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339451339451B005A1LJ04A37NHGD0WTRYFHThe Curious0021324771200TolerableIf you like diet soda, artificial sweeters, you may like this. I can't get past the artifical sweeter flavors. I like the concept of less sweet than lemonade, but I want the sweet to be real. In margarita I expect some orange and lime flavor -- this taste like lemonade. If I had to drink it I could, but I ended up pouring out the rest of it and am throwing the packets away. No point.
339452339452B005A1LJ04A312UBIOP091MHTeacher Jeanne0031324512000Other Mocktail flavors that are better, but good low cal margaritaI have tried all of the Crystal Light Mocktails flavors with this being my least favorite. I am not a fan of Margaritas anyway so that may play a part in my opinion. As just a drink flavor, and not comparing it to the taste of a Margartia, I would say it is just ok. I liked the Appletini and Mojito Mocktails much much better. If you are a lover of Margaritas but don't want the calories this may be a good option for you.
339453339453B005A1LJ04A2GY5WCU9PKTMIjennahw0041324512000Great little mixerI also reviewed the mojito, so my reaction is much the same. This is a good little mixer, and is a nice way to get the margarita flavor when you can't have or don't want to have the actual margarita (I'm pregnant, so no margaritas for me!). Tastes good enough alone, but would be even better with a little alcohol added in (or, for fun, add a splash of something carbonated if you're not having the alc version). I do wish they came in individual serving packets instead of "pitcher-size" packets, since I'm generally making a glass at a time and not a whole pitcher. These are good, though, and I'd guy these again if looking for a mixer, rather than one of those giant mixer things (which would take us forever to use up).
339454339454B005A1LJ04AN0U0GNJJPEURN. Rogers0051324512000like the real thingAs soon as I opened a packet, I was impressed; it actually smelled like a real margarita. The taste is great too. I typically favor the lemonade varieties as they aren't too sweet and this one fits right in. I like limes, so this is perfect. The margarita flavor is nicely refreshing.
339455339455B005A1LJ04ATLO3YXU2BC16Jim Z "music aficionado"0051323993600Will buy moreCrystal Light is not the grown-up Kool-Aid.
As close to the taste of a Margarita you can get without the alcohol .I use it to take my 10 old age pills in the morning!
339456339456B005A1LJ04A33BJ70FLBIGQ4Nelmsjer0051323993600Excellent Customer ServiceThis company's customer service is fantastic! I accidentally got the wrong product, I contacted the company and within hours that SAME day, they contacted me and corrected the problem. I would hands down buy from them again, as I am very impressed with their service, as well as, their products. Definitely a five star rating for sure.
339457339457B005A1LJ04A3VLCQX7NG1N0EErin O'Riordan0041323820800Yummy, and No Hangover!I really like the flavor of this drink mix. It's very similar to the flavor of a rocks margarita, and a good one, too - it's not like taking a sip of margarita mix, which is way too sweet. It'll remind you of pitchers of margaritas you've shared with your friends, without any of the unwanted side effects. It's a great drink choice: low in calories, no alcohol, no hangovers, no brain freeze.
339458339458B005A1LJ04A34A7QEBMYTALWArthur Kicker "Ragged, Tagged, and Bodybagged"0011323648000What A Terrible IdeaWhoever it was over at Crystal Light thought this was a good idea should be fired.We drink alot of Crystal Light around our house, mostly the lemonade. I picked this Crystal Light Mocktails Margarita up as a change of pace. What a horrible mistake.

This tastes just awful. It tastes vaguely like a margarita but the overwhelming flavor is salt. Drinking this flavor just makes you thirstier. And with each passing sip, this stuff begins to taste worse and worse. It is terrible.

Maybe if you used this thing as a mixer and added some tequila or vodka to it, maybe it wouldn't taste so god awful. But I'm not gonna try. This stuff is terrible. DO NOT BUY. Ugh.
339459339459B005A1LJ04A36WTXJBYS3DB6N. B. Kennedy0021323302400Doesn't pass as a margaritaUgh! Ick! What IS that flavor? I think they tried to add some sort of flavor they thought was alcohol-y to the lime. It's undrinkable.

Before pouring it down the drain, though, I mixed it with Diet Pepsi and it wasn't too bad. I tried it with V8 Splash Diet Tropical Blend, too, and that wasn't bad either. At least it's a way to use up the packs.
339460339460B005A1LJ04A55PCTJ6NINETDavid K. Watson "DKW"0031323043200Change of paceI did not care for this mix with the first batch I made. I did not know what it tasted like, but it didn't taste like a margarita to me. Maybe if I added a shot of tequila? Then some lemon or lime juice? A splash of an orange liqueur? Wait! If I had those ingredients, I could just, you know, make a margarita. Crystal Light Mocktails Margarita just does not have the sour bite or tang you get with real lemon or lime juice.

