Amazon Fine Food Reviews

340141340141B0051ZCSB8A355CDUANYFNIESophie2251334448000The "dream food" of small breed overweight dogs!!!This is it, look no further if you want a healthy, holistic dog food which supports your dog immune system and keeps her weight under control. My dog was 2-3 pounds overweight and i had a very hard time finding a dog food which is good in nutritions and its low in fat. After 1 month my dog became lean and much more energized eating wellness healthy weight dog food. I believe all overweight dogs should be on this diet, its trully wonderful! I've tried other brands to help my dog lose those extra pounds, along with long walks, but this is the best! The best holistic weight management dog food.
340142340142B0051ZCSB8A3OYPP8NRW7GFPdEadDollY "dD"2251318118400Best brand out there...I have 7 dogs. All various breeds and sizes. I was looking for a brand without additives that all my dogs would benefit from. I have a few that need to lose weight. Wellness makes the best product. I buy the small bites for my little ones....pieces are small and they love it. I but the Healthy weightCORE for my "dieters" and mix it with canned green beans or peas and carrots. So far my Golden, who was an overweight rescue at 129 pounds, has lost 19 pounds -- she's been on this food for about 7 months. I buy the original CORE version for my baby bulldog, who had a lot of gas. No more smells and ripples in the night! Amazon has the best price for Wellness. And its shipped right to my home -- no lugging big bags back and forth. Yes, it's more expensive than the other stuff--but it really works. And that will cut down on future vet bills. All my dogs are healthy and have nice shiny coats. Priceless! Wellness now has a SIMPLE version for those dogs who suffer with food allergies. A family member has a little Teddy Bear with severe skin issues -- she'd scratch until raw and bloody. She switched to the SIMPLE version of Wellness and has been itch free ever since. Again...great brand!
340143340143B0051ZCSB8A35CCGJDNXUDY9Sandra Brazier "Artist, educator, and musician"2251266278400Its Names Says It All!Although I have tried other more expensive brands, I find I am continually forced back to this brand. My purebreed "babies" are prone to skin and digestive problems, and this healthy food is the only one that can really make a differrence. The quality is unsurpassable, the price is better than most. I highly recommend this dog food.
340144340144B0051ZCSB8AV307UIAVPGSJDebby Athearn ""2251257379200Stop the scratching!Dogs probably don't really want to spend most of their lives scratching, but it seems that's what they do. After trying many foods on two dogs, Wellness has stopped that. It must be the natural ingredients because when I've tried "supermarket brands" they go back to scratching again. Thanks, but I'll just stick with this. Coats are shiny, even after swimming and mud baths. It's expensive compared to "supermarket brands" but a bargain compared to other holistic dog foods and the vet bills we used to have! Many years ago, we started feeding it to our black lab and he showed significant improvement in a couple of days. After he died, (he was 14) we eventually got a golden retriever pup and tried him on the cheaper food but he showed the same signs of scratching and dull coat. We put him on Wellness and all symptoms cleared up quickly.
340145340145B0051ZCSB8A3S3L24L3MMDXRMaxwell I. Ginsburg "Dr. G"1151341878400best dog food on the marketWhen I first found my dog at a shelter I started feeding her eukanuba and a few other mainstream brands. Then, I decided to start organic foods. I tried several different brands until I found this. Great ingredients, trusted by MANY pet stores, and my dog LOVES IT! I've tried the lamb, chicken and whitefish flavors. She loves them all. Price is on par with most stores as well! she is now 12 years old and still going strong!
340146340146B0051ZCSB8A163A92N8CQI7Gshe buys stuff1151334793600great deal, great productOur dogs love this stuff! Wellness makes a great product that you can feel good about feeding your dogs and our dogs love to eat it. Amazon pricing is some of the best we've found for this product and they deliver to your house, so win win!
340147340147B0051ZCSB8A5ILWGR37TDNEGerald Jaax1151318550400Wellness Dog Food Chicken Recipe 15 pound bagGreat product and fast shipping! Would definitely buy again from this vendor. My pet is really enjoying this food. You can see the difference in her behavior and coat appearance. This product line is fantastic!
340148340148B0051ZCSB8A141QC5GR9CDLLAmy C. Bennett "chasadchick"1141312588800Dog loved the food...butIt didn't last that long. I've got a 20lb Scottish Terrier, and this bag barely made it a month. The dog loved the taste, but I'm not sure it was worth the price for how much you get.
340149340149B0051ZCSB8A26UAPB128NLT9KarenMarie1151308355200Great Dog FoodI've been using Wellness dog food for my 2 dogs for about 3 years and in the last year have switched to the Senior Mix. I add a little canned food on top of the dry and they eat it all without problem. One of my dogs used to have gastric upset but it has decreased drastically since using Wellness. I think it is a great dog food and since my local source closed I get it through Amazon prime and have it delivered to my door. Daisy, Duke and I are happy.
340150340150B0051ZCSB8A1PY83VL3VJ1FVmADwRESTLINGfAN1151308268800Great food, well worth the money!My dog is a cute, lovable poodle/bishon mix with sensitive skin and allergies to regular dog food. She was a picky eater and had some real problems with itching and scratching herself raw--until a few years ago when we started buying Wellness. Big improvement! She loves the taste, she scratches less and her coat looks better than ever. I recommend this brand highly.
340151340151B0051ZCSB8A2S9YX8PTJIAPOPeggy1151297987200Excellent dog foodWe have been feeding Wellness Super5Mix with Lamb to our mini schnauzers since they were 12 months old and they love it and it makes us feel really good to be feeding them the highest quality food available. They very seldom have any stomach upsets and maintain their weight easily. Amazon usually has the best price when it ships for free. I recommend this dog food all the time to family and friends. Feel our dogs are the healthiest they can be as a result of Wellness dog food and daily exercise.
340152340152B0051ZCSB8A1X010HGFSPNVMMSHope1131287532800Not good...I decided to try this food with my 13 years old dog. He didn't like the taste, I had to combine it with something else for him to eat it.
Sounds like a good choice for old dogs, but what good it does if the dog doesn't eat it.
340153340153B0051ZCSB8A2Z9VE09ZBS4YEtrevor1151286755200Perfect for mini schnauzerFirst let me say that every time i read some of the dog food recipes on the labels i begin to think that there are real bits and pieces of fish in the bag. lol but no. This dog food is phenomenal. My miniature schnauzer had been on puppy chow before i got him.( not the best) however i made the foolish decision to transition a pure breed mini schnauzer from puppy chow to Purina One. And that's when the problems started. My dogs coat went from a nice black with brown highlights to a black coat with his pale white skin showing under it. He looked sooooo sick and his coat felt really dull and wiry. He refused to eat any more of the Purina one and so i had to think fast. I had remembered that a breeder website (bijou poodles i was thinking about getting one) had listed some top grade dog food as one of their links. So i so Wellness Core as a good choice. Well I decided to go with the fish and sweet potato recipe and my dog was not disappointed. He loves the food and has began to get a lot of his color back.

