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339160339160B001EO601OA31LDS3HS9AQQEJun Wan0011343001600Broken package!I tried sent it to my friends.But I found it with broken package!
It looks bad!
Sorry for my commments! But it is my impression!
339161339161B0000D17RBA3B6TOEXSQVO24S. brown "shiney lady"0051305244800spice heavenreceived this bag of za,ater from this seller. excellent product 16 oz package/very tasty and versatile. EXCELLENT VENDOR
339162339162B005FEJ8TUA3BN7508F31C07EJP0051323734400Great tasting snackWe enjoyed these very much and had a hard time putting them down. We ate the whole bag before we even realized it! Great healthy snack for the whole family to enjoy.
339163339163B005FEJ8TUA2Z3EDGYBA75F5Jeanne R. Michon0041323129600SEA SALT SOMERSAULTSI received these to give my unbiased opinion. I liked the amount of crunchiness and the flavor of the nuttiness of the crackers,but they were a bit too salty for my taste.
Overall they were very filling and easy enough to transport and eat on the go.
339164339164B005FEJ8TUA2K8VLPQTB9XMGS. Royse0051323129600Delicious!My family loves the entire line of Somersaults Snacks. The Pacific Sea Salt variety offers just enough salt and crunchiness due to the sunflower seeds to satisfy any craving. I love that they are nut free! The 2 oz bags are perfect for keeping in my purse for a nutritious snack. I also keep a few extra bags in an emergency kit in my car. Thanks Somersault Snack Co.!!
339165339165B005FEJ8TUA7R45FIQQW4Q7Hilary M. Frambes0051323129600Very Satisfying!I have to say I wasn't sure what I'd expect, but I was pleasantly surprised! These snacks have a nice balance of flavor. They are just salty enough without being too salty. They are perfect for snacks or as an accompaniment to a meal. I even threw some on a tossed salad the other day and it tasted great. I would feel good about feeding these to my family, as they are a healthier option to fried chips or other snacks.
339166339166B005FEJ8TUAAM46WLKGNUOIShauna Greene "The Greenes"0051323043200Tasty treat AND healthy! Convenient, too.The 2oz. is ideal for my purse, enough to share or save for another time (1 oz. size is just enough for one). Awesome snack, great for at home or on-the-go. My 5 year old likes the crunch & shape , I like them b/c they're delicious! Can't wait to try the other flavors. I'm diabetic, so always looking for tasty snacks that are higher in protein & fiber, relatively low-carb, and convenient to travel with...Somersaults hit the spot!
339167339167B005FEJ8TUA2A7KCCMWH19YYS. Harris "bifaerie79"0031322956800Filling, crunchy little bitsI received a sample for my honest review. These were crunchy, salty, little nuggets. Nothing too exciting. They were a bit too crunchy for my taste and tasted of the familiar "healthy" taste (that quite frankly tastes like burnt flax or sesame seeds or something that you find in every healthy cracker type thing). That said, they weren't too bad for a filling snack. I will not be purchasing these, however.
339168339168B0044FUPRAAU8LUSDV5D9W4Evan McGovern1321342828800grrrSearched specifically for lemon Pez
339169339169B001VA8MT4A2TF8GCSY1R348John Schaffer9951261699200Great biscotti, sources harder to findLike other reviewers, these are most enjoyable to me. Until fairly recently, the 1-lb 14-oz container was available at a great price from our local warehouse club. Today however, only the chocolate flavor and in some stores for the holidays the gingerbread flavor is available. I do enjoy these but the "Originali" is my runaway favorite. The sources for the 1-lb 14-oz container show prices 40% higher than the warehouse club, and then you have to add unreasonable shipping amounts. So the deal now is the 12-pack of boxes of 8 for a total of 96 biscotti at a price rivaling the warehouse club.
