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339316339316B005A1LJ04A3OMYE6H939VZURobert Skiljan "Marlene Skiljan"0041317859200mocktail reviewThis product is tasty and different; however, I would prefer to not have to buy so much at one time. It does leave a taste in my mouth. I am looking for a substitute for wine and caffine but this did not do the trick....
339317339317B005A1LJ04A2561PYW9TTMYDLori Calabrese "0031317859200A good alternative to a high calorie margarita
339318339318B005A1LJ04A3JXBZ8F65100OFerdy0051317859200Very Pleasantly SurprisedI usually only like Crystal Light lemonade because any other flavors have that artificial sweetener aftertaste so I was skeptical of a Crystal Light Margarita. I have to say that from the first moment I opened the packet, I was impressed. Even the aroma of the powder before you mix it is just like a freshly made margarita. I did find that mixing it with a full 2 qts of water made it taste a bit watery to me so I cut it back to about 1 1/2 qts and I like it better. It is tangy, slightly salty and very limey and with no alcohol, you can drink it anytime of day. I am definitely going to try the recipe that another reviewer left that does include the tequila. In my opinion, this tastes better than some of the margarita mixes that I have tried and it's zero calories so how can you go wrong?
I definitely want to try the Mojito flavor as well. Don't know about the Appletini flavor since I don't really care for that as a drink. If you like, Skinny Girl Margaritas, definitely give this a try.
339319339319B005A1LJ04AX0ZTNX6KVJ40J. Jones0021317859200Not Even Closel like Crystal Light products so I was intrigued by the Mocktails packages. Mocktails Margarita is the second one I have tried. As the title says it is not even close to a Margarita. When I first mixed it up it was more like sweetened water. After it sat for a few hours it had more taste but it still did not remind me of a Margarita. I will stick to Crystal Light's Green Teas in the future and get the real thing if I want Margarita.
339320339320B005A1LJ04A19NP8YYADOOSFN. Krumpe0031317772800Barely resembles a margaritaWhat Crystal Light has managed to do here is to take a very well known drink and produce their own version whose greatest strength is that it is roughly the same color as the original. That's about it.

Quick background: We almost always have a pitcher of Crystal Light lemonade in the house. We buy the mix in bulk from our local warehouse store. The taste has become familiar to me, and I find it an acceptable substitute...It's not like real lemonade, but it's fairly comparable to sugar-sweetened "mix" lemonades such as Kool Aid and Country Time.

On the other hand... I'm having a hard time enjoying this Crystal Light margarita flavored drink. The smell is a bit strange to me. And my wife and I both find it hard to notice even a hint of margarita taste. There is something about the flavor that makes it seem more lime-like than the lemonade, but that's about as close as it comes to resembling a margarita. It's not that the flavor is bad, but I'd rather stick with Crystal Light lemonade instead.

I am quite sure I won't get this again, and probably won't take a chance on the rest of the "Mocktails" line of drinks.
339321339321B005A1LJ04A14MSHFCXPARFSLatin Pod0051317772800¡Viva Crystal Light Margarita!
339322339322B005A1LJ04AJ6H9ZV7TJUUTlizellis0051317772800Another winner from Crystal LightI drink a lot of Crystal Light. I'm a big fan of the wide variety of flavors, the insanely low calorie count and the lack of sugar and sodium. The Margarita flavor has 30 mg of sodium per serving, most of the other flavors I've tried have zero). They're a refreshing way to quench your thirst without feeling guilty. I like the convenience too. Each envelope (there are 5 per container) makes 2 quarts. I mix it up in a large pitcher and refrigerate so it's ready when I want a cold drink.

The Margarita flavor is delicious and tastes quite authentic, right down to the slightly salty tang. While I enjoy it on its own and frequently drink it that way, sometimes I like to kick it up a notch and add tequila to my drink. For all the ease of preparation, it makes a surprisingly good Margarita. I'm adding this one to my favorites list.
339323339323B005A1LJ04A2WW57XX2UVLM6Talvi283051310860800Refreshing, and very similar to Jose Cuervo Margarita mix!Margarita mix is expensive and usually laden with calories (well, alcohol is too!). I don't drink a lot of alcohol, but when I do, I almost always order Mojitos, Margaritas, or Sour Apple martinis. I love the taste of them and thus the alcohol taste isn't overpowering for me.

