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339901339901B000BFVCKQA3U8961ZKXIYXLPamela Lund "ThatPamChick"0021322697600Very little flavorSo far I've tried the gingerbread and the candy apple flavors and both left me disappointed. I couldn't taste much more than just black tea.

The pouches are big though. So, if you like black tea and aren't looking for strongly flavored teas this is a good buy.
339902339902B000BFVCKQA18GWTUO7F2WJPT. Gerencer0041226880000Good dealI got it as a gift for someone else. I'm not much of a tea drinker, but the flavors and tins were cool and it seemed like a bargain for the price and I think she liked the tea.
339903339903B003Y3D5MKA236GHP1XBUF4Ychefjennifer0051344643200my favorite saltBaleine salt is my favorite. I use the fine every day and the coarse for a final touch/crunch. No complaints - it's the only brand of salt I use. My only problem is that when Amazon ships the salt, usually half of the containers' lids have popped off and salt is everywhere and I have to find an alternative container for all the loose salt! Amazon, be careful when you're packing it, please!
339904339904B005OL1Q8KA385SCKGY7RQ0JWMassGuy4521321401600Bacon, not so much...This sort of taste like bacon smells (if that makes any sense). They don't really taste like bacon, but they are still very sweet.

Not my cup of tea, but I bought them to trick my friends with, so they'll work.
339905339905B005OL1Q8KA2M2BRIK8HBO0NHappy Camper1111323216000Cute, not GreatProduct does not taste like bacon, even when tester is told flavor.

Sad impluse buy for me, should have gotten the meat wallet.

Product arrived in timely manner, as advertised.

Item should be considered a novelty and not what it claims.
339906339906B005OL1Q8KA254JSHBZ3OKOMlynn gustafson3421322179200Yuck! Bacon Candy CanesThe product arrived quickly, but everyone who has eaten one says that they taste terrible.......not at all list bacon !
339907339907B005OL1Q8KA13RP7SPV5Y1GZrickybobby0031346889600interestingI bought these as a gag joke for out 10yr old twins, I mixed them with normal candy canes on the tree, let them pic and choose when they wanted one. They finally got on of these bacon flavored ones and were weireded out by them. I tried one and realized why, they're horrible, very minimally taste like bacon, I wasn't expecting them honestly to taste great, but these just had some weird after taste to them.

They're a good gag gift, but don't expect them to get eaten after everyone finds out what they taste like.

They almost taste like thay came out of the pigs balloon knot...
339908339908B005OL1Q8KA35O7FVMHIUPL9bleeeaarrg0051328140800awesomewhether you want to play a prank on some unsuspecting kid or you just LOVE bacon, these candy canes did the trick. I hung them on the tree and they blended right in with the peppermint (yuck) candy canes.
339909339909B005OL1Q8KA36IAL6TA4OH5JZ0mb130031325289600B-B-B-B Bacon!!!Sounds like a great idea for the bacon lover right? I was a bit eh to the taste cause it didnt taste like candy bacon. The people I gave canes to? Most of the feedback was negative. It's not something I will buy again but it was worth the shot ... Maybe someone will like them but my peoples did not.
339910339910B005OL1Q8KA16HUIW6I1GCKJBoss0011324252800These are really badThese really don't taste anything like bacon. They are sweet, but not good. My kids will pretty much figure out a way to get any candy cane down, and after a few good sucks all three of them threw theirs away. They just aren't good at all.
339911339911B005OL1Q8KA3DGYX36W3J95FJocelyn Merkel0021322697600Gross but funny!I bought these for my husband (the ultimate bacon lover). The look nice, are wrapped properly, and the box is cute. However, they taste awful! My husband and I were cracking up over how terrible they taste. Still, this is a fun gag gift, or a funny way to trick your friends.
339912339912B005OL1Q8KA2KCKAOIW546PPatty0251323907200Hopefully trickyGot these for a Christmas party. I haven't opened them yet, but I hope they are deliciously tricky! I was glad to find them here cheaper than other places online.
339913339913B0047LTIJCA1NVZU2546B0EEChristy Aronis3351328659200YUMThese peanuts were extremely fresh and flavorful. I made peanut butter with them and it is superb! They arrived in a timely fashion. Great product. Great service.
339914339914B0047LTIJCA11Q90ZYMIGL25T. Esper2251334361600great snackThe peanuts are shipped quickly and arrived within a week of ordering them. I really enjoy snacking on the peanuts.
339915339915B001M0502AA2ZI5FY97RXTOEeasjr2251294531200Sweet Concert SweetsHard candy without the noisy cellophane. Just the thing for a refreshing, throat-soothing treat while attending a live concert of your favorite orchestra.
339916339916B001M0502AA165ZZXC35ZLTUMxzptlk2251249171200Sweet View on Sour CandyOrange flavor is my wife's choice. I range over multiple flavors of this brand. We would have bought a pack of 15 tins if that had been available or more than one pack of 10 if this had not been the very last one in stock.La Vie Les Framboises, Naturally Flavoured Raspberry Drops - 5 tinsLa Vie Les Citrons, Naturally Flavoured Lemon Drops - 5 tins
339917339917B001M0502AA2G6D1VHFFVP0Cdontlikethiscandy0011334620800cheap productit's got cheap taste. i don't recommend this. tin case looks ok but contents is not that good. all sugar.
339918339918B003S1WTDEA1GC7U9O6ALO4ESuzyota0051333238400YummyThese crackers were a nice surprise...Very dense and full of flavor....Great with cheese, hummus, and even by themselves....Good snack...Fast delivery
339919339919B003S1WTDEA1OJFTLY3S8LEDWVA0051305244800WowJust purchaased these crackers based on a friend's recommendation...Wow..The Rosemary Flavor and light texture is perfect.
I will be trying the other flavors also of these 8 Grain Organic crackers.
339920339920B003S1WTDEA27RW9MEVEASTDCooper0051298937600A fantastic cracker!What a nice surpirse this cracker is. I bought this on a whim and it will be a staple in my house from now on. The light rosemary flavor made it perfect with goat cheese, brie, hummus and soup - it seems to go with everything.
339921339921B0007WIG84A1LFUGQQ2U475VTech Test Pilot1151330041600FAVORITE CANDY BAR - Cheapest at Sams ClubThis is my favorite candy bar. I keep them in the garage fridge with other candy bars for visiting friends and family. I love them cold. But if you pull them out of the fridge, they only take a few minutes to reach room temp if you prefer the caramel to be more gooey. sells these cheaper on their website...
Price as of this posting:
Cadbury Caramello 36 Bars
$19.88 box
$6.00 shipping or pick up for free

