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339331339331B005A1LJ04A23RZIU0N8K2KRM. Caceres1121331078400Didn't taste like a MargaritaI HATE giving negative reviews, and I really tried my best to like this product, but it didn't taste like a Margarita to me. The taste felt flat and weak even though it had a strong afterstate of god knows what. At best I can describe this drink as sweet, mildly limey with a hint of margarita flavor but not enough.

It has a green coloring when mixed and it has a limeade flavor. But if you want lime-flavored water, I think their mojito flavor would have been a lot better. I ended up giving it away, that's how much I didn't like it.
339332339332B005A1LJ04A2XH6KI5ZLRLPSTina1111323907200Nasty flavorI thought would be a nice product but the taste was so bad we couldn't drink it. I would not recommend this to any of my friends. Crystal light has way better flavors than this
339333339333B005A1LJ04AIREHOF22MIBMVital Spark0031317772800Marginal margarita.Not as good as the mojito mix, the margarita mix has a weak and pallid taste, sugary with a suggestion of apple juice. It might be acceptable served up in a pitcher with ice and generous amounts of tequila and fresh lime juice, but I'm inclined to doubt it. Had I been asked to guess what cocktail this is meant to resemble I would not have guessed a margarita, a drink I am very familiar with.
339334339334B005A1LJ04AW6J9IILGOZY3Katawampas0031317772800Not like the real thing but surprisingly passable....If you are expecting this to taste like a real margarita, one made with real lime juice and alcohol, you will be disappointed. However, this is not a terrible fake margarita & of course there are only 5 calories per 8 ounce serving. Personally, I prefer the real thing but have friends who are doing Weight Watchers so they appreciate having this as an option.

I added fresh lime juice to it and it tasted better. You could even add alcohol to get closer to the real thing and still save at least 100 calories compared to a margarita made with real juice.

One note: The mix is a very light powder so when I poured it in to the pitcher, it puffed everywhere! It was up my nose & like a cloud of margarita. Next time, I put the water in the pitcher first & carefully poured out the mix - no cloud!

Ingredients: Citric Acid, Maltodextrin, Salt, Aspartame (sweetener), Natural Flavor, Contains less than 2% of Acesulfame, Potassium (sweetener), Magnesium Oxide, Artificial Color, Yellow 5, Blue 1.
339335339335B005A1LJ04A1TS45JWJVOSSWDuane Sparks "Duane"0041317772800Yummy!We drink Crystal Light Lemonade mix all the time. It is one of the few 0 calorie drinks that seems to leave no aftertaste. The Margarita Mix is tasty and almost as good as expensive premixes. It makes a super summertime refreshment.
339336339336B005A1LJ04A3D1TZH619NKHNIn the AmaZone...0041317772800Crystal Light Mocktails Margarita, 1.62-Ounce (Pack of 4)I was actually surprised that this is as good as it is. Despite being a powdered mix, it has a pretty good flavor that tastes like a margarita mixer and not just like powdered lime juice. There is a hint of orange, that you would get from the Triple Sec or Cointreau, along with the main lime flavor. I drink my margaritas on the rocks, not frozen, and this was as good as most of the store bought mixes that I have tried, without being too sickly sweet and syrupy (I think many mixes out there are overly sweet, for making frozen margaritas). I also make margaritas from scratch with real lime juice, ice and liqueur, and this does capture the traditional 'rita flavor. However, I did not rate this as a "mocktail", since I have never had a mock margarita to compare it to. It does make a good enough mixer for a real margarita.

Each container contains 5 envelopes of mix that make 2 quarts each, so it works out cheaper than most of the store bought margarita mixers that I have seen. Plus, in addition to not being overly syrupy and sweet, each 8-ounce serving is only about 5 calories which is significantly lower than others out there.
339337339337B005A1LJ04AKJHHD5VEH7VGDominique W0021317686400The fake alcohol aftertaste is horrible.There is something off about the taste of this product. There is an aweful fake alcohol aftertaste that I just can't get past. I love Crystal Light and the idea but the taste of this particular flavor needs some work.
339338339338B005A1LJ04AB0Y33G717HOUnsv0031317686400It's ok, but it's not a margarita, or even an alcohol-free margarita (updated)I'll start with a confession: I make my own margaritas, the basic recipe with lime juice, triple sec, and tequila, plus salt. That means I'm not expecting other flavors and I'm really not expecting it to be sweet.

