Amazon Fine Food Reviews

340081340081B000FGHEG2A2UTD2I12C1X9UAgentChin0051246147200Fortune Cookies By the Case!This is a fun gift to send, 96 individually wrapped La Choy Fortune Cookies with free shipping, hard to beat, and good fortunes inside, I was told. This is a real stress reliever for an office of people. Add the words, "between the sheets," after each fortune.
340082340082B0051ZCSB8A2HK5B0IJJS6U3SexyGermanBen "SexyGermanBen"0051294358400I'M AMAZES.MY DOG LOVE THIS FOODI had study up on what to get for my dog.and what is healthy for i had read up on what was in this food.and i was amazes how good it is for dogs.I'm so happy that i had got this food.My dog eat it up like it was some type of dog candy lol.his coat is very nice and smooth.his health is very good.What more can u ask for?...i don't think there is a better dog food that can outbeat WELLNESS.
340083340083B0051ZCSB8A6RK12C9Z09RPLinz0041294099200Great FoodI am very pleased with Wellness food. My Basenji does really well on it. His coat is nice & shiny and he seems to like it. He doesn't require a special diet but, I can tell a difference now that I have switched his food to the Wellness Super5 Mix.
340084340084B0051ZCSB8A193DRQ5TXYF2VS. Collins "janeinthemtns"0051288828800Really Good Dog FoodMy rescue Border Collie has severe allergies to pork and chicken. She really loves this dog food and all the trouble has disappeared. It is very expensive, but I am glad it is available.
340085340085B0051ZCSB8A3RI57SH1QFOW0Bookworm0011288137600Made my dog ill.Thought I was doing a good thing for my doxie mix by getting one of the better brands as listed on dogfoodanalysis but boy was I mistaken. Gradually made the change from her old food to the new and she hates it. She has thrown up twice so far. I will be taking my loss and throwing the rest out. Back to her old food. It may be great for some dogs, just didn't work for mine.
340086340086B0051ZCSB8A18O55X8GSYWY1M. F. H. "mary fran"0051287619200best everThe dog food got good ratings at consumers, so I bought it and the dogs just love it.. It seems to be a very healtful and complete food.. I just add a little hot water and its gobbled up in no time
340087340087B0051ZCSB8A2JJX21HO09MFSJ. Caine0011287532800Made both my dogs vomit and eat less.We switched to this food from Purina One because the ingredients are advertised to be of much higher quality, and we wanted to improve our dogs' diet. We made a smooth transition to this food by slowly mixing it in with their existing food, as vets recommend. Once the transition was complete, they were vomiting their meals several times per week, which they had never done before the switch. We continued to feed them this food for about a month to see if it changed, and they still have problems keeping it down. I often see them eating grass to induce vomiting as well, so I think its giving them a stomach ache. They also got to the point where they just didn't want to eat the food at all sometimes, which I've never seen them do. We switched to Newman's Own dog food now, and they're eating much better already.

I wish I had done some research on this food before purchasing it. Type "Wellness dog food vomit" into Google, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

I would not recommend this product.
340088340088B0051ZCSB8A3DAVDQZ3MU2WRarcanamundi0051287360000Won't Use Anything ElseMy dogs have been on Wellness for about four months now. I have a 10 year old lab/border collie, a 2 year old Pug/Beagle, and a 1 year old Aussie/Boxer/Beagle and they all love it! Their coats are soft and shiny as can be---I won't feed anything else!
340089340089B0051ZCSB8A1IHQRQJ2KX4G0M. Hellberg "Betsy B"0051285372800My dog loves this food!I have a mini schnauzer and I have been feeding her puppy wellness until she was one which is when i got her this one. She likes it a lot and i think she is happy and healthy!
340090340090B0051ZCSB8AQA8F45V8GLQWVictor S. Wang0051284163200excellent dog foodAfter my dog has had wellness, she has more energy then before. I strongly recommend to people to buy it for your dog.
340091340091B0051ZCSB8A1M80B1M2YAQN8Anne Van Dalinda0041277510400Finally found a food that works for my dogJaz has food allergies that cause him to have diarrhea and gas. The Wellness Super5Mix dry dog food, chicken recipe, is the best food that I have found to control his symptoms. He eats it twice a day, with some canned food, also. No diarrhea, no gas, and his coat is super shiny!
340092340092B0051ZCSB8ANF2IB0S7R71QHelpful Reviewer0051259020800High quality dog food worth the priceWellness Super5Mix is a high quality dog food. Yes, it costs more than the junk you can buy in Wal-Mart, but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Wellness keeps my beagle regular with no indigestion or diarrhea. I've tried switching to cheaper brands, but they leave him gassy, listless, and constipated. My dog isn't crazy about the taste. Of course, he'd prefer canned or, even better, table scraps. But he does eat the Wellness, and it keeps him healthy.

