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339751339751B001AWD97IA37UB63HQ2PBONMrsArta "Arta"0031302825600Its okMy baby liked it, so i like it, but it was kinda sour.
Pear and wild blueberries are much better :) and has 1 gr less sugar!
339752339752B001AWD97IA1BD342U8BF3UCBritney0151314230400I got this for a diet i triedOk, sounds crazy i know but i heard about this baby food diet and figured whats there to loose. The food tastes good, and im sure your baby will like it too hahaha!
339753339753B003LLV004A1BJQ00PCIHNVXM. Bullard "Tech Guru"0051347580800World's Best Chocolate! Warning: It is addictive!!! -)
339754339754B000SANS0GA3BGSQWC19BTLSJ. Chorney1111312070400Where's the lemon?Such a disappointment! The first requirement of a lemon-flavored tea is that there be a lemon flavor. The reason for Richardson'e almost total failure to achieve this is seen in the ingredient list, which starts with dried honey. While there is a hint of lemon eventually, there is no comparison with Stash's Meyer Lemon tea - which uses Myer Lemon oil, as well as lemongrass, to assure that the advertised flavor is present. I'll be pitching the box.
339755339755B000SANS0GAKZS7Z45ZCSIVA. Engleson1151279497600Price can't be beatI absolutely love the taste of this tea. There is just enough dehydrated honey pieces in the teabag to give it a tiny bit of sweetness but not too much. Tastes great, lasts a long time :)
339756339756B000SANS0GA2M509X2IC1JLOMary0051347148800Davidson's Tea Meyers Lemon 100 count Tea BagsI love the taste of this tea. It has a subtle sweet taste because of the honey flecks . It does not have a strong lemon taste. It's more a hint of honey lemon taste. It is very soothing on the throat . It is the only tea I drink.
339757339757B001IZIBESA2OE6BJEC3PBQUJ. Brill8851266796800Nice quality Turmeric - I make tea with itI wanted to try Turmeric to see if it helps with inflammation for arthritis. I could not find organic Turmeric in stores where I live, so I ordered this product from Amazon. I am very happy with the taste and quality. I put a teaspoon of Turmeric in some decaf green tea, with some black strap molasses and coconut oil and drink this daily. Weird concoction I know, but all of these ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties and I am into natural remedies.

Overall, these product has a great taste and quality.
339758339758B001IZIBESA1MHHOBLFARW7BChris5551295827200Turneric paste helps asthmaPour this turmmeric into a pan and add some water and cook it down to a paste for at least 8 minutes. Then, add 1 tsp of this paste into a warm glass of milk with black pepper sprinkled in. stir and drink. Watch how your asthma will improve rapidly! Drink twice per day, in morning and at night. Refrigerate the rest of the paste. The taste is ok. It stains so be careful not to spill the paste on anything. Also look into drinking raw milk and taking probiotics to help with your asthma or if you have eczema, which usually occur together. Not sure if turmeric supplements yield the same success.. but making a paste worked for my asthma, dramatically.
339759339759B001IZIBESA204QN2VRUQA9BFred T. Belcher Jr.3351289174400Nice SpiceI have never used turmeric before so I assume what I have is good quality. It seems to taste fresh and adds a nice, unusual flavor. I ordered it mainly for health is an awesome brain nutrient, along with many other benefits.
339760339760B001IZIBESA2MQILM9YVE6E0Cordelia Ryan "Cordy"2251304985600Very tasting..I love buying organic and this brand seems very tasty--strong but not bitter. I purchase this brand or Simply Organic and both are equally good I think. I love that Amazon gives us so many choices when my local grocery stores doesn't.
339761339761B001IZIBESA26RLD82G29M7UElaine McKee1151298332800spices!Just as described, in jars which is best for spices. Very fresh and clean, good price. I will order again from this company!
339762339762B001IZIBESAWBMGLP57SAGKCobe "Cobe"3451299456000Healthy and tastyOn top of the numerous health benefits of turmeric, this product is organic, fresh and very tasty. I use it in a variety of ways, add it to foods while cooking, after cooking and even to freshly made vegetable juices. Veggie soups taste delicious when some turmeric (or a lot) is added. Love it.
339763339763B0026LKJTSA1WGH8V8P9R15ABo Jenkins "Dog Lover"6651258588800Great productOur cats have traditionally lived between 18-22 years. We have been feeding them Iams forever. They enjoy the food and their waste is not overly stinky or big.
339764339764B0026LKJTSA344M4952B9D8YLori Fleming5551264809600Love IAMS!!With 5 cats I need to buy cat food in bulk!! Having it delievered to the door is a absolute must, so I love the delivery of Amazon. Just switched cats to this food - females are weight ok but the males seem to eat too much so hope this will keep them trimmer. Have all long haired cats - and who likes hariballs coming up?? Not me. Have one cat show has been on this for year - and have not had hairball #1 out of her. Definitely recommend buying from Amazon - aLOT chaeper than any other place I have found.
339765339765B0026LKJTSA2ETB0AXO4ADIXM. Field2251320710400Good brand, good size bagsWhen my husband first got our cat a few years ago, he started feeding her cheaper cat food. She threw up one day all over the carpet, and it was really hard to get the "red" stains out from the color in the cat food. He then switched her to Iams, and now on the rare occasion she has those problems, the carpet isn't stained like it was before. Iams is a little more expensive than other brands, but it's definitely worth it. Your cat doesn't cost that much money to keep anyway, so you might as well feed them better quality food.

