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339811339811B0049RDI0YAEKPHV5MOI51Trideswithchrist0051338249600Best I have foundI adore this coconut water. I have tried every brand offered in my local store, and this one has beat them all in taste, and even price! There is no odd aftertaste, no chunks of coconut and it is not too sweet and is a good size.
339812339812B0049RDI0YA3LNPBZ13XEZHAliKatt0051337299200Great Tasting!I bought this today and tried it. Glad to say that it taste like the real thing. I tried CocoVia and had to force myself to finish it. If it's labeled at coconut water, then it should taste like it came from a fresh coconut...this does, just like I remember from my childhood days.
339813339813B0049RDI0YA3RBA58QD1P1IQRuss Nasrallah0051337040000Gatoradeeee.... C2o!Ambrosia. I first learned this ethereal term in high school when reading Greek fiction. It is the term used to describe the drink of the gods, but the description stops there. Often I wondered what It might taste like for it to be so popular amongst deities. Does it just taste great? Is that all a god is looking for in their beverage? Or is it invigorating? I supposed it would have to be, after all, reigning over the realm of mortals and hurling thunderbolts must wear a guy/gal out. Would it need to be healthy and nourishing?The gods ARE Immortal, but that doesn't mean they can't get sick of overweight, just look at Dionysus for instance.

I would ponder the potential attributes of such a drink for days, wonder what powerful, maybe magical, properties it would need to have to satisfy such a lofty audience. Then, one day long after I had given up my quest, I got my answer.

As I was perusing the vast inventory of our local whole foods grocery store, I stumped upon something called C2o, the very product I am reviewing today. My thought process was "I love coconut, why not coconut water" after all that reasoning had served me fairly well with other such substances (Lemonade, apple juice, ect....). My first taste was absolute shock, the drink was cold and smooth, it had a viscosity to it slightly greater than water, and a flavor that was mild yet distinct. Then the can was empty. I was distraught, so I turned back to the store to purchase another. The beverage has a subtle sweetness about it which is pleasant and not at all overpowering. It is as refreshing as a cold glass of water but with all the benefits of an one of those highly touted sports drinks. I was in hydration heaven...

As I let the second can rattle to the floor, feeling a bit like a alcoholic, I realized I finally had my answer. THIS was ambrosia, this was what I had been trying to describe all those years ago. I needed more, but at 3.00$ a can I was looking at taking quite a hit in my wallet to feed this new addiction. So I turned to amazon and got a affordable solution. The cans were pretty banged up upon delivery but the C2o tasted none the worse for it. I plan on buying much more of this product as the year goes on.
339814339814B0049RDI0YA3V6WWUADRMMCBeny "Beny"0041336176000Best coconut water in a canI'm used to drink coconut water from the tree, so it's a difficult for me to like the canned product. C2O is far the best (I've tried many brands). I don't rate five (5) stars because most of the cans were dented. I guess Amazon should indicate FRAGILE outside the box.
339815339815B0049RDI0YA3FQFWU6TYL5HLKosmo Yagkoto0051333497600Very refreshing, loved it.I really enjoyed this a lot. It took no time to develop a taste for it, rather it was good from the first sip of the first can. I haven't tried many coconut waters, I have tried one other kind called Vita Coco which I was able to buy at Wal-Mart. That tasted like dishwater and I really couldn't finish it. This was the second kind I tried, and if C2O is the best available on the market, then I'm ok with that because it is excellent without being overpowering. Only problem here is that amazon is really the only place I can buy this C2O due to location, but the price is outrageous now. I first bought it for $23.99 with free shipping due to being a prime member, the very next week I look into buying more and the price was $29.00 plus $13.00 shipping which is unacceptable for me. I will try some others now, and hopefully amazon can start keeping this in stock and quit outsourcing it to outside sellers.
