Amazon Fine Food Reviews

339888339888B001M0502KAM5D5XXG2SL8UBryan1141297036800Not too sweet, not too shabbyI remember my grandmother always carrying around candies in a tin shaped like raspberries or something. I purchased these since they looked similar. They aren't fruit-shaped but are round and are very much smaller than the ones I remember (little smaller than the end of my pinky finger). The three flavors do taste similar, but you can distinguish them from one another. I did like that they weren't too sweet like most of the hard candy you find in the store. Plenty of candies in a tin, would purchase again and recommend to others who want slightly sweet and flavorful hard candy.
339889339889B001M0502KA1TWYLK6CAP94BS. Hettrick1151296604800YUMThese used to be in my Christmas stocking every year! Cannot find them locally - thank goodness for Amazon! Just the right small size to satisfy my sweet tooth, with great flavors.
339890339890B001M0502KA1UVT2PVRLMTS4D. breeden1151240876800french candythis is the best hard candy in the world, why this isn't widely known is a mystery. It's great for the kids too, keep a can in your car to give to children before a trip it keeps them happy and will provide a lifetime of memories. also love the fact that it's natural and comes in an attractive can.
339891339891B001M0502KA1K5A3EA377YHGdupdyke0021345161600Very damaged goodsI ordered 20 of these candy tins for a party we were having. It was french-themed, and the guest of honor requested these as gifts as they were her favorite as a girl. The tins showed up in good time but over HALF WERE DAMAGED. In some cases unusable. We had to put severely dinged tins in the gift bags. It was embarrassing to have to explain from a party that we worked on hard and with elegant detail. I'd send back if there was time, but instead I had to apologize to half the guests. It was a damper. Would never give this vendor a second chance.
339892339892B001M0502KA18NPUB5CNXZOEJohn Boland "John Boland"0611292198400IS THIS OVER-RATED?This seems to me to be vastly over-rated. It's just some very tiny little round things that have no special taste except for a sweet taste. They are way overpriced for what you get. And, Amazon does not accept returns on this item! Money wasted for sure!
339893339893B0014ET1WEAUNXMJ9SSNJGBA. Harhager0031300752000Good savings but seems rather mushyI did the subscribe and save option because my kids ate this all the time in their lunches. Not many stores around here have the Healthy Request version and it is usually $1.80 somthing. This is a great savings, not only in the unit price but with the free shipping. I have noticed though that the noodles seem to be pretty mushy. I have not purchased any from the store lately so be able to compare but I don't like it myself. The kids still eat it so I have just reduced the frequency of my shipments without completely cancelling them. Great idea, okay product.
339894339894B0014ET1WEA1TGOEF05EEB64Shoshona Perelman "Daughter of Zion"0051294876800Mmmm, Mmmm, Good!!!Campbell's Healthy Request Chicken Noodle Soup has been a principle staple in my diet for many years. It is tasty, savory, quick & easy, and I get the benefit of less sodium & fat. Sometimes, when available, I dice up some cooked chicken & more carrots to make a more substantial meal. Either way, I enjoy!

As to getting deliveries of my beloved soup from Amazon, the savings are HUGE!!! Locally, the grocery stores here charge up to $1.79 per can -- OUCH!!! For the price of 2 cans, I can get 3+ -- and the ratio gets even better with each case!

Adding in the incredible benefit of having the soup delivered to my door makes me an especially happy camper. I don't have to go out to the store when I'm low or out -- a real plus for me as I'm disabled & get around using a mobility scooter. This frees up some space for me on my scooter when I do go to a store, which allows me more freedom in my purchases on those trips.