Therefore I was delighted to discover these new Crystal Light mocktails in my local grocery store (about three bucks a canister). The Crystal Light Margarita mix tastes just like Jose Cuervo Margarita mix to me, even the slight salty tang. This one and the Mojito are so good all on their own and I love them. The Appletini is a bit too much like drinking Jolly Rancher green apple candy, so I only like that one in small doses. They are obviously not as syrupy-thick as real Margarita mix, but that's a plus to me. It's very refreshing on a hot summer day.

Each canister has 5 packets, and each packet makes 2 quarts. An 8 oz glass of this is a no-guilt 5 calories. It's great both as an option for non-drinkers and to add alcohol too if you wish. I've been back to the store several times now and they don't have these any more - when I bought them they were marked "temporary". So now this is the only place I know to get them.
339324339324B005A1LJ04A300QB98FO5UBOKirstein Howell6751317945600Impressed!Actually my whole family was impressed. Not that my kids drink margarita's for real, but they loved the taste of this. I was blown away when mixing it up how much the mix smelled like an actual margarita. Now, while you can never capture the taste of the missing tequila in any non-alcoholic drink, this one came as close as possible to doing so I think. Really good and really refreshing :)I've seen it in stores, and will now buy it!
339325339325B005A1LJ04A4VMQ6ZTSXSSLkiwanissandy "Go Bucks!"3321319760000Awful aftertaste but got better w/ tequila & triple sec!I thought this had an awful metallic aftertaste. It was not pleasant, even the kids didn't like it and they drink anything sweet. But once I added tequila and triple sec it tasted a whole lot better. I wouldn't purchase again, I'd stick with Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix, 33.8-Ounce Container (Pack of 4) and not add the alcohol or even Baja Bob's Sugar Free Margarita Mix, Original, 32-Ounce Bottles Pack of 3). Both have a better flavor than Crystal Light and no metallic aftertaste.
339326339326B005A1LJ04AKR4DH6WLF6GGLinda Bulger2231329868800Not a convenient size for meI'm not a margarita drinker, so I can't compare this product to the "real thing." The taste was OK, actually too sweet for me, though I like it better mixed with half again more water than recommended.

That brings me to the biggest drawback of the product for me: each pack makes 2 quarts, and I just don't want two quarts of it at a time, much less three quarts. I tried tipping just a bit of the powder into a glass of water but found it impossible to get a consistent strength. I could have measured with a teaspoon, I suppose, but it was just a lot of trouble for a taste that was OK but really not more enjoyable than a glass of water from the cooler at the office.

Just not my thing, I guess, though I'd enjoy a glass once in a while. It may come in smaller packets, in which case I might be interested.

Linda Bulger, 2012
339327339327B005A1LJ04A3MFU0GVZUVH3KBetty L. Dravis "BETTY DRAVIS, author/reviewer"2251318982400Reminds me of Margaritaville! Fun times! Fun drink!I'm a non-drinker, but I like the idea of a faux margarita--a "mocktail" complete with salt around the rim of a frosted glass. I love lemonade, but lately I've had an urge for something different. Thus when I saw this on Amazon, I went for it!

Am I glad I did! I just made a pitcher of "margaritas" and am sitting here in my Girl Cave, writing while imbibing in a Crystal Light Mocktails Margarita, 1.62-Ounce (Pack of 4). It was a warm California day and the night is still a little balmy, so this delicious drink is hitting the spot!

The cannister I received contained five packets that make two quarts each! Just think, ladies, I can indulge to my heart's content and never get intoxicated. And it's only five calories per serving. Isn't that wonderful? Actually, there's enough to go around, so come on over. :-)

You can't beat the trusted name of Crystal Light! And this product takes me back to the days when I lived above the beach in Capitola, home of Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. Oh, the fun and music associated with that place are beyond belief...

Here's to Jimmy Buffet, music, Margaritaville, refreshing margaritas, and you...

