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339233339233B005A1LJ04AHN86VFJIJ2JPChicago Book Addict0021321574400Not as good as other crystal light flavorsI really enjoyed the Crystal Light Mojito Mocktail, but this one personally, was not as much of a hit for me. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal taste, but this just didn't have the margarita flavor for me. I think inherently a good margarita is a little bit sour, a little bit sweet, and this was just mostly sweet for me. I don't expect a true margarita experience out of a powder, but to me, this didn't even come close.
339234339234B005A1LJ04A3TSJ9KDY18X1LKimberly0031321574400pretty good but not the greatestMy father drinks a lot of Crystal Light so I decided to get this so I could share it with him. We both thought it was okay but not the greatest. It comes in 5 packs that each makes a big jug of the mix. The color is right for the drink however the taste wasn't like a real margarita. It seemed a bit sweet and watered down to me. You can also taste the articifical sweetner in it.

It's a good drink for a non-alcoholic party or get together. Or one of those summer daytime drinks. Otherwise, I'd stick to the real stuff.
339235339235B005A1LJ04A19GSC3QMK694QColorado Hermit "ColoradoHermit"0031321488000Pretty good, especially if you add a little something to it.When I first tried this although it is tart its also a little too sweet. But, if you thin the mix down a little then its not quite so overpoweringly sweet. I also found that it goes pretty good with some Spiced Rum, Captain Morgan or Admiral Nelson, in it too! It should go real well with tequila but I haven't had any to try it with.
Overall, it does quench your thirst and I think its easier to handle if it isn't full strength. Although I think its OK, I'm not really wild about it. So you will probably love it or hate it too. I doubt that I will be buying any more of this particular one when there's so many other Crystal Light drink mixes that are a lot better and I like a lot more.
339236339236B005A1LJ04A2JFL163HUJZG3EAF0041321488000Okay, but not exceptionalI've tried all the Crystal Light Mocktails and while this one is good, it's definitely my least favorite. In my opinion this tastes like (very) watered-down margarita. I found that doubling the strength of the mixture made the drink quite a bit more palatable.

I think the Mocktails, in general, are a great way to have the "feel" of an alcoholic drink while avoiding the calories. I'd just recommend that purchasers try the other varieties first (Mojito and Appletini), as those are very tasty!
339237339237B005A1LJ04A47D5C32VLQM2SirenPrincess0011321401600Horrible--Worse than GatoradeI had really hoped to like this product. I like Crystal Light, and I like Margaritas. I wasn't expecting it to taste like a real margarita, just something tangy and refreshing. I was so disappointed. This tastes absolutely horrible. The best way I can describe it is that it tastes almost like Lime Gatorade, but is much sweeter. Gatorade isn't something I'd drink for fun, and it's better than this stuff. I honestly had to force myself to finish a glass. It was so gross. My husband had one sip, and the rest went down the sink.
339238339238B005A1LJ04A1GWDRBUMQOCRKHolly Lewis "Free-Range Librarian"0011321401600Flat and just tastes blandI love Crystal Light Lemonade Drink Mix (8-Quart), 2.1-Ounce Packages (Pack of 4) so I thought this new product would be perfect for me as this is my favorite cocktail! So wrong. The color is right, but that's about it. The taste is flat and just boring. Perhaps made with seltzer it might have some zing, but as is this is a waste of time and money. Took 2 qts over to my parents for a 2nd opinion and they said the same. On the rocks is no better. Perhaps as a diet mixer version it might work.
339239339239B005A1LJ04A3T6HX48F66512Fry Boy0031321228800About what you'd expectLet's face it. If you drink any sort of Crystal Light product and expect it to taste as good as the real deal, then you've probably set your expectations too high. Crystal Light's Mocktail Margarita mix is and comes across as exactly what it is . . . a mix. Tastes incomplete on it's own, but does a serviceable job when mixed with alcohol. Not horrible, not great, but squarely in between. A compact way to keep a decent mix around. Best used if you're desperate to sling a lot of drinks inexpensively or as a gateway mix for college kids (or both).
339240339240B005A1LJ04A36HEY6E2XQT75mommylove "dc"0051321228800AwesomeFunny they did not think of this earlier. Its really tasty and without the added calories . What a beautiful way to enjoy a party without being left out. I totally love the quantity too. It comes with 5 packs and 1 makes a big size enough to satiate your taste buds and mood. Perfect addition to any party. With the holiday season here this is a definite staple for my house parties.