339170339170B001VA8MT4A3KT85K6QPMGSVtrp "serencymru"8951164844800Nonni's biscotti at a bargainI usually buy Nonni's at the supermarket when it is on sale and I have a coupon because they are an expensive luxury. This is a great price, especially if you can take advantage of the $10 off $49 in the grocery department offer. They are great with coffee or hot cocoa.
339171339171B001VA8MT4A1RHTMY2TW9XDLCalvin L. Meek6731188604800Nonni's Biscotti, Toffee AlmondI had these Biscotti on vacation and really enjoyed them. So when I saw them on Amazon, I jumped at the chance to buy them again at a good price. While the Biscotti were very tasty, they were somewhat stale and not as crunchy as I remember from vacation. Also, I noticed the expiration date was two months away from when I purchased them. I don't know what the expiration dates are on those in the local grocery store but I wondered if these were excess Biscotti and that is why they were inexpensive.
339172339172B001VA8MT4A3262S1NGMJBYLEva3351239926400Great biscotti, but had better price...I've just bought this biscotti at Walmart for $2.88 an 8-pack. Wonderful flavor! Chocolate flavor, with more chocolate on the bottom, deliciously crisp, and has a nice almond flavor, too.
However, if you buy 12 pack at Walmart it comes to $34.56, so the price here is not that great. I just don't like when they put a price here, then cross it and make you believe there's a deal you are getting.
339173339173B001VA8MT4A2AGOJ4PF4TOE7NP2241167868800Nonni's Toffee Almond & Lemon Biscottisgreat product; unfortunately shipping took a toll on the biscotti's (majority arrived in crumbs & broken pieces). Have since ordered an additional 8 boxes. The lemon ones were shipped in a second Amazon box which seemed to provide some additional protective, as only a few were broken in some of the boxes. Would recommend seller in the future ship all 12 pack boxes in a second box and add extra cushioning protection. It would allow folks to dunk their biscotti's rather than have to eat direct from the wrapper and get crumbs everywhere.
339174339174B001VA8MT4A35HMLOGI89BGAvgMom21151281571200Happiness wrapped in plastic!This is a wonderful snack to have whenever you have a craving for something to munch. Each box contains 8 individually wrapped biscotti. I normally don't like biscotti, finding it too hard on my teeth and too boring for my taste. This brand's biscotti, however, has the perfect combination of sweetness, crunchiness, and chocolaty goodness! It's made from Kosher ingredients and 100% trans fat free. I bought a case (pack of 12) so I can share them with my family and friends. Highly recommended!
339175339175B001VA8MT4A2R71LQL6J3OVIBarbara Segal1151262822400Delicious!!!!Until recently, I was able to purchase Nonni brand Chocolate Decadence Biscotti at some of my local markets. Then suddenly they disappeared from the shelves. When I went on-line to the Nonni web page I was told I could order from Amazon...and I did. The package arrived on time, was packed carefully and not one of the biscotti was broken. All are fresh, delicious and enjoyed each day. They are individually wrapped, have 100 calories each, do not have strange ingredients...and they are perfect when they are dunked into iced coffee!!!!
339176339176B001VA8MT4A1XPQBGLP4D9R3PC "Happy Golfer"1151168819200We Love Nonni's!We just love Nonni's Biscotti products -- especially the limone! It's always refreshing -- not too sweet/not too tart. Finding them on Amazon was exciting because we haven't found them locally since coming to Florida. The product offered by Amazon was also a great bargain!
339177339177B001VA8MT4A2VOZDJSB4VT3JDeborah Blackwell "Celeste"1151167868800Quality Biscotti by Nonni'sNonni's uses real butter in this product as well as most if not all of their products.