Taking advantage of the subscription service is a real win-win for me. There is just one thing I'd do differently if I made the decisions for Amazon: don't limit the selections to monthly choices. Instead, allow for weekly choices as I'd prefer to get a case automatically delivered every week or so, rather than manually ordering 3-4 per month (by ordering an extra shipment every week or so, which I've been doing lately) -- I don't have the space for 3-4 cases at a time, but getting one case automatically delivered on a weekly basis would be ideal. Hope you're reading this, Amazon -- I sure would love automatic weekly deliveries (hint, hint)...
339895339895B0014ET1WEA2B5BQQIVQ21EON. Roessner "CoffeeBreak"0041284249600TastyThe soup is very tasty. I add flavor with dried parsley flakes, celery seed and lots of pepper. This is the second time I've received a shipment of Campbells's Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle soup. I am reluctant to order it again since almost every can was dented in the last batch. That said, I wish Amazon carried the Homestyle chicken noodle soup. I like that better as the noodles are smaller and firmer.
339871339871B001AG4WN4A3QVQBYP4XHOVBA. Crichlow1241283904000Another happy Rasberry Leaf CustomerThe product came fairly soon and I've always enjoyed this brand so can't say anything bad about it. I drunk it in my 39th week of pregnancy and was able to go into labor on my own in the midst of being threatned with an induction and bounced back fairly well. I'm not sure if it is directly correlated, but I think that coupled with good exercises and mental preparation helped things to go well.
339896339896B0014ET1WEAEADQ1MY4RPKWA. Huitema "Sandalwood Connoisseur"1251265155200Love This Soup!We use this soup all the time at our house. It has less sodium, but it tastes good. The flip top can is really handy, and so is the fact that Amazon will deliver it right to our door. And, the price is reasonable with Subscribe and Save.
339897339897B0014ET1WEA1OPDKU7XVOZJMTara Owens "Tara"0111294185600Awful, please bring back the original version!It seems Campbell's has discontinued the regular Homestyle chicken noodle (We cannot find it in any grocery store or online). They now only offer the healthy request and low sodium options.

I bought this healthy request version by mistake thinking it was the original and it tasted awful, very bland and tasteless! It was like eating noodle water. We tried adding salt, etc, but this did not help.

The original Homestyle Chicken Noodle was a regular staple in our home, but none of us can stand this new bland healthy request version. There is only a difference of 10 calories!! Not worth it, especially since we don't have health, weight, or sodium issues!

I can understand offering healthier options for those who need/want it, but I'm so disappointed that Campbell's has discontinued the original. I cannot recommend this bland soup.
339872339872B001M0502UAQ8CFQX8Q6TGXTheresa Thomas0051287878400The Best Peppermint EverFound a tin of these at the airport just by chance and found them to be soooooo refreshing - not that harsh peppermint flavor so often found with breath minths - just a subtle hint of mint and found this lot at Amazon. Hope they are always available!
339898339898B0014ET1WEA2I26J87IO5P7MRyan Mitchell2531240444800Decent amount of clams, very bland tasteI was surprised by the amount of clam chunks -- usually, they try to save money by putting in a couple of chunks and calling it "clam chowder." It's not a TON of chunks, but it's an average-ish amount.
What I couldn't get over though, was the incredibly bland taste. The ingredients confirm that all the thickening is produced entirely with cornstarch and water. It has a very blah-cornstarchey taste. Gross.
339873339873B000F9J6EWA8X478DM3KAWMmsn yin yang0021327881600OverpricedI needed some of these in a rush and ordered online. There is no difference between this and the ones I get in the store locally except the price which is 10 times more.
339899339899B007J82R8OA24SEPTR10X2UUicanhike0031350777600Good Product, overpricedIZZE is an awesome beverage that uses acerola juice (Puerto Rica Cherry) to pack in the vitamin C with nothing artificial added. The flavors ar great! But you can buy the variety 24 pack elsewhere for $15.99 so shop around.
339874339874B000F9J6EWAWRK6AMULB2J1Lynn S0051297987200"Magic tea"altho' back ordered, it is as promised. I will continue to use this product and am very happy to recommend it to anyone. It works!
339900339900B000BFVCKQA1H73NW4DTNR1OAmazon Woman2221229644800One flavor was rancid.I ordered this as a gift for someone. 5 of the teas smelled OK, but one of them smelled rancid, like oils gone bad. Adagio does not provide a telephone number for customer service. Everything is by e-mail so I wrote. They did not respond so I wrote AGAIN. I finally did get a response which was: nobody else has complained. I don't feel this is a decent answer. They should have opened up the bin of tea in question and taken a whiff for themselves. I feel that would have been a more appropriate response.
339875339875B000F9J6EWA15BKJEIIRCDODFL flamingo1211311811200HORRIBLEMy family drinks Ban Lan Gen regularly (of different brands - best deal available). Generally, it tastes GREAT and truly works to ward off colds/flu and make the recovery process much quicker if you are sick. However, STAY AWAY FROM THIS BRAND. It tastes HORRIBLE, despite the large amount of sugar added. Bitter, unfamiliar and REALLY BAD taste. Plus, the packaging is very weak and thin and many of the bags arrived broken and granules make a MESS as they fall out everywhere.
339876339876B000F9J6EWA1HDDAWONDR3TLnsparks0121328572800Not greatThis particular Ban Lan is weaker than the ones I've had before, I need two packs instead of one for the same result. It's not great, but it's still ban Lan.
339877339877B003GWZB4EAAUICTIUBVU7RRoy Berger "Everyman"0011345420800I couldn't taste a differenceI added it to stir fry veggies but found no difference in taste. What a waste of bucks! I will never try it again, that's for sure.
339878339878B004SZTLBWA1U30N1CE2XYBYAlan Brinton2231134864000ho humTry Dimitri's if you want a five star mix - you provide your own tomato juice (or Clamato and lime juice for a great Caesar!), add a couple of squirts to taste, and you're in business.
339879339879B004SZTLBWA1IL6W1NK05UW9C. Baker "cbaker"2241105574400Solid Choice for Bloody Mary MixI have yet to find a Bloody Mary Mix that I consider a home run. That said, Mrs. T's Bloody Mary Mix, so far, is the best Bloody Mary Mix I have found. It has a unique tasty flavor and the consistency is very good if you follow the instructions and don't put too much alcohol in your drink.