Take away the alcohol and what's left is lime, and that's what I was expecting when I tasted this. It's not what I got. There's lime, of course, plus what seems to be lemon for some reason, but no detectable orange or bitter orange (which would replace the triple sec). It's fairly sweet.

It's also a startling neon green-yellow, a great color for a kids' drink.

If you like sweet margarita mixes, this might be for you. After the kids have gone to bed you can add some tequila and triple sec and make it a bit more interesting, and from there you could throw it into a blender with some ice for a frozen drink. If your margaritas are lime juice with a kick, you'll probably find this to be too sweet.

Update: I mixed this in a bottle with a narrow neck, and left it for a couple of days. When I poured myself a glass tonight, I noticed a white residue stuck on the bottom of the bottle. I've poured out the Crystal Light and tried everything I can think of, but I can't clean the residue off. You might want to keep this in a bottle or pitcher with a wide mouth that you can fit your hand into, to be able to clean it properly.
339339339339B005A1LJ04ALNFHVS3SC4FVDarena Dorsey "Mom to 2 Boys"0031317686400Average Taste but Kind of OddMy family had mixed reviews on this.

My two boys said it was yucky. My husband asked me "what was this crap?" when he tasted it. I think it's ok, not great but ok. It has a slight alcohol taste and smell to it which is kind of weird considering it's Crystal Light but I guess they are trying to be like the real thing. That's the taste that is kind of weird though.

I probably won't be buying this. But if you are a Margarita fan, you might want to give it a whirl.
339340339340B005A1LJ04AOEUN9718KVRDMM0021317513600Weird taste.I like Crystal Lights lemonade mix. Margarita one taste similar to regular alcoholic beverage but is not quite there.
With room temperature water is not good, must be served chilled to be drinkable.
It has a weird aftertaste, I almost feel like I drink dishwasher liquid.
Not recommended.
339341339341B005A1LJ04A35X2JJI49OBZPC. Bayne "katluvr_1"0041317513600Not bad for a Mocktail - but making it into a cocktail is better :)I like Margaritas. Good margaritas. This doesn't exactly fit the bill. That said, this isn't supposed to be exactly like a margarita - this is a flavored powdered drink mix that has considerably fewer calories than a real margarita. And the taste isn't bad at all. You're not going to fool anyone by dragging out a pitcher of this for your friends - it's got that kind of diet aftertaste that all non-sugar sweetened drinks have, but it's not as strong as some other diet drinks. If you drink this with a lot of ice, it's pretty good! And if you're drinking it at work, you feel like you're getting away with something - always nice.

I just tried this with tequila in it, and it's pretty good! I made it on the rocks, but I think it would be better frozen. You don't need to add a whole lot of tequila - about 2 oz per packet, and cut back a little on the water. Mix well. Not quite as good as the "real" thing, but the diet taste is masked a bit by the alcohol, and the calories are MUCH less. My husband, who is used to the diet aftertaste from other drinks, really likes it.

