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339959339959B000FGHEGWA1ZSF5CJ0A4CIOFancy Trimmins5551250726400So rich, creamy & good, I put it on Subscribe & Save!My first purchase was the assortment (milk choc, rich choc and milk choc w/marsmallows) but not for my use. I was planning ahead and wanted to add some of the packets with each Christmas gift I was giving to homes with children. Snowman 'tea' pots with matching snowman mugs, complete with 'lids' or heads with top hats. I also wanted some of envelopes of instant soup & noodles to throw into the empty pot just to show that the 'tea' pot wasn't actually for the adults' use or just for tea, but more for the kids after school snacks. No 'boiling water' for the cocoa; just hot water, stir and drink. However, I would never give a gift of an item I hadn't tasted myself, so I did. Now, I'm hooked. My favorite is the Rich Chocolate because if/when I do eat chocolate, it has to be dark, dark, dark. This 'rich' choice is heavenly. I did like the other two varieties also, the milk chocolate and the milk chocolate with the tiny marshmallows (that actually look like 2mm pebbles, but they are white and they do float...)

In any event, I liked this stuff so much that I even tried mixing 2 flavors: i.e., milk choc and the rich - still good. Needless to say, I am back here to order more (and put it on Subscribe and Save) as the colder weather is coming and this is going to be a nice break from all the tea I drink.

Pour envelope (or two) into a cup/mug. (One envelope requires only 3/4 Cup hot water, so if you're looking for an adult-sized coffee mug full, use two envelopes and double the water). I don't even measure the water anymore: just two envelopes and fill my mug about 3/4" from the top. I like using a whisk to mix it up because it creates a bit of froth on the top that sticks to my upper lip and brings back great childhood memories!

The powder dissolves rather easily, so even a young child could probably make his/her own that is not too hot to drink immediately. This is rich, creamy hot chocolate and I'm going to keep it on hand from now on. As with any hot chocolate, the chocolate does settle to the bottom of the mug, so one must keep stirring unless you are drinking it down in one gulp, so keeping a spoon handy is recommended.
339960339960B000FGHEGWA21491HIOXC3OVJohn0011336953600Settles at the bottomNo matter how much you stir. After 2 minutes it settles down at the bottom and when drink this and reaching 3/4 then it tastes like SAND...
339931339931B007KLDT9GA5KN2W9FT1L87K. W.0051349654400Delicious and healthyI love freeze-dried fruit, but it is usually very pricey. These are still expensive for a snack, but a good price for this kind of item, and it's hard to find healthier options that are convenient and easy to travel with! All three kinds in this pack are delicious--the mango is the best--and it tasted like good quality fruit. I especially like that there are no added sugars or oils.

