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339601339601B007FRDKXUA3521D4ZJ6A6ZELev0051345939200The spiciest chaiI am a chai snob. I love chai, but have demanding standards about what I will and won't drink. Most lattes are too sweet and not spicy enough for me. This tea is far and away the most spicy, full of a rich flavors of cinnamon, ginger and cardamom, and yet, it has a very sweet note as well, probably because of the carob. The oolong tea leaves allow you to steep it long enough to get a strongly spiced flavor without the tea tannins going bitter. I don't even blend it into milk or add sugar -- I think a strongly brewed cup is perfect as it is. It's great to travel with if you have a strainer mug or brew it before you go, because even as it cools off it continues to taste spicy yet sweet. I much prefer it to Teavana's other chai blends, and over any other chai I've had really. While pricey, I find 2 oz. lasts about two weeks if you drink one large 12oz tumblr of tea a day, and longer if you're drinking an 8oz mug. The used leaves don't rebrew particularly well and take on a kind of "metallic" taste if you boil the leaves to try and improve the weak flavor of the rebrew, but this seems a small criticism of an otherwise excellent and robust tea.
339602339602B007FRDKXUA2QNXFKGNOC4ZCDan "dnash62"0051297814400Excellent spicy teaThis is an excellent spicy tea! Ran out and can hardly wait for more. Was introduced to this by my office mate and have enjoyed it ever since. This is stronger and quite spicy, in a very good way. Not for the faint of heart though!
339603339603B004353AWSA22G4LL8CHIQEAmanaalaq2251326931200Came in Great ShapeTostitos chips are tostitos chips, but what I was really happy with was the shape that these chips came in. There was very little breakage from traveling so far. A lot of our boxes come to us looking like they were handled by gorillas, and I feared we would have nothing but crumbs by the time something like chips got to us... but they were good and in good shape.
339604339604B0014SUFCKA1ENVOMARGUWQMBrista2251234742400Cat Food Made With Not-Disgusting Ingredients! Who Knew?THE SHORT VERSION: My picky cats took to this immediately and it seems to have helped them with their digestive (throwing up) issues. The ingredients are much healthier than the standard "animal by-products" found in even the pricier pet food brands (IAMS, Pedigree, Fancy Feast, etc.). Even though it's a little more expensive, I think it's worth it. This company also makes a similar product for dogs that is packaged in a similar-looking bag, so make sure you get the correct stuff.

Now for the longer version...

(1) Healthier for the cats! No scary bits-and-pieces-by-products ingredients! Many pet food brands - many "premium" pet-food brands have the exact same disgusting ingredients as el cheapo store brands, but charge you three times the price and give you the false idea that you're feeding your pets well.

(2) Small pieces -- my cats don't seem to like the bigger kibble sizes. The dog food version of this has much larger pieces with little peas/carrots mixed in.

(3) Nice packaging -- I like these plastic bags much more than the standard paper bags (that often tear) and the cardboard boxes (that are easily dumped by the cats). Plus, if the water dish gets knocked over, it won't soak through the bag and make the food soggy and gross.

(4) Did I mention healthier for the pets? Seriously, everyone should find out what's in standard pet food, because it's completely disgusting and in no way safe or healthy for pets. While I won't be eating my pets' food any time soon, at least with Halo I know that (technically) I probably could. And if I had little kids running around, I'd rather have a brand of pet food like this around in case curious kids decide to taste it.

(1) Harder to find -- I have been purchasing this from my local organic store. I have not seen it carried at any other grocery/drugstore and I live in a fairly large metropolitan area. It may be carried at a PETCO/other pet chain, but the last time I went into a big pet box store, there were NO healthy cat foods. Everything had byproducts and gross stuff. So I haven't been back to one of those to check for HALO. Since PETCO apparently carries it online now, they are probably carrying it in the stores as well. But it doesn't seem to be any cheaper there than at my organic store, so I'll stick to the local store. Speaking of price...

(2) Cost -- It's not a ridiculous price and is certainly worth it when you compare ingredients, but it's hard to get other family/friends to buy good stuff for their own pets when they can pick up el cheapo pet food for a buck or two. I'm trying to find it online for a little cheaper, but so far (once S+H is factored), haven't found it yet. I'd also like to buy it in bulk, but haven't found that yet either.

