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339841339841B00008MOFDA1G0ASAMSZXE7JGuillermo Alzuru "camagual"0051338595200My dog loves themMy dog is allergic to most foods but this treats are harmless to him. Fortunately, he loves them and I stopped hunting for other treats. And you can't beat buying them online
339842339842B00008MOFDA3SW8742TQAQH7RalphT "RalphT"0051326326400A great doggy treatBought these for my Westie and she thinks that they are great! As the packaging says, they are a vegetarian treat. You can't very well break them in half because they will crumble. The price is very low and the box is big...lots of treats for the price.
339843339843B001EO5LU0AY1EF0GOH80EKNatasha Stryker3351307145600SO GOOD! Helped a lot with morning sickness :DI had morning sickness so bad it lasted all day and for 5.5 months, ugh! I called it baby flu since there was little relief. Ginger ale and YummyEarth organic candies were the only two things that settled my stomach enough to eat a small meal. The assorted bag was nice since my tastes were different from day-to-day. After I delivered my baby girl, I still enjoy these when I have a dry mouth or would like a little sweetness. It was so nice to find a tasty organic hard candy, so much tastier than Preggo Pops!
339844339844B001EO5LU0AXC4UZEXDRZJNPug Mama2251292284800Yummy!! Satisfy a sweet tooth or muchies with these!I used to chew a TON of gum in the afternoon to avoid the munchies, until I gave up aspertame and unnatural ingredients that I didn't want. These are simply delicous, sweet, fresh-tasting, and totally fills the void of needing to keep the mouth busy when the munchies strike.
339845339845B001EO5LU0A2EHNH3TPG8DV5M. Badzinski2251253836800Yummy!!!These are very good however, they are quite small. I was expecting them to be a little larger but, they are very good. Their just like the lolly pops that they sell & if you have amazon prime then their really worth the price.
339846339846B001EO5LU0A3BX393C0H66DDHapsatu1151337817600Great to satisfy your sweet toothMy family has been working to eliminate corn syrup entirely from our diets. While the surf sweets brand has helped with our gummy cravings, we were struggling to find a corn syrup free hard candy that was not a lollipop or too large (i.e. something small to suck on that wouldn't contribute too many calories or sugar to our diet).

These have been a dream come true - the flavors are all vibrant and complex, the size is perfect (it has the circumference similar to a dime, and is as thick as five or six dimes stacked on top of each other), and the calorie count is not that bad (around 15 calories per drop). They are also organic, nut free, and GMO free on top of not having corn syrup, which is an added bonus. My only complaint is all the plastic involved - each candy is individually wrapped is a swath of clear plastic, which seems slightly wasteful (we are trying to be more conscious of a waste output and plastic usage). I hope that in the future they find a more environmentally friendly way of presenting the sweets, but for now this is still the best corn syrup free candy I've found out there!
339847339847B001EO5LU0A3UPYGJKZ0XTU4mirasreviews1151320883200Good Sampler of All-Natural Fruit Hard Candies that Taste Like Real Fruit.YummyEarth is probably the best-known brand of all-natural lollipops and hard candies in the US. They don't have a lot of competition, as I found out in my search for naturally-flavored candies. But they do offer a lot of flavors. YummyEarth offers 19 flavors of hard candies, 12 of which are fruit. I was looking for fruit, so I bought this "family size" (13 oz) "Freshest Fruit" assortment of Organic Candy Drops. It contains approximately 115 hard candies in 8 fruit flavors: watermelon, blueberry, apple, pomegranate, mango, blood orange, strawberry, and cherry. The candies are vegan, gluten-free, all-natural, and certified organic. They are sweetened with organic evaporated sugar cane juice (also known as Sucanat or Florida Crystals), organic tapioca syrup and/or organic rice syrup. Five candies (one serving) contain 70 calories and 17g carbohydrates.

The first trick is to figure out which color is which flavor. It doesn't say on the bag, so here's a key:

Wet-Face Watermelon: pink
Too Berry Blueberry: white/red
Sour Apple Tart: chartreuse
Pomegranate Pucker: dark red (white writing on wrapper)
Mango Tango: yellow/gold
Blood Orange Cocktail: red/gold
Strawberry Smash: red/pink
Very Very Cherry: dark red (blue writing on wrapper)

