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339436339436B005A1LJ04A14TLXE8P4B52QLaurie Hamilton "ljhamil"0041329609600Summer Thirst QuencherI was saving this drink for summer but ran out of Diet Coke this morning. Actually, I found out that this is a pretty darn good drink any time of the year! Of course, it would be better with a bit of Jose Cuervo in it (kidding) but still, it's refreshing as is!
339437339437B005A1LJ04A1EX5SK2PD0XLCKenneth Sandberg0041329350400Very Good Product for the PriceThe good side of this product is actually two sided; it tastes relatively good and it doesn't have any calories to speak of. The downside is the artificial sweetner may not necessarily be very good for you, especially if you consume this beverage a lot. The problem is you can't really make a small quantity; you (if you follow the directions) must put a packet with two quarts of water and mix. So you have got to drink two quarts in a relatively short period (I don't think it holds up that well after a week at most). As an occasional drink (but not all the time), I think it is all right, but I personally would not drink it every day, summer or not. Tea (green or white) is my preference, and I think it is much better for you, especially if you use lemon only or just a pinch of sugar or some sweetener of the same line.
339438339438B005A1LJ04A2ZUQLVMKGEJ6AFairandbalanced0011329091200Genuinely nasty stuffI'm sure this was intended for hard cases who want to pretend they are drinking real cocktails but this is a weak effort. It does indeed remind one of margarita mix, the nasty commercially made chemical laden stuff served cheap mexican restaurants. Obviously Crystal Light is a 100% artificial product but it does not need to taste this bad. OTOH, if you like choking down weak bad margaritas without the benefit of getting a buzz then have at it.
339439339439B005A1LJ04A2MVPY9XVYST9HD_Strasse "D_Strasse"0031327449600Hint 'O MargaritaThe title is the review best describes my impression of this drink.

This version of Crystal Light is sweet, maybe a tad too sweet, and tastes vaguely like a margarita but then only vaguely. At first, I thought I had added too much water, but I double checked the directions and I hadn't. The proof was that it was sweet as it probably should (if that is too sweet, that is personal preference.)

So, this drink is sweet, mildly limey with a hint of margarita flavor but not enough IMHO. Margarita's just aren't this subtle. The strong sweetener aftertaste is to be expected of a diet drink so I can't really complain about that.

In summary, a sugar free Marg is a great idea but I personally would expect a stronger lime/margarita flavor. If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, a subtlely-limey sugar-free non-alcoholic margarita, you're in luck. If this isn't you, then I recommend looking elsewhere.
339440339440B005A1LJ04A35JP8KSV9281Kbezoarrn0011326931200Didn't like this at allI usually enjoy Crystal Light products, but not this one. What a disappointment. The flavor is very bland, absolutely flat. There is no tartness or citrus zing whatsoever. I expected some punch from a margarita mix, even if it is a sugar free version. Nothing. Don't waste your money.
339441339441B005A1LJ04A2MNB77YGJ3CN0L. Mountford0021326931200Not even close ...I like Crystal Light products, especially their peach tea and their tea with lemon. But they missed big time with this. It doesn't taste like any Margarita I've ever had, and has a sort of odd metallic flavor that is really unpleasant. I really wanted to like this, but it missed the mark by such a wide margin that I ended up tossing the remainder.
339442339442B005A1LJ04A24O15MYDNLZBELori Smart "Amazon Queen"0041326844800Sugar Free Margarita MocktailThese Crystal Light Mocktails are fantastic summery treats for grown ups! So many of the sugar free flavored drinks are not aimed at adults, but these are great! You can't beat the taste of citrus to cool off, and the Margarita mix is perfect for warm days. It was actually very good as a mixer with a shot of tequila in it,too!
339443339443B005A1LJ04A1WBEIH7Z37LN9MagicSkip "magicskip"0031326672000"aka Crystal Light Limeaid"I know marketers try to make magic by using the latest buzzwords, like "Mocktails". I know there are people who will think "oooh, Margarita mix, all I have to do is add tequila". This is NOT the product for that.

