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339511339511B005FEJ8TAA2F1VK5S81I0DZleopat1010 "leopat1010"0051323302400A little kickSince I am already addicted to Somersaults Pacific Sea Salt nuggets I was looking forward to trying the Santa Fe Salsa flavor and was not disappointed in the least. There is just a little kick of salsa flavor that made it just as addicting, to me, as the Pacific Sea Salt flavor. It's such a pleasure to finally find a healthy snack that tastes so good. The flavor, the amount of crunch, the size of the nugget are all in perfect perportion. Now I can't wait to try the other flavors available. I hope there is a variety pack that I can buy.
339512339512B005FEJ8TAA1N2CCV1O60RQFJoe Kolarz0051323129600Great flavorI think the spices are just perfect, they actually remind me of combos but taste better and are better for you.
339513339513B005FEJ8TAA1K1YCET8D2RHNFitness-minded mom0021323043200Sweet varieties better than the savoryI didn't care for this flavor. Nice crunch, but not a lot of seasoning. My husband said he couldn't taste any seaonsing at all! The flavor that was there, didn't go well with the sunflower seeds, in my opinion.

I liked the chocolate and cinnamon ones. And these had that nice crunch. Just not a good flavor.
339514339514B005FEJ8TAA3L8FH4QUNWTI0planet_050041322870400All natural snackAll natural flavorful and crunchy snack! I like the taste, but I think it's a little too salty (sodium 300mg per serving).
339515339515B005FEJ8TAA3BN7508F31C07EJP0041322697600Good Tasting, Healthy SnackThese were surprisingly flavorful with just a hint of spice and the sunflower seed flavor was barely discernible. They were a filling and quality snack with the only drawback being the calorie (140) and fat (6g) content per serving. A two ounce package has 2 servings so keep that in mind when snacking.
339516339516B006V5SCA8A1IOGEZUZPII8Ctravels101151336435200Awesome but over priced due to overseas shippingThese are absolutely fantastic in taste but there are only 20 candies per small box and the size of a medium cough drop oval. The price is outrageous due to shipping from Finland even if you buy mulitple boxes. Its not worth the money unless its a wedding or formal event to buy these milk chocolate 4% alcoholic candies. They are delicious but even Godiva brand looks like a bargain compared to this chocolate's overall price tag. These are semi-soft candies with a gel shell of liquid vodka centers the size of a Jelly Belly...milk chocolate soft coating and liquid center. They are a product of Finland and are superior but too pricey ( I bought them at a wholesaler in the past & also on ebay as a lot for a special occasion & will wait until the price drops before I get them here on Amazon ) Elegant gormet candy. 5 stars on product 1 star on price.
339517339517B0002R38XCA3CHMZH97MKWKXPolly Ester646531228867200It must be the box?This is a nice idea and a swell looking box. For the money spent though, (not including shipping), this is a LOT of cash for a few items of candy. I guess what you are actually buying is the gift IDEA, not necessarily a nice amount of treat items.

