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339571339571B007CMHDD6A2GYJFKYNS1049behindcloud91151339977600My dogs love it!I was looking for something without preservatives or by-products for my aging dog whose health problems require a special diet. This fits the bill and she loves it. My other dog's health does not require such a rigid diet, but he loves it too.
339572339572B0001YA6GIA9K1R3PRTBQHWChocaholic2251168819200Milka White ChocolateThis is my husband's favorite chocolate. "The best I've ever had in my life."

I purchased 10 bars for him for Chirstmas. There is one bar left as of 1/15.
339573339573B0017I8UKQA3PRIMKKT4ZFLKTrip4451235606400Great Salso VerdeThis is the best tomatillo salsa I have found. When I moved and it was no longer in the local grocery, I ordered it from Amazon because it is that good.
339574339574B0017I8UKQA3PZDZQNMJSHRTS. Hibbard0051333324800All time favoriteThis green salsa is my all time favorite, and that's saying a lot considering how long I've eaten salsa, or tomatillo salsas. My favorite use for it is on top of eggs with a smidge of cheese (preferably mozzarella). Try it, you'll love it. It is worth looking for or buying online.
339575339575B0017I8UKQA3HON67T38XCB5willy0051332115200salsareceived product promptly on time and in good order. it is a delicious product and will order more soon. i love mexican food and this is great stuff. a jar of this with some chips along with a margarita with some jose cuevro is fine as wine.
339576339576B0017I8UKQA2EMFZ74YANT70msed0041325030400yummy green salsaa little pricey but worth it. these salsas are roasted, so you get the little burnt roasted pieces in the salsa! yum! try the roasted red salsa too.
339577339577B001FA1J9AA1P6V4RHE60K7MC. Good "Perestroika"2251231718400Absolutely Fantastic!I'm a little picky when it comes to granola, but this stuff just takes the cake! Not only does it taste just like an oatmeal raisin cookie, you get a whole lotta granola for your money. To be exact, it's like getting four 1/2 gallon milk containers full of oatmeal cookie goodness. I'd give this 10 stars if it would let me. (also, my husband is an incredibly picky eater, and he finished at least 2 cartons within 1 week!)
339578339578B001FA1J9AAS00C8M8WS3NZGeorge0051339113600Absolutely The Best!!!!I love this product. It has been out of stock for weeks. You got me hooked, please rush this back in.
339579339579B001FA1J9AA1HNDTIIL1XNTUReviewer0031326672000So-soThe oats are crisp and the flavor is good, but the raisins are very hard and I can't even chew them.
339580339580B001FA1J9AAA3TGU66JK9Z3Melody M. Mitchell0051282953600At Long Last!I'm allergic to walnuts and almonds and I LOVE granola. Unfortunately for me, this means I can't really eat granola, because almonds are usually the second ingredients in granola. But then I found THIS granola! It's sweet, delicious, full of raisins and nary an almond to be found!

It is, as the other reviewer pointed out, a little dry, but I always eat mine with yogurt or milk so until she pointed out the fact that it's dry, it didn't really occur to me.

Bottom line?

This stuff is AMAZING. and DELICIOUS.