I defintely recommend buying this product from Amazon (the pack of 8 2-lb. bags). You pay more up front, but it averages out to about the same, or maybe even a little less, as buying the 4 pound bags from the local stores. Plus, your cat gets "fresher" food more often, which is especially good if you only have one cat and don't go through the bag as fast. Yes, our cat is a little spoiled.
339766339766B0026LKJTSA9NGN8GB84ET9Mountain mama2241310428800My cats love the tuna flavored IAMS.I am no longer able to find original IAMS with tuna in my grocery store and I can only buy it online. My cats love it. I'm not sure why the stores only stock IAMS with Chicken. I wish the manufacturer would continue making tuna available. My 14 year old cat has eaten it exclusively for most of her life and turns her nose up at most other flavors.
339767339767B0026LKJTS#oc-R2NE8ISCFVOS3kateness4531305763200Fattening but tasty treatMy cat cannot get enough of this food - so it must taste great.

With this as her regular diet, she gained 3lbs in a year; my vet said this is a fattening food. I still give her individual pieces of kibble as "treats" but I feed her Blue Buffalo weight control now.
339768339768B0026LKJTSAV9QNZQ8OLZZMlalagigi1141317254400Suitable for all types of catsI had a cat with renal failure who had 1 kidney removed several years ago. The doctor recommended the KD dry for her post-surgery. She live nearly 9 years on one kidney and this food alone! I now have three rescued cats of diverse backgrounds, including 1 longhair. They all eat the Iams dry food at will, with no portion control. None are overweight and though the longhair gets frequent hairballs, that is not a result of the food, but rather how frequently I brush him. More brushing = less hairballs.
339769339769B0026LKJTSAQ9QY4YYG50WPmeow "m"1151311552000Cats with digestive problemsThis has been the only food we have found for our cat that he can digest easily. We have tried product after product but with this it stay down for him. We have 4 other cats and they all like this food too. Great price per pound when you compare it to the store price.
339770339770B0026LKJTSA217VQFBXFGH7ISCARED SPITLESS in Coos Bay,OR1151307232000GREAT DEAL, CONVENIENTGREAT DEAL, CONVENIENT TOO. Much cheaper than WalMart and I don't need to lug it home, it appears on my doorstep. Cats hack up fewer hair balls and instead of adding petroleum products (ie-vaseline) like most HAIRBALL formulas, which causes diarrhea and blocks vitamin absorption, this one has probiotics, which make the digestive tract work better, thus eliminating most of the hairball problem in a healthy way. (Nothing can prevent 100% of hairball hacking, it's just something all cats do once in awhile.) A great deal on a great product, plus free shipping when you order over a certain amount.---Coos Bay Sandra
339771339771B0026LKJTSA17WER66R17JEFLarry Finley1151304640000For The CatMy cat has never turned up his nose at this product. He always has his choice at meal time and he eats both the chicken and this product without fail.
339772339772B0026LKJTSA22CW0ZHY3NJH8Noname3431306108800Update: She got her first hairballI have been feeding my cat all sorts of cat food. She has long fur and hasn't had any hairballs. If she gets hairballs on Iams Proactive hairball formula, I would definitely update this review.

This food is different from any cat food I've ever bought because the kibble is shaped like tiny balls. Up until now, my cat has eaten foods shaped like starfish or "Y" and "X." She doesn't seem to mind the shape, though.