Premium ingredients for the flavorful Biscotti you want to enjoy and share with your friends.

rich chocolate, to be savor with coffee or milk, for the entire family.

Nonni's is top of the line in premium Biscotti.

Enjoy, you'll be glad you did.
339178339178B001VA8MT4A28464LEXC2XC8John L. Ferring1141166227200Nonni's Biscotti ProductsNonni's Biscotti is a good quality and tasty Biscotti. It is also available in most stores and supermarkets. Occasionally supermarkets have sales on Nonni's Biscotti, and when they do, It is much more cost effective then buying their product online which is higher priced. Overall, It is a good buy when Amazon can compete with those sales prices.
339179339179B001VA8MT4AEO6QAIYMNOH8Marlene1151162684800Just rightThis is a delicately flavored, not too sweet treat. Just the right thing for that mid morning coffe break and indivdully packaged for convenient transportation to work.
339180339180B001VA8MT4A8IMWE5BZ2HDVGerre S. Deibert "writer-to-be"5721190592000Could be better.The nuts are too hard for my teeth. Also, delivery was made by UPS, which must have put the items on their truck in the morning but didn't deliver until 7 o'clock that evening. By then, in the Florida heat, the chocolate coating had melted and stuck to the wrappers. Would not order by mail again.
339151339151B000HBO13YA2WVF9ZQ068DN0Living it up0051247443200Great fruity, refreshing teaBoth the raspberry and the mango Lipton Instant Teas are a hit with the many people I serve this to over the course of the year at a local homeless shelter and on the streets of Atlanta on hot, muggy summer days.
Very refreshing and no weird aftertaste.
339152339152B000HBO13YACQSCCBHPOTWCChic Psychic "pandorapsychic"0051233619200Easy, yummy tea!This is my favorite iced tea :) So yummy and easy too. My son loves it but usually doesn't like tea at all.
339153339153B000HBO13YA1X1J611DT2JZHCP0051227312000Great Buy/Great ProductI am very, very pleased with this "Subscribe and Save" purchase. I use this item on a regular basis, and it's been wonderful having to buy one less item at the grocery store. I save over $1 per can, and receive free shipping too! I hope to eventually buy more of my regularly purchased items this way.
339154339154B000HBO13YA1VP8NLOTVIYLQNancy Lee Mcdaniel "Nancy"0051204416000Lipton Rasberry Tea, sweetenedThis product is so popular that both of my local grocery stores, Winn-Dixie and Breaux Mart, cannot keep it on the shelves. It is cheaper for me to buy through Amazon than to use up my gas to go to different grocery stores to see if they have it on the shelf. Thanks, Amazon, for making my shopping so easy.

Nancy in NOLA
339155339155B000HBO13YA2AYR6QLNXL0IAMiki P.1241307750400Tastes like SnappleBought this to supplement my son's Snapple addiction - he swears the Peach and Raspberry taste just like it. On the downside, the drink mix contains a LOT of sugar (the diet version didn't pass the test).
339156339156B000HBO13YATJN4KEHJBOC8KatyKatIL "KatyKat"0121338940800Don't expect great tea... this is kool aid!Well, to say this was disappointing is putting it mildly.

I love raspberry iced tea, and always try to get it at places like Denny's, Taco Bell, whereever it
might be offered. While I knew this had sugar in it (most premixes do), I still wanted to try it, as I am trying
to break a Pepsi habit I acquired in the last few years.

I originally wanted to buy raspberry kool aid and just add it to a pitcher of regular iced tea.
However, good luck finding the raspberry kool aid! What did they do with it?!

Anyway - this makes a RED drink, and it tastes like raspberry kool aid that they waved a tea sprig
over. It isn't horrible tasting, but do not buy this thinking that you will be making a glass of tea
with raspberry flavoring. You'll be making raspberry kool aid with a tiny bit of tea flavoring.

I won't be buying it again, that is a big fer-shure.

Lipton - you can do SO much better - why don't you try it?
You already know how to do tea - now you need to work on flavorings and sweeteners.
Here's a news flash - most of us do NOT want aspartame in our drinks any more.
PLEASE change over to stevia, which does not cause the side effects or raise blood glucose levels.
Listen to the customers...

Meanwhile, pass on this one! : P
339157339157B000HBO13YARRLVOWNWTDU3J. Grindrod1411259712000Not tea at all!Horrible, terrible, so bad! I cannot warn one strongly enough not to purchase this product with the assumption that you will be making a raspberry flavored TEA. This is much more of a raspberry flavored drink and not a good one at that.
339158339158B004TDU17QAVNLHUL78POUQFree1111326240000smelled bad enough to not try itI admit I didn't actually eat any of this. As I was opening the can, I caught a whiff and immediately checked the expiration date ...good to 2014. I went ahead and finished opening the can. Yup still stank. There were a lot of strips of fat in the can, which I've never seen in canned salmon before; I'm not saying that's bad, it's probably good for you, but I've never seen it, and combined with how horribly it smelled I just threw it away. A lot of it is personal preference, but I've eaten my fair share of canned salmon, but common sense told me I should cut my loss with this, rather than suffer through a horrible lunch or risk getting sick.
339159339159B0041PFJS8A2ZLOGO7IQ025Kx0J0x0021343692800It's OK but it definitely does NOT taste like Mahi...Anyone who is a fan of the Mahi-Mahi fish knows that it has a very distinct flavor. It's non-fishy. A true Mahi filet is delicious. I've eaten Mahi at many restaurants, and in the Caribbean. I can tell you that what I just took out of the box and baked, is NOT Mahi. Some parts of it were EXTREMELY fishy, and it just didn't have that Mahi taste. Texture seemed to be that of a Mahi fish, but taste wise, absolutely not. I wouldn't buy this again.

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