Love it
339211339211B001VA8MT4A1R9I5R1I67ECXJ. Williams0051168473600Great product!Great price, great flavor! This brand of biscotti is wonderful. Buying by the case was the way to go. I love knowing I will not run out for quite awhile. Thanks.
339212339212B001VA8MT4AEO6QAIYMNOH8Marlene0051162684800Great biscottiI was looking for a crispy crunchy, not too sweet, flavorful biscotti. This prduct certainlyn fills the bill.
339213339213B001VA8MT4A1ECTN83HVTCR2M. Eaton1251258848000My Morning BiscotiMy Nonni'sNonni's Biscotti, Originali, 8-Count Boxes (Pack of 12) Biscotti order, arrived as promised, with not even one biscotti injured from it's travels. They are fresh and delicious. I drink about one cup of coffeee, each morning, which helps me to ward off a migraine and I considerer it such a pleasure to have my Nonni's Biscoti's so available in my biscotti jar. I have had trouble lately, finding the original, my favorite, in the grocery or warehouse stores, so ordering by the case, was especially a convenience.
339214339214B001VA8MT4A1ZH9LWMX5UCFJK. Stuckey "kateling"1251254873600Highly enjoyable...for those (like me), who like a little sweet with their coffee. I have tried all of Nonni's flavors and like this one the best, I like they are not too sweet and I like the nuts. I pick them up locally when I have a coupon. Each biscotti is 100 calories of 'Chocolate Decadence', individually wrapped to stay fresh, love them!
339215339215B001VA8MT4A3OYDTY31N2AS3Happy Retiree1241196985600Biscotti and Breakfast CoffeeA Nonni's biscotti is a wonderful treat with a good cup of coffee. They help me start my day on a bright note. The Nonni's that come in an eight pack are just the right size. Often the ones that come packaged in the gallon jars are too big to suit my taste.
339217339217B001VA8MT4AE12QXN25WDH3Roadster0151330905600BiscottiGreat stuff everything arrived very quick and in excellent condition. I've been called a dip and I live up to it for sure. I love to dip this product in strong hot coffee.
339218339218B001VA8MT4A2FR2VAXPWKJ9MJulia0151311206400Yummm...This is delicious Biscotti, but the price is too high. If you live in Wisconsin/Illinois, you can buy them at Woodman's grocery store for 2.99$/box.
339219339219B001VA8MT4A1EIMS34QXF48XJeanne Mahoney0151305331200deliciousIam still waiting for an answer or a reply to my request as to why you cannot fill this order
339220339220B001VA8MT4A1MF8DXAH1EUX6Anita0131283126400Too expensiveI thought I was receiving 8 packs of eight instead of 6 packs of eight, therefore, I paid way too much for this product.
339221339221B001VA8MT4A18WXDHTOSE24YN. Southerland0151240185600Nonni's are greatHave bought them from Amazon before and can't beat the price. Love the product.
339222339222B001VA8MT4A1IKTEIPEYVWF5M. Eckart0251163030400Nonni's Biscotti, CiocolatiThese are my favorite biscotti. I went out last week to buy another case and see that Amazon is no longer carrying them. When will they be available again? Marie Eckart
339223339223B005A1LJ04A3SDBL8SJC2ME3Typical Consumer "AGN"0051322524800Great tasteLike previous Crystal Light products this one is easy to use and mix and tastes great. Will plan on getting it again!
339224339224B005A1LJ04A31XW1RTQ4ZG9WC. Yates0011322438400Crystal Light Mocktail MargaritaUpon receiving this Crystal Light Mocktail Margarita from Amazon I made a big two-quart pitcher right away...expecting a cold delicious drink. UGH!! Nasty!! Chemical smell and tastea turned me off instantly!! Would not purchase this product again. It did not taste like had taste of chemicals which I do not like when expecting LIME.Crystal Light Mocktails Margarita, 1.62-Ounce (Pack of 4)
339225339225B005A1LJ04A2OS3TIVAKUAHGJ. York0031322352000A bit wateryMy wife and I found these to taste very much like a Margarita however, when mixed as directed, the flavor is a bit watery.