Kool Aid for grown ups - mmm!
339342339342B005A1LJ04A1BTNPMESS99PLNunya Biz0041317427200Tasty low cal cocktailThis is a delicious margarita mix alternative. You can even taste the hint of salt and lime in it. Very tasty, indeed. Without alcohol, its a mere 5 calories, but what's the point? For me, I like margaritas because of the tequila. So, I did some math and mixing. Adding 1 cup (8 ounces) of Jose Cuervo Especial to the 2 quart mix makes each 8 ounce glass approximately only 70 calories (each 1 ounce of tequila is 65 calories). This is more than 70% less calories than in a standard Jose Cuervo margarita which is 240 calories per 8 ounce glass. How awesome is that? Thanks Crystal Light, another product well done.
339343339343B005A1LJ04AN81JUYW2SL24Charlie0051317427200Takes just like the real thing sans tequilaCrystal Light Mocktails Margarita Mix

This margarita mix seems to get mixed reviews from my experience. I personally loved it. I am on the second packet as I write this review, and I gave one packet to a co-worker for her to try. To me, this mix tastes just like a real margarita but without the tequila. The co-worker said it tasted like pool water mixed with margarita but reminded her of Cancun sitting by the pool. Her boyfriend said the same thing about the chlorine taste.

I've never drank pool water before, but I know the smell of chlorinated water and this margarita mix didn't remind me of any of that. It did remind me of lemonade with a slight lime and tangy taste if I diluted it too much. It is also important to drink it chilled and not warm. As I poured the mix and water together, it did smell rather odd. Once I got the right amount of water and with ice cubes, the mix tasted normal like a margarita without the tequila. I've drank 3 quarts of the mix with my meals and love it!

Looking at some of the other reviews, I have to remind potential buyers that taste can be a subjective thing especially since not all restaurants, bars, and diners create the same exact margarita. I just know that with 2 quarts of water and 1 packet of the mix, it tastes fine to me!

Overall: 5/5 stars, tastes just like the real cocktail without the alcohol or excess sugar. For the cocktail aficionados and snobs, you may want to pass and go with the real thing.
339344339344B005A1LJ04A1B05INWIDZ74OM. A. Ramos0041317340800Easily Competes with any of the Bottled MixesCrystal Light has entered the market of non-alcoholic mix drinks with the Margarita mix that actually tasting close too a Margarita. For a crystal light product this flavor is well done. I would compare it too some of the bottled pre-mixed Margarita flavors you find in the market. It is not as good as a freshly made real Margarita but will give the bottled mix's a run for their money. And too top it off an eight ounce glass of crystal light has only five calories, The container contains five separate packets that will each make two quarts of the mix. If you love cyrstal light products you will most likely rate this higher for you will be use too their flavored drinks.
339345339345B005A1LJ04A359XIBXA34BX6R. Anderson0011317254400Not very flavorful, too sweetI didn't much care for this product. I didn't taste much of the margarita flavor at all. It just tasted like sweetened water. Plus it has a strange unappealing smell when mixing it up with water.

I've tried the Crystal Light mojito and appletini, and those flavors are much better. I wouldn't recommend this flavor at all.
339346339346B005A1LJ04A13XQPWNCS2CHPE. J. Weatherby "weterb"0051317254400A great low-calorie, non-carbonated beverageThis is a great low-calorie, non-carbonated, non-alcoholic beverage. After going thru bariatric surgery, this product was a great find.. It sparks up a hum-drum beverage world. Salute'
339347339347B005A1LJ04AL4SB31UAZLXLJennifer Donovan "5minutesforbooks"0011317254400NOT what I expectedI don't drink anymore. When I did, a margarita was my favorite drink. When I saw this new drink mix, I was expecting to be able to enjoy that distinctive tart bite. That is not what I got.

They did a good job with the color. The watery lime color does look like a margarita on the rocks. Unfortunately, I found the taste to be a bit watery too (and as always with drink mixes, I didn't add quite the full amount of water called for at first so that it doesn't end up too watery). The strongest flavor was an artificial bitter tequila flavor. UGH.

