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339631339631B000HDCNBYA29U098WBEP897Shery321151244419200Crunch 'n Munch Butter Toffee PopcornThis is a great snack that I've tried when I was visiting a friend. I would buy it again and would recommend trying it. You'll love it!!!
339632339632B000HDCNBYA2YSFKX18XTHEDBillie Vanderburg "Smart Shopper"1151203379200This Is A Great Quick SnackThis is a great quick snack when you want something "a little sweet, a little salty". We stock up on this when we go camping in the summer because it is foil packed and stays much fresher than most plastic packaged snacks. This is not the larger-sized boxes, but the 7 serving size (if you only eat 2/3 cup per serving - not much of a chance of that!) so it doesn't have a chance to get sticky and chewy before it is gone.
339633339633B000HDCNBYA2Z6ILVB8QVFOLE. Larsen1151200614400Yum!I bought a case of these and gave them to neighbors in gift containers for Christmas. They were delighted! It was easy and tasty. Best of all there was some left over for my family!
339634339634B000HDCNBYA3AZJKITMIV323J. Daniel0021330560000Check the box sizeLove Crunch N Munch and this product was fresh and tasted great. Only problem, the product is mis-represented. Description shows 7.5 ounce boxes, however I actually received 6 ounce boxes. I complained to Amazon and they gave me a 20 percent credit. So make sure you are getting what you pay for.
339635339635B000KO9T8KA2PN55MTK1BIL5penny131151293321600Classic indulgence!I was so glad to be able to find the green creme de menthe! So festive on plain vanilla ice cream for the holidays.
339636339636B000KO9T8KA1QYGTAEYCZYCVD. Vito "SetterGirl"1151270771200Yummy Mint Syrup makes a refreshing spritzerWe've been looking for this syrup everywhere. And as soon as we received it, we almost emptied the bottle with after dinner spritzers.
339637339637B000KO9T8KA388DOEESVJ9VSN. Vance0041344211200Flavorful Italian ImportVery flavorful and makes a great drink. Imported and you will not be disappointed in your purchase. Make that wonderfully refreshing drink on a hot day.
339638339638B000KO9T8KA31N41N2FGA3PBMarco Messina0051339027200Great syrup!Awesome tasting mint syrup. Reminds of Italy. Just mix it with water and you have yourself a refreshing drink any time of day
339639339639B000KO9T8KA10O0I61AWZDDARosanna Palermo0051331510400AuthenticI have been looking for an "authentic" mint syrup ever since Ferrara Mint syrup became scarce. This is not only good, it's better!! The mint truly sings and is not cloyed by sugar like the Torani version or funkly medicinal taste like other brands I tried.
This tastes exactly like the refreshing "menta" I used to enjoy on hot summer nights while growing up in Italy. Mix it with cold sparkling water for an extra "twist", or with cold milk (this last may sound weird, but it's delicious), also try it over ice cream or with rum for a Mojito out of this world. Salute!
339640339640B000KO9T8KA8ES4VXSVNSHIhatemalls "professor1"3531217462400I love this stuff on icestarted drinking it in France (menthe-a-lou) and got hooked. good on ice with some water on a hot summer day.
339641339641B004QH8M5IA1LF58OEQ4ZTHHMomo-zo4421320624000Buyers, be aware!First of all, I love and I have always enjoyed the convenience of making a few clicks to purchace almost anything I want and get it delivered right away. I rarely write product reviews but I think I should this time to let others know what I have found out. If you have Asian grocery store within driving distance and you would like to get this product, I recommend you get it from there or at least make a trip to check out the price. I was shocked to find out that I could have gotten this product for 10 dollars less (it is $19.95 at the store). The product itself is OK - it wasn't as soft as they said it is so I cook with "brown rice mode" with my rice cooker. To be honest, I cannot really tell the difference from the regular brown rice, but I am a big fan of Koshihikari (premium short grain rice) so I think I will continue to buy this product unless I find better alternatives - but never from Amazon again!!