Each can is 200-250 calories, and I'll eat about half a can at a time as a good-sized serving. I am running out of my previous order; I will buy this again.
339932339932B000I2T9Y8A1SNR8U7YAHAPOG. Verger1151190764800Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys Yellowfin Tuna Florentine with Garden Greens (24/3-oz cans)My cat is very happy....and I really appreciate that I can buy what she likes so easily. Thank you!
339933339933B000I2T9Y8A2V75PHXFXW2QND. A. Hartman1151182211200My cat loves this!My youngest cat (3 years) loves the Elegant Medleys from Fancy Feast. He doesn't mind having only one flavor. This is a very good deal since I pay more per can at any store where I live. It is also nice not to have to have to go to the store so often for food.
339934339934B0042YY56AA1IZ01XON5960Zleclyn0051325462400YUMMY!!My daughter made chicken pineapple meatballs and used this sauce to cook them in, in the crockpot. They were so good, they went pretty fast. We will definitely make them again.
339935339935B0042YY56AA2EKZJAK8A31QUIrene it!This raspberry honey mustard pretzel dip makes one awesome steak marinade!!! I LOVE it!!! I'm sure it'd be great with other things too, but it's a definite winner for steak!
339936339936B0042YY56AA13O3OG8YW77MDTom P0051318636800Can't put this stuff down!A friend of mine received this in a gift basket. We could not stop eating it. It's pricey but it's very delicious. It goes great with honey wheat pretzels.
339937339937B000W4OUCSA2A5MPJQABUZHWS. Cameron6641288656000Can't believe I found them!I can't believe these are sold here. Just like my childhood memories, too! A gourmet market in my hometown of Lake Placid sold them when I was little. I found them again many years ago while vacationing in St. Maarten. I'm so excited to find them again!
339938339938B000W4OUCSAVZ11XON2Q5P0Rhea Tannenbaum "Rhea"6651232841600The original Hopjes candiesThese are the original Hopjes candies from Holland. They are just as good as my childhood memories of them.
339939339939B000W4OUCSA3EBI3WPK3QGE6Barbara2251229212800SPEEDY SHIPPING - GREAT PRICEVery happy with this purchase. The shipping was fast as lightning and the price was great. Thank you.
339940339940B000W4OUCSA1MCKJP0XOO6NZSarah Pinansky1151293580800Tasty, not too sweetMy great grandmother used to bring these to my mom's house when she was younger and they've become kind of a family tradition. Mom couldn't find them for decades, but the internet came through for us! They are small, almost cube-shaped, hard coffee-flavored candies. They're not too sweet, and they don't really get sticky, either. They just melt nicely in your mouth and have a wonderful rich flavor. Love them!
339941339941B000W4OUCSA161VXZIMWWYT4L. Powers "Health shopper"0041347840000Yummy imported candies!Someone gave me one of these one day and I just had to purchase some. I soon found that they are imported and not at the local candy shop.
They are coffee flavored and kind of creamy but no filling in them.
Good candies if you are a coffee fan.
They were sold out and I had to wait several more weeks to get them so they get a four star.
339942339942B000W4OUCSA1Q3RRJCGXGZBSD. Woo "Dan W."0051334880000A blast from the past!This is the same Hopjes candy that my Aunt gave me as a kid. The only difference is the wrappers. I miss the old squared off shape and paper/foil wrappers, but otherwise this is the same thing! Good candy with a good coffee flavor. Not too sweet..good stuff
339943339943B000W4OUCSAD5SEDGC47B2Elatke0051329177600yumnmyThese hopjes are candies from my childhood which my children and now my grand children covet. I'm so glad I can keep on replenishing my supply---this web site will be in my will for any great grand children to come---:}}
339944339944B0000UV2OIA36WARLXQCN08BJK5551178668800Flavor EnhancerGreat flavor.Preserved Meyer Lemon in Olive Oil Works especially well with Israeli couscous, served with fish.
339945339945B002ULC18QAO7E57UAQHYJAL. Wheeler0041350518400Honey Roasted PeanutsVery good quality. I actually prefer honey roasted cashews even more however, these were good nonetheless. Would have liked a little more honey and salt.
339946339946B001FA1DKAA37GGAULI13P7YJohn C. Nielsen "John Nielsen"6641271894400Great Macadamia NutsI ordered these after the ones I bought in Hawaii were gone. These were as fresh as the ones bought in Hawaii and the price was much better. Warning: Can be habit forming.
339947339947B001FA1DKAA2DLZ84X4V47U5S. Ackermann1131301443200Not so addictive.I bought these on a Lightening deal. With Easter coming up I thought I'd have an inexpensive treat for the over 12 yr set. This is the 'you get what you pay for scenario.' The chocolate is waxy and too sweet. That said not horribly waxy but certainly undistinguished. You can get much better chocolate in grocery stores and drugstores these days. The Macadamia nuts are also inferior. While not a connoisseur my past experience is that the high fat content gives them a distinctive tooth and mouth feel that is not present here. The only flavor I noticed was the cheap chocolate. I will update this once others have sampled it.
339948339948B001FA1DKAAR2N2BGNU73BPLacy M. Taylor "frstylr98"0051350000000yummyYummy, Yummy, Yummy. I cant find these in stores & even when I can they are expensive. Feel in love with them in Hawaii and now I come here if I want more.
339949339949B001FA1DKAA132ETQPMHQ585Donna's Reviews "I Love Shopping on Amazon!"0051330214400These Nuts are Great when they are plain....These Nuts are Great when they are plain....Mauna Loa Macadamias, Dark Chocolate, 6-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)....With dark chocolate they are even more of a teat sent them to my daughter in college....Two things that are both very healthy together you can't beat that!
339950339950B001FA1DKAA3KDL8A0FMUE4Fs2ndra "DragonSwan"0011329350400Small and Old Nut!The tiny nuts under the overwhelming ball of chocolate is not of the highest quality. They looked a bit old and you can barely taste the macadamias. Too much chocolate that isn't very rich, and for a dark chocolate, way too sweet. You are better off buying roasted Macadamias and a good quality dark chocolate and eating them together in one bite.
339951339951B001FA1DKAA161APYWKNOOUWJeff Foster0031327276800Too much chocolateI know that's an odd thing to say, but I was hoping for a thin dark chocolate shell around one of the excellent Mauna Loa macadamia nuts.
What I received was a very thick, middle of the road dark chocolate, sometimes wrapped around a half or whole macadamia that was not up to the standards that Mauna Loa usually presents.