The Bag Design - HALO carries wet and dry food for cats and dogs. They also seem to carry the same flavor for each animal - for instance, there is Wild Salmon Cat Food and Wild Salmon Dog Food. Now, the first time I buy a new food brand for the cats, I do exactly what I do for myself: I turn the package over and read the description and all the ingredients before buying. When I go to buy more, I don't usually read it. So I just grabbed the pink bag that said HALO and Spot's Stew - Wild Salmon. When I dumped some of the food into my cats' bowl, the kibbles were about twice the size and also had little peas and carrots in it. I thought that was weird, but assumed they had changed the packaging. Then when I put the bag back into the cabinet, I noticed something - in the picture on the front of the bag, the woman was holding a dog. Not a cat. And of course, then I read it, saw that it saw DOG FOOD, and felt kind of silly. But you know, pink bag, watercolor-like picture of woman with an animal, had the correct flavor and brand...anyway, the cats were not really that interested in the dog food, but they ate about a bowl or so and also had wet food until I could get back to the organic store for cat food. Luckily, I had someone to give the dog food to so it didn't go to waste. If you're buying this, make sure it says cat food. The bags are similar and if you're in a hurry and not paying attention, you might end up with the wrong stuff.

Apparently Ellen Degeneres is a co-owner of this company, which is cool, I guess, so if you need a celebrity thumbs-up before you buy anything, you've got at least one!
339605339605B0014SUFCKA6UYLUGHHB6ZLK. Oelschlaeger2251225929600Premium, high quality, tasty cat foodI have not yet purchased this product from this particular vendor, but I will say that this is a top of the line pet food with a taste that my finicky cat loves. (I purchased a bag from the local natural food store.) Great ingredient list and minimal grain/carbohydrate content. I personally would choose the pea protein and barley this food contains over potato or "potato starch" which is found in most pet foods marketed as "grain-free". This is not the cheapest pet food on the market, but you get what you pay for. I would highly recommend this food for those looking for a premium dry cat food. My cat eats mostly wet and raw foods, but I sprinkle this dry food on top since he loves it so much.
339606339606B0014SUFCKABQVDKWU40G0VSinclair "=)"1611266364800Junk Food labeled as healthy food."Pea Protein" is a leading ingredient in these foods. This shouts "WARNING!" at anyone who knows about nutrition. Adding this processed ingredient is a sneaky way to reduce the amount of meat needed to meet minimum protein levels and it has a hidden way of possibly harming your pet. Naming the ingredient "pea protein" indicates that the pea has been hydrolyzed and that processed free glutamic acid (same harmful chemical that is in MSG) is present.

MSG can harm your pet, just as it can harm people. Only some pets are affected by MSG just as only some people are. Also, many processed pet foods will contain some form of MSG. There is just no way to know if your pet is getting headaches from it's food as the pet will probably not make the connection on it's own. Try to stick to simple raw diets when you can. If you have to feed pre-processed foods, avoid "hydrolyzed" anything or " corn/soy/wheat/pea protein" in the ingredient list to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Also, people should know that cooked grains have no place in the canine/feline diet. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure cooked anythings have no place in the canine or feline diet.

Want a healthy pet? Keep It Simple, Silly

If you want a vibrantly healthy, flea-free pet, feed a raw diet. If you can't afford a commercially prepared raw diet, then just feed raw meaty bones (chicken thighs, legs, wings, turkey necks, beef ribs...). If you can't do this all of the time then do it 3 days a week and feed a good quality canned or air-dried food on other days (not freeze-dried). If your pet seems to need more wellness at any point in time, increase the raw meals. There are many online resources that can help you to learn how to feed raw. Adding organs is not always necessary (unless an imbalance is detected). Also, vegetables are completely unnecessary in the canine/feline diet. Most pets do perfectly well on a diet of meat and bone with nothing more. Keep it simple (add other ingredients only if the need arises).

If you need to feed a dry, prepared diet, try ZiwiPeak 'Daily-Dog' Cuisine; or ZiwiPeak 'Daily-Cat' Cuisine; \; Venison & Fish; It will cost more than feeding raw meats, but at least it doesn't have grains in it and you shouldn't have the vet bills that would come along with feeding the products pushed by the above referenced book.