339581339581B001FA1J9AA3N31KB869PUY1Rebecca L. Redford "Ms. B"0231255996800Not as good as I rememberI first tried this granola in Alaska about 15 years ago and fell in love with it. We drove all over the state eating the granola right out of the carton. I was thrilled to find it on Amazon and ordered a case. Either it's not the same product, or they've changed the recipe. It seems much drier, no clusters to speak of, and just isn't as flavorful as I remember. I'll just stick to the easily obtainable Quaker Low Fat Granola in the future.
339582339582B004Y6KMZEAXU3801FYK0W4Stephanie White1151329868800A great buyWhat dog food should be. My dog LOVES this food, he's always very excited for meal time and gobbles it up very fast.
The 74% meat and 26% veggies is the balance that dogs would be getting in the wild, and the added organ meats are great for them.
The minimal ingredients is also a very good thing, healthier dog foods lately add in all kinds of fruits and such, and that's actually
not a diet that would be best for dogs and not close to the ancestral diet.
It's a GREAT food for dogs with allergies like mine because it doesn't have tons of things to bother them.
339583339583B004Y6KMZEA12JJ9YP6VYSESDonna Brady0051329696000Worth the moneyI have used this food for over 10 years. They continue to work to make it better and better. This seems to be the best formula to date. My dogs have beautiful coats and their stools are firm. It's true that the cost of the food can be a bit hard on the wallet but I found the food worth the price. I think the shipping costs are what tend to drive up the price of the food for those of us who do not have a store nearby who stock it. It can be nice; however, to have your dog food directly delived to your door. I am currently using the turkey. I have not tried the pork or the duck.
339584339584B004Y6KMZEAN1WWP7MSQ5CXE. Rice "chuck lover"0051326844800Love the food, hate the price.We rescued our first dog October 30th and because I was stupid and had never had a dog, we bought back to basics turkey and started him on it right away. No transition. Obviously, this upset his digestion and whatnot and he had loose stools for almost a month. He has been on it, and since mid-December, the Pork and I just recently saw the duck line. He is doing great. His coat is gorgeous, shiny and soft, his teeth are white and shiny and his bowels are normal. I love this food, I just HATE the price. I understand quality costs though. I had a friend recommend Kirkland's and we may switch to that since it is cheaper. It's a 4/5 stars, but it'd be a little bit better on my pocketbook.
339585339585B005CULCE6A12T2YJDP004C2Bill Gaston1611350000000Reeses with PGPRI do not know exactly that these cups cause the overnight reflux but for two days after eating three or four between 6-8p.m. I've had gas and sour belches through out the night. Also whether the PGPR ingredient (look it up) is the cause or not, I'm not sure either but I certainly will be watching Hershey's and Nestle's products and not buying which is known to have PGPR. Perhaps it is the Castor Oil this PGPR is partially composed of since in my childhood and I stated I was to sick to go to school my mom offered Castor Oil as a remedy for my sickness -- off to school I would go.
339586339586B007JV0SPUA2TIGUXKJXBX2VT. Nathe1151345161600Cardia saltI have used this salt for 10 plus years now I think. It tasts pretty good and if you have high blood pressure you really need to cut down on the regular salt. I've tried the other salt substatutes in the store and they all taste aweful. The price shown has been pretty consistant over the years and I am glad I can finally order it online instead of calling all the time. (Note that the shipping cost is the same if you buy 3 or 6) I would have loved some super saver shipping on this but oh well.
339587339587B007JV0SPUA1SINJK7QT59QRKathy Reed1151334188800Cardia Salt is the best thing I've done for myself in years! And it's delicious!!Cardia Salt is the best thing I've done for myself in years! And it's delicious!! Over the last 3 months I've lost weight, am not bloated and feel great - and the only dietary change I've made is switching to Cardia Salt. I use it for everything. It's delicious - and I'm a salt freak - salting cream cheese and toast and cheesecake for example. My friends would give me flavored and exotic salts for Christmas. Now cardia salt is all I use. I filled my salt dish with it and use it for cooking and all salt uses.

I discovered Cardia Salt in a New York Times article that stated that it's not the sodium that's bad for you, it's when the sodium/potassium ratio gets out of whack, and that in the US we use way too much salt and get far too little potassium, which is in all whole foods, but not in processed foods we eat too much of. In Finland they call it Pan Salt, and I read in the Times article that they put the whole country of Finland on Pan Salt and reduced their cardiac disease by 60%!!!

Try Cardia Salt, you will love it. Be sure to take a kelp pill to get your iodine.

A note to the manufacturers - please package it in bulk like sugar or salt instead of the individual little shakers that are hard to break into. You'd save a bundle on packaging and customers would be less frustrated trying to open the shakers.
Cardia Salt (3-Pack)Cardia Salt (6-Pack)
339588339588B001710KCEA3DJMZDHAIY8J8Buzzy0021347408000Low qualityAlthough there is a big convenience factor of shopping online and then putting dinners right in the freezer for latter so I gave a two but quality is not great. The burgers are very fatty and the steaks (filets) taste aged due to sitting around too long not part of the aging process for taste and quality. The fish comes out of the bag smelling fishy not fresh. Again all my opinions are based on that I'm used to top shelf very fresh or properly aged meats and fishes. I thought I'd try them and it wasn't horrible just not great. Everything was edible I just felt the need to cook well done.
339589339589B004H9V3E2A1Y3S6V7DCH77TMidolex1121347667200The smell changed after bakingIt smelled like really old used oil after baking. You cannot use it for anything - not even for tea!
339590339590B003P5GXSAA3LWGDI3CYQML0Amazon Shopper20051307404800Well worth the price it costs to get this home.This sauce just about knocked my socks off. I am really amazed at the great taste. The heat is very slight, which I prefer, so the other flavors can also be recognized. Actually, this is better sauce than I can make even after spending hours in the kitchen. Coming from south central Texas, we are exposed to a wide variety of quality Mexican food. I've never tasted better sauce. I used a jar to make some burritos the other night and had no leftovers.
339591339591B000VVUQC0A2HGS2IDB4IRLVJulia0021341100800not worthThis one look nice, but too hard for my pet. also, price is high