If you are not a Sams Club member, you can still buy put pay a 10% premium over product list price.
339922339922B0007WIG84A1P27BGF8NAI29Alice in Wonderland0051241740800A delicious treatMmmm. What can I say? I am a sucker for fine chocolates, especially Cadbury's wonderful Caramello bar. This candy, created by a British company renown for its fine chocolates, is a delicious treat - sweet and creamy milk chocolate holding a dollop of soft and buttery caramel. If you like fine chocolates, then do yourself a treat and get Cadbury Caramellos!

(Review of Carmello-Milk Chocolate and Creamy Caramel Bars, 36ct)
339923339923B0007WIG84A3IYWAW91CKWW0A. Landeros0051120521600Yum!These candys are so awesome! There is tons of chocolate, creamy caramel. You can't eat just 1:)
339924339924B0007WIG84A9RUGF5XCP6WAJ. Lu0111266019200Delicious chocolate. IF they weren't damaged/crushedif you like your carmello bar to be messy and leaky with the outer chocolate shell broken, squished, or just damaged beyond recognition, then this is the product for you. i have gone through 15 bars so far. and 10 of them are damaged with 6-7 so messy you'll have to use a spoon or else it's uneatable. i thought i did the smart thing and brought a box of them online instead of spending a buck 20 cents everyday at the 7 eleven. but this turned out to be a poor investment. now i already send the seller a letter of complaint. let's see what they have to say....
339925339925B003J9UKTKA1PWTANVJ0F4HOMichael Everett0051344211200cordialsblackberry brandy cordials are my favorite sweets and these are wonderful and the price is the best that I found anywhere.
339926339926B004QQ36M8A3SYC7CQSP19BSStephen J. Kraft3311318723200We poured ours outGoogle "propylene glycol" to find out why. I bought this product, along with several others, without running the ingredients by my wife first (a nurse of 30 years) she
was surprised when she noticed it.. we went a googling, and poured my $50 order down the drain afterwards. There's "pure" and then there's "not so much".....
339927339927B000QGCMZEA1EPS8189T68RGMidwest Mom "Honeybee's Mommy"0051350604800Great way to get a large pack of gumIt's Wrigley's gum and if you like the flavor, this is a great way to get a bunch of small packs. I bought this package for an event. I put the packs in a Bathroom Basket at the event along with many other toiletries that guests may need during a reception. The gum was great for people to freshen their breath. The number of smaller packages made it easier for people to take a pack and not feel icky about hygiene whereas one large package in the baskets might have had that effect. But of course, it's well-packaged gum so many people shared the other 4 sticks in the little pack which made this work out perfectly!
339928339928B000QGCMZEA27NTHPTRXB766Sandra L. Thornton "typingterror"0051330905600great price for gum from AmazonI will be sending this to our troops overseas. I am always so pleased when I get product for such a great price while trying to live on Social Security budget.
339929339929B007KLDT9GA3CL7YHIUKR0C3L. Wade1151341187200Yummy snacks, great for kids and adults alike!We loved this product so much. Dried fruit is one of my children's favorite snacks. We had these snacks at a playdate with our friends as well and all the children gobbled them up!
339930339930B007KLDT9GAHCB6UOJC16ZIvicki j wood1151339632000Taste great!These are very good! I love to munch on them for a crunchy snack. And they dissolve quick enough for my 17 month old to eat (most of) them.

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