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339691339691B00168A9AGA1XXY2PCCP1XKWBernadette Rolfs0051299283200Best on the marketMy husband swears this is the best sassafras tea on the market, he's tried them all and always returns to Pappy's.
339692339692B0033CZHTGA2W5RBZW16DRBGArmel E. Thomas1151269648000Robust flavorOutstanding value for a superior coffee. The roast is perfect for flavor and aroma. If you like a bold coffee, you will love Forza Italiano
339693339693B0033CZHTGA1CHFJXEIWRNQArizona Golfer0051298505600Family and Guests Love ForzaFinest roast of coffee we have ever purchased. Wonderful aroma, beautiful, fresh beans - you notice as soon as you open the bag. Never seen beans like this before. We have served this coffee to many people and they all remark about its wonderful flavor.
339694339694B001FB6A0CAI7LE24Q9Q9BZstirfry2251330214400Soy Sauce CityJust what I was looking for, good, delicious soy sauce for my rice! Now if I can just find some authentic quality sticky rice somewhere...
339695339695B001FB6A0CA13WOT3RSXKRD5LD1151333670400I use it so much the large size is economical for meWhen I took a Chinese cooking class from a lady whose family owns 5 restaurants and specializes in Chinese gourmet dishes (yes there are common recipes and then there are superior tasting recipes with slightly more exotic ingredients and fancier preparation). She recommended Kikkoman which is slightly sweet over the saltier brands. Because of that I can use more volume to create more sauce without over powering the vegetables and meats. Gourmet recipes call for thick and thin soy sauce. An easier substitute is to combine the measurements and use Kikkoman.
339696339696B001FB6A0CA17IDRGDYBBTRRhaywire "haywire"1151331596800Soy sauceThis is my favorite brand of soy sauce. So to find such a large container was great for me. I have been using it a lot and it taste quite fresh each time. I would buy more.
339697339697B000LKVHZGA3MFFUU973C47MSunnyvale Reader4451191110400A must-have if you have celiac kids!When our family was diagnosed as celiac, and began life on a strict gluten-free diet, brownies were something we really missed. Then we discovered Namaste Brownie Mix - not only are the brownies GREAT, but it is as easy as can be to make them - eggs, water, oil, stir, bake.

