Amazon Fine Food Reviews

339481339481B0001QNMW6A8IZTRGN1JX72John Wayne "Heatwave"1211306886400Not as advertised!!!!they ripped me off, I bought this for my mom for mothers day...IT WAS NOT THE ONE PICTURED, IT WAS A CHEAP KNOCK OFF...everything tasted bad...not a good gift...
339482339482B0001QNMW6A1DP46UB91TK68Chaz1341270857600Gift, so no actual experienceI sent this as a gift to a neighbor for helping remove some brush. He said it was nice and he liked it. I liked the ease of ordering and sending the gift.
339483339483B0001QNMW6A3A95IRNVQDZAIPeary Perry0251309910400excellent buy for the moneyhave given a lot of these away to customers and secretaries....never had any complaints and have had a lot of 'thank you's' This is a great gift for the money....
339484339484B0001QNMW6A1ITOO9791EG6SMrs. Mom0241282521600Great go-away presentThis was the perfect size and gift for a go-away. Although the plate is permanently mounted, "Thank You" we were able to put a "Happy Travels" card in front of it.
339485339485B0001QNMW6AJZJS0421JKT1SerbanChinoleIConsultants "I'CON Coach"1551264809600stellar customer serviceIt was a delivery misunderstanding mainly because of the person who received it. Amazon delivered once again, many thanks.
339486339486B00375LB9EAOJQAJLOLTL9HPhlosar "Kim"2231320969600Okay but not Cake MateI grew up in New England. We had Cake Mate sprinkles or jimmies. They are made in Florida by Signature Foods. I still get them when I go back as they are in the grocery stores. The CK ones are okay, and I thought they would be quite similar -- same bad hydrogenated oils and the reviews. These are certainly fine for a cupcake. But for ice cream or the occasional spoonful of sprinkles, you need the Cake Mate. These are available in 32 oz. from spiceworld online. They are listed on Amazon but not as currently available. I plan to get some soon.
339487339487B00375LB9EA2GHCO7AQPZFVUmaci2528 "Perfectly Happy"0021344816000Got the job doneThese are very colorful but not the best tasting. I used them for my sons first bday as we were having a very large party and didn't want to buy 20 mini cans but taste wise the quality was not there....the look was great. I'm sure no one knew any better after all frosting fixes all.
339488339488B00375LB9EA3M931MLZ5Y7IYtootsweet0051344816000Exactly what I wantedThe Jimmies had purple in the mix. That was exactly what I was looking for. Since we are not planning on eating these (but throwing them instead of rice). I won't know taste. But color is excellent!
339489339489B00375LB9EAZH7YG7XUM4G9Kim0051340323200Rainbow jimmiesI used these rainbow jimmies for a rainbow cupcake topper and added them to rice krispie treats for my daughter's 6th birthday. Obviously, it was a rainbow party. The package didn't look like the picture, but I was not disappointed in the product. I would buy from this company again.
339490339490B00375LB9EA30NZHE1H756IURoseMumof30051338768000Perfect for our cupcakes!We chose a Thing 1/Thing 2 theme for our twins' first birthday party, and these sprinkles were the perfect color. They lean more towards turquoise than a true blue, but with our red baking cups, and white frosting, they were the perfect finishing touch!
339491339491B00375LB9EA10HEE7D9Z66WZsebastianlady0051335052800Great Looking!These sprinkles make a great presentation and are tasty too! Used them for my french chocolate balls. Would recommend them highly.
339492339492B00375LB9EAIIK70YY3CT19Twomore0051334361600Pink SprinklesExactly what I thought it would be. ALOT (more then I will ever need) of pink sprinkles, that taste like... sprinkles!
339493339493B00375LB9EAOQSK3TOBM66CCollin0051320537600Its a light purpleGreat size bag for the price! I am making a funfetti cake with just purple. These sprnkles/jimmies are exactly what I wanted. Although, the color could be darker.
339494339494B00375LB9EACQET5AAIJE5FrancoTech0051319932800Great Price and Delicious sprinkles....Jimmies sprinkles are the best i love them because they are soft and unlike the other hard sprinkles don't get stuck in your teeth. lol But it was a great buy. You have a better deal here that anywhere else.
339495339495B00375LB9EA2JQ32S2QX5FABGreen Gables0051317254400Classic Jimmies!Good quality sprinkles. Pricing seems pretty decent. Love the way they make my cupcakes look - takes me back to my elementary school days, long ago! Only gripes: the "partially-hydrogenated" ingredient and non-resealable bag. By the way, the advertised bag looks completely different than the one you get - it's not black. Tastes like classic Jimmies too and isn't so sweet that it'll over-sweeten your frosting.
339496339496B00375LB9EAD1ZVPX4TKOVWMary Jane0031314403200Not my favorite tasting jimmiesPros - good price for its size, fast delivery,
Con - not the best tasting jimmies, still better than getting the small grocery store size
339497339497B00375LB9EA2UIVSCVH5S6H3Amanda0051304985600Perfect!This was perfect for my purposes! I made a personalized "funfetti" cake for a bridal shower for a girl whose colors were hot pink and black, and this was awesome to get it done! Fast shipping too!
339498339498B00375LB9EA3C18MRX72K9RVMeli1251290384000These Are Great!I bought these sprinkles for my cupcakes and not only are they gorgeous but you get a lot for the money. The silver is very true to color and they make a lovely accent to your cupcakes.
339499339499B00375LB9EA23GFTVIETX7DSDebbie Lee Wesselmann0141335830400Exactly what I neededI bought these jimmies because I couldn't find the needed orange color in any of my local stores. A pound of jimmies is a lot, but I went through more than I expected, probably half the bag to thoroughly coat a recipe of chocolate truffles. The taste is, well, jimmy-taste. My only disappointment/surprise was how short these jimmies are -- about two-thirds of the length of Wilton and CakeMate brands I have in the cupboard.

