton's dry soup and they were thrilled that it came with extra noodles. In fact when I used to by it by the box, they would fight over the soup.
339133339133B000EM8UJCAMAM0LTSSX7SBDebra Wilson0041334707200Not bad, but not as good as it used to beI used to eat this stuff all the time when I was a kid, and I loved it. I couldn't get enough of it. Somewhere between now and then, the recipe has changed, but its still pretty good. One packet is supposed to make 3 servings. Maybe if you are serving it as a side, but if its being eaten as an entire meal, just eat the whole packet yourself. The flavor isn't too salty or strong. Its just a basic noodle soup. Maybe not the best thing out there, and it seems a bit pricey to me, but you could do a lot worse.
339134339134B000EM8UJCA23N209XSJ37UOKristin A. Peterson "uRje'sRoze"0051325116800happypurchased to go with the rest of a gift for someone. came in ontime was as described. great service. would order again. person seemed to be happy with it
339135339135B000EM8UJCAG4U11RFDY7LUVirginia Campbell0051309046400No such thing as too many noodles, and this soup has oodles : )I have loved Lipton Noodle Soup since I was a child. I won't say how many years ago that was, but this soup tastes just as good now as it did back then! This is the "Extra Noodle" version, and it is packed to the max with those cute little noodles. It's great with a grilled cheese sandwich, some dill pickle slices, and a cookie...or two. Perfect for kids of all ages : )
339136339136B000EM8UJCA14686WCLGNN2ND. Murrells "Diane"0051305590400Lipton Soup Extra Noodle with Real Chicken BrothMy husband loves this soup. When we were using the regular Lipton Noodle soup I had to break up angel hair pasta nests and add to get enough noodles in it. This Extra Noondle soup has a good amount of noodles and we eat it as is with a light sandwich. If you want just the soup for lunch you can still add a few more noodles to make it even more hearty. Each individual package makes about 4 cups of soup.
339137339137B000EM8UJCA22QXRFU3EYVAVcdnscifem0031292889600Yum but saltyThis was somewhat useful to stash during flu season this fall near my husband's desk while he's been finishing his dissertation.
339138339138B000EM8UJCAG9IU41SC0H04Slides "2004"0031271635200Not bad for an instant noodleBut I still prefer ramen chicken flavor noodles from Maruchan. They have more fuller taste and texture to the noodles. These have a slight watery aftertaste that the ramen noodles don't.
339139339139B000EM8UJCA1C11J6J53SEHJB. Hunter "photo geek"5851231027200Best Dry Soup EverPro Tip: For a stronger, tastier soup, use a 1 cup measuring cup (the pyrex style) but fill beyond one cup to the rim. (If I had to guess, I'd say about 1.25 cups) Pour in sauce pan, bring to boil, add soup packet. Leave at rolling boil for 2-3 minutes (depending on how firm you like the noodles) then pour into bowl and eat. -- Absolutely awesome this way.
339140339140B000EM8UJCAFEVAYYZOLRX0A. esmero "Marden"1241234396800Okay for Quick SoupThe taste was good. There's a lot of noodles. They could add some chicken meat. Reduce the salt a little bit.
339141339141B000EM8UJCA4902TQB4NGRJtierny3611289433600Nutritional MisdirectionEach packet of this soup is NOT single serving size!

...and the packaging does very little to correct that misperception: the soup is shown in a coffee mug-sized scenario. You're supposed to add 4 cups of water to each packet; which is more soup than anyone is looking for at lunchtime. Even when you add all that water to the mix, I hope you're on a starvation diet, because the serving size on the box is 2 tablespoons!!!! TWO TABLESPOONS! What are you supposed to do with 4 cups of chicken soup (with a stray micro-noodle floating by now and then) when your alloted portion is two tablespoons? You're supposed to forget that consuming a reasonable amount of soup fills you with 100 percent (if not more) of your daily sodium intake.

This is an absurd product.
339142339142B000ZLUHHAAOTDRUHGU1TW2Single Cook2321293926400Passable as a scone but nothing phenomenal about itI received this product as a gift. I have baked scones from scratch many times and have eaten other prepared scones and bakery scones. These scones, in general, are unremarkable - OK, but nothing extraordinary. If you truly know what a scone should be, please do not be lead astray by its attractive packaging or the gloating reviews it received.

This scone mix does have some merits. First, its ease of preparation of just adding water made quick work and a marketable selling point. Next, the scones do bake up tender as a scone should be. The ingredients are on the whole, and for the most part natural without unnecessary stabilizers and dough conditioners. I applaud any baking mix today that doesn't resort to artificial ingredients or preservatives.