After a couple of weeks, I decided to mix up another batch before reviewing it. About half way through the second batch, I decided that, even if it does not taste like a margarita to me, it's not bad in and of itself and makes for a good change of pace from the Crystal Light Natural Lemonade and Sunrise Classic Orange flavors I most often use. Mixing up two quarts at a time is, however, too much for me. If was sold in single serve On-the-Go packets, I'd definitely buy it.
339461339461B005A1LJ04A2FEM4XI55SY0WCharlyn Gee0011323043200ugh it doesn't taste goodI tried the Crystal Light Mocktails Mojito flavor and LOVED IT. So I decided to try this Margarita flavor too. It's SO BAD TASTING. Everyone in my house who has tried it has made a face upon tasting it, myself included. It doesn't taste like margarita, and it doesn't even taste good. I dumped out the pitcher I made.
339462339462B005A1LJ04A1U1ALQQMB6J22J. Beardsley0051323043200Great Idea...Great Taste!I couldn't believe how much this Crystal Light Mocktail tasted like the real deal. My wife and I are BIG fans of Margaritas, Mojitos, and the like, but are not always fans of the calories that come with them. Along comes Crystal Light to the rescue with their Mocktails - yes, calorie-free imitation cocktails that even the kids could drink. They truly do taste good...though no not quite an exact replica of the real drink. For the purpose it's designed to do...these drinks serve the task well. Highly recommended!
339463339463B005A1LJ04A2UQGGK8VJPUH5I. Zawilski0031322870400Just OkayI tried both the Margarita and Appletini flavors. Neither of them was particularly strong-flavored.

The Margarita, for me, had an odd coconut aftertaste at first. Not unpleasant, just strange. The more I drank, the less I noticed it, and my husband said he did not notice it at all. When I set the glass down and didn't drink for a while, there it was again.

The Appletini tasted like apples. No surprise there. My first impression was that the flavor was weak, but the more I drank, the more I tasted the, somewhat artificial, apple flavor. Not bad, but not memorable either.

Will I buy these again? I would say no, although my husband said he'd possibly give the Margarita one a try again in the summertime. For me, I'll stick with the standard lemonade flavor Crystal Light. It's more intense than either of these.
339464339464B005A1LJ04A89ZZKNDFQH23Delaney0031322611200Not as limey as we would have likedThis is a great idea, but it seemed to lack zip. Maybe not limey enough. But don't give up, the appletini and mojito mixes are awesome. Of course these are simple to mix up and user friendly.
339465339465B005A1LJ04AG90OGHDGOOVHDavid Stapleton0041322524800Flavorful, but not the real thingFirst impression is to wonder just what the point is for the Moctail line of flavors, are we supposed to use them as drink mix and add alcohol or are they meant as yet another flavor. Either way you save some calories with these zero calorie drink mixes.

My first pass I discovered that adding enough water is pretty important as the flavor can be pretty intense if under diluted. Subsequent trials have yielded better results, and I find them to be pretty refreshing, but nothing like the actual drinks that they are named after as far as taste. I have tasted the Mojito and Margarita flavors and favor the Mojito one for taste, though both are drinkable.