Others have rated this much higher, and I would think that if you are looking for a low-cal margarita mixer, it might be worth a try, but as for me, I could not even finish the one package, and don't know what I'll do with the other three in the canister.
339348339348B005A1LJ04A4BNJSZVARL5WHolly0051317254400Fab!What's the best thing for a pregnant woman? Crystal Light Mocktails! This is the best invention ever! It tastes just like a margarita and it's not bad for you! Super easy to make, you just add water and have a whole pitcher of them! I highly recommend them (even if you're NOT pregnant)! They are yummy!!
339349339349B005A1LJ04A3PMEJAYKF3VUCAntoine D. Reid "80sforever"0031317254400Nice idea but odd tastingI like the idea of this product: an alcoholic beverage with no alcohol and one that's just 5 calories. Of course, that's also this products downfall: it's a "mock" beverage meaning you should expect this to be an imitation of the real thing and for the taste to be odd or off. For me, this isn't something I'd buy after sampling it: it has a bit of a kick and an odd aftertaste that simply turned me off after a few sips.
339350339350B005A1LJ04AQLL2R1PPR46Xgrumpyrainbow0041317254400Not badThis is pretty tasty. I made it one day and wasn't too impressed with it while drinking in ice, but let it sit i the fridge over night and get really cold and it improved the taste a lot. It does actually taste quite a bit like margarita mix. Of course it's not completely like it, but this mix is also guilt free and did satisfy my craving for a margarita. I enjoyed it a lot.
339351339351B005A1LJ04A2YQ7M9GFU3Z65Librarian0051317254400LoCal MargaritavilleI'm not going to lie--I was more than a little bit skeptical about Crystal light's new lo cal moctail flavors. I worried this would taste like the watery half-inch remnant of a poorly mixed drink left at 2 a.m. in a sad little casino just off interstate I-40. You know, basically tasteless with a side of gross.

But WHOA. These are too yummy. They are tasty and appromixate the cocktail taste well enough, sans alcohol, of course. It's not the same as ordering a top shelf Margarita in San Antonio, but it definitely passes the test for me.

I've tried both the Margarita and the Mojito flavor and the Mojito is favorite, but I like the tiny hint of salty sweetness in Crystal Light's margarita, too. Forget raspberry lemonade, gimme a five calorie moctail.

I like drinking the moctails on ice, but you can also jazz it up and mix it up in the blender with a splash of something extra. Seriously. No kidding. Try it.
339352339352B005A1LJ04A1Q92OGDGK6UUVJon Cardwell0041317254400If You Like Lime JuiceIf you like lime juice, this drink is pretty good. I don't drink alcohol and I've never tasted a margarita (that I can recall); and although there was no ticker tape parade in my taste buds over it, for having only 5 calories per serving, it isn't a bad beverage. My wife wanted to give it a try and she likes it pretty well... and if my wife is happy, I'm happy.
339353339353B005A1LJ04A2ANDN3UQBKMCNBeth D0031317254400Odd AftertasteThis is the 3rd of the new Crystal Lights that I have tried. The other two - The Appletini and Mojito were delicious.

This one less so.

I found the drink had both an odd taste and an aftertaste.

Unlike the other two drinks, I have tried mararita's, but don't think this tastes much like one. (Maybe the ones I drank, don't taste like real Margarita's either?)so can only compare to the ones I have had.

It does taste a little better when icy cold, but not so much that I would want to drink it again.