Bag: Very loud bag package. Plus i don't really like the resealable feature since it does not come with a zip lock. However if my dog gets into the dog food bag the material food be so loud my neighbors wood here it.

Smell: awesome he lost his cool as sooon as i cut the bag open.

Quality/quantity: Wellness does not do like some companies and make the bag really big, while theirs less than half the dog food in the bag. 15 pounds is exactly that, 15 pounds. Also my mini would eat a lot of the puppy chow at one time. However with Wellness he only needs about a half a cup and hes full!
340154340154B0051ZCSB8AUXOAKAIZV79Ncccamazon1151283817600My dog loves it!My dog loves Wellness dog food, and I love it because it's healthy and well-balanced. I've been feeding my dog the dry food for about 1.5 years and very satisfied.
340155340155B0051ZCSB8A21LC8KZI8TOLKJim "jim77345"1151273881600Great Dog Food- Great PriceWow. Who would have ever thought that ordering 30# of dog food on line would be such an EASY transaction? I ordered this on Monday and it arrived on Friday via FedEx. Not only was this an easy transaction, it was cheaper than buying it in the local store. Our Sadie loves this food and I feed good knowing that we're giving her a diet of something that's good for her.
I'll be ordering again in 8 weeks!
340156340156B0051ZCSB8A273AXLT4X9J4AB. Wood1151262908800Best ever dog food!I've fed my little pug this dog food brand all his life. Now as a young adult I feed him 2/3 cups of food daily. He's energetic, happy, and not over weight as pugs tend to get. He also has a very healthy and minimal stool - which is great because he is trained to use a litter box with a "permanent" type doggie pee pad (changed daily) in the bottom. Pudge is always ready to eat so, I try to give mostly healthy treats: maybe a few bites of veggies of my dinner plate and maybe a milk bone a few times a week. But he loves his Wellness and its made him a handsome, healthy little dude
340157340157B0051ZCSB8A22G4LL8CHIQEAmanaalaq3441341014400Best dog food we have fundWellness is by far the best dogfood we have ever fed our yellow lab. Though it is expensive, we figure we spend the same amount or less than we would through purchasing a cheaper food as we would need to feed more for the same caloric intake. We get by with a thirty pound bag about once a month or so. Our lab's coat is healthy, he has high energy, and his "movements" are solid... May be too much information. However, that is one of the big differences I notice with cheaper dog foods. To help with further comparison, our lab is 8 years old, is an active hunter nine months out of the year (waterfowl spring and fall, rabbits, upland birds), and he is an indoor family dog.
340158340158B0051ZCSB8A1AFOYZ9HSM2CZJerrica Johnson0051351123200Happy with the productMy dog was suffering with itchy skin. He had been eating Natural Choice brand (cheaper) since he was a puppy. I was nervous to change foods. The vet suggested to change foods sand see if the skin issues cleared up. Wellness brand did the job. My dog seems to love the food and the skin issues cleared up within a few weeks.
340159340159B0051ZCSB8A1SV1K399X4O2ED. Rock0011348704000Not for my dogI purchased this, thinking it to be a good product.