Highly recommended!
340093340093B0051ZCSB8A353M5QAGAUJG6Jake2411343865600A sub-par version of store bought WellnessWe've been buying this exact formula of Wellness for our Cocker Spaniel "Lucy" for over a year now. We thought that it would be worth purchasing on Amazon since it was priced almost identically and it would be more convenient than going to Petsmart since it would be delivered to our front door. We didn't receive the food for well over a week after we ordered it so we were forced to buy a small bag at the store until we received the food. No big deal...we figured next time we'll just order it a couple of weeks in advance so that Lucy's food supply isn't as low and we have plenty until we get the next bag. After feeding her two meals of the bag we got from Amazon, Lucy started having violent diarrhea. I'm familiar with the fact that changing foods can cause an upset stomach with dogs but this is the exact same food we have been feeding her for a very long time.....or so we thought. We knew that the only thing that changed in Lucy's diet was the fact that we ordered the food from Amazon. So we went and bought another small bag of the same stuff from Petsmart. Much to our disappointment, there was an obvious difference in the appearance of the food. The bag from Amazon had chunks that were misshaped, very porous and even smelled different. Our conclusion was that Amazon received the reject bags at a discount and sold them as the same product. We then stopped feeding Lucy the Amazon bag and switched her back to the store bought bag. Immediately her bowls improved. Although we were refunded for our purchase we had to jump through a few hoops that weren't worth the time we wasted to do so. Please reconsider before you purchase this food. Wellness is an Amazing product and we're proud to feed our little Lucy the best food that we possibly can but this is not up to the quality that Wellness is known for. I'm going to post pics of both the Amazon bought food and the Store bought food so that you can see the difference.
340094340094B0051ZCSB8A1ARFA38Q9CI8Lhepnr2421301529600NOT a cure-all if that's what you're looking forMy dog has severe allergies as well as a sensitive stomach. After thousands of dollars, allergy shots, etc. I decided to give the fish and sweet potato a try because for years everyone has raved about how much better it is for dogs who are allergic to the typical proteins, etc. in kibble. Well, let me say...I'm disappointed. It's been six weeks and I've seen no difference in the itching/licking and scratching. The fish breath? I can live with that but whoooooo-weeee the GAS that this stuff caused for not only my allergic dog but also my "stomach of steel" dog. They can clear the HOUSE in about two seconds flat.

