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339781339781B0049RDI0YA27OW0P38B28OPRelytia101151328400000The best packaged coconut water availableMy wife and I have been heartily enjoying the delicious flavor and incredible health properties of coconut water for years now. When it was affordable to do so, we'd buy 10-20 raw young coconuts at a time and just drink the water straight from the husk. It was a magical time, but it became impractical to do that, unfortunately, and so we've searched for quite a while to find a suitable replacement. We've tried almost every brand of packaged coconut water available on the market. Most have been abysmally terrible, with extra sweetener added to mask the extra saltiness that is characteristic of the coastal locations most of those companies buy their coconuts from.

This is not so with C20 coconut water. C20's water is absolutely incredible; it's amazingly light and super delicious. It's all natural too, with no extra sweetener added. It's simply young coconut water in all its glory. C20 use a special variety of young coconut unique to the groves they get their supply from, a variety with more sweetness and much less saltiness than the coastal coconuts most other brands get theirs' from. They also adhere to very specific and strict quality assurance processes to be certain that their product is always the highest quality available on the market. All of this clear devotion to the quality of their product as well as the quality of the water itself really sets C20 above all others out there. Exceptional stuff.

My wife and I are raw foodists, and are conscientious of what processes most products go through before arriving on store shelves. I personally wrote to C20's customer service and asked about this, and they assured me that none of the nutrients, minerals, or enzymes are harmed in the process they are required by the FDA to go through before selling their products. This is a major selling point for us and hopefully that will help you health-conscious folks out there as well.

Really, with the exception of going to the store and buying fresh young coconuts and draining them of their water straight from the husk, I'd argue there's no better way to experience coconut water than with C20. In fact, and I don't say this lightly, it may just match it. The only problem with this product is that oftentimes the price online will fluctuate between what's normal and what's unreasonable. If it's more than 24 dollars, then I recommend going to C20's website. From there, you can search for stores near you that sell their product, many of which offer discounts if you purchase entire 12-packs, which is nice. So whether you are a raw vegan who lives and swears by young coconut water, or an athlete who wants a very healthy drink that will replenish and revitalize you, or you're a regular person who just wants a delicious, natural, and healthy drink to enjoy, this is the best packaged coconut water on the market. Buy it, take in this incredibly refreshing and delicious water, and feel its awesome health benefits revitalize, replenish, and build-up your soul.

*Update: 7/12/12*

Just thought I'd mention that my wife and I have been buying about three cases of this coconut water a week for the past 7 months or so. We have a standing order of three cases just for us every week at our local grocery store, we get a special 10% "case" discount, and the local store we get them from seems to have had a perpetual sale that keeps the price at $1.79 per can instead of $2.20. When combined with the case discount, that's less than $20 a case (even less if you recycle the cans and get some cash back that way! :D). Sometimes the sale price is even lower. Great deal, but that's not the reason I posted this update. After 7 months of buying 3 cases every week, I still have not found a single unsatisfactory can of coconut water in that whole time. I'm not exaggerating and I'm not making this up. There genuinely isn't a single sip of C20 coconut water that I didn't love, and we've literally gone through hundreds of cans. If there ever were to be a bad can, I'd definitely remember it in contrast of the perpetual "awesome" streak we've had with this brand. The longer I drink it, the more I am astounded at this company's quality. Hope this helped solidify your confidence in this coconut water and that you'll be enjoying it yourself soon. Thanks for reading my review. Have a good day, Toodles. :D
339782339782B0049RDI0YA3DWO2POFW0JDND. Frischling192451297987200My new favorite packaged coconut water!I just received a case of this stuff with some degree of anticipation, as the website for this product did an effective job of selling me on it.

One of the interesting claims the site made about this was that the coconut trees were grown on or near fresh water, instead of salt, and that this would make a difference in how the coconut water tastes.

Well, after looking at the can and seeing that these are from Thai coconuts, I figured this would taste a lot like Amy & Brians coconut water, and it does!

Based on the one can I've consumed so far, I would say that it's a touch sweeter than the aforementioned coconut water, and maybe just a tad bit fresher tasting. Otherwise, they are hard to tell apart. Even the cans are pretty close to identical.