If you've had other Crystal Light fruity flavor drinks, this is really just like a limeaid flavor of them. To call it "Mocktails Margarita" is pure sophistry.

In any case, the product itself is fine - it just isn't so much what they are trying to say it is. Calling it "Mocktails Margarita" sets up a different expectation from what it really is. If you like the other Crystal Light fruity flavors, and you like a limeaid flavor, you'll probably like this. If you're really looking for a Margarita flavor, or for a mixer, you'll probably be disappointed.
339444339444B005A1LJ04A2OMQEK9OW2FY6Brad B0041326585600Not a mocktail but still nice.Not bad tasting at all. Sometimes I want to drink something that isn't water and that is when Crystal Light comes in. Its Kool-aid for adults right? What's more adult than a mocktale that you might be able to add tequila to and make it a real treat. Forget the latter and stick with just assuming it's another flavor of drink. Put it right up there with grape on the tastey chart.

I think it is rather tasty. It was refreshing and bright.

Adding Jose tequila to it made it taste bad. I didn't like it at all.

Good mocktale.
Bad cocktale.
339445339445B005A1LJ04A3VPP71EC5Q022Jamie0051326326400love it, thanks for bring it back..I am so happy that I saw this a Target, I have been waiting since July for this to come back.
339446339446B005A1LJ04A3BNMHRW2R35LKS. Peterson "theswedishchef"0051326240000Better than waterMy wife hates to drink plain water. She's a freak. So she uses Crystal Light all the time to flavor her water. She loved this stuff and it was gone almost overnight. She went and got more and replaced her old standby flavors. She gives it 5 stars. I'll stick to water.
339447339447B005A1LJ04A1RFZGWX46N8H7FlamingoNut "Tracey"0011325635200AwfulI love a good margarita, unfortunately this isn't even in the ballpark. The taste was awful; metallic aftertaste, kind of watered down, left me thirsty for anything else but this. Even the best tequila couldn't help revive this product, and it would be a crime to waste any amount of tequila by attempting it. It's unfortunate 0 stars isn't an option.
339448339448B005A1LJ04A37D2TGTIXRV2Nplyopowerd "Arrow Dynamic Mom"0041325548800Not as good as Mojito, but still refreshingThis flavor of Crystal Light is like their Mojito minus the mint. It's a faintly-lime flavor, reminiscent of old-time green Gatorade. It may be too much of a chemical taste for some, but it is refreshing after a workout.
339449339449B005A1LJ04A36RJG7HHV45TQSterghe0051325203200We love these!!We've now tried not only this item, but also the "mojito" and "appletini" flavors, and they're all hits in our household! In fact, these are the first drinks I've found that get my partner to cut back on the caffeine and sugar and reach for this instead. I personally like the margarita flavor the best of the three, but I also like the real margaritas better than the other two mixed drinks; your opinion may vary. These have now become a staple purchase for our family.
339450339450B005A1LJ04AF5SUYOBO6UIXRachel0041325030400It's pretty good...I got this and the mojito flavor. I would have to say that this flavor is fine, but doesn't really stand apart that much from a limeade flavor. If you want a refreshing, lime-flavored water add-in, I would go with their mojito flavor, instead. But it you just want a simple, yummy, lime-flavored drink that you can easily make by the pitcher, this one is good.
339421339421B005A1LJ04A2VIUUWR7B11KSnws20020031337990400Not quite, but closeThis is close approximation of a margarita, but unless you add tequila the taste is not quite right. We used it at a BBQ as a non-alcoholic option along with the Crystal Light Mocktails Mojito and both were liked by everyone.