Good Luck, pet lovers.
339607339607B003DDBTQKA3M881HM8ITJRJHardin90051322870400Awesome SaltIt's a very rich salt because of the lava mixed in the equation, strong, adds awesome taste to food dishes, and vegetable beverages, I highly recommned this salt.
339608339608B0025UCJ3EA2A9X58G2GTBLPWolfee12251310083200THE ONE I NEED!Del Monte Chili, I've been using it for the one I need specially when I make Barbecue Sauce, two bottles of them, made with great tasting tomatoes and spices and a hint of vinegar, one of the many ingredients along with tomato sauce, brown sugar, honey that adds so much richness and flavor to my Barbecue Sauce

This Chili Sauce also goes in my Pot when I make Chili Recipes, however, I don't always find it where I shop so it's great to have the option to get it here and don't have to drive all over Town looking for it wasting gas, it comes straight right to your front door, now how good is that! I love the convenience! Thank You
339609339609B003DDBTQ0A3M881HM8ITJRJHardin90051322870400Awesome SaltIt's a very rich salt because of the lava mixed in the equation, strong, adds awesome taste to food dishes, and vegetable beverages, I highly recommned this salt.
339610339610B000WAVRBYAC2TLOZU2DAUVH. Oliver "volkspider"3341194739200Good fruit-flavored teaI don't normally like fruit-flavored teas, but this one is very good. The pomegranate taste is subtle enough that it doesn't feel like it's clashing with anything else in the packet. They make a great iced tea.

These bags have a bit less actual tea in them than most others, but they also seem to steep more thoroughly. I like these "sachet" bags; they sink better than the traditional sorts and don't trap air bubbles.
339611339611B000WAVRBYA2EVQTAQK3LIY9J. Sarna2251256860800A Perfect BlendNot too sweet or fruity, not too strong. My daughter loves this tea in the morning with breakfast or in the afternoon when she comes home from school and it comes in a nice tin which makes it easy and convenient to use.
339612339612B000WAVRBYAZRX3GRR9R7C2Nichole Daily1151210291200Delicious and fun!This is great subtle tasting tea. And serving it is so much fun since it's packaged in the tea sachets!
339613339613B000WAVRBYA1GH5XR2Q91RPMDixon Hewlett0011335052800deceptive rip off? bland flavourHonestly, my dissatisfaction is partially my mistake for not reading the tin well enough. I thought I was getting loose tea, since that's what you normally get in this kind of container (Twinnings), not a mere 20 tea bags. The tin is full of these sachets and very little tea - its practically empty!
I'm also dubious about the flavouring. The tin says "Exootic Oolong with Pomegranate" on the front. In the fine print on the back, it says, "... pomegranate flavor". So I'm now guessing that its not natural pomegranate flavour, but some weird chemical concoction that I really don't want to ingest! So either its artificially flavoured and artfully packaged to give the impression of being naturally flavoured, or its full of the good stuff and their marketing dept. has mistakenly neglected to make this obvious. I'm cynical, so I'm guessing the former conclusion. That's why I'm giving the one star.
As for the flavour, its not that good. I just get a nose full of the (artificial) pomegranate flavour and none of the tea.

btw - if I'm proven wrong about my conclusion about the flavouring, I'll gladly edit my review.
339614339614B000WAVRBYA38JGYS84GZQ51halfsister0051328054400Pomegranate OolongI was given a sample of this tea and loved it so I bought some. When I had friends over, I served this and several went home with samples.
339615339615B000WAVRBYA2AE05C3GLP0PIlauren0131308700800Nice Smell, Boring TasteWhen you first open a tin of this, you smell this nice fruity aroma. But, when you taste it, you realize the flavor is kind of dull and lacking. I'd probably only buy this again for a party or something, since it's expensive too.
339616339616B001E52Z94A1EC7K3IPS639AAnnie R "infoholic"3351215043200They've added fiber!One of my guilty pleasures has become a little less guilty . . . Post has added a source of fiber to bring the suggested serving up to 4 grams. Yeah! Malt-o-Meal and I believe Kellogg's brand is still down around 1 gram of fiber per serving. It's still pretty sugary, though, but as a late night dessert it beats ice cream! Have always loved this cereal.
339617339617B001E52Z94A213XTQ2GX3HWDNAYA3351200528000A Great Fun CerealI have enjoyed this cereal for years. Unlike many 'fun' cereals it has a lot to offer both in nutrition and fiber content. I often treat myself to a cup, which is 4 grams of fiber.
339618339618B001E52Z94A2UZ4PV7XYN016Linh Nguyen3451204243200It's deliciously yummy!Who doesn't love chocolate? Who doesn't love chocolate milk? :) And when the two comes together in a tasty breakfast cereal, what's not to love?

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day so you better eat right.