339642339642B004QH8M5IA2X6GQD2EK5017J. Nadel3341325203200The best brown rice ever!First off, the other review is correct, $30 is overpriced and if you can find this in a local Asian market, you will find it for less. However, this is the best tasting brown rice I have ever had. I completely understand the comment that it was too mushy/soft. When I cooked this with the brown rice setting of my rice cooker, it came out a gooey mess. The trick is to cook it exactly as you would cook white rice. If you do that, you will find it tastes almost exactly like white rice, but you get all the health and nutritional benefits of brown rice. This will be my go to brown rice from now on.
339643339643B004QH8M5IA3GKM8S5MZ9F17Love_HealthyRice0051343520000Perfect healthy rice on the earth!!!Best, perfect, the fluffiest brown rice like white rice but with the tasty nuttiness!!! Cooked as instructed on the package (but in a pot like I usually do which is actually very simple, easy and quicker than using the rice cooker.) I am Japanese, living in the most major cities in the world since I was a teenager. I love cooking anywhere I live, and so far this brown rice is the best rice I ever had, seriously!! :) I will buy this for my mom in Tokyo to make her impress how tasty & fluffy this rice is! Recommend to everyone who likes the short grain white/brown rice.
339644339644B0005YLONIA33OGOCCVA0UZ5Julie N. Bradford2251156723200Authentic Italian MarinaraI agree with the first reviewer. It is absolutely the best. It does cost more, but it is worth every penny, because it tastes like it came right out of an Italian kitchen. I bought two bottles of this sauce and made a delcious lasagna with it. I browned 1 pound of ground sausage, 1 pound of ground beef, added the 2 bottles of sauce, and then added 2 fresh cloves of pressed garlic. In between the layers of the meat sauce and pasta, I added lowfat cottage cheese, freshly chopped parsely, and grated sharp cheddar cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. You could use this sauce in so many different ways and would never be disappointed with the outcome of your meal.
339645339645B0005YLONIAYWOLDPFBSQ8DOilatum "Oilatum"2251134604800Best Sauce I've had from a JarThis sauce is handsdown the best I have ever had out of a jar. A little pricey compared to the regular sauce - but this is remarkably better.
339646339646B0005YLONIA2ZOL79SQEO5SZPaul Keller1151175040000Nothing else in a bottle comes closeJust thinking about this stuff makes me hungry. I added a bit of red wine to give it a little kick, served it over some Rustichella Pasta Penne and my family ate the whole batch. Absolutely great stuff.
339647339647B0005YLONIA1M0NSPRIKC1KAPasta luvr0011341532800What Happened to the Rao's recipeI have always been a fan or Rao's Marinara sauce and willing to shell out the premium price of $7-$9 a bottle. However of late (I would say within the last 3-6 months) the recipe or process has apparently changed. The sauce is no where near as fresh tasting as it once was. The sauce is now more homogenized and bland to the point that I will no longer shell out the premium price for a product that is no better then sauces selling for $2 a bottle. It is sad that the company has cut corners in the way that they have (perhaps they have expanded production and are using a new supplier). I hope that they return to their original recipe or drop the new manufacturing source.