Reviewed by Betty Dravis, Octibert 19, 2011
Author of "Dream Reachers" series (with Chase Von)
339328339328B005A1LJ04A3EP6YVAYS9YM3Book Worm2241317081600Really Like This New FlavorI really like this new flavor by Crystal Light. They got the lemon lime taste of a margarita right. Because of the artificial sweetener in all Crystal Light mixes, it does have a slight aftertaste, but just slight. If you drink Crystal Light on a regular basis, you won't notice this at all. Of course, I like that a serving is only 5 calories. If you are like me, and wondered whether this "mocktail" would taste like there was alcohol in it, I can tell you that it doesn't. The drink tastes like a virgin margarita, which is fine by me.
339329339329B005A1LJ04A2H9UO8RYFX5MBRichard Stoehr "Idle Rich"2231316563200"Moon Juice"The Crystal Light Margarita-flavored "Mocktail" yielded some interesting reactions in our house.

I mixed a pitcher of it, which was pretty easy. Add a full packet of powder to 8 cups of water and stir - it doesn't get much simpler that that. The resulting drink is a cloudy green color. Then, we all tried it.

My daughter thought it tasted like lemonade or limeade, but she couldn't figure out which. She also didn't like the smell of it, which almost put her off of drinking it at all.

The first words out of my girlfriend's mouth after tasting it were "moon juice." She didn't really know how else to describe it - and she didn't finish her glass of it, nor did she go back for seconds.

That kind of sums it up for me too. The Crystal Light Margarita "mocktail" has a nonspecific fruity flavor. It's more sweet than tart, with a vague citrusy tang. It's not as sweet as Kool-Aid but sweeter than Propel or other "health waters." It's labeled as "margarita" flavored, but it doesn't taste much like any margarita I've ever had, and like most of the Crystal Light drinks I've tried over the years, it finishes with a gritty, dry aftertaste.

The end result is that it was worth trying out of curiosity, but we probably won't be going back for any more of this mysterious moon juice.
339330339330B005A1LJ04A2II09GQGWOMTQBrian Nallick "METALMANMN"4551320019200Tastes great....with vodka. :)Yes, yes...I know this is a non-alcoholic beverage but really, why bother?
That said I'm not much of a margarita fan. I usually do screw drivers.
I decided to give this a whirl when I saw it at the grocery store. mixes ok.
It turns a muddy, radioactive green color.
It tastes good all by itself, maybe a tad too sweet but not bad.
After one glass I tossed in a shot of vodka and that was much better.
It won't be replacing my screw drivers anytime soon but it's good enough to drink with or without alcohol added to it.
I'll give it a recommendation for adventurous diet drink explorers.
339301339301B005A1LJ04AV1F8VNJPLPTLS. Smerud0041318291200After too many real margaritas, most couldn't tell the differenceI enjoy most Crystal Light flavors, and the Margarita Mocktail is no exception. It tastes surprisingly similar to a margarita, but most would not confuse the two. Once someone has had too many real margaritas, they may not be able to tell the difference. The color is nice, though a little more neon than a typical margarita. Overall, the Crystal Light Margarita Mocktail delivers.
339302339302B005A1LJ04ABL3PCYAQ1Y4CC. Lindsey0031318204800Tastes like Lime Kool-AidSo I mixed up this Mocktails Margarita, not having a clear idea of what to expect. Once upon a time I found a faux Pina Colada mix that was delicious and sugar free and could never find it again. This kind of disappointed me; I thought it tasted familiar, and realized that it tasted very much like lime Kool-Aid. If you love lime Kool-Aid, that may not be a bad thing, but I was at least expecting something a bit more subtle. At least is not kelly green. More like an apple green. I've taken a photo, and I'll try to post it on here. My husband said he liked it, but I'm thinking my kids (20 and 15) don't care for it too much because I found a half-full glass of it sitting warm on the counter. Usually, Tropical Punch flavored sugar-free Kool-Aid gets emptied in a day. There is still a half gallon (I made up two packets) sitting in my fridge after three days. Its okay. Maybe it would be better with the essential Margarita additive???
339303339303B005A1LJ04A1OMXVXXP07F05D. Couse "darkman1969"0011318118400Flat out nasty.Let me preface this whole review by stating that out of 361 total reviews, I believe I've only given a 1 star review to less than 5 products.