Everyone has different tastes, so invest in one of these small cans and give it a try, never let someone else's opinion stop you from trying a new product.
339354339354B005A1LJ04A2YKWYC3WQJX5JShannie "Shan"0031317254400even trade, taste for low calWe love our margaritas, hate the high calories. I first used this in place of our usual bottled mix. The packet went in the blender along with some water, ice, and tequila. The dayglo green was a bit alarming. I found it had an aftertaste of something slightly chemical, but my guest thought it was fine. With a splash of Gran Gala (my fave add-in to a margarita) it was a bit better. Next I tried it just as any other Crystal Light flavor. It still had an off taste, almost dusty-ish. The Crystal Light flavor I liked best was the pink grapefruit, I think they discontinued it. That was the freshest tasting CL, in my opinion. This Mocktail Margarita was dissapointing...but I think I'll try the Mojito one. If you're willing to trade off some taste for a lower calorie drink, you might like this.
339355339355B005A1LJ04A3TBTAX85OYRKPHappy Crafter0041317168000Guilt free MargaritaI like Margarita's one in awhile, and espessially like Crystal Light Mocktails Margarita drink as it is calorie free and guilt free Nice taste. I will order more.
339356339356B005A1LJ04A3B9C6MZAFC1JXFogCityBookGal0041317168000Great Alternative For Sugar Free DrinkersI served this at a large gathering recently. First, for those who either don't have to watch their sugar or prefer the alcoholic versions, this product is not for you. Those that I served it to who have never tried sugar free drinks or prefer alcohol in their mixes were not impressed. However, those of us who are sugar free drinkers, either by choice or necessity, thought this mix was on the upper side of good. It tastes very limey and *almost* like a margarita. It's a very good sugar free alternative. The color is VERY neon green. For me, it was a tad on the strong side. I think it could make 3-4 quarts (instead of the suggested 2 qt) with the same amount of mix and that is how I will try it next time. I also wonder if it would be better blended like a margarita. The package suggests serving it like punch in a pitcher with ice or cold water and that is how I served it. I think the blended ice would make it even better.
339357339357B005A1LJ04A2YCUCEYXT9VHXDonnica Carter "AKA DCSquared"0041317168000CHEERS!!!They are so simple and GREAT tasting. Love how convenient the packets are. We love them!! And 5 calories?? You can NOT beat that!!!
339358339358B005A1LJ04A1UCPXUBSESD65mzglorybe0011317168000I'll pass, thanksI avoid sugar so I was excited about this product. This doesn't have sugar added but is still "sweet" tasting...too much. We prefer a tart margarita, similar to a product on the market that is premixed (has tequila in it already) for the skinny-tastes (you all know which one I mean). It is just right in sweet/tart for our taste but pricey. We were hoping that we could use this instead but the taste isn't even close. When you mix this product with water it does smell like a margarita, that is the only positive comment we can make.

Our teens didn't think the taste was bad (virgin), and they didn't mind the green color, but no one finished their serving. We 3 adults had tequila in ours, did not like the color or taste and ended up throwing them out, tequila and all. Sorry! I usually like Crystal Light products, but thumbs down on this one.
339359339359B005A1LJ04AZ5X928CQPRJNHeidi0051317081600Delicious!How did they get it to taste like tequilla? No really, HOW DID THEY?

I have no idea, but this drink mix is delicious. It doesn't taste like margarita mix without the alcohol, it tastes like the real thing--only no alcohol and very few calories (5 per serving). So delicious and refreshing, it's hard not to drink the entire two quarts in one sitting. But if you do, don't worry--that's only 40 calories.

I might try making it double strength and blending with ice... Oh, I wish it were summer again!
339360339360B005A1LJ04AI6GJ0TDRJFZPJustMelissa0011316995200Tastes like generic Margarita mixWell, it's green. Sort of an electric tree frog green. And opaque. In fact, it looks a lot like bottled margarita mix. And that's pretty much what it tastes like. If you like the taste of low cal margarita mix, you'll probably enjoy this mocktail mix. If you prefer your margaritas with a little more crisp lime-y bite, give this one a pass. I tried it mixed with water and served over ice. Maybe try mixing it with ice in a blender? I'm too lazy to get the blender out for a quick drink and always drink my Margaritas on the rocks.

I have also tried the Target 5-calorie Market Pantry on-the-go drink mix in Lime Margarita. It's more transparent (which seems less disturbing somehow) and comes with recipe enhancers right on the box. For example, add fresh lime juice. There's even a recipe for a full fledged Margarita.

In comparison, I found the Crystal Light lacking: too artificial tasting with a less than appealing color.

PS. For my second batch, I added 1/2 cup of fresh lime juice. I thought that helped, but the only way my husband would drink it was if he dumped in a bunch of grenadine. Also, when the pitcher was empty I noticed that the product left behind a noticeable chalky white substance on the bottom of the pitcher. We won't be finishing off the rest of the mix.

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