If you need a special color that only CK makes, don't hesitate to get them.

-- Debbie Lee Wesselmann
339500339500B00375LB9EA1XGFW5016CGQICathio0151297814400AESTHETICALLY PLEASING~~~~SPRINKLES!Seriously, sprinkles are not just for eye pleasing aesthetics but for mouth pleasing texture. This bag is great value compared to buying the smaller size shakers with different colors. I can use two of containers of those colors on one batch of 24 cupcakes. I just have to find a proper container to put the bag ones in so they are easy to shake out onto cupcakes, as that is what I use them for mostly. I'll check on amazon to see if I can find an appropriate shaker. I may just buy a smaller one (about 10 oz) shaker and use and re-use that one. My son and I like them also on ice cream, topped with ready whip canned cream. Gives pleasing texture to ice cream. Yum!
339501339501B002EDD11GA13SKQA9CMCUWDJ. Ellison6651260748800So addictingThese Twizzlers are amazingly addictive and delicious. I love fruity & chewy candy and this is my all-time favorite.

They're also incredibly unhealthy. Each bag contains 2,080 calories (16 Twizzlers) and weighs over half a pound. It's easy to eat half in one sitting. Once I ate a whole bag. Be forewarned. It's a bag full of sweet sweet wonderful starchy corn syrup poison. I would rate it one star for your health, five stars for the best candy you'll ever taste.
339502339502B002EDD11GAROEIUFDHTF6YLisa5551253404800My Favorite!!!I got a variety pack and these were in it. They are my absolute favorite and taste great!
339503339503B002EDD11GA1VLE2SH9J8WYSAllison R. Sjoblom "Alli"3351286928000I love these!My favorite candy. Wonderful flavor. Maybe the person who thinks it tastes like cleaner was just done doing the dishes?
339504339504B002EDD11GAMDJ9D94TFCBURichard Piatek2251263859200Incredibly AddictiveThese sell out in stores like Wally-mart very quickly. They aren't easy to find. Now, I don't usually buy candy. However I do like a sweet and sour tasting treat once in a while. These are incredible. Incredibly addictive. I am on my third bag. They are considered a low fat snack if you eat the recommended two sticks. HA-HA! Good Luck
339505339505B002EDD11GA2C8W1VCVWPY13booksy0011322784000HorribleThis is one of the worst-tasting candies I've tried in a while. I thought I would like them because I like regular Twizzlers and I also like sour gummy candy, but these have none of the good qualities of either.

As soon as I opened the package I smelled a weird, Play-Doh like smell. The twizzlers were extremely soft, rubbery and plastic-like, and they tasted terrible. They weren't really sweet or sour. One was supposed to be lemon and the other cherry, but the closest to either flavor that I tasted was a vague cough-syrup type flavor from the red vine. The gooey stuff in the middle wasn't really gooey, either, it was just softer than the outside. I'm really surprised that this product was released because Twizzlers are so great, how could they mess it up in such a big way?

It comes in a huge bag and I threw the rest of it out after one taste. I'll never eat these again.
339506339506B002EDD11GA83ELF7U3CS99Niloc00041314489600Citric acid + petrochemical flavor (but not in a bad way)These remind me of Now & Laters in that they've got an interesting tangy-sweet taste with a subtle petrochemical flavor. Like Now & Laters they taste nothing like fruit, but that's not what they're going for. I'm not a big fan of regular Twizzlers but I like these a lot - too bad they're not low calorie. They're a bit dangerous because they seem like they should be filling, but they really aren't so you can eat a lot of them without thinking about it. Best to portion out a few ahead of time & put the bag well out of reach.
339507339507B002EDD11GA2GZ3PAZ7LJL3GF. Lamaestra0031313193600Great taste/texture, pieces too long, overwhelming.These pieces are just too long.

Eating one string of this candy overwhelms the tongue quickly. In comparison, Twizzler's Twerpz bite size chews were a more manageble size per peice. I usually cut up these long strings so I don't overeat.

Good candy though. Haven't had any trouble finding it in stock as others have reported.
339508339508B002EDD11GA332NVJK82ZCBUP. Meyer11011283558400Absolutely horrible. Tastes like cleaning solution.I'm a big fan of regular Twizzlers. If you think that these Sweet & Sour Filled Twists are anything like regular Twizzlers then you will be sorely disappointed. These taste absolutely horrible. They taste like sucking on a bottle of cleaning supplies, or maybe like cheap side-of-the-road reststop hand soap. Further, the texture is like soft plastic filled with elmer's glue. Nevermind the bad taste, the texture is so gross you won't want to eat these. These are also very, very unhealthy with a whopping 70 calories PER TWIST. Avoid this candy at all cost--it is repulsive.
339509339509B005FEJ8TAA2LRCXLHKK73D3Kristen Hansen "K. Hansen"0021324598400Tastes okay, looks.....These taste better if you eat them in the dark. They just look like something you would clean out of your drain. That being said, they taste okay but there is a distinct 'powdery' spice taste. Of course, when you are dealing with a bagged snack, I guess that is to be expected. I did find them surprisingly filling but that comes with the price of being high in calories. However, compared to the same amount of something like potato chips, these will be healthier and your better bet. Plus, as I mentioned, these will be filling.
339510339510B005FEJ8TAA1ENGA3HHSH4HGMomMel0031323475200Strong Flavor, Good CrunchPersonally, I found the strength of the flavor of the Santa Fe Salsa Somersaults snacks to be a bit too strong. That being said, some people like a stronger flavor. I do like the texture and crunch of the Somersaults Snacks. They are substantial enough to fill you up after only a few.

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