While I do appreciate the quality ingredients that are supposedly in this food, I am disappointed that I've seen absolutely no difference between this and the Pro Plan or Natural Balance I tried before this. Could it be just my dog, sure. But all in all, if you're looking for a magic cure, sorry to say this isn't the one it's hyped to be.
340095340095B0051ZCSB8A2S3XL05JHEG6ABerlinda R. Hughes "Luv my German Shepherd"0111347148800Developed problems after couple weeksI have had my German Shepherd on Canidae (chicken) since she was a puppy and did wonderful. Well, Canidae had a recall last winter & I had to switch her, so I tried Wellness (chicken). I have to say, I am really disappointed with this dog food. Besides her not really liking it, her breathe smells bad, has very loose to diarrhea stools, and she has been licking her paws & shaking her head like her ears are bugging her ( which she never has done before and that is a sign of allergies). I noticed the chicken formula is back on the market and I will for sure be switching.
340096340096B0051ZCSB8AAQS2Y435S510exoticwaterfall0151341532800Nice Holistic Dog FoodI like this dog food alot for my dogs and I change the flavor everytime they run out so they dont get board and the dogs really like the food
340097340097B0051ZCSB8A3CT24BSBOL4BFStorm3611327881600Incorrect IngredientsThe ingredients listed are NOT for this particular recipe! The lamb, barley mix does not include chicken as this page indicates. Love the potato, whitefish mix by the way. My 12 yr old is doing well on it.
340098340098B0051ZCSB8A2KIZ2NOQMVN1JBarbara M. Dumas0211338336000Dog Food was excellent - but, don't count on it...Our dog has many allergies, and - finally - we found a dog food that he can tolerate. Happy Days!! But, Wellness wasn't selling enough of the Salmon and Rice - so, they took if off the market. No Warnings, no advice to begin to seek out an alternative - just, gone. He is now vomiting on the Wellness replacement - and we're seeking yet another alternative - but, it won't be from this company.
340099340099B0051ZCSB8A39JF4NO5TYNNIwinner13220211338076800dog foodMy dog will not touch this food. Very surprised because all reviews were positive. He will not eat it with chicken added or anything else. I am aware of a recall on some of the Wellness brand but this food was not included in the recall.
340100340100B0051ZCSB8ALZL9MH8WVQMWS.Kim0211317686400Loose stools from beginning to endI am very fond of Wellness brand itself, but this particular kind just did not get along with my dog's digestive system. I purchased at Petco store. My dog is a Sheltie and she has not had special dietary need that I know of. She was fine with other formulas/treats from Wellness.
340101340101B0051ZCSB8AMQ1MEG334SAPBigmac1411332892800My Dog Wouldn't Touch this with a Ten Foot Pole!My dog seems to be allergic to poultry so we thought we would switch him to this lamb-based formula. Usually he is a good eater, but my dog had one smell of this stuff and wouldn't come back. I understand Wellness puts higher-end ingredients in their food but if a dog doesn't like it there goes your money right down the drain.
340102340102B0051ZCSB8A3VDQDVHDE4PYOE. Skiver0331336867200Diamond Pet Foods are RECALLEDI don't know if this particular one is recalled though. But I just thought I'd try to give everyone a heads up though.
So, this is not a true review about this products features per say.....but I feel that everyone needs to know that this company has recalled their products and it is going on right now.
To begin with, I want to say that I know that unfortunately there are plenty of human products that get recalled too and that is the most important thing. And yes, I know that every time we go eat out or buy any type of store bought food.... that it is a gamble too.
But, my family considers our dogs as part of the family and this is very important too.

Many years ago I did research to find the best priced grain free. no dye or by product food.
I found that some of Diamond Pet Foods had the first ingredient as being the actual real meat.
Plus,the grain free food made my baby girl look so healthy and shiny.
Also,since it had no fillers and quality ingredients it actually made her stool smaller and less stinky.
She has less allergies and it stopped most of her constant itching/biting/licking at her paws and less tear stains.
She actually loved the product, by the same maker, named "Taste Of The Wild" in Bison the most.

But,I am saddened now because Diamond Dog Food has now been RECALLED for "SALMONELLA CONTAMINATION"
This company makes various products that have been recalled.
Such as:
Diamond Naturals, Wellness, Natural Balance, Taste of The Wild, Apex, Chicken Soup Soul, Canidae, Country Value, 4Health, Natural Balance, Kirkland Signature, Natural Balance, Premium Edge, Professional and Solid Gold.