Not really happy with it. not worth, better just buy from Costco. better stuff, better quality.
339592339592B000VVUQC0AB1D1TVIEQWMQSamDanae "samdanae"0041326412800My dogs love these!I have been buying these Smokehouse chicken poppers for at least two years now but was glad to find them on as they are quite a bit cheaper then in my local grocery store. I have two little (each 20 lbs) dogs and both of them love these little crunchy treats.
339593339593B000VVUQC0A1B8J2BCTLXNLUDeltadiver050051300752000Dogs Love ItWe have 5 dogs in our family and they all got this for Christmas from us. They all loved them. Shipping was fast and they are cheap for how much the dogs like them. Enjoy
339594339594B000VVUQC0ATE0LZB7EN09WJoann R. Walker0051294963200My Dogs Love TheseI tried these on a lark when buying the Charlie Bear treats. I have a Yorkie and a Maltese and it's nice to give them a REALLY crunchy treat. They loved them right off the bat. I highly recommend them.
339595339595B000VVUQC0AB9UH5L6OD4RSJILL LINDEMOEN0031284336000dogs ate after walking awayI think the dogs liked them, but the smell doesnt allure them to take it right away. They left them and came back later. They are very hard. One of my dogs cant eat, too hard to bite. They are ok.
339596339596B000VVUQC0A2H4HIXK1U7PWDJazzi19990051278979200Fantastic Versatile Snack!The first time I purchased these poppers, my scotties must have figured I won the lottery. They love the taste, they love the crunch and it's the only ball I can get them to chase (and return everytime! The only thing that would make it a better product for me is a more detailed nutritional breakdown. One of my scotties was recently diagnosed with Cushing's disease and along with this disease it is typical that high blood pressure is a concurrent issue. Not knowing how much salt is in the product is making me question future purchases. I realize that this is an industry-wide problem and no way lessens the absolute joy of watching "my girls" chasing their poppers! An absolutely great treat!!!
339597339597B000VVUQC0A3U7Q41SJ4PWIE. Maddox0051268179200My dogs rate them a five star itemI have two Chihuahuas who are housebound. They are trained to peepads/newspaper. They are rewarded for using those facilities since Chihuahuas have been known to lift elsewhere and everywhere. This is perhaps the favorite reward which delights me. I had been using dog jerky type treats but didn't think it was as healthy and it certainly was gummy. If these crunchy items are meeting the challenge of treating the dogs and perhaps helping keep down dental plaque I am very happy.
339598339598B000VVUQC0A38S389R45ENRRS. Sterk0041267574400Homerun HitMy dogs go nuts for these little crunchy nuggets of chicken and rice. It's fun to hear them crunching away!
Another consistently reliable quality product. I wait for Super Saver for free shipping to defray the price a bit.
Big Hit with my dogs.
339599339599B000VVUQC0A2T2W0ZD3PHGLYC. W. Johnson "Lover of old (and some new) books"0051266105600Love Them!!!!My breeder recommended these for my 4 lb. "Morkie" - she is very selective and picky about treats, chews, etc. She says many are dangerous - especially for tiny dogs like mine. My Lilly "adores" these! I think she would gobble up the entire bag if I let her. They are chicken and rice - nice and crunchy - small enough for her tiny mouth..... I highly recommend these!!
339600339600B007FRDKXUAFDPBQ21LQFF4Jeannine Bondurant "J9"0051347235200Favorite tea thus farI've tried a few different flavors but this flavor is by far my favorite. It produces a strong, solid, slightly spicy flavor with a minimal amount of tea. Sugar is almost unnecessary. The leaves are re-usable up to about 3 times. I'd order this over and over if the number of flavors available wasn't as enticing as it is!

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