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340021340021B000EYPNCWAYHNMCHZ0DU63J. Levy "J"3351183939200Sensible Foods Organic Crunch Dried Snacks, Sweet CornThese were great...taste just like corn on the cob, only crunchy. Would definitely recommend these to others looking for a 'healthy' snack. Only 70 calories for the whole bag.
340022340022B000EYPNCWA1VGJ57MNQIYCPccdog3351175644800Great snack!I originally bought these for my kids but they didn't seem to like it so I started eating them. They are delicious and only 70 calories a bag. They make a perfect snack and it keeps me away from cookies, candies and other desserts. Yes, they are salted but are nowhere near as salty as potato chips or cheetoes.
340023340023B000EYPNCWAY29CL3RQ1BDXD. Olson "Happy Girl"2241219622400Like real sweet cornThese actually taste like real sweet corn kernels. I was hoping more for a crunchy "Corn Nut" taste. They are more airy but still tasty.
340024340024B000EYPNCWA2TKE1KA3RQX98Idaho Spud2251196208000YUM!!I bought these hoping to find a healthy, and tasty snack. I got both!! The kernels taste like sweet corn, and they're not salty at all. In fact, after reading the reviews saying these are too salty, I was expecting more salt. Those people must eat very little salt to be overwhelmed by this product. I taste salt, but just enough to set off the sweetness of the corn.
I also love the fact that the only ingredients are corn and sea salt. How much healthier can you get for a packaged, crunchy snack?
340025340025B000EYPNCWA2MCXWF8HFM8MPVintagemonkey2251189468800MMMI love this brand and have tried many of the fruits packs. Just tried the corn and I love it. The saltiness goes great with the sweetness of the corn. The texture is great too...not too crunchy..but rather light and airy but not like popcorn :)
340026340026B000EYPNCWA5MJHWJXYDZY0R. Hammer2211187481600Like all Sensible Fruit Products but not this one!Felt like I was in the barn eating hay. Too bad I bought a case of 24 of them. So far I have found no one that likes it. I keep try becuase I have quite a few left.
340027340027B000EYPNCWA2FWIRH7V4ORHRmicrojul2251178928000Excellent Snack for kids and adultsLove these snacks, my kids love the freeze dried fruits and veggies. They are very convenient for travel. Sensible foods is organic and reasonably priced compared to other similar brands. I highly recommend this product, it is nutritious and fun to eat.
340028340028B000EYPNCWAZQP8YQ7K17B9Lisa2251160870400Parents & kids both love these!I'd been ordering these for my family but decided to put a case out at my son's 6th birthday party. The kids gobbled them up and the moms came running to me in droves to ask where I got them. No one had a problem with the salt and the mom's liked the flavor as much as their kids. Buy these for your next party and you will be everyone's hero.
340029340029B000EYPNCWA3FWB7PP53FEHMD. Schasteen4541171756800NOT SALTYI don't normally review items, but I had to write something on this because all of these "it's too salty" comments are driving me crazy. These are hardly salty at all.