All in all, I'd be happy with either brand, but given a choice, I'd lean towards the C2O.
339783339783B0049RDI0YAD9346FOB4ZB8treeman808182331328313600best coconut waterI taste tested this with vita coco and c2o came out superior with a blind test. vita coco leaves a sour aftertaste while c2o is somehow just sweet enough to drink without feeling like crap. I purchased 3 cases already and i tried it at first because joe rogan said its effing delicious. i drank up to 3 a day. I'm about to order another case but i guess they recently changed the price. before it was $24 with free shipping, now theres no free shipping and price increased to $29. so with shipping its about $38 for 12. unfortunately i am not rich enough to afford this so until the price gets realistic (cmon $3 a can) then i wont purchase any. what a shame, this is the reason for my 3 stars, if it was more affordable then it would be 5
339784339784B0049RDI0YA8EV095RCCG25Vijay Subramani121551300492800Best coconut water I've had outside of Asia. Price on AMZN is too much. Whole Foods has it for less than 20 bucks a case.Best coconut water I've had outside of Asia. Price on AMZN is too much. Whole Foods has it for less than 20 bucks a case.
339785339785B0049RDI0YA2NFXLWYLV5RPUwgross "wgross"81051303776000IMO Best Coconut Water on the marketI visited a friend and she had me try C2O Coconut water. I loved it, great in the morning or anytime. A nice refreshing taste and it felt so good doing down, like I was doing something good for my body. That was an unexpected bonus.

Because of the price, I decided to taste test all of the coconut waters so I bought a few of each brand - Zico, A&B w/pulp, Vita Coconut, O.N.E to compare. C2O just was the most refreshing and full flavored, tasted like the real thing.

All of the brands I bought say they're just natural coconut water, but there is definitely a taste difference. One has an after taste, another seemed watered down or flat, but C2O was consistantly good.

The main problem is price. I bought a case of C2O from Amazon last week, think it was $29. and free shipping. I didnt realize it was on "Sale". This week Amazon has it for $43. Give me a break, that price difference is ridiculous.

Amazon needs to work on their pricing for this product or else I'm going else where to buy. Heard even Hi-Health had it for much cheaper than Amazon....

Also, in reading some of the coconut water reviews, I started laughing at the "dented" cans. Every one of the cans in my 12 case was dented when I received my shipment. I thought it was odd at the time, but then saw this happened to others. What's with that?
339786339786B0049RDI0YA3VQ2IQ6IWUSDLMcG111551323129600BEST COCONUT WATER AROUNDTitle says it all! I listen to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast every week, and he endorses this product as the best coconut water that he's tasted. I've tried other coconut waters and none match the taste of C2o! Best around!
339787339787B0049RDI0YA149K5H0R54JG8K Otnes2251344211200Best coconut water I've found so farI'll keep this short and sweet--Whole Foods sells these for 1.69 and they are awesome. I'm sure I look strange buying 12 of these at once, but I can't resist this stuff!

Not too sweet, not too woody-tasting, perfect for me!
339788339788B0049RDI0YAR64P9P1IOZA6Pantera1151343952000YummyThis is the best commercial coconut water I've had. Better than various brands being sold at places like 7-eleven. It comes the closest to tasting like a freshly opened coconut. I heard it on the Joe Rogan podcast. Just get it and try it! Make sure you serve it chilled. Enjoy!
339789339789B0049RDI0YA17TFCGGBSWSFITrievel1141339459200c2o coconut waterfantastic coconut water! was just about to order 2 more longer PRIME eligable? really? $30+ $13 s&h? no thanks...guess i'll buy elsewhere till the price goes back down and it's PRIME eligable again...
339790339790B0049RDI0YA3C57Y4MODXBLBGeorge Washington Fan1141337644800Close To PerfectThis is my 2nd favorite unsweetened coconut water. It's fantastic!!!! I would just like to be able to buy it at $1/can. The one negative is that it is very expensive for a daily drink. But this is my complaint about other healthy drinks that I purchase as well.
339791339791B0049RDI0YA3M6SHQOA0OZCQJandKCarlile1151328054400LOVE!I'm an avid runner and LOVE how well coconut water hydrates me! This is also the best tasting coconut water I've tried! LOVE it!
339792339792B0049RDI0YA3WS84Q7347CKProdpran Suetrong1151327968000True flavor of coconut waterI grow up in Thailand and coconut water has been my favorite drinks. After moving to US, it's hard for me to find a good coconut water. I tried other brands that shipped from Asia before and hate it because those are all sugar added. After finding this in the local market, I was skeptical at first.. but wow! they did a great job packing the true flavor into this can. I'm immediately hooked. I'm also drinking Zico for my hot yoga since they have more mineral.. but the flavor of C20 is far better.
339793339793B0049RDI0YA3J252N8AX9WGYFasterMan1151326931200Light Not Too SweetI was pleasantly surprised by the taste of this coconut water. Other coconut waters are way too sweet and is definitely saturated with sugars. This coconut water was very light and a great drink after a workout or whenever your throat is dry. It instantly removes the dry feeling in your mouth.