Overall, diversity is a good thing and the Moctail line offers that to the diet drinking public, just don't try to compare them to real cocktails. P-)
339466339466B005A1LJ04A1VK6EKINVYAT7Laura Owen0041322524800Not bad...I have to say that this does taste like a margarita. However, it has a bit of an artificial taste to it that I found a little distracting. I dont think I could drink a lot of it without getting a bit tired of it. But that is probably just a personal preference. My teenage daughter absolutely loved it and is drinking all of it.
339467339467B000V6T2MKA3NJWUW55GQ4P5markus farcus3351239580800Awesome Jerk!I tried this jerk years ago at a steak house. I was instantly hooked. It has a great flavor and good amount of heat. I like to use it with chicken and fish. Especially tuna steaks. If you love good Jamaican food, as I do, get it!
339468339468B000V6T2MKA1PTCOT13F3J8VP. R. Elliott3351232409600Best Jerk in townI used to buy this jerk when i lived in florida. I now live in NYC and can't find it anywhere so I order it online. I've tried ever jerk on the market and this is hands down, THE BEST THERE IS! nothing compares. I've been eating it for 10 yrs and will continue to do so as long as they sell it!
339469339469B000V6T2MKA2YLZF5U0XB7CGKenneth G. Zwicker "Dr Z"2241219968000Great SpiceI like the kick this jerk seasoning has. Creeps up on you making you want to enjoy more jerk chicken and another cold beer.
339470339470B000V6T2MKAW8YSWRL2NS8EB. Mcmillin1151252108800BEST jerk seasoning out therewe have been fans of this product for almost 20 husband and I have tried numerous others and always the results do not compare to this one!
339471339471B000V6T2MKA1VGSPYWUIROBPJ. Stein1151247097600AMAZING!This Jerk seasoning is awesome. So much more flavor that any other product I've ever tried. It comes in a thick paste which packs a heck of a spicy punch. My guests and I were VERY happy.
339472339472B000V6T2MKA2XSNTZ2ZE5046orenaj0051340755200This was a giftMy cousin has been looking for this product forever, he thought he could only get it when he visited Miami and Atlanta. I saw this online and he was thrilled to get the multiple bottles. I will be reordering when its time to stock up
339473339473B0001T3WWSA1PUT5WXXQCUIHRick Brines262741116979200Great Product - Bad VendorI really like the product and it does make a great margarita but buyer beware. The web site for ordering is not very clear and you may end up getting only one jar and paying $30 for shipping when you can get three jars for the same $30 shipping cost (does not include the product cost). I complained to the vendor but they didn't seem to care. I ended up paying $52.50 for one jar (including shipping) when I could have paid $97.50 for three jars which would be an average of $32.50 per jar (including shipping).
339474339474B000QCBHCCA1VW1DJK6CFLDWClaire Burke0051195344000For Cheese Lovers!My 6lb puppy goes crazy for cheese, any cheese any time. These treats are a total blessing as they do not require refrigeration and they do not contain anything aside from cheese! They are little disks about 3/4" diameter, and have a consistency akin to a thin rice cake. I use these for training sessions as my pup can eat them super fast, they do not seem to fill her up, and she always wants more. They also do not have a nasty smell nor do they leave my fingers stinky or sticky. A great treat that I will always keep on hand.
339475339475B0001QNMW6AEGCTYVYYRUNXBilly161631285459200Alot smaller than it looksthis package is actually much smaller than it looks. the stuff is okay but i gave it to few people for the holidays and when i paid them a visit and saw a little basket sitting on the table i thought what smuck gave this tinky thing to an entire office of 4 people. well..... i was that smuck hehe. anyways if you're planning to give it to 1 person maybe two go ahead, but don't try to please an office with it because there won't be enough to go around!
339476339476B0001QNMW6A2LQUQKIJ7RGNWKristen7731310601600Great products not as big as it seems in photo
339477339477B0001QNMW6A2E8MHOQ7580TMJayashree4441330473600Nice setThis was a lovely gift hamper. It is small and sweet and can be given to anyone. My dad really enjoyed all the treats!
339478339478B0001QNMW6APOISIAUDA9PZAnnoyed Office1111338508800"Substituted with high quality candy" my PO'd butt!We ordered 20 of these as gifts for our clients. We were excited when they arrived, but were quite upset when we opened the box to inspect our goodies. It was definitely not what we had expected, and certainly not something the reflects the level of appreciation we have for our customers. Besides the packaging's being cheap-looking.

Upon closer reading of the product description, we found: Do we ship chocolates in warm weather? Delicate chocolates will be substituted with high quality candy in transit to preserve the quality of your gift while in transit.

Well, our delicate chocolates were substituted with OTHER chocolates (Almond Roca), and the unmentioned and hardy coffee was also switched out with a cheap, hotel-caddy brand.

All together, we could have put together this $25 gift basket for less than $10.00 - packaging included. I completely understand that they need to make a profit, but I would have loved for them to make a profit off the products that they advertised, rather than cheap substitutions that I'll have to return.

The biscotti would have been $1.38
The coffee was 2/$1.31
The Almond Roca was 2/$1.19
The Butter Toffee Corn was $0.75
The English Tea cookies 6/$23.08
The mixed fruit Candy was $2.00 (and I didn't hunt for a deal)

Overall...I would have much rather taken the time to put something together myself. Needless to say, we will be returning these and seeking a quality gift that matches our expectations and level of appreciation for our clients.
339479339479B0001QNMW6A352PH3MW2MKFFY. Castro "Ms.Annie"0051328054400FI placed my order at 8 am and they shipped my order around noon the same day. Awesome thank you.
339480339480B0001QNMW6A1U1YQIA3S6E1Sonlineshopper0041307923200the recipient was very happybrought his basket as a gift to a frend in another state. I didn't see it but the recipient was very happy.

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