One thing though... I don't know why anybody would want to buy this online. It's comes out to 5.42/box (free shipping). I paid $3.49+tax at a local store.
339619339619B001E52Z94A3PNLVU1ZX1XJGJ. Braun "Eeyore_jb"01611178064000Did not buy this itemDon't know why this is here as I never purchased this item.
339620339620B001EO6140A9VZEGWJ48TVVMarsha Auger4451231200000Excellent scungilliThis product is excellent. Snail salad is a Christmas Eve tradition for our family. We have used these snails for a Christmas Eve near Seattle WA and near Charleston, SC in the past 3 years. Drain and rinse the snails before you prepare the snail salad. We add sliced red onion, sliced celery, italian dressing, salt, pepper and oregano. All to your individual taste.
339621339621B001EO6140A1TCX1T1DULG9EMichele1151323129600Absoutley Amazing!!!I am an Italian American from Brooklyn, NY and our Christmas eve tradition is 7 fishes. We make a fish salad with shrimp, crap, octupus, squid, and scungilli for one of our dishes. However living in the mid-west we have not been able to find Scungilli anywhere. Never did I imagine I would find it on Amazon. This is the exact product we have purchased for years from our tradition Italian grocery stors in Brooklyn. I am forever grateful to and pledge my un-dying love and devotion to them for carrying this product. This will be a great surpris to my mom, I can't wait for her to open the box when it arrives at her house!!
339622339622B001EO6140A1169XO856SF29magnoliamae11151319846400So glad that I found thisWe used to eat conch all the time in Florida and the Caribbean. We were even able to buy fresh, tenderized conch in the grocery stores in Florida. No more. I guess it is an endangered species as it is hard to find on restaurant menus any more, also. I learned how to make milk based Conch Chowder years ago when it was plentiful. Boy, have I missed this delicacy. I never thought that canned conch would be as good as fresh, but it's definitely the next best thing. I usually use 4 cans of conch to make 2 gallons of chowder. It is delicious. I give this product 5 stars. If you love conch, and know how to prepare it, you will love this product. I have this auto shipped, so we eat conch chowder every other month.
339623339623B001EO6140AP3QC3Q23P8VUItailian Kid "Itailian Kid"1151270425600great productMy family has made this scungilli in hot red sauce dish every Christmas for years now. Grandma now actually prefers the canned over the fresh because it's more soft!
339624339624B001EO6140AZH8I0G5AJ4NJBonton "Bonton"1151269043200Canned ConchI was skeptical of canned conch but wanted to try for conch fritters. It worked and I would use this again as I don't have access to fresh conch anymore. I wouldn't use it alone (fried conch) but it is a great item for fritters.
339625339625B001EO6140A26JYIPTHH25VCMoto0051346544000Wonderful for white pasta sauceAn absolute must ingredient in seafood pasta along with fresh mushrooms/ fresh shrimp and razor clams. Make a white wine sauce and toss with linguine, a crusty loaf and a dry white bottle.....
339626339626B001EO6140A3324JT84C1A9KDouglas F0041323302400Excellent conchPerfect in fritters: nice and chewy. A little fishy smelling coming from the can, but I believe that is unavoidable, and in any case the fishiness goes away with cooking.
339627339627B001EO6140ASVWJWXSS467SCarole Orndoff1251236988800ScungiliI have been trying to find this product for tne years. I never dreamed I could get it on Amazon. Thanks
339628339628B001EO6140APZBQQ8TZLLHDdebbyloch0131330905600ehhWhat can i say about this..ehh.I think the idea of serving it after we came back from the Islands intrigued me more.It's ok,just not for me.
339629339629B000LLK9MMA1SEFW1W3MPF2BMommy4110051255910400mmmmmmGreat for dipping shrimp in for those that don't like horseraddish. Also, great with cream cheese and salad shrimp. Can't remember exact recipe. If I find it, I'll post it.
339630339630B000HDCNBYA1F7YU6O5RU432Angela Streiff1151315699200One of my favorite snacksI love Crunch N Munch in the Buttery Toffee flavor. The popcorn they use is light and airy. The toffee coating is not sticky or too hard. I have some extensive dental work in my mouth and I am able to enjoy this without any problems.

There are peanuts in it, but they are minimal. Not overwhelming the mix, just some sprinkled through out. The mix is not too sweet but not at all salty. A delicious snack that I always end up eating way too much of!

For those who are looking for a list of ingredients they are listed as:
(Reading these off the side of the box I have in front of me)

Corn Syrup
Brown Sugar
Margarine (colored with Beta Carotene and vitamin A Palmitate)
Less than 2%: Salt, Soybean oil, Soy Lecithin, Sodium Bicarbonate
Natural Flavor

For those who suffer from food allergies, there is also the warning that these may contain:
Milk, Peanuts, Soy, Almonds, Cashews and Walnuts

The Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size 2/3 of a cup
~Per serving~
Calories: 150
Calories from fat: 50
Total Fat: 6g
Saturated Fat 1.5g
Sodium: 170mg
Total Carbohydrate: 22g
Sugars: 12g
Protein: 2g

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