As expected, the natural flavors are a lot better than artificial fruit flavors. Nothing could be worse than artificial strawberry flavor. YummyEarth's strawberry is a little more tart than a real strawberry. Watermelon also tastes of watermelon at first, but there is a second burst that is tart. They still taste good, but there is some room for improvement, as those are both naturally sweet flavors. I was surprised by the blueberry, because I don't like blueberries, but I like this candy. The blood orange and mango tasted to me the most like the fresh fruit. I was especially impressed by the blood orange candies. I expected them to taste like generic orange, but they really taste like blood orange. Mango is very fruity as well. Most of YummyEarth's fruit flavors are available only in big single bags, but this is a good sampler. Something for everyone. I only wish they made a citrus assortment.
339848339848B001EO5LU0A18IRZ45SFMP9XC. Clement "preschool teacher"1151193702400These taste so good!!Everyone who tastes these just love them. So fruity and natural tasting. This is a great product!
339849339849B001EO5LU0A3RA3PWBYQMLT6A. lail "squirlyboo"0051349395200These are greatThe yummy earth brand lollies and sdrops are a staple at my house . they are the only candies that dont spike my sugar horribly, which is odd but hey it works. also they have THE BEST flavor . we love them and buy them ALOT ..!
339850339850B001EO5LU0A2WVE1R0BU95YKGMHE0051338768000love it!I am a regular and repeat customer, so that should say something.
Item ships fast and my kids love the candy drops.
339851339851B001EO5LU0A24IFA86DUR8SOMlusa0041329955200Approach freshest fruit in yummy's wayHmm... Actually I was really satisfied by the flavors it provided. There are about 115 or so candy drops per bag, and the shape is medium so that it can last for a long time. The only pitiful thing was that all 8 flavors were not distributed properly, therefore most of the time I'm enjoying the limited kinds of sweetness instead of all... About the shipping rate, it's bearable (although slower than normal free 2-days shipping, as I was a prime member). Package is good. If you wanna give your life some hue in a healthy way, try it. Remember don't eat too much for one time, not because the freshness would plump out from your month, but because it was too natural (sour?) to make your tongue paralytic... Anyway I was addicted to it and undoubtedly would come bk and buy more. lol
339852339852B001EO5LU0A6BDAC36193N9bj0051323129600GoooooooooooooodTrying to get off the sugar free items (phoney sugar)!
These have excellent flavors and only 14 calories a piece.
339853339853B001EO5LU0A1LX5FU2RYK1EVbarkles0051311638400The office went through 3 bags in 3 weeksI brought these into an office with 10 employees and we went through 3 bags in 3 weeks. People love them!
339854339854B001EO5LU0APKNBK1Q27R91Laurene0051309824000DeliciousThese drops taste so much better than any conventional type of hard candy (Lifesavers, those European kinds with the pretty wrappings) it almost seems an insult to compare them. YE's assorted fruit drops are a staple in my cupboard for when I want to satisfy my sweet tooth with something small. Each flavor actually tastes just like the particular fruit it's supposed to taste like (Mango, blood orange, strawberry, etc), and quite powerfully so.
339855339855B001EO5LU0A2HLD472MIN4ZPB. Harper0041303430400Very good, but very strongI really enjoy these tiny things, but they are very very strong. Tuck them under your tongue for a muted way of enjoyment
339856339856B001EO5LU0A1P24MSE19V7G7OnlybyHismercy "Jen"0051297987200Candy you can feel good about!In a world where everything is processed and full of GMO's, aftificial flavors and dangerous dyes, it is refreshing to pop these wonderful little candies into your mouth, or that of your child, and know that they are full of truly good ingreients. Not only are they full of good ingredients, but they taste wonderful!!! Each flavor has it's own very individual and unique fruity flavor combination that just tickles your tastebuds. I have 7 children who choose these over other sugared hard candies because they actually taste better! I can't say enough about them. We all love this candy!! The suckers are equally as wonderful too.
339857339857B001EO5LU0A1YWBRY0QUGOQSDeborah Porter0051295740800A Sweet DealThis candy tastes just like fruit! It's got just the right amount of sweet and sour flavors and each piece is individually wrapped for easy transport.If you're old enough to remember the stripped candy sticks that were so colorful and crunchy you'll be transported back to 'the good ol' days' with this product.I'm watching my weight so the small size of each drop is perfect for a little sugar rush and great taste without all the calories...but let me be clear, this is not a 'diet' product and any candy lover will love this product.YummyEarth Organic Candy Drops, Assorted Fruit Flavors, 13-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 4).I ordered this pack of 4 and gave a pack to friends and family and ,of course, kept one for myself.Try these and enjoy a blast from the past with the healthy organic spin of the present!
339858339858B001EO5LU0A3QKLK90HYGTJZGirrly0051281225600YummyI love these candies. When I eat one there is an explosion of great taste. My tastebuds rejoice. Although the candies are on the small side the flavor pacts a big punch. I love the variety of flavors and the fact that they are organic. They are truly a must buy!
339859339859B001EO5LU0A26Y7WIS3JBL65Matt J. Rose "Blu Aficionado"0051276646400Surprising TreatI was recently at my parents house for a visit when my mom insisted I try one of these new lollipops she got. I've never been a huge "organic" kinda guy, to me it doesn't make a difference. My mom however suffers from Crohn's disease, so her doctor insists she eats an organic, non wheat flour, no sugar diet.