Considering the price point and the average quality I would rate the current product as poor.

I would be interested in other opinions.

Sign me an unhappy customer.
339648339648B000RHVJG0A2JAOLAGGO0STZD. Colasante "Faradave"5651264550400Brain Food?!I became a fan of dried shiitake mushrooms upon receiving a sample at Costco (rehydrated in warm water and sautéed with a dried garlic parmesan mix). Delicious but after a year my Costco stopped carrying it. These are the best value on Amazon and excellent quality. I've ordered 4 lbs. for myself now. They keep for ages, just clip the bag shut. There are big slices in the bag but they can be easily crushed by hand into recipes where smaller pieces are desired.

In the winter, my most convenient use is to drop a handful into 8 oz. of water in a small pot and bring it to a simmer (I include a big pinch of rolled oats if I'm really hungry). Stir for a minute, then turn off the heat and add a can of Campbell's condensed chicken noodle soup. The final temp. is just right for me this way. Total prep. time 5 minutes, 1 pot, 1 spoon.

Here's the interesting part. I'm an inventor. I always have a few challenging projects going at a time. They are ambitious so I often run into problems of an engineering/math/physics type. They can seem insurmountable, so when this happens I switch projects to give my subconscious mind a chance to work on the problem. Anytime, I'm stuck in traffic, standing in line, or just bored, I roll out the problem and ponder it. It's been my habit for decades. What I noticed by accident is that 24-36 hours after eating the dried shiitakes, my problem solving yield goes way up. At first, I was just happy to have the new ideas but then I noticed this happens more in cold weather. That corresponds to the soup trick, and after many trials I have to say it seems reliable. I even save up problems now, in my head, have the soup and wait in happy anticipation for progress.

To be clear, there is no "high" experienced here. I feel perfectly normal after eating these and I wouldn't have noticed a thing except for my habit of always having some problem in the back of my mind to work on. Also, the effect is not immediate. Ideas, start at about 24 hours after ingestion and seem to peak at 36 hours fading gradually by about 56 hours. If I were still in college, I would want to time ingestion for peak problem solving on tough exams.

I would be very interested in anyone else reporting this kind of effect (or lack of it).
339649339649B000RHVJG0AL2I30GJ5J5MKsurya2221303603200taste is ok, but too toughI became a fan of dried shiitake mushrooms upon buying them at Costco. Since the Costco does not always have it in stock, I tried these. The taste is OK, but worse than the Costco one. The biggest problem is they are too tough and some seemed uncooked even after long time boiling, I am disappointed.
339650339650B000RHVJG0A1XQMQMF07QZQSGalCalif "Visit my Amazon Profile page!"1121304208000Not quite as nice as some of the other ones from same VendorThese have a lot of pretty hard stems that never soften up, and these are less flavorful than some of the other dried mushrooms from the same vendor. I rate these a 2, therefore. However, they are decent price for the amount you get. The quality was uniform, but tons of stems and not much flavor. I prefer the oyster mushrooms or the blends of mixed mushrooms they sell (the blends have shitake in them also).
339651339651B005VTZODIA1F7SX3GNVBNE3Joshua G. Feldman "Technophile"2351328140800Bushmills 1608 is a an usually rich and complex Irish whiskeyBushmills 1608 is a limited anniversary edition made with a more richly flavored grain: crystal malt.

Rosy amber - coppery - in the glass. It's a much richer color than usually seen in Irish.

The nose is rich and sweet with butterscotch, maple, and malted milk with vanilla and sherry lingering. It's yummy.

Entry is toffee sweet with a gentle midpalate expansion of sherry, vanilla, cream soda with muted hints of the Bushmills mint. It is a rich and sweet presentation. Peppery around edges of tongue. Finish is gentle and relatively short, arriving with drier notes of herbal bitters, oats, and more oaky vanilla. The herbal quality adds a bitter final note that feels bracing - a balance to the sweetness up front. The herbal final note is recognizably kin to the mint found earlier in the palate in the more commonly met Bushmills & Bushmills black.

All in all a richer more complex array of flavors than one usually meets in an Irish whiskey. Bravo. If it weren't for Middletons I'd say this rivaled the top of the heap. This is clearly one of Ireland's stand out whiskeys. Highly recommended.
339652339652B000LKV4LSA70NFM6KHU24FTrevor Burnham161821244332800Doesn't work as well in pasta formI'm a huge fan of Ezekiel 4:9 cereal, which is absolutely delicious (especially hot) as well as wholesome. Ezekiel 4:9 bread (which is sold frozen) is also pretty good. But their spaghetti? Not so much.

First off, no matter how much you boil it, it has a rough texture that takes away the great aesthetic virtue of spaghetti: that delicate, wrap-around-your-fork silkiness. And then there's the taste. It's difficult to describe (one favorable reviewer compares it to a bran muffin); in any case, it's a distinctive flavor that, in my opinion, does not play well with pasta sauce. And if spaghetti won't go with sauce, then what's the point?
339653339653B000LKV4LSA3C051R996G1UXvegan muffin8851206748800deliciously wholesomeThis is delicious! I like to have it plain with parmesan cheese sprinkled on it