I also like the fact that Namaste mixes are a great value - this makes a full pan of brownies (most GF mixes are scanty and make only a small pan) and it isn't that expensive. That means I can send brownies for the class party and not spend $20 doing so. Oh, and the best part? When I do send brownies for the class party, ALL the kids love them and nobody cares that they are gluten-free (except the celiac child who gets to fully participate in the party for a change).
339698339698B000LKVHZGA2E3WMF9RWW2X2K. Duvall3351258070400I am eating as I type...Yummy! We are not gluten free. But we are peanut and soy free. Which is a difficult combo to find premade mixes for. Then I found Namaste. I just baked up a whole bag of brownies. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! You would not know that these are gluten free. At first I thought I over baked them. When I cut in the crust was way crunchy. But inside was a fudge-y goodness that has the family happy. Amazingly good. I will make these for my sister in law too but sub for the eggs since she can't have those either. I can't wait to try the blondie mix on my counter and I also have the pancake mix too. Amazon has a great price compared to local markets.
339699339699B000LKVHZGA25BCO4U8QVPRVMachado Mom3351248048000Yummy!!!I've tried a few different brands of Gluten Free Brownie Mixes and Namaste is the best by far! A quick tip is to bake them in mini muffin pans for some yummy brownie bites. I highly recommend Namaste
339700339700B000LKVHZGA276Q6MJW8TAU4GF Princess2251281916800AMAZING GF-SF BrowniesI have to eat gluten-free, soy-free so I'm pretty used to the taste of these items..However, my hubby isn't and refuses to eat more than one bite of many Gluten-free, soy-free items that I purchase already made or mixes. However, for these, I can't keep him out of them. We both love them and I've had to start ordering the 6-pack from Amazon just so that I have the mix in house. They are that great! They are ooey-gooey, and so chocolatey!! Best thing I've had since I've been diagnosed!
339701339701B000LKVHZGA7NIBH3ZR6ATIjazz "jazz"2251243814400yum! Don't forget the nuts!I love these brownies with walnuts. They're moist and delicious! It's been so long since I've had a "real" brownie that I have no idea if these are exactly like a gluten brownie, but they're close enough that I like them better than any pre-made gluten free brownies I can find in the store.
339702339702B000LKVHZGACAQ2S870900FWendy A. Pooler1151275264000The bestThere is no way anyone could tell you that these were gluten free. I have served these at many a party. All loved them.
339703339703B000LKVHZGA2NV6EVUDPV0OPMary Jfitzpatrick "CrazyMary"1151266192000Like the real thingWhen I became gluten sensitive, I most missed baking from scratch. These are great; my friends can't tell the difference. Also try the blonde brownies. Of all the Namaste mixes, both brownies freeze very well when cut in small bite size cubes for when you want a little cheat eat ! Or they can be frozen in a good size square if you are young enough to not fret over the calories in a larger portion.
339704339704B000LKVHZGA3RE7RM9Z2OAYIBlake Harris1151262649600Delicious!My son has a milk and soy allergy. This is a hard combination to come by, especially if it is a premixed item. These are so good everyone was eating them!
339705339705B000LKVHZGA7UQOZIJG5GP8Jacob R. Thomas "Jake"1141241049600Delicious BrowniesAfter developing a gluten allergy, it was a real challenege to find good replacements. My wife found these brownies at a health store and both of us actually prefer them to the brownies we used to eat!
339706339706B000LKVHZGA32O4GWGVV9VAGjumpy100513482720005 stars if you add Guittard or Ghirardelli chocolate chipsI made these (using the whole mix in a 9 x 13 pan with a bag of Guittard special melty large chips and a bag of Ghirardelli regular chocolate chips) and they were amazing. If I weren't adding chocolate chips I would use the King Arthur Flour mix. But with chocolate chips, it was just the right cakey-ness to be the perfect brownie. As good or better than normal brownies! Don't overbake, though. Did it the 42 minutes required exactly and they were perfect.
339707339707B000LKVHZGA2X90K03MUAERPH Davey0041343520000Good ReplacementI made these several times. I added the additional chocolate chips to make them more "gooey" since that is how I prefer my brownies. They were the first gluten free baking mix I'd ever tried and I was satisfied with the resulting gooey chocolate bars. They satisfied my craving.

The texture was a different but not enough to throw me and the flavor was great.

They were very sweet with the main ingredient (if I recall correctly) being sugar plus I added the amount of chocolate chips they suggested for a variation. But I don't eat a lot of sweets so I am pretty sensitive to sweet foods compared to someone with a more standard western diet.

I just found I was gluten sensitive so this is a whole new game for me and I appreciate having these products to help me out.
339708339708B000LKVHZGA2EAU9X40SG9WHRailroadmom010051338076800Awesome!This is the first and LAST brownie mix I will ever try. They are WONDERFUL! They have a very soft and smooth texture, very chocolaty, and since I put about a half a cup of walnuts in mine, it must have taken all the "funny" taste out of them that everyone keeps talking about.
339709339709B000LKVHZGA3B0WYTTN8G7ILMrs. Vonie M. Gass "al"0051328659200The best!This is the best brownie mix ever! My kids love it and don't even realize it's gluten free. It's the only mix I use.
339710339710B000LKVHZGA1AZKG8ZATBZ81T. Lockwood0011327276800Disappointed...I have tried many other of Namaste's products and liked them all. So, to my surprise, I was disappointed when I tried these brownies. The taste was kind of funky - can't describe it, but it was "off" (note, I followed the instructions as provided). In addition, the texture was a little too spongy for me. I will not be buying these again.
339711339711B000LKVHZGA132ETQPMHQ585Donna's Reviews "I Love Shopping on Amazon!"0051311206400Pretty Yummy!I've just started using Namaste products!

Just made these last night!