The mix itself is in small packets, each packet makes 2 quarts. Not them most eco-friendly way to package a product but it is easier than measuring out scoops.
339422339422B005A1LJ04A1ZO9D554VQO9FJadecat0041337817600Good, but doesn't beat the real thingWhen I see the word margarita on a drink, it just makes me smile. This Crystal Light version is tasty enough, but you won't ever mistake it for a real margarita, but that is fine too. It does make a big pitcher, 2 qts/8 cups, which is a good option and something different that the whole family can drink. My one downfall is that the nasty aspartame is in it, as well as artificial colors. I am by no means a food purist, but I try to avoid foods/drinks that have chemicals in them that aren't necessary. Still, as a treat now and then, it is worthy. And yes, I even added some tequila to mine. Makes a good drink even better.
339423339423B005A1LJ04A2HHAV29CZ1OIETheProf0031337558400Ok if you are watching caloric intake...If you're watching your caloric intake only, this is a great drink for you. The taste is okay. Obviously not as good as a real margarita but decent. My gripe is that Crystal Light still uses aspartame as the sweetener. I would prefer them to use a natural source like Stevia or agave.
339424339424B005A1LJ04A1ONZ8JRPLBNUIMona Lisa "Gwenie"0031337126400Mona LisaThe Crystal Light Mocktails Margaritais a somewhat pleasant drink for non-drinkers. Nothing is going to taste like a Margarita without the Tequila, however this might be as close as you get without the Tequila. I am not much of a drinker, but I do enjoy a good Margarita from time to time. The Crystal Light Mocktails lets you enjoy the drink without all the calories. These however do have a slight after taste. It is not that bad, but it is still there.
339425339425B005A1LJ04A25RG178PTYON5Caitlin0011336867200Yuck, yuck YUCK!!!This stuff is terrible! Tastes nothing like a margarita. Down right terrible! It's also bright electric green. I poured it all down the drain
339426339426B005A1LJ04A3A90CELVLOUP6Nanciejeanne "Enjay"0021336003200Didn't like this at allI really love margaritas, so I was thrilled when there was a nearly-zero calorie version of the flavor. Except, at least to me, it tasted really artificial. It smelled artificial. It even looked artificial. Almost neon green. I was hoping I didn't turn into the hulk or a mutant ninja turtle. Now, I like crystal light (pink Lemonade is my favorite), and drink "diet" sodas, teas, etc. so I don't mean to trash all low-calorie drinks. This was just odd. My daughter (who is 12) also like margarita MIX, she always orders a virgin one when we go to Mexican restaurants. And she wouldn't drink the container of this either. We both agreed that it wasn't terrible or anything, just not good.
339427339427B005A1LJ04A21S26XYPGXJZXJody "bigdumptruckdotcom"0051335398400Surprisingly good!These mocktails are surprisingly good, and the fun part is telling your boss that you're going to drink a margarita at your desk! I'm thinking you could probably use this as a base for a real cocktail, so I'm going to go out on the web to look for recipes.
339428339428B005A1LJ04A26NMT03OCZVMRL. Mallette0051335139200Delicious, Refreshing, No Calories!I've never been a fan of powdered drink mixes particularly, but a medical diagnosis ten years ago prohibits me from drinking alcohol. One drink I really miss is a good ol' lip-smacking sour Margarita. And now, thanks to Crystal Light, I can have the next best thing. Those who complain about "after-taste," just aren't used to sugar-free drinks. I've been a Diet Coke drinker since way back, so that aspect doesn't bother me a bit.

I made mine a little stronger than recommended so I could add lots of ice. It's wonderful; very tart, very true to the Margarita flavor - heck, it's even a little salty. My husband likes it, and he hates sugar-free drinks.