339816339816B0049RDI0YA2OJFX94WCCFENLeslie0041332892800Thai coconuts are the best!First off, I 100% prefer Thai coconut water to the Brazilian varieties and I have tried every brand out there. So, if you've never tried the Thai coconut water, I would encourage you to go out to the local grocery and buy a can. 17.5 oz cans of the Thai varieties average about two bucks in my local grocery. C2o tastes like the fraternal twin of Amy & Brian Natural Coconut Juice Pulp Free, 17.5 Ounce Tins (Pack of 12). They are way less acidic (to me Brazilian coconut water has a prickly bite like pineapple) and sweeter tasting that the Brazilian coconut waters. Those who watch carbs will note that C2o has 26 per 17.5 oz can and A&B has 32 carbs. This is a more than the Brazilian ones, but I think the taste is worth it. I usually only drink them if I feel dehydrated, while working out, or when I feel exhausted and need energy. I sometimes work four 12-hour night shifts in a row and sleep away my next day off and wake up feeling dead tired and bone dry and the first thing I reach for is coconut water. I've been buying from the local Kroger for years, but they always only have four or so cans at a time and they are usually VERY dented. I've ordered A&B online and they still come dented. So do these C2o cans, though not as badly as the A&B. I usually don't buy dented cans, but these haven't killed me yet.
339817339817B0049RDI0YA3JETA2SF3OUXKushudno0051332806400WONDERFUL COCONUT WATER!I despaired of finding really good coconut water after searching the stores in Florida. This product deserves all the wonderful reviews it has received. The best coconut water I have ever tried - I only wish I could get it in Canada!
339818339818B0049RDI0YA3TZ7UD0YY7MWBDvdbct0051332720000The Best Coconut Water AvailableI've tried every brand of coconut water out there. The others taste like toilet water compared to this. The only other ones that may rival C2O have sugar added. For an all natural coconut water there is no other option for me.
339819339819B0049RDI0YA3K1Z1NVVIMO8Cmobstars0051332547200great stuff!once i started to follow ufc fighter scott jorgensen on twitter i saw a picture 10 cases of this c20 coconut water for his workout drinks. i order this product over a month ago and i have to say this is coconut water tastes so good & its very refreshing =)
339820339820B0049RDI0YA161JAQJ1QKCTVamazoner "amo"0031331683200How's it suppose to taste?First, I have never tried any other coconut water. The after taste reminds me of peroxide or baking soda when I had a sore throat. Does that mean it's old, or is it suppose to have that bland flavor? It's not terrible, it's just not something I'd choose to quench my thirst. Hopefully the nutritional quality is there, and in that case, I'd be content.
339821339821B0049RDI0YA18PBOZ93KFCAGJ0051330905600Wonderful Stuff!This coconut water is very delicious and a great value and ordering on Amazon makes it so easy. I Love it!
339822339822B0049RDI0YA2FG5YXAND0E1Espeters0051330214400So GoodI have tried several types of Coconut Water and this by far has the freshest taste. Clean and just the right amount of sweetness. It is now the only I will drink.
339823339823B0049RDI0YA24N32OJMKDB2QT. Mitchell "teaburger"0051328572800Very tasty without any sugarVery good taste. Definately would buy again. I was amazed that the only ingredient was coconut water. Refreshing sweet taste without anything added. Not even a preservative to keep it fresh.
339824339824B0049RDI0YA3JRBGM4KNCID6Razor3531330732800A taste of all its own Length:: 2:47 Mins

A short review on the taste of the product as well as a comparison with other brands.
339825339825B0049RDI0YAFPRO5URDLV0IClaudine "Clau"1251300060800Tasty, super healthy and also no sugar addedThis is the best i ever tried so far. Naturally sweet and tasty with many health benefits... the best when i feel weak, tired or when my stomach hurt. The best after a drinking night, I love this one...
339826339826B0049RDI0YA35TUT1N47OYDHScott0131341446400Too exspensive...While this product is great, I will not be purchasing it here as it is WAY too expensive. 29$ + 12$ shipping? Come on!