Now, with that out of the way, all I can say is NASTY. To me, the flavor is no where even close, like not even in the same galaxy as a margarita. It was so bad, I couldn't even finish the first glass I poured and had to immediately eat something to get the taste out of my mouth and off of my tongue.

I do like a lot of Crystal Light's products, and use them almost daily with my bottled water, but this one misses the mark big time.
339304339304B005A1LJ04AL1XV4L25FZ2SGameMaker0041318118400Good, but only vaguely like a margaritaI'm a big fan of Crystal light, so I applaud their creation of new flavors. I've tried Appletini, Mojito, and Mararita. The Margarita flavor is probably my least favorite of the three, but I still like it. If somebody gave me this drink without telling me what it was, I would probably say it tastes like kind of a subtle, lime-aid type of drink. It doesn't have an overpowering flavor, but goes down very smooth. I like it! Just not as well as some of the others.
339305339305B005A1LJ04A2ZO5SU0ESSB1NS. Henke "bless their hearts mom"0041318118400Great for non-alcoholic parties!The package comes with 5 individual packs inside of it. All you have to do is add 8 cups (2 quarts) of water to one packet, add ice, and waa-la, mocktail time! Each 8 fluid oz. serving contains just 5 calories! the drink turns a gorgeous green! A perfect match for the real thing!

We were split on our review of them. I like the strong flavor of tequilla in real Margaritas, so to me they seemed VERY sweet. But Mom felt they were just right. I think if you mixed some lemon-lime soda (for some fizz) in place of the water, and added some real fruit, you'd have a pretty tasty punch for a party! Perfect for a bridal or baby shower! Plus they would make some tasty frozen pops for your Moms Party!
339306339306B005A1LJ04A184ZFZZBWEXMSMarilyn C. Martin "Love's Pixiebobs"0051318118400So Good!!!Really tastes like a Margarita. I blended in some frozen strawberries to try a mock Strawberry Margarita. I can only say it's so delicious.
I love Margaritas, but often pass because of the high calories and Tequila. Now I can have the taste I love so much in a matter of minutes, throw in frozen fruit, Tequila or just enjoy it plain. It's all good!!!
339307339307B005A1LJ04A2PZM8DT1KGT10Edwina E. Cowgill "book lover"0011318032000Horrible DrinkThis "mocktail" was absolutely the worst drink I've ever had. It tasted nothing like a margarita, but rather more like the foil/plastic packet it was in. About the only thing the mocktail had in common with the real thing was the color: green. And even that was off a few shades!
339308339308B005A1LJ04A3IR834T7AROBTEd0031318032000Margarita substitute?Barb: I do like Margaritas! I have a friend who comes over for an afternoon visit, and we sit outside on the patio sipping the real thing. Well, that is not always wise considering the calorie intake, so I was intrigued by the Crystal Light Margarita mix. After mixing up a batch of the unusual murky-green colored fluid, we tried it. It's not as good as the real thing, but we figured that it wouldn't be, anyway! We were actually surprised that the taste was close, maybe a little too salty.
My friend loves the Crystal Light Lemonade so she did not have a big problem with the taste. I don't usually drink the "fake" stuff (have my own lemon tree)so I was a bit distracted by the aftertaste caused by the Aspartame sweetener. But, because I'm diagnosed pre-diabetic, I am trying to stay away from sugars, so I am willing to give the Margarita Mix a second chance. Maybe in the near future Kraft will consider trying any of the "other sweeteners" in their Crystal Light products? Let's hope.
339309339309B005A1LJ04A1W415JP5WEAJKRoberta Karchner0031318032000Meh ...OK, I admit I wanted to love this. I love margaritas, and can't even have the phony ones because of the sugar.

This is just a flavored drink mix that vaguely resembles Marguerita mix. I actually have been working with it (blending it in ice, mixing other ingredients) to see what I can do for it, but at this point I an disappointed.