However, within 3 days, my dog was itching and pulling her hair out.

Took her off the food and her hair is coming back.

Went to another brand immediately.
340160340160B0051ZCSB8A2AL52HWZW44YXMon0051348358400Great!We have a black female lab. And since she was little she would not eat anything but pedigree and as long as shd was fine we gave it to her. For the past 3 months she was licking her paws, itching, she had bald spots. I treated her with different kind of oitments which brought her coat back at thr bald spots however she was still licking and itching, shaking. We finally decided to change her food from that horrible by products pedigree to wellness and two days later less itching licking and everything. Although it is pricey i dont care she is herself again!
340161340161B0051ZCSB8A2CNEQ7K9YE531D. Calhoun0051347494400Great, high quality foodI will no longer feed my dog(s) standard grocery store foods though I did have a cocker spaniel live almost 17 years mostly on that before I knew better. This is a very good food. Good ingredients (meat should always be the first ingredient, not corn, wheat, etc). Can be a little pricey, so you may have to shop around, but it is worth it. You will occasionally find dogs that can't tolerate certain foods and this is no exception. So far hasn't been a problem for my dog after > 2 years of this particular type. Breed: Giant Schnoodle, ~66 lbs. He loves fish so this is perfect. If we're having fish for dinner (tuna, baked tilapia, etc), you can be assured he'll be nearby with his nose turned up somewhere sniffing around.
340162340162B0051ZCSB8AD29UXW42GRA4S. Sewell0051346630400My picky Husky loves thisI have a chow mix and a husky. My chow eats anything and is on the Wellness Healthy Weight (chicken flavor). My husky is really picky. She finally ate the Wellness puppy chow when she was a puppy after refusing to eat many other brands. At almost 2 years old I really wanted to change her to "big girl" dog food. She is still pretty skinny, because she is so active and still did not eat very much. I decided to switch her to the Wellness Core, but she constantly vomited. So I got the Wellness Fish and Sweet Potato since her puppy food had sweet potato in it too - hoping that she would eat it. NOPE. I guess she does not like fish!!! :-( Then I noticed that she likes my chows chicken flavored food, but the low calorie food was not ideal for her since she needs to put on a few lbs. So I finally tried this one ......... and BINGO ........... She LOVES IT!!! She can't get enough of it and always wants more. I am very happy with this food!!! And even better - it shipped from a location 30 min from my house, so ones it was shipped I had it the next day! The price is also about $10 lower than where I used to order Wellness before!!! So this is where I will always get it from now on! Thanks for fast shipping and a great price! I also recommend Wellness - its really a great food with real meat and NOT byproducts and tons of corn! ;) Your dog will love you for getting a great food!!! :)
340163340163B0051ZCSB8A1ODZ1IJJ4UWQKelaloha0051343865600Good food, great shippingThe product is superior, although not perhaps the tastiest. However if I switched from junk food to vegan, I suspect the result might be the same.