Cans arrived a bit dented. Every single one was dented. Luckily, none of the cans were open or did the dents affected the product inside.
339794339794B0049RDI0YA197IBJ34LWHN9BigMex "Fred"1151326326400Best Coconut Water AroundI have tried quite a few coconut waters. This is by far the best tasting one out there. Give it a try and you will not be disappointed. My 2nd favorite is VitaCoco, but I believe this one beats it in the tasting category. The only negative is that this is a can, so you can not reseal it if you want to finish the drink later on in the day. However, you will also not have to deal with crush cardboard material like you do with VitaCoco.
339795339795B0049RDI0YA2PM9Y6YXXEU66DKG1151324684800Good stuffGreat refreshing drink. Replenishes electrolytes naturally after workout. Quenches thrust much better than water and all naturally rather then all the junk in sports drinks. Tastes good too.
339796339796B0049RDI0YA36HM4IIPAHH4IDanceCommander1151324598400Buy this Coconut Water!My fridge is always stocked with Coconut water. Of all the brands you can buy on Amazon this one is the best.
339797339797B0049RDI0YA2F4Q3NXY686EIBenjamin Sherman1151320278400BEST Coconut Wateri love coconut water. Vita-Coco, Zico, One, nirvana, amy & brians, goya unsweetned (The ones where they add sugar are gross). I've even become pretty good at opening fresh ones. With that being said, fresh is the best but if i had to go pre-packaged, C2O is by far the best.
339798339798B0049RDI0YAR93X0FP7BNLXGabyLongLegs1151319587200THE best coconut waterI'm from the Caribbean, so I know good, fresh coconut water (right out of the coconut). I do Bikram Yoga, so I've tried every coconut water under the sun to replenish after class...C2O is by far the best coco water out there--it is like drinking it out of the's amazing!
339799339799B0049RDI0YA2FL5SAQ4E8AQMChris Hansen1151318809600One of the best!I've tried as many brands of coconut water that I can find, and C2O is excellent. I slightly prefer the different taste of Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water, 16.2-Ounce (Pack of 12), but C2O is slightly better than Amy & Brian Natural Coconut Juice Pulp Free, 17.5 Ounce Tins (Pack of 12). However, both of the other products are available in a subscription for a 15% savings.
339800339800B0049RDI0YA2O8XS3QNT0QN4K. Wessel "Deep Search"1151317772800Wow, this is really goodI really wanted to find a good coconut water after trying various kinds I didn't care for. I've tried those with added flavors and with the chunks of coconut included and I just didn't really like any of them. But I really love coconut, so I wanted to keep trying to find one I like. And this coconut water is just plain delicious. It has a great flavor and it is nicely sweet. It's not overwhelming or bland. Definitely the best thing to cracking open a young coconut and drinking it fresh, which I have done before.

Although purchasing it on Amazon is about the same price as buying it a can at a time at my grocery store otherwise I'd consider getting a case. But I definitely recommend trying it. It's very refreshing and basically perfect coconut water.
339801339801B0049RDI0YA32VX0MBDQGQDKM. Kantor1151316995200Great tasting healthy stuff!Delicious when chilled, not so enjoyable when warm. I love this stuff, even though it's somewhat expensive, which is why I don't buy it too often. Great after a workout.

This drink is somewhat of an acquired taste. Many people dislike the taste immediately and refuse to drink another drop. It also depends on the brand as well. I tried two other brands that had a nasty aftertaste. This one is by far my favorite.
339802339802B0049RDI0YA3JJMT2WMYSE1Kpamela crossland1141308528000I've never tried coconut water before...I had never tried coconut water before so i thought it would be sweet like i dont know coconuts, lol but it wasn't. I bought some C20 pure coconut water from new frontiers health store in prescott, az. Its not sweet, but rather salty and not what i expected. But i will continue to drink it cause it is refreshing, and obviously a required taste, i'm sure i'll get used to it. Overall, its good for me, and very healthy!!!
339803339803B0049RDI0YA3V7IX0E2TRYKVPeanut1151306454400A++++++Great item would recommend to anyone that works out or spends a lot of time out side and wants to stay hydrated.
339804339804B0049RDI0YA36VO7O16TFF1DToni Bate1151299801600Delicious!This coconut water tasted better than another brand I was buying a few years ago. We couldn't get it locally and were very glad to find it on Amazon. I promise, it doesn't need added sweetener. Delicious as is.
339805339805B0049RDI0YA1S102YD31SSHXvaertran3451331078400Excellent Coconut waterI have tried all brands and say this is one of the top ones. It has a very natural flavor and so far very consistent. Not to sweet and not too bland. What I have noticed is that the local stores have this same product anywhere from 1.50-1.79 a can. Amazon is way over priced for this item. With the buying power of Amazon, I'm sure they get this product for 1.25 a can so I'm buying local unless there is a price drop.
339806339806B0049RDI0YA37X7PUPILGAQ5James A. Suddarth5751301529600Finally, SOMEONE GOT IT RIGHT!I've tried EVERY BRAND of coconut water on Amazon and in stores that I could find. I've had fresh coconut water from all over... Brazil, Thailand, you name it. Just got back from a trip to Vietnam/Thailand in fact. Love coconut water.