This is a shelf-stable mix so therefore a crucial ingredient, like butter, is substituted with cheaper canola oil. This sacrifices flavor and texture. There was an insufficient amount fruit in the scone. Since it was a gift, I do not know the exact price for the product, but from what I see being sold at Amazon, it is not economical. You could easily make your own scones resulting in higher quality and quantity. Scones are actually simple baked goods because there is not much to them that requires much time. The simplicity of them makes them divine and something not to skimp upon.
339143339143B000ZLUHHAA1YMGB9CUTU48Ysweetgreentea "sgt"0051303862400Yummy and Fast!This is a high quality scone mix. I love scones, and I never seem to have time to make them. I don't like scones in most bakeries (ugh, Starbucks, I'm looking at you!), and these are a life saver whenever I want a scone with tea. I love scones so much I actually named my cat Scone. I've also substituted the water with milk and cream, and it has come out delicious each time. I like to have a few on hand for company. The scones also freeze well.
339144339144B000ZLUHHAA2EGITS1X0PLFVBetsy Bargain0051293235200The Best Scone Mix Ever!This is the best scone mix ever. I always buy this brand. The others are a pain to make, you have to cut in the butter, roll them out, etc. This one you just mix it with water, drop scones on a cookie sheet, and bake. It comes out perfect every time, and they have lots of great flavors.
339145339145B000ZLUHHAA3NDP4AG8EOUB3emily.e "eternal optimist"12312775968007.99 shipping???I would rate the raspberry scones made from this mix a strong 5. However, 7.99 shipping per mix, with no volume discount, is over the top. While they're yummy, I will not be buying their mixes after all, since one pan of scones plus shipping costs nearly $22! I am disappointed that Sticky Fingers has such a prohibitive shipping policy.
339146339146B000HBO13YA26X9MU3DBG9XLinmyownpriv8idaho "mjohns25"1141332806400Liquid Jello?Remembering from many years ago when I tried the regular instant tea and was not entirely satisfied with the taste, but now being a raspberry ice tea freak, I thought I'd give this a try. It really doesn't resemble the raspberry ice tea that I often order in restaurants, it reminds more of jello in aroma and taste. But, this won't go to waste. I made a gallon jug of regular tea (I just LOVE those Lipton gallon size single bags) and added this already sweetened raspberry mix to replace approximately 2/3's of my usual sweetener (2 to 1 ratio). I always use some of the boiling water for steeping to pour in the jug with my sweetener so that it's dissolved before I mix in the brewed tea. This combination makes for a nice subtle raspberry flavored ice tea without using up your favorite raspberry tea bags. Too bad I haven't found larger raspberry tea bags for mass quantities like I like.
On it's own, I really liked that this mix was easy and quick to dissolve in cold water, just don't expect it to taste like tea. I also like that you can adjust the sweetness. Hint: try less before more.
I'm so glad I found this here on Amazon, it's never stocked in my area.
339147339147B000HBO13YA1BDC9Q2BQMSO6crazy k0051331510400Lipton Raspberry ice tea rocks.Holy sweet nectar of life this stuff is great!!!!! Where has this been all my life???? Excellent taste, same as the local grocery store chains at a much lower cost in bulk. How can you go wrong with this?
339148339148B000HBO13YA13GZCHAMKWYBTVikki Hallen "lizardwitch"0041327795200Really *** 1/2 starsI don't normally like sweetened tea. This is more raspberry than tea flavor, so to me it's similar to a light fruit punch. Each cannister makes 10 qts, so it's economical and I got it at the Amazon Warehouse Deals website (not the regular amazon website) at a significant discount. This tea mix can be adjusted to taste, dissolves quickly when mixed, and has an enjoyable flavor without being like Hawiian punch stuff. I think it actually is going to be mixed alot with sun tea this summer!
339149339149B000HBO13YA21XFAZU5V41X3Ophelia0041308268800Raspberry Iced TeaI have looked everywhere for raspberry iced tea, grocery stores, target, walmart... And could never find it. I checked and here it is!! It is the most wonderful iced tea, my whold family loves raspberry's so this is the perfect item for us.
339150339150B000HBO13YA2JQSSTPCA7Q90ken w "ken"0051274054400lipton iced tea is greatbought several cases of this in different flavors.all are very good. Each case gives you 60 quarts of drinking.

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