The Bold and Spicy mix is the one to go with. It has a fuller, spicer flavor than the regular mix. I still need to spice it up a bit with some hot sauce. But overall, given other brands on the market, Mrs. T's is a solid choice for a Bloody Mary Mix.
339880339880B004SZTLBWA1TJT6GXDGNN8QOpinunated1131324512000A good Bloody Mary mix but you can easily make a Better OneI have a Virgin Mary every day and a true Bloody Mary maybe once or twice a week. I've experimented with a lot of different tomato juices, hot sauces, and spices but I've only tried a few Bloody Mary mixes.

I recently purchased both the Tabasco Spicy Bloody Mary mix and the Mr & Mrs T Spicy Bloody Mary mix to see what (if anything) I was missing. The Tabasco mix was simply horrid but the Mr & Mrs T I felt was pretty good. It has a nice blend of heat versus sweetness (tomatoes working against hot peppers). However any other flavors (if they exist) seemed lost in the Mr & Mrs Ts mix. A true three star product - good but not great. Be advised I suspect this mix may be too hot for some palettes.

I'd recommend Mr/Mrs Ts to anyone who MUST purchase a mix. It's a good one. But I don't recommend you purchase any mix!

I'd recommend a simple recipe using just two ingredients - your preferred tomato juice and a good/great hot sauce but the devil, of course, is in the details.


1.) Tomato Juice or V8 juice - I prefer the low sodium variety of V8 but that is NOT a critical factor. Use whatever juice you like.
Actually the lowest priced cans of tomato juice at my local supermarket have proven really excellent! Go figure.

2.) A Good Quality Hot Sauce. Using a better than average hot sauce is absolutely key. I strongly recommend (if you do not already have a favorite) one of the following (I've taste tasted about 30 different ones and below is my short list of favorites which are also readily available:

a) Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce - This sauce has considerable heat but it is nicely balanced against a bit of sweetness combined with a hint of garlic. It really makes the virgin/bloody mary quite special. Virtually every supermarket carries it - look in the Asian section!

b) Cholula Original Hot Sauce - features a fine blend of peppers - medium hot and readily available - look in the Mexican section

c) Tapatio Hot Salsa Picanta - another widely distributed and excellent Mexican Hot sauce. Once again you will find this in your Mexican aisle.

d) Tabasco Chipotle hot sauce - a well know national brand. The Chipotle pepper is smoked and has a unique flavor. Commonly available and worth a try. There are many other brands of Chipotle sauces. If you like the taste of this one you are off to the races to see which brand you prefer. But a good place to start is with this Tabasco product.

e) El Yacateco Green

That is simple as it gets. A juice and a dash of a really good hot sauce. This is not only far better than the Tabasco mix (which is horrid) but it is also better than the Mr/Mrs Ts Bloody Mary mix! An added bonus of mixing your own ----- you can adjust the heat level to your individual preferences. You can't do that with a mix.