Instead of "cheating" and having a few sugary treats she found the yummy earth lollipops...after trying all the flavors in the bag she was in love. I did try cherry, blueberry, and mango. I gotta admit this things are excellent! The flavors and sweetness are amazing for a sugar free candy, and even my diabetic dad enjoys them!

I ordered the drops on amazon for part of a birthday present for my mom, since she admitted its hard to sit and enjoy a lollipop while at work (between phone calls, meetings, etc). I think the drops will be perfect for her desk drawer, and easier to enjoy during phone calls, and conference's.

I gotta say if you need a sweet fix, these are for you. Whether you do all organic, no organic, sugar free, etc your gonna love these!
339860339860B001EO5LU0A2XLE5XXGYUDO0Rashid Thompson0041273622400deliciousOne of the best candies i ever had. not too sweet but just right, would recommend
339861339861B001EO5LU0A2S4AG9GHGNYD9De Sofeb "De"0051244419200delicious candywe really enjoy the Yummy Earth lollipops so I decided to try the hard candies, and we were not disappointed! the flavors are strong and the candies are just the right size for a quick sugar fix. knowing that they are all natural is a bonus. these candies are delicious.
339862339862B001EO5LU0A3E0XP5E2PQDWTTamara D. Haddox "momof4andhopefullymore"0051231804800YUMMY STUFF!!These are the best candies I've ever had, and I'm a sugar-holic. These satisfy that sweet tooth and yet I know that they aren't as bad for me as most other candies. I'm 34... so, I should mention that all of my children also LOVE these!!!
339863339863B001EO5LU0A2FTSSZMGOHMRRLory Penniman0051216252800yumgood candy, I keep a couple in my pocket to have at work after supper, they are just the right size, kids love them too!
339864339864B001EO5LU0A2HHQNYRW0I41ZChelsye L. Sherman "Garden Girl"0051207872000So Delicious!!These candies are so delicious! It tastes like you are sucking on fruit. They are cute too. They are small in size, which isnt a bad thing. I bought them to put into my favors at my wedding. I am very satisfied with them. Now I can give something out to everyone without worrying about all of the ingredients that I cant read. Highly reccommended!
339865339865B001EO5LU0A3KTEUOXW4AT4TChristine Holzmann "Music junkie"0051203120000Simply EXCELLENT!!I must say... these are the best sweets I have tasted! I enjoy them even more knowing that everything in there is natural, including the flavouring. I first came across them during a regular visit to my local co-op... I am SO glad she had these available when she did otherwise I wouldn't have found out about them. I like the size of these too...a little smaller than the regular bon-bon... so you can enjoy them more knowing you're getting a lot fewer calories in each sweet. I HIGHLY recommend these!
339866339866B001EO5LU0AOWZQAE1TO0IAScience Minded0111349222400The same games the big food industry plays!These are not flavors derived from natural fruits....they are flavor industry created chemicals that can be called "natural" only because of the very very lose definition the FDA allows for flavorings. These candy's are as bad for you and your kids as is any other hard candy. These guys are just a fraud or just so stupid that they just don't understand what they are doing. In either case you are better off just giving your kids some real organic fruit and keeping them from acquiring a taste for this type of trash!
339867339867B001EO5LU0A2VSUTU2JILHHJdissapointed regular0111303603200rotten!I am really disappointed - I order these candies regularly and for some reason this batch appeared to be old and rotten.... the flavors were off and even the colors of the candies were faded. The strawberry was gray! I threw most of them out.
339868339868B001EO5LU0A1YMJNW5JZRB2JM. Monroe "sk8monroe81"3831213401600BAD PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONThe candy is great. natural and good flavored.
my complaint is the listing of the actual flavors.
the flavors received are different from the flavors that amazon lists.
i separately bought strawberry candy because the description said no strawberry would be in the assortment, however now i have found there to be strawberry, making the separate purchase unnecessary.
and btw amazon allows no returns on any grocery items.
339869339869B001AG4WN4A2PUS46E761OK1aobryan21151299456000Love itThis tea is amazing. It taste great. My doctor recommended it during my last trimester. I feel like my labor would not have went so well without this tea. I had 2 cups a day. I liked the taste. It really is an excellent product. I still drink it to this day.
339870339870B001AG4WN4A21YR65Q7UDSG4J. Baker1151294185600Bye, Bye Advil and Motrin, Hello TeaThis stuff really works as long as you drink enough of it and let it soak long enough. I usually only have to drink one large well-soaked coffee cup's worth and my cramps are no more. Pills work too, of course, but I'd rather have the tea. Doesnt' taste bad either; I don't drink it with sugar, just straight up.

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