339827339827B0049RDI0YA3F6GIXVE4KYJPnathaniel19860151332460800Best Drink Ever!!Just tried for the first time at whole foods and this by far has the best taste of any coconut water
339828339828B0049RDI0YA3HYAIUA1Q7CHAlbert S.0211341878400Tastes Like Sewer Water!!!I expected something really delicious. I was highly disappointed. This 'beverage' tastes like stale water, which I suppose it is... I tried mixing in some juice and it did not help - it just made it into a different flavor of putrid. Perhaps, the answer is a sweetened version with some pulp in it - I will give it one more try :)
339829339829B0049RDI0YA3VYE0NU1SC8BWTexasJudy0241339891200Tasty coconut waterI really liked the taste, but gave it 4 stars because just about all the cans had big dents in them. Nothing leaked, just wasn't pleased with way it was shipped. Otherwise, I really liked sugar or preservatives added.
339830339830B0049RDI0YA22Q7VV18FH2R1milt0251317254400best tasteunlike other coconut waters which taste like mild bleach, this one actually tastes great....on recommendation from my massage therapist. stuff is made in thailand.
339831339831B0049RDI0YA1THLLOG4UNE7Qjordswashu0711333411200Gross!!!This water is gross, the worse water I have ever tasted...tasted like tin can...called the # on the can for customer one there...and no return call. Don't waste yr money
339832339832B0049RDI0YA1G9EZSK3QC0UIB. Santos "bikram_mom_18"31721300838400no nutritional benefits in can coconut waterThe taste is very sweet and nutty and the canned coconut water does not have any of the nutritional benefits found in tetra pak. Im guessing its the way they need to heat the coconut water in order to fill it in cans.
I gave it two stars because it does taste like coconut albeit a very sweet version. For the same price, I prefer a tetra pak brand like vita coco which has less sweet taste + nutritional components like potassium, magnesium.
339833339833B0049RDI0YA26YI75A9ZQZU9Bookaholic11421323043200Just not that greatI think i have tried nearly every coconut water on the market and after hearing many reviews of C2O being the best; i will say its got the right consistency and probably had the "best" taste out of all of them but overall i just do not like the flavor of this drink; i think im just not a fan of coconut water in general.
339834339834B000FQ0PVSA2MVHM16J5RZGACheryl "Cheryl"0011271376000Cereal= great, $25 for 4 boxes=crazy!We love this cereal at our house. Like all boxed cereals it is expensive and I thought I might be able to save on Amazon. Well, for me a 16 oz box often costs $3.99 to $4.29. Four boxes for over $25 is $6.29 per box -- and that doesn't even include shipping! RIP OFF!
339835339835B000FQ0PVSA29P5YPT2DI2RUM. Feeney0051200787200best cereal in the worldWhen my son was a toddler, he and my husband started calling this the best cereal in the world. My son will be 17 next month and we still refer to Quaker oat squares as the best cereal in the world. (I still would not pay shipping costs)
339836339836B000IMJZPQA2ZQEJR74T6IYWNutty Prof.1111299283200Not so great teaThis is just our opinion (Me and my girlfriend) but we do not like this tea compared to the teas we taste at local Chinese restaurants.
339837339837B000IMJZPQA1Z2FYPQBICAUOAdele M. Crouch2351216425600Oolong TeaDo you ever have an upset stomach? Then this is one product you need to have in your cupboard at all times. It sooths and helps release excess stomach pressure. Pretty clever, them Chinese
339838339838B000IMJZPQA1RXJZ9AT7FOXYV. Kenon "MadameKenon"2341180742400Good ProductOrdered several times from this company. Much better quality than grocery store and similar to the taste of those I have enjoyed in China.
339839339839B000IMJZPQAB9NYVKQO5C4QTootsie0051263254400Love OolongI enjoy drinking Oolong tea and this brand of tea is one of my favorites. I thought the price was good and am happy with the purchase. I will definitely go back and buy more.
339840339840B004T0DGPSAQ7UWUQ6EWWEAC. Melander0051348444800India Tree Carousel rainbow cake sprinkles, 2.7 oz (Pack of 3)My granddaughter was over the moon when she saw sprinkles on her cake! Best of all her mother and I, gluten intolerant were able to eat the cake with her.
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