This is BY FAR the best brand on Amazon in my opinion. Not all coconuts are created equal, nor are the different packaged varieties.

I think the closest any other brands came to this were VitaCoco and Amy&Brian brands, but they are not quite at the quality of C2O.

Everything else is pretty much junk as far as I'm concerned.

Just for the sake of saving others time, I'll throw out the WORST brand: Naked. Don't EVER buy Naked brand coconut water. It's an abomination.

Oh, there was one more brand I can't remember - I got it from a local Chinese grocery and you can't even find the brand name on Google. It was also at the quality of C2O, but I really need a brand I can buy in bulk online so this is it for me!
339807339807B0049RDI0YA2GR4K320YSPLZMe5751301443200Really top notch tasting, natural sweetness and just greatreally delicious, much sweeter in taste (though no added sugar) than Vita Coco and O.N.E., the only other brands of coconut water I've tried to date. Though the shipping problems and relative cost of the better selling tetrapacks may mean I end up getting those again instead of this.

The nutritional label does indicate about 40% less nutrients across the board than the more popular, and cheaper brands though. The company says the sweeter taste is due to the use of inland coconuts so it's fresh water not salt water, and perhaps that has something to do with it, or it's just a different variety, or maybe the label's wrong. Regardless, the taste is just really out of this world good. The cans are industrial strength sturdy and heavy, which is good because Amazon made sure every single one of the twelve was dented upon arrival. Impressive considering the cardboard box and plastic wrap around the 12-pack itself seemed intact, yet the sides of the cans, all of them, were dented, even the ones surrounded by other cans that were actually fine on the top and the bottom. A few airpack bags thrown in on one of six sides of the 12 pack, and nothing else, as I've come to expect from Amazon shipped items. Even if you bought a few things at once to try to get them to use a larger box, it wouldn't matter. Can't even count on items shipping from same warehouse, so that doesn't work.

Amazon really needs to make changes to ensure safe shipping on these, with use of different packing material or additional padding so that they arrive intact. Since I think it's a new product, I wasn't concerned with them having sat around in damaged cans for long, and the company even has some superdoop expensive nonreactive can liner or so they say, so I just drank em down anyway. I really can't do the taste justice, it would sound preachy and inadequate if I did. Highly recommend. Horrible Amazon shipping care though with a casual disregard for the contents. It's a shame to order gourmet coconut water that costs twice what decent beer would and have it arrive all dented.
339808339808B0049RDI0YANR173TJETNSPAnthony Gomez2341324857600Perfect Product: -1 Star for dented cansWriting this review for my wife who is the one who drinks it. In her words she drinks one after a heavy workout and she says she feels rejuvenated. Also works well for hang overs.
This is the only one she has liked, having tried a bunch of the other brands.

The only problem is the dented up cans. Not sure if this is the sellers stock, or if UPS is beating them up, but they arrive dented. All of them.
339809339809B0049RDI0YA2V0I904FH7ABYRam0051347494400The best coconut water aroundTrust me, coconut water tastes different, not all the coconut waters tastes the same.

I am from India and we have a coconut tree in our front porch - have been drinking coconut water almost every since I was born ! While there is a wide variation of the taste of coconut water within India, I had a shock when I tasted coconut water in Singapore - it was something out of the world, it was much sweeter than what we get in india and had a unique flavor to it. Eversince then I wanted to find out what variety do they cultivate in Singapore/Thailand and wanted to get them to India and introduce them to local farmers - which I have never been able to do, but hopefully will do it one day !!

In the US - Coconut water is pretty expensive and buy them once in a way - tried Zicco, C2O and a couple of other brands.

My conclusion is that C2O coconut water is really the best in terms of taste and Zicco is the worst. The only good thing about Zicco is the packaging !
339810339810B0049RDI0YA17NXMGVLMOJ9NJib0051341878400Great Coconut WaterThis coconut water is the best I've had. It doesn't qualify for prime anymore though so I'm switching to Brian and Amy's

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