There is far more salt in potatoe chips or popcorn or basically any other snack food. My bag says its only 8% of your daily sodium, which is much lower than you would think from the comments people are leaving. I'm a man, so I personally think these could use MORE salt.
340030340030B000EYPNCWA3ASHBA9CSN7MYC L Young "crabbiappl"1151222905600Please never stop carrying this!My 3 year old has loved these sweet dried corn kernals since he could eat real food. It's a staple in our house!
340031340031B000EYPNCWANZFJG0ZE62KQonline shopper1151178928000YummyIt's really a great snack. I plan on ordering another box of them.
340032340032B000EYPNCWAWBKMGD3UGF34Dieter in Indiana1151169683200yummy and crunchyThese really taste great - I will order them again. A nice snack item- and much crunchier than dried fruits and veggies I have eaten in the past. Is it as yummy as chips? No, but it is a decent substitute for a lot lower calories!
340033340033B000EYPNCWA3AV5XEJ25KVF4Castlecat "castlecat"2351161388800Yum!I used to love Just Corn but I like this brand even better. I agree they could cut the salt a bit, but I think some salt is a nice compliment to the corn.
340034340034B000EYPNCWA2C9XE9I8RSKNXJ. Johnson0051348185600Yum ! GMO-free corn snack in perfect portion size.I love corn, but am trying to go as GMO-free as possible. These are great ! I'm diabetic, so portion control and carb counting are very important. This is a perfect snack, and also works as a topping for chili or soups. The flavor is more like fresh corn than corn chips or tortilla chips. I plan to purchase these again :)
340035340035B000EYPNCWAU970TMX685CHLoopeez shoe tying aid "Courtney"0051323302400These are delish!I had stumbled upon these at our local food store and was amazed at how good they were. All three of my kids went nuts over them. Plus for me they are only 70 calories per bag. They are good plain and would be awesome in salads. Well worth it I will order again
340036340036B000EYPNCWA3TQALWWE13E75T. X. Tran0051302480000love itFirst time I had it was at a vending machine and was hooked! It seem so light and strange at first but it's amazing how it still retains the sweetness. I went and bought a 24 pack which I finished in less than a week, because it was that good! Many of my family member who've tried it called and asked me where I've got it and apparently I pointed them to Amazon of course. They found it a little weird that Amazon sells food, haha. The only person that doesn't like the corn was my mom, she said it's weird. All in all, it was a very tasty and healthy snack :)
340037340037B000EYPNCWA151IJ1MKVF2T9KB352420051287532800Great Taste - as good as chipsI was at an airport, hungry, looking for something to replace chips as a snack and found these. They are wonderful and guilt free.
340038340038B000EYPNCWAK6O7M8HPL93TJudith N. Day0051276041600Sensible Food Sweet CornI absolutely LOVE this product! I have it sent to me on the automatic delivery option to save money. They are worth every penny!
340039340039B000EYPNCWA2M9FG3F542QDOscootser0021263254400blahvery sweet and not too salty, with a somewhat odd, very starchy taste like raw corn. Pretty small portion but as a snack it's relatively low in calories. I think I would have enjoyed these a lot more if the corn had been toasted to bring out some more complexity in flavor. They're just really plain and uninspiring. Don't think I'd buy them again.
340040340040B000EYPNCWA2YW4YHST1P4M5Heather Mason0051209427200LOVE IT!I LOVE this stuff!
So good and good for you. I am not a big fan of salt and I didn't even notice salt on these little guys...It tasted sweet to me. I like this even better than the apples!
340041340041B000EYPNCWAJW6KG5ATLE8HK. Olsen-Keyser "BookChick"0041196899200My substitute for Corn Nuts.Oh, how I loved the taste of Corn Nuts, but wanting to go organic with my snacks forced me to give up another tasty treat. Thankfully these Sensible Foods Sweet Corn crunchies gives me just enough Corn Nut taste with all the benefits of being an organic product.
340042340042B000EYPNCWA326XUXOY7GAYLdeligent mother "amazon frequent shopper"0041176940800PMS ReliefThis has the perfect blend of sweet and salty combination without the guilt.
340043340043B000EYPNCWA3P4IAN8AEZ800RPG Lover5911155859200SaltI can hardly eat this for all of the salt, it leaves you thirsty it's so bad. The ingredients list reads, literally, "100% organic sweet corn, sea salt, and nothing else". They need to make it "100% organic sweet corn and nothing else", and they'd probably have something really great. As it is I'm stuck with 23 1/2 bags of salty corn that I'll have to give away.
340044340044B000EYPNCWA1FXY0GUFHEI59reg0151220486400Wonderful snackLove the combination of crunchy, sweet, and salty. Only thing missing to satisfy all snack cravings is chocolate.
340045340045B000EYPNCWA3ER7R9TST5ZU1Alice "teacher"0151207785600Family favorite! If only it didn't cost so much...I started getting the Sensible Foods Sweet Corn, as well as the fruits, when Kroger had them on sale for $[...] apiece. My 9 year old daughter and I love the corn especially. It is hard for me to get enough fiber in our diets, and this has fiber as well as a wonderful sweet fresh-picked sweet corn taste. How on earth the manufacturers managed to capture that taste is a miracle! My daughter says "It is crunchy and then it melts in your mouth. It's so good!" Highly recommended!
340046340046B000EYPNCWA2JBZHQVQF7MV0Sherry2521181001600Ditch the salt!I thought I was just getting freeze dried sweet corn, which I love. They add sea salt and it is sweet and salty. I told them a year ago they need to ditch the salt. A lot of people do not eat salt on corn. I see they haven't chaged it. They should read these reviews.
340047340047B000EYPNCWABL8KU7RV7P5JBonnie Lyons1431180224000just okayI bought this looking for a healthy snack for my kids, and thought my daughter, who won't eat many veggies might especially benefit, because she does like corn. This was an interesting flavor and I didn't mind it, but my kids don't like it and won't eat it, and I didn't need a snack food for me. So for our family, it was a waste of money.
340048340048B000EYPNCWA2Q039A0P1Z6HLT "Signed : LT in Beautiful South Florida"1521174608000Love all there other Sensible Fruit Products but not this one.I have tried all there fruit products and absolutely love them all.

However this Sweet Corn is all but Sweet. I would say it should be called Salty Corn.

I think they would have a Great Product if they did away with the Salt also, or change the Name to Salty Corn. Cause if this was the first product someone tried from this company-- I dont think they would give the other products a try from there line. ** My

Favorite is : Cherry Berry and Orchard Blend ...
340050340050B000RHXJ36A388131JRDAEOGpractice "makes perfect"3351314403200Sweet and deliciousJust sprouted my first crop of these mung beans. They are sweet and delicious. I love them. You can not go wrong buying these.

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