My main beef with cat food is some of them smell so horribly bad (dead fish). This one is fine. That's what I buy for -- that and price. If it does what it says, make my cat lose weight and controls hairballs, I will be a happy cat owner.

Will come back in the future to update.


UPDATE: Well, this formula must not work. After being on it for two months, my cat suffered her first hairball.
339773339773B0026LKJTSA24B2XYPH2490YJenn0011319500800Cat Had Bad ReactionMy sister has been feeding our cat Zoe this product for a few months now, recently she started to get a few cysts on her body, one on her face which caused the hair to fall out in that area. when we noticed this occurring we took her to the vet asap. The vet asked what type of food we feed her and my sister informed that we use Iams Weight Control (she has trouble loosing weight) The Vet told us that she has had a few animals come in lately with the SAME problem and EATING the same food!!!! we were told to stop feeding her Iams and use an all natural cat food with only half a cup of food in her bowl each day.. I DO NOT RECOMMEND! or your pet too can start getting cysts on their body.. no good
339774339774B0026LKJTSAFP15CHXPGQCFKristofer S0041296950400Works for multi-cat families (Chicken Flavor)If you have a multi-cat family and are struggling to find common ground to minimize digestion disturbances amongst all of them, this is a good bet. My cats don't *love* this food, but they all tolerate it well and don't run away from it immediately after I pour it.

Amazon's prices are unbeatable too, even for the small (2lb bags). While it seems weird to get so many small bags, my cats appreciate it because the these bags don't reseal well, so with smaller bags, the food is fresher in general.

As mentioned in the subject, this only applies to the Chicken flavor, my cats don't care for the others.
339775339775B0026LKJTSA1V0JRHELK38CAG. Hancock0051294012800Why Can't We Get TUNA Proactive Health Dry Cat FoodIAMS Original with Tuna Proactive Health Dry Cat Food has been a wonderful food for our 4 yr old female Manx. Suddenly after years of good health & a beautiful coat we have to find something else she likes besides occasional raw fish or shrimp. She will not eat IAMS salmon & brown rice, barely will touch the Chicken Proactive Health. I've finally backed down to Purina Tuna & Fish but I know it is not as healthy as IAMS. Why is the IAMS Tuna suddenly not available in HEBs, WalMarts, K-Mart, Feed Stores nor on-line?
339776339776B0026LKJTSA38SPKGCW19ZIFM. Blalock "L. Blalock"1251307318400She tolerates this food well!I have a 5 yr old cat that has a sensitive stomach so I saw a small bag of this at the store today and picked it up for $3.50 to try out. Let me tell you, she absolutely LOVES this food! She has not thrown up yet after eating it(as she has with previous brands) so if all goes well this is her new food, excellent!! :D
339777339777B0026LKJTSA1PP42QW0ZV0VRMonique Brewer1251304208000Great product!Item just as it appears. Its great, no last minute runs to the store. I have enough food to last awhile.
339778339778B0026LKJTSA14II1SA3FSE6RK. Rose "FJ Jammin"1251301011200As advertised! Great option vs. retail storesGlad to see Amazon has so many products and suppliers. It is nice to have these products delivered right to the house. Getting ready to order some more for the (3) additional mouths to feed in the house!
339779339779B0026LKJTSA17IVHMQPJW54YR. mccafferty5911314230400Always rated at the very bottom of unbiased reviews.Please do some research yourself to find out that they are ALWAYS rated the worst food for your pet in unbiased reviews.

The top ingredients for this product are crude meal and loads of grains.. Grains = bad for pets and are cheap for companys like iams to use.
339780339780B0049RDI0YA2HN943685953UZoya Raysberg495551300579200Delicious, Fresh...perfect!I just tried a can of this C2O coconut water for the first time today and LOVE the flavor! I bought it at the local chain natural market, despite being hesitant because other brands of coconut water have tasted weird and not much like the water from a fresh coconut at all. Well, I liked it so much that I wanted to see if I could find it online. I found it here, but it's too pricey. At the market, I paid $1.79 + 10 cents CRV, so $1.89 for one can. So I was sure I'd find it for a better deal here...not the case. The sale price is $29 for a case of 12. That's $2.42 per can. Disappointing...Amazon is almost always the best deal or at least super close. If Amazon can do better than $1.89 per can, I will definitely order because this C2O coconut water is awesome!!!

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