And the price is great. Given the quantity it is much the same price as the stuff they sell at the supermarket. It doesn't have the yummy "chicken in a biscuit" smell but it is way more nutritious according to all the internet investigation that I've done.
340164340164B0051ZCSB8A2LQYNV39948ERChris.0051342137600GOOD DEAL!Got the 30lb bag on Amazon at $9 less than the local petstore. How excellent is that??? - Better price and good to have it delivered to my door! My pup has been eating this premium dog food for's got all the good stuff and none of the bad!
340165340165B0051ZCSB8A1KFHAUCOP7PQ8BG "bgv1"0051341446400My dog loves itMy dog loves the taste and you can definitely see the benefits of feeding it to her - shiny coat and healthy skin. No allergy issues and it keeps her fit and trim. Just wish they offered it in a larger size.
340166340166B0051ZCSB8AWIRG4E1G7MW8Barbara Galasso0051341100800Good foodThe Wellness brand of dog food has always been a good quality product. My dogs coats looked nice and shiny and they enjoyed the food as well.
340167340167B0051ZCSB8A1H8NAVEQBP92WCynthia0051340150400PerfectThank you very much. Just what I was looking for!!! My dog had just ran out of food and they don't sell this anywhere and the nearest pet store is kinda far
340168340168B0051ZCSB8A14FR42W13CU7WS. O'Connor "oc95b"0051339027200So far, so good...My puppy loves it, and I love my puppy. She doesn't eat a whole lot just yet, but she will soon. Looks like it costs about $50-$60 for a month's supply. Considering that I spend that much on myself in a week, I'll gladly spend that much on my sweet Layla for a month. The better you spend on dog food, the less you'll spend in the veterinarian's office. And that's exactly what I told my vet when I took her in for her rounds of shots, and she agreed wholeheartedly. She only wants my money for routine office visits. I firmly believe that Wellness dog foods will help ensure that you only take your beloved pet to the vet for routine maintenance.
340169340169B0051ZCSB8A32W59WJVK4QEVMiss T.0051337472000Picky dog gobbles it up!I have two rescue chihuahua mix dogs (2yr old chiweenie 19 lbs. & 7mo jack-chi 9.6 lbs.). Both have started turning into butterballs from extra treats given during training as well as not enough walks, and could each lose 1-3 pounds. We've stepped up exercise but I still wanted a food that would help maintain their weight because they're both low to the ground and weight gain prone. My bf and I have been searching and searching for the "right" food to give them both. The choices and information on dog food is insane and combined with finding food they'll both eat is head spinning!

The bigger/older one is super picky about all food and is known to spit out treats he doesnt like and to not even sniff new foods he hasn't experienced until u show him or break it up for him, but the little one will gobble anything in a flash. Previously we've had the oldest on Kirkland brand adult food and while he doesn't "love" it, he'll eat it with some waffling and overall its proven to keep him solidly healthy. After getting the 2nd pup who has typical jrt skin sensitivities I started researching foods to help him out and switched him from blue buffalo puppy to blue wilderness (also he stopped growing up and started growing out bc of too much puppy food richness which our older one also experienced when he was transitioning to adult). (As most know small dogs can stop growing much sooner compared to large dogs.) We tried to feed blue wilderness to the older one but found that he definitely turned his nose at it and given half and half portions preferred Kirkland over blue. In general I think blue is an awesome food but tends to be a little too calorie dense for our guys. Combined with their recent chubbiness and based on great reviews and ingredients, I decided to try Wellness Super5mix Healthy Weight for small breeds.

We've only just bought some a few days go so I'll have to report back on weightloss, but we were super excited that based on first a small sample to each, then second when we mixed a meal with their old food they both immediately gobbled up the food. This is amazing because our oldest has always seemed to tolerate his kibble but hasn't ever loved any brands we've tried to date. This is the first time he's started eating a new food immediately!! My bf is also happy bc he would rather feed them the same thing than to have separate kinds for each like we were doing. I'm pretty sure we've found the "it" food that works for us!!!
340170340170B0051ZCSB8A88WK54WGJ15TOregon CATS0051337472000NOT involved in the recallI have used this Wellness fish formula for 8 years for my dogs. This food is a super high quality food for dogs as well as having some healing attributes that make it very healthy for seizures and liver issues. My Schipperke's are doing very well on this formula and no longer require Phenabarb or any seizure medication and the liver studies on their blood work are almost normal at 13 years of age after serious liver problems 8 years ago.

Wellness tests All batches for problems prior to distribution. They did give a voluntary recall on the puppy formula even when it tested out with no contamination. I also feed the senior dog formula to my 100 pound German Shepherd dog as I believe it has given him wonderful joint health help as he ages.

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