We were excited to try this "mocktail" mix thanks to the very low calorie count. After her first sip, my wife described the taste as "spot on". We're hoping that by adjusting the mixture (using a little less water), we can get the flavor to be a bit more potent. I'll update this review after we've done that experiment (and possibly adjust my rating).

Another thing we plan on trying is figuring out if there is a way to mix this with tequila. We've used Baja Bob's sugar free drink mixes in the past (they are great) but the ability to have a powdered mix makes us feel they will store better. We're not frequent drinkers so that would be nice for us.
339226339226B005A1LJ04A2OZ6PW2W5FQTPKathy0041322352000Pretty much what you'd expect it to taste likeI've tried all of the Mocktails now and this is my second favorite after the Mojito. The taste of this is basically like a margarita tastes, only a little more watered down and minus the salt. These drinks are always a lot of fun, so I'd say if you are a fan of Crystal Light and like margaritas, you can't go wrong with this.
339227339227B005A1LJ04A1KEK09ZA6J9P8Colleen M. Schneider0041322179200Another good flavor from Crystal Light....Someone had a great idea in making Crystal Light flavors from cocktails. My favorite thus far is still the Mojito, but Margarita is another refreshing flavor and another one that I would buy. Each container has 5 large packets in it that make up 2 quarts at a time. I love making it, shaking it up and sticking it in the fridge for when I want something other than water that I can drink without having a ton of calories. At 5 calories per 8 oz. I can afford to have a couple glasses. I've been very happy with all of the flavors of this beverage mix and would not hesitate to buy any of them. If you are looking for something different outside the normal drink flavors, this might just be for you and there is no rule against making them a little more of an adult beverage with a little splash of something. Overall, great idea and would definitely purchase this item as well as the other flavors I've tried: Mojito & Appletini.
339228339228B005A1LJ04A23TGI02RB7JCMarilyn J. Adams "Marilyn"0051322006400Gret Product!I really enjoyed this item. The margarita flavor was quite tasty and easy to mix. Did it taste like an actual margarita? No... but it came so close that even an expert wouldn't notice the difference. Finally, a new crystal light flavor for those of us with a taste for something different!
339229339229B005A1LJ04A3PPO2X5PJE1L9Gene "0041321920000
339230339230B005A1LJ04A2K3J2X8KDY47NJewelry Lover "me"0041321920000Taste it, don't look at it.If you like Crystal Light Lemonade, you'll probably like this.

The sweet, artificially sweet, too sweet flavor of tart lime hits you when you take a drink. In about three gulps, the artificial sweetner aftertaste subsides and it is pretty refreshing. I like to mix mine in a quart sized bottle of water - so the taste doesn't overpower me when I'm thirsty. I also tried with a lick of salt on my glass, but didn't like the flavor mixture. No, this doesn't taste like a primium margarita.... but it is tart and tangy.

Now for the bad part.... when mixed properly, this substance makes water turn cloudy pea green. Rather a bright pea green.. but certainly not the color of any margarita I've been served. I prefer to drink this in a sealed travel mug just so I don't have to look at the color.
339231339231B005A1LJ04A1S7YQQGJPPFLGCarolyn Lee "Navy Wife"0051321920000Great tasting - low calorie!I love the taste of the Crystal Light Margarita Mocktails. The taste is light and refreshing! Taste is so subjective, that it is hard to write a review that can apply to everyone. If you like the Crystal Light flavors that are available, I am sure you will love this one!
339232339232B005A1LJ04AI0PLL5DQAHRGTy Arthur "xFiruath"0031321747200Great sugar free alternative, although less exciting than the other flavorsRounding out the new line of Crystal Light mocktail flavors is a non-alcoholic version of a margarita, following up the previously released mojito and appletini flavors. Like the others this is a great alternative if you want a sugar free drink but are burned out on all the traditional flavors currently available through Crystal Light and the various other brands that are diabetic friendly.

The flavor on this one doesn't quite match up as well with its inspiration as the other two, ending up more of a lime flavor than a margarita flavor. Although less exciting than the very sweet appletini or the tart mojito, it's still a satisfying and tasty sugar free drink. And as with the others, tossing in a splash of vodka or tequila does work wonders, letting the drink act as a cheaper alternative to the cocktail mixes available at liquor or grocery stores.

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