Have some fun by adding Worchester sauce, horseraddish, etc
339881339881B0009QWTRWA125I4JZKQUXGQGrace Guia0051334188800amazingly delicious teamy first time trying rooibos.

This provence rooibos is a great blend, w/both florals, and fruits. It came with steeping instructions on the back of the resealable flexible foil bag (in chart form, for a few different tea types). It was so good that I ended up drinking the whole 12oz pot (surprising for someone who can usually put away only half that when it comes to hot tea).

It had a natural sweet note, n went well paired with a raspberry centered biscuit. I think it will be good for the summer as a refreshing iced tea too!

where I bought it:
purchased at along w/a tea sampler and teapot-drip-catchers that I really wanted just to keep the lid on without my having to hold it while pouring.
Everything from the company was nicely packaged, and came in 4days and shipping less than $4. The sampler floral tea came in cute tiny tin-cans; now I can experiment by mixing my own!
339882339882B002YRXYXCA1IA597ZMYTK1Dmamma0051309132800great case - good bottlesReally pleased with the quality of the carrier. Holds lots of weight, probably even more than the 6 filled bottles.
339883339883B001QQWB3GA365Q3QLU40Y0ESandy R7721282435200Weight is incorrect, flavor is bland, product doesn't mix.The picture supplied shows a label with "1 pound" printed on it. Under details, the weight is listed as 8 ounces. My order showed "1 pound" as did the order details for feedback. So...3 of 4 details say I should receive a pound. I was a little put off getting half as much. The powder is remarkably void of carob or any flavor. Even adding several heaping spoonfuls didn't provide the flavor of carob expected, let alone intensity of flavor. It was also permanently clumpy. Putting it in hot or cold water, hot or warm coffee, hot or cold milk, nothing changed that it clumps up around the sides or bottom of the glass. Stirring for 5 minutes, letting it stand, stirring more, still Clumpsville.
I want to say something nice about the product, but there isn't much. I ordered 3 other items from Barry Farms, one of them being carob chips. THOSE had the flavor I was expecting, (and came in the one pound size advertised), and all items were packed well and shipped quickly. It's this product that needs work.
If you want half an order of bland, clumpy powder, order this. Otherwise, pass on it, and get their carob chips (sweetened) if you want carob flavor.
339884339884B001M0502KA2R30WLE2G36WDKim5551277164800Great!I used to buy these in local grocery stores (Vons or Ralphs) but they stopped selling them.. I was so happy that I found these on Amazon (much much cheaper as well.)

The assorted hard candies taste very good :) They're very small, probably the size of your index fingernail, but I usually eat 2 or 3 at a time. You can control your sugar intake with this!

I wish more people knew about this candy.. it's probably one of the best tasting hard candies out there. Highly recommended.
339885339885B001M0502KAFLTE6TBVHE4XMayank K. Kothari2251252972800Healthy candyThis candy is very good even for a diabetic if used in small quantity which is possible due to its pallet size. Quite a treat.
339886339886B001M0502KAX8F51IJNZRTFM. Ruina "shaydini"1151339113600Great little treatsThese candies are wonderful when you just want a little something without a mouthful of sugar. They are hard to find, so I was thrilled to locate them on Amazon. Only problem is that my kids don't know how to "savor" them, so they were gone in a flash!
339887339887B001M0502KA3P5DXF1AUS0JUam1151329436800Great favorThese are a great favor for weddings and events. Amazon offers a great price and quick shipping. Each tin is filled with tiny candy balls (pea sized) with three flavors (lemon, orange, raspberry).

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