The key element for me involves the fact that it seems watery, perhaps that is because I was expecting a full-flavored beverage.

It makes an OK drink, but unless I find a good mixture (which I will post if I find) I suggest you buy the lemonade, which is just as nice and doesn't leave you expecting more than you get.
339310339310B005A1LJ04AG7EF0SVBQOUXWriterGirl "WriterGirl"0031318032000Tastes okay, nothing specialI drink mostly tea or the Hawaiian Punch singles mix drinks. I am not really a fan of Crystal Light but I thought I would try this as it seemed like some fun. It has a little lime taste, like a Margarita but nothing to rave about. It made a nice change, though, from my regular routine.
339311339311B005A1LJ04A1SB9BNNGKNX2ZJim0051317945600Bring on the guacamoleIt was maybe 6 months ago that I discovered that WalMart's generic version of Crystal Light water-flavoring mixes (marketed under the Great Value brand) included a Lime Margarita flavor. I tried it and liked it and have been drinking it ever since. But now that I've tried Crystal Light's Margarita mix, I won't go back to Great Value Lime Margarita, even though it is typically the case that Crystal Light mixes are more expensive than the generic versions.

They do not taste the same, but then neither do all alcohol-based margaritas. (Crystal Light Margarita is of course meant to be mixed with water.) The Crystal Light Margarita is less tart than Great Value Lime Margarita - less of an acidic taste and aftertaste - and tastes better to me overall. Crystal Light Margarita contains sodium - 30 mg. per an 8 oz. powder-mixed-with-water serving - compared to 10 mg. per serving of the Great Value Lime Margarita mix. (A typical low-sodium diet limits one to 1500 milligrams of sodium daily.)

Although Crystal Light Margarita does not taste like a "real" margarita (including Skinny Girl Margarita, which I have tasted), and although I cannot imagine using it as a mix for preparing "real" margaritas, I wouldn't hesitate to serve it - perhaps even with a bit of salt on the rim and a wedge of lime - with Mexican cuisine. It's got a flavor that I think would go well with such cuisine (I tried it over ice as an accompaniment to chips, salsa, and guacamole, and found that it complemented these nicely).
339312339312B005A1LJ04AJ2PPTWZ0IIJSG. BARTO0041317945600Yummy Drink from Crystal LightThe Margarita Mocktail is pretty close on flavor, with a tangy lime taste that is noticeably more interesting than a typical lime drink. It might have been a little too tangy - diluting just a little bit more than the directions made for a smoother flavor. If you're looking for a refreshing drink that's smoother than lemonade but stronger than limeade, the Margarita Mocktail is great.
339313339313B005A1LJ04A19SDJ2TSSL8HIK. McGee0021317945600Weird TasteI really like the appletini and mojito flavors that Crystal light makes but unfortunately I didn't like the margarita flavor.

When it first hit my tongue I thought it tasted good until I swallowed. There is a "note" in there - almost an aftertaste - that just did not taste good to me. I thought this would be more like margarita mix I guess than an actual margarita but it tastes to me like the mix plus a fakey sort of tequila type taste that I just didn't like at all.

I think if you're someone who really likes margaritas but has to watch your carbs/calories then maybe this wouldn't be a bad alternative but for me it just wasn't it. Honestly, I don't think adding real tequila would improve it for me either.
339314339314B005A1LJ04A3GVD3O9QG6I0VJennifer L. Vido0051317859200Delicious and low-cal!The new Crystal Light Mocktails are a flavorful new addition to the popular drink line. Each container hcomes with 5 packets. Empty into a large plastic or glass pitcher, add tequila, a little lime juice, about 3 cups of water and then some ice. If you are looking for the full margarita experience, a salted glass is a nice touch. Volia! Perfection! With only 5 calories, this can't be beat. In terms of flavor, it is absolutely delicious. I am looking forward to trying the other flavors.
339315339315B005A1LJ04A1FVP6G8W3O8ZAArthur Kimes0041317859200Good Sippin'I don't drink so don't know what a Margarita is supposed to taste like. But this tastes more than ok. It's an unusual taste but not bad.

There's no aftertaste.

Chill and enjoy!

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