Very Good Flavor! Very Happy!
339712339712B000LKVHZGA2UIJZ47F9MNLZDan B. Wood0041306540800Good StuffI don't know how this could be improved. I'm just happy that as a "Celiac" I can still occasionally enjoy what everyone else gets to eat. Add a few nuts or chocolate chips or mint flavor and you've got a great dessert.
339713339713B000LKVHZGAIM47BCJFPC0TPaul0041302048000super goodthis stuff is good. you can tell you aren't eating a butter-fest brownie but respect it for what it is and you will be pleasantly rewarded with it's deliciousness.
339714339714B000LKVHZGA3O4UB3FWY7JEYS. Green0051295654400The BEST!!!!I love these brownies. And so does everyone in my family that doesn't eat gluten free. Yes I have to share them. I usually cook half of the contents in an 8x8 pan. So really your get 12 different treats. Or you can cook all at once in a 13x9 pan. Then I top it of with my Chocolate gluten free, dairy free, soy free frosting. Yum. That's why buying bulk of six works for me. Much cheaper on amazon then in stores too. Like $2 a bag.
339715339715B000LKVHZGA1M0GH3BV7B9CRMs. Gandhi0051295308800Gluten-free diet or not, these are excellent brownies!Although I don't have celiac, I am trying to cut down on wheat flour in my diet, so I've tried to go gluten-free in some of my baking. I'd tried the Namaste spice cake mix in the past (great for making carrot cake), so I gave the brownies a try. Wow, am I glad I did! These make a full 9x13 pan of some of the darkest chocolate brownies I've ever found, with great taste and a very fudgy texture. When I don't need to make them for an event, I bake them in 2 8x8 pans and freeze one for future enjoyment, with no loss in quality. They are extra good with some toasted nuts or semi-sweet chocolate chips thrown in, as well as raisins if you want to turn them into a baked version of a Cadbury bar.

One heads up - even though my oven can be "slow" when baking other items, I've found that I can take these out of the oven a couple minutes early. I strongly recommend toothpick testing, so you don't overbake them.

Given my good experiences with two of the Namaste baking products, I'm ready to try more.
339716339716B000LKVHZGA2J2YK37ESUXBIAliciaD0051290211200Yum!Another excellent mix from Namaste and once again, people can't even tell it's gluten free. And unlike some other gluten free products they actually hold their texture and I don't need to microwave them to bring the texture back.

If you don't have peanut allergies - toss in some peanut butter chips with the batter. Peanut butter brownies :)
339717339717B000LKVHZGA2CWM05JHWKGMYHeather Miller0011288915200DisappointedThese brownies had a bitter cocoa taste that even frosting could not make sweet. I would add a cup of sugar if I were ever to make these again. I used 2 eggs instead of 3 and added about a tablespoon of water. It had a wonderful chewy texture however.
339718339718B0013H65HGA21V4WW6YABG33starzygote1151287964800Yummy!!I love these!! Its very difficult to put these down, but they are an acquired taste and texture. These chips are very similar to the "styrofoam" that come in the bottom of chinese take out (its actually a soy and rice cracker). I think they are delicious and if it have ever eaten other rice crackers you will enjoy these, they have a shrimp aftertaste and are a tiny bit sweet. I highly recommend picking up a bag of these and trying them out.
339719339719B000MIAOWEA1ZUDOHD0Y4TKVMatthew V. Naranjo "mnaran"8841196812800It's all about convenience--Sometimes that's important!The whole range of Chef Boyardee/ConAgra microwavable bowls are like a civilian version of the military's MRE's-- Portable, shelf stable, and ready to heat and eat at any time. They taste decent, and will hold you for several hours if you can't get away from the office for lunch, or are stuck at work late at night. Far cheaper than ordering out! This variety is a departure from the usual pasta/tomato sauce types on their menu, and it's quite good. More rice than chicken and veggies, but hey, it's a microwave emergency ration. Very good for what it is, and almost no extra liquid. I keep at least one in my desk for emergencies.
339720339720B000MIAOWEA2V3XFM0F7FFIWsandjoy6651203811200A great Gluten-Free product!It's very difficult to find gluten free products that are convenient for travel, cost effective and taste good. This one fits all those criteria.

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