(boiling time may take a minute or two longer than suggested on box, but make sure you don't overcook, as it raises the glycemix index of the food)
339654339654B000LKV4LSA10BIC6VI9TI6SS. Blossom "sb"8951251936000healthy option that's delicious with heavy saucesSo, this tastes nothing like durum semolina wheat pasta. BUT, it's a delicious, healthy alternative for people who are watching their carbs or gluten intake OR for people who want a high-protein low-carb option that fills you up. This pasta *is* the noodle equivalent of a bran muffin. I find it goes well with heavy meat-based sauces - think the hearty "just like Grandma used to make" variety. Once you get used to this taste, it's delicious, but it is NOT a wheat pasta substitute... that would be like saying bran muffins are a substitute for Wonderbread.
339655339655B000LKV4LSA2GW15DPSG0K3PDawn2251246147200HEALTHY ALTERNATIVEI am so happy to be able to eat pasta again! It's not only made from sprouted organic whole grains, but it also has 9 grams of protein as well.

Here's the key: you need to cook it about 9 minutes. If you only cook as per directions on box, you will not like it.
339656339656B000LKV4LSAIO58C8TKGZZI.4511265328000disappointedTerrible texture, despite several trials of cooking lengths and with/without salted water. Always turns out mushy, sticks to my teeth, and breaks easily. Raccoto brand of 8-grain-pasta has a similar nutrition profile (with more fiber I think?) and tastes/feels much much better. And, as a bonus, is about a third of the price of Ezekiel-- at my local store, at least.
339657339657B000LKV4LSA3UVK29QSLJ1KMS. Murray4541220486400Better than "normal" pasta!If you eat this and expect it to taste like pasta you won't like it. It tastes like a nice low-sugar organic bran muffin. It's so good I eat it with just a dash of soy sauce. I'm a runner and I get very hungry, then I eat too much wheat pasta and I never lose any weight. (but I do get in shape, so that's good) But, this brand helped me with my weight goal since it fills me up without the blood sugar spike I get with "normal" pasta. It's the only "diet food" that I crave-- it's just so yummy.

It's a real hunger-buster a small serving of this keeps carb cravings at bay for many many hours. Even if you love your carbs as much as I do.
339658339658B000LKV4LSA45XDEVHP0TAOT. ross6811263859200There is no Soy in the BibleVery unhappy with texture. Also very sad to see the Ezekiel brand jump on the soy bandwagon, this makes me question the integrity of there products.

If you believe soy is good for you then read " The Whole Soy truth" The Japanese eat mostly fermented soy which is ok in small amounts and Tofu is also eaten in small amounts. They also eat a much more healthy diet overall which can counter the negative effects of the small quantities of tofu they do eat.
339659339659B000LKV4LSA14D3RFEXB5TSKNikki0011340755200Annoyed that I wasted a "pasta night" on thisWe don't eat a lot of pasta (I tend to limit our wheat intake, including bread, etc.) I appreciate and know the idea between sprouted wheat and on the rare occasion that I buy bread, I buy sprouted wheat bread.

Because we don't eat a lot of pasta - and I LOVE pasta, I usually just buy the real thing, in a high quality, fresh brand - or, when I have time, I make fresh pasta at home.

However, I tried out a new recipe that called for wheat pasta. I would have used regular pasta, but the nuttier flavor of wheat pasta was better for this particular recipe. Against my better judgment, I decided to try this stuff.

I'm no stranger to cooking pasta. I've even successfully used gluten free pastas with no trouble. I understand about "not overcooking." But this stuff was something else. I tested frequently and yet the line between undercooked and gummy/overcooked is very very fine.

I tried to eat a plate of dinner, but it was nasty. I don't have any issue with the flavor - it's earthy & nutty. But the texture and gumminess is DISGUSTING. I wound up throwing the entire dinner away. And looking forward to a proper pasta night. I will not touch this stuff again.
339660339660B000LKV4LSA2NTGSGQBRYULHShauna0031303257600Tasteless, but okayNot bad. White flour products give me indigestion, so I was excited to try Ezekiel 4:9 pasta. I admit, I generally tend to overcook pasta (even with a timer set). Found the pasta to be a little gummy, and I wish I'd only cooked it for 3.5 min instead of 4 min per the instructions. It doesn't really have a taste either...really glad I have a good sauce. If you're in a pinch and MUST have pasta, I say you should go for it. If white flour didn't give me issues, I'd probably stick with regular pasta.

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