Just thought I would let you know ahead of time.
339518339518B0002R38XCA2CCIGETPKOEH0roadtripper727711233532800Waste of money1950's Retro Candy Gift Box
I ordered this for my husband for Christmas 2008. The box was torn and banged up. There may have been $5.00 worth of candy in it and most of it was stuff I could have bought in any novelty shop-even cracker barrel. As a matter of fact, Cracker Barrel did have similar items in a basket for half the price. I wish I had saved my money. Then add on the shipping- it was VERY expensive!
339519339519B0002R38XCA3BB4TDB8HR1JINSE "hard at work"384111257724800Waste of moneyI bought the 1950's candy crate for my daughter for her birthday. I paid $38.00 with shipping and handling. I don't know what I expected but I was stunned at how little we got. It was about $5.00 worth of candy (probably worth no more than $.50 total in the 1950's), .50 for all the waste of paper to stuff the box, and the rest of the cost was probably for nostalgia. I would never buy one again.
339520339520B0002R38XCA3BDCD94U4C6BXA. Garten444951127433600Made a great gift!I bought this for my mom, a child of the 50s... she loved it! She stayed outside with her wax lips and candy cigarettes and had a great time. Wonderful. Cute box, too.
339521339521B0002R38XCA3P1QPQZKDV8DYDisappointed2123112474432001950's Retro Candy Gift Box PurchaseGreat idea.
I was excited to give this as a gift. Very disappointed when it arrived.
Expensive for what you actually get. I felt I needed to purchase an additional gift to go with it which made it even more expensive.
I won't order this again.
339522339522B0002R38XCAG8UZMNRCB68SSMC77161851188172800For the hard to buyMy brother thought this was one of the best and unique gifts he had ever received. He and his wife laughed and shared stories of their childhood as they sorted through the basket. They fought over their favorites and thanked me time and again for the fun the had with this gift.
339523339523B0002R38XCARGRRC5W4JVMOJ. Palmer7721300579200Nice assortment, but quality was poor.The Retro Candy Gift Box was a nostalgic assortment of nostalgic candies. I bought it for a family member who enjoyed several of these candies during their childhood years. Unfortunately the candy freshness was poor. Most of the confections were shelf-stale. Old. Gums were rock-hard, such as the Bazooka individuals. Suckers had a soft outer layer. Too many items were obviously past their sell-by dates. The joke went around the table that "maybe these candies *are* actually left over from the 50's!". It was a trip down memory lane for the gift receiver, but a disappointing one at that. I would not buy this again.
339524339524B0002R38XCA338MRGJZ2FJN6Mel in Elkhorn "Mellow"121431249257600Retro candyWell, the thought is really cool and I thought it would be a great gift, but as someone else stated, it is not very much candy for the price. If you want something similar, Cracker Barrel has one much cheaper.
339525339525B0002R38XCA3M7WT339I916WRjweber237811294012800Stale CandyI purchased this product for a gift for someone who liked to reminisce about his old days are kid and the candy he use to eat all the time. After seeing this thought it would be a good gift. However, he opened and wanted to share some without and we found out that all of the candy was stale and was inedible. I would not recommend this product for anyone even if they price were to drop.
339526339526B0002R38XCA350DK7GFOYPYEsandypops3321310688000Not ImpressedI couldn't send this product back because I had to open it to take a look at the product. On first glance, I wasn't impressed at all. Perhaps I was expecting to be wow-ed and was disappointed instead. The candy was damaged. I am hoping no one else played around with this candy before I received it. The box it came in was cute with its little bow. I'm afraid to eat the candy because it looks like its been handled. It's not worth the money.
339527339527B0002R38XCA3KNTCAVHZUGJAroller girl5631283126400Not Such a Sweet Deal1. This was a gift order and I filled out the request for a card to be enclosed. It was delivered without any gift card or information where it came from.