I am saddened that we actually spend more money on these "better than store" dog food and they keep getting recalled!
So many families have unfortunately lost their fur babies babies and have spent thousands of dollars on Vet bills....when all we are trying to do is buying the "better" which are higher priced, dog food ingredients.
I am pretty thankful that I had signed up online,for emails about the latest dog food recalls last week.
My hubby and I was devastated to see that Diamond Dog Foods, Taste Of The Wild was on the list now.
I am sickened by these companies being so careless. When the reason we buy their higher priced food is cuz they are suppose to be healthier!
I just wanted to write this and try to stop another baby from getting sick or even worse dying
340103340103B0051ZCSB8AMQ1MEG334SAPBigmac0311332892800My Dog Wouldn't Touch this with a Ten Foot Pole!My dog seems to be allergic to poultry so we thought we would switch him to this lamb-based formula. Usually he is a good eater, but my dog had one smell of this stuff and wouldn't come back. I understand Wellness puts higher-end ingredients in their food but if a dog doesn't like it there goes your money right down the drain.
340104340104B0051ZCSB8AMQ1MEG334SAPBigmac0311332892800My Dog Wouldn't Touch this with a Ten Foot Pole!My dog seems to be allergic to poultry so we thought we would switch him to this lamb-based formula. Usually he is a good eater, but my dog had one smell of this stuff and wouldn't come back. I understand Wellness puts higher-end ingredients in their food but if a dog doesn't like it there goes your money right down the drain.
340105340105B0051ZCSB8A1397AZ6S5F0JJBarbara Muenze0311329868800It sinks and my dogs hate itI have 3 dogs and all three of my dogs will not eat this dog food. I even mixed wet food in with it, hoping they would eat it, but they just pick around the dry food and leave it. I would not recommend this food. Plus, it stinks!!!
340106340106B0051ZCSB8AWG8LJRE2XD6VThinker "Thinker"2711287100800It's different than the ones from storesThe idea is great. Save trips to the store and is cheaper than the stores but when I opened the bag, it smelled funny and color is much lighter than the ones that I bought from the stores. My two Labradors actually turn their heads away from the kibbles. How do you return the opened bag with loose kibbles ? So I tried to feed the kibbles to the dogs and they were having diarrhea or very soft stool and I'm not happy with that type of situation at all. The Wellness dog food is good but something about shipping makes me wonder.... Anyway I went to the local pet store got the same kibbles and my babies are happy ever after.
340107340107B0051ZCSB8A21QDASUVVM04YM. Killian1621293580800Good Going In, Bad Coming OutAfter losing a dog at the age of 9, we looked into providing our pets with a better quality dog food just in case the Purina Pro Plan they had been eating was even partially responsible for her early death.

The Wellness dry foods were one of the brands we tried. We took the effort to slowly introduce the food and gave it a good 4 months before finally giving up.

Our dogs did not seem to really like this food. I am not sure if it was the taste or if it was the terrible gas or diarrhea it gave them. It would sit in their bowl for hours before they finally gave in and finished it.

After much thought we decided that we would rather our dogs enjoy their food and not suffer from daily diarrhea than force them to eat this food, even if it might extend their life a little.

We settled on Science Diet brand. They gobble it up at every meal and have returned to normal bowel movements. I realize the ingredients are not as good as Wellness brand, but I feel better about their quality of life.
340108340108B0051ZCSB8A31F70ZQCQXRZDT. Smith31151167868800Oh my gosh!I know this is going to sound crazy but my dog (who is usually pretty fussy about her eats) LOVED this food so much that I had to taste it. I don't mind telling you--Wow! Before she was finished her bowl of Wellness Dry Dog Food I was pouring myself a cereal bowl full. Not only did I scarf that one up, I poured myself another heaping bowl of this dry goodness (by the by, it's even better wet).

Here's the really crazy thing about Wellnesss Dry, I don't even like sweet potato. I don't know what spices they put in this, but kudos (kudogs?) to the chefs at Wellness. They have provided a product that is good enough to double as munchies at my next party. Oh, I almost forgot to mention how full and shiny my hair looks. Keep doing what you're doing Wellness!
340109340109B0051ZCSB8A2VRYFRC3SNU2BWinterMaple01021277078400embarrassingGot a wellness dog treat before which the dogs absolutely loved. Then i bought this dog food... very weird. None of my four dogs like it. Sniff, and go away. Regardless how good it is... if it can't even appeal to the dogs, it means nothing. Only one of my dogs is picky about food; others love almost every brand; esp. the 1st time they try a new dog food.

Not this one. Embarrassing for me cuz I've opened it and can't return it.
340110340110B0051ZCSB8A10Q1QIHVXKT8MTeresa Walker "doggie mom"292951148515200Wellness for well fed doggiesI have two large dogs, one a yellow lab, and the other a lab/dalmation mix. Both of these were on prescription foods(not the same, so quite costly), one had been treated for bladder stones, the other had pancreatitis. I tried Wellness and they have both never looked so good,and been so healthy. No recurring health problems which were a constant worry, and the best part they know can eat the same mix.

Terri W.(Augie&Dusty's mom)

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