These are larger than a quarter in diameter.

I wont buy them again
339952339952B001FA1DKAA1J5V8Z5A4Z8PUAnthony Henderson0011326844800Where's the macadamia?I had a hankering for some macadamia nuts so i went to Target and this is all they had. The price seemed like a real bargain now I know why.. What looks like a big ol macadamia nut is mostly all chocolate and literally a half of a small nut!!! I don't know how they get so much chocolate over such a small piece! I guess if you like mostly all chocolate and a little nut then you might like these.
339953339953B001FA1DKAAAQDC94GP6TPQL. Leung "ll"0041323216000Will Order AgainWonder how many women not like macadamia nut nor chocolate. Wish dark chocolate is darker in cocoa content. Have this regularly so I can only grab a few every time to satisfy the crave.
339954339954B001FA1DKAA3ONNTUSJVC1R1E J D0051322179200Very TastyThese chocolate macadamia nut became a favorite of my daughter on a recent trip to HI. I was not able to find them in local stores and was happy to find them on Amazon.
339955339955B001FA1DKAA1ZBMJE8TXA1BRR. Runkles0051305244800YummyThis is a product that makes you have to share with your friends. I am almost out so this is my newest expensive habit!
339956339956B001FA1DKAA21OZ4CRZCPZL4J. Edem0041302825600Delicious but a bit too much chocolateThese taste fantastic and as part of the lightning deal they are a great price. Just a little too much chocolate, makes it feel like I am eating a bag of dark chocolate (which isn't bad) but makes it hard to taste the macadamia nuts.
339957339957B001FA1DKAA1IU4JZFDZA9HJP. Boynton "Middle School teacher"0041302566400Very good candyIt is a wonderful nibble, especially if what you want is a chocolate snack. They have a lot of chocolate around that nut - sometimes, they are round balls of chocolate almost an inch across, surrounding the center. I enjoy the fact that it isn't just a slight coating, it is a hunk of chocolate.
It isn't the greatest chocolate, but it is very good. And I eat a lot of chocolate.
These please me with their taste, and because I can eat 4-5 of them and my craving for chocolate is satisfied.
I ordered them on the lightning deal, but will be re-ordering them.
339958339958B001FA1DKAA1WDJO2BKW3WKOJ. Lin0051300665600I'm addicted--so is my family!This is a very addicting snack. Sometimes it may seem that there's too much chocolate for the nut, but at least the chocolate is good, too. At less than $22 for 6 6-oz bags, it's even cheaper than what I paid for at WalMart in Hawaii recently ($8.50 for each 12-oz bag).

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