2. Not worth the cost.

3. Received an email saying it couldn't be delivered to a PO Box. It didn't say that on the order form.

Overall, not a good deal.
339528339528B0002R38XCA10XDOLVIJK94YLisa K. Lessard5651214438400A Blast From the Past!I bought this gift box for my husband and he absolutely loved it. He went from a 62-year-old man to a 5-year-old kid in the candy store. It had all his favorite candies from the 1950's and he was thrilled. I definitely recommend it.
339529339529B0002R38XCA3CDOTS7NY5OE6Dakotah Centers "dakotah"2251305590400Excellent gift idea!! My Grandma LOVED it!I bought this for my grandmother for mothers day (she grew up in the 50s) she likes candy more than flowers so I bought this...she loved it, it made her day! She said she remembers all of the candy they use to have and it made her feel like a kid also didn't come with a receipt(you have to click a box that says no receipt when your checking out..I was worried about that because I didnt want her to see) but anyways, this is an excellent buy!
339530339530B0002R38XCAQ9AGATG3HPW3Maria Mc1111344988800Candy Crate 1950's - Very Disappointed in ProductI received the product promptly and was very disappointed. The box was crushed and ripped in one corner. The tootsie roll pops were flattened, not round and some of the other candy bars were bent and did not look fresh and new. I would have returned this item but due to the contents, it was not returnable. I was very disappointed in this product. Maria McCabe
339531339531B0002R38XCAHBS6X1E2NBFTdedede1111326758400badI didnt like the candy at all it was like a bunch of back in the day penney candy for alote of money will never buy a gain
339532339532B0002R38XCA2WE93LJX8PMT1A. Hansen "AH Booklover"1141325548800Gift that brings back memories!I purchased this as a gift for my father (who has everything) for Christmas. This was a hit for everyone in attendance! They loved watching him dig through the packing to see what candy he'd pull out next! There were quite a few candies that he hadn't seen in years-and he loved all the different kinds-from the candy cigarettes to the mustache! What a cute idea! The only complaint (if you could call it that) is we would have loved seeing doubles of some of the smaller candies in the box to fill it up a bit more. I would purchase again!
339533339533B0002R38XCA1H1816FH82CX1pizzapetes1111325116800Broke a toothThe candy in the box was very nostalgic(cool) but it very well may have been fresher if it was from the 50's. Holy moly the stuff was hard as a rock(juju-bees and gum). I busted a tooth on the juju's. I didnt expect it to overflow with candy but DID expect it to be a little, check that, a LOT fresher than it was. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!
339534339534B0002R38XCA2YLM353XKJ42Tcam1151295049600greati bought this for my husband for christmas and he just loves it. it was fun to look through the box at all the different candy from the 50s. it was like a blast from the past and brought up some good memories. he really got a thrill out of the black waxed pipe candy cigarettes.
339535339535B0002R38XCA1WIMS8Z1EKWPOMichael J. Duda1141294963200Good but expensivePersonally I think this is very expensive for what you get but then again my grandmother loved it. She must have went through it like 3 times reminiscing before she ate anything. I suppose overall it is a good deal, who knows how long it would have taken me to find all this candy separately.
339536339536B0002R38XCA2LPP3UIMOW3XNKay6951255651200Lots of Laughs and Good MemoriesWe have had so much fun with this product. I actually bought the Candy Crate 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s retro candy boxes for a dinner party in September where we were celebrating 4 birthdays. Between dinner and dessert, I put the boxes on the dinner table and let everyone participate in opening the candies. Everyone laughed and talked for an hour or more about the candy and memories of growing up. Since that time, I have done the same thing with school friends on a recent vacation, my brother's birthday and will be using once again at an upcoming dinner party. The Candy Crate candies are well packaged and you get plenty of product. Be prepared however; the shipping cost is as much as the candy. I have to say that it is worth the cost to see friends and family have such a good time!
339537339537B0002R38XCA2HA3YV6GNYZ6SKimberly Falcetti4651265673600HappyI purchased this for my father's surprise 50th birthday party. I opened the shipping box, and my only complaint is that the box the candy was in was ripped. But that was ok, as I took all the candy out of the box anyways, and spread it out on the table for cards and gifts. It was definately a conversation starter. The memories people had looking at the candy, (I used to love these.....I remember buying these at the store for a penny....etc). I definately plan on getting one for my mom for her birthday.
339538339538B0002R38XCA1NE1QJPON3JLVW. CLAUDIO "Latina Girl"0021327363200Old candy, really old...I thought it was weird that my sister had not contacted me with a "thank you" a month after this was sent. It turns out that they never included a gift card! Sooo, my sister did not know who sent the candy until I asked. She said the packaging was nice and the candy brought back many pleasant memories, except that most of the candy was stale & hard. She said she liked the "crispy" jelly beans, but had a hard time chewing the "leather like" bazooka bubble gum. Although definitely stale, she said she enjoyed the present and ate the candy anyway...
339539339539B0002R38XCA3SOQOMHSSALW8Kodarken "Stephanie Wolfenberger"0051325980800Mom's CandyIt's a box containing memory lane! We all have emotional ties to certain things from our youth. This box has the candy my mother grew up with. All the old packaging all the old flavors and all her favorite memories! Sounds silly to call it a "retro" candy box, but once you get past that there is nothing but sweetness to be had! That and every child likes to see mom cry tears of joy.
339540339540B0002R38XCA29REM015Z9SEIC. McInerney0051325376000Sweet tooth heavenThis is great for people who miss candy from their childhood. I bought this for my Aunt and she loved it! It had candy she hadn't had or seen in a LONG time.

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