Those of you who try and don't like...let me know and I'll be happy to take the extras off your hands. :)
339429339429B005A1LJ04AW4MT9WP95TVDDonMac "butchm"0031334880000It does taste like a MargaritaKudos to the clever flavoring, it tastes pretty real. The problem however, is that it is way TOO sweet which considering the product is kind of strange. I mixed some vodka with it and it tasted pretty good. Like the real thing though, it gave me heartburn.
339430339430B005A1LJ04A34T6SD5HUGLCJCorey A. Doyle0041334793600Pretty Good!I wasn't sure what to expect as sometimes the Crystal Light flavors can have an odd after taste but I was very pleasantly surprised with this flavor. Very similar to a margarita and it just begged for some tequila. I'm curious now what the calories would be like compared to a skinny girl cocktail.... hmm. It's good with tequila and MUCH better than the Skinny Girl version. Even without the tequila (sorry, it just begged for it!) it's still pretty tasty!
339431339431B005A1LJ04A1HO8IVARXLSFHgeoforce0031333238400Wimpy flavor but worth the trade-off in corn syrupWeak flavor at 2 qts. so I tried it with one qt. Better but it definitely needs more help. I'll be trying it next with a few fresh-squeezed limes to jazz it up a bit 'cause it's flat as-is.
This is much more preferable than the high fructose/corn syrup/calorie products out there but it needs enhancement.
339432339432B005A1LJ04A3AKB3PZ4ZEA6VTammy L. Mitchell "Gus' mom"0051332892800An excellent low carb alternative!My husband and I are watching our carbohydrate intake but do enjoy our cocktails. We found the Crystal Light Mocktails and decided to give them a try. While they cannot compete with a "real" cocktail made with fresh ingredients or good mixers, if you are diabetic or watching carbs/calories for dietary reasons, these are an excellent alternative. We found that we prefer them to be mixed a little stronger than the recipe on the packets advise so we just use a smaller combination of water/alcohol to achieve the taste we prefer. One thing we found with the margarita mix is that it is greatly improved simply by adding some freshly squeezed lime juice, which is pretty low in carbs & calories. Also, if you want a tangy boost, you can use triple sec but it will add carbs/calories so instead use a small amount of orange extract (like 1/4 teaspoon for starters). Another favorite of ours has been the Crystal Light Cranberry mixed with water and vodka. I love real cranberry juice but it has so many carbs/calories, so this is an excellent alternative. Of course, it isn't going to provide the healthy benefits of drinking real cranberry juice, but we are talking about cocktails here.
339433339433B005A1LJ04AQAT7HWPDXACLS. Watkins "swatkins01"0031332374400Tastes OK - Just not much like a MargaritaThis tastes OK - like a non-specific flavor of tropical fruit drink. However, it is not a substitute for actual Margarita mix. If you want the Margarita taste without the alcohol, I recommend adding some ginger ale or similar drink to regular Margarita mix. The point of this Crystal Light mix is to have the taste without the alcohol OR calories, but it does not quite hit the mark.
339434339434B005A1LJ04AO9UNKQG83BUPBook Fan0031331424000Flavor nothing special, nothing like a Margarita; but plastic container nice for reuseWow. I'm not sure what I am supposed to think about this. The taste is slightly lime-like, but definitely not tequila-like and not at all like a Margarita. Sort of seems like a weak faux-lime candy flavor. It is not bad, but not great either. It looks like some sort of radioactive green in the pitcher in my refrig (I measured the exact amount of water specified in the instructions).

If you like using Crystal Light kinds of drinks, this is probably yet another reasonable choice. But it is nothing special. Sort of like Kool-Aid but slightly more subtle.

The plastic container is really nice and will be handy to reuse.

I'm not sure why they mention this as marketed to "women". Though it is not awful (hence 3 stars), I can't imagine anyone going out of the way to get this.
339435339435B005A1LJ04A1SCANWWQTEG9ITheLastCoyote0011329868800Doesn't do it for meThis is not something I would ever buy again. The flavor is weak but the aftertaste is strong (and not pleasant). Perhaps adding tequila instead of the water would make it more palatable but that would defeat the purpose of having something called a "mocktail" and really, there are better mixers out there if you want the real stuff.

I like the idea but am afraid Crystal Light needs to go back to the drawing board with this!

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