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340231340231B000ES5GLQA39M08SZ9MV6ZMphd_Mama0051200614400Delightfully DecaffeinatedThis tea is a treat, if you like black teas. Whereas other black decaf teas (English Breakfast, Earl Grey, traditional orange pekoe) left me wanting, this tea has lovely aroma and substantial body. A cup of comfort!
340232340232B0018RB8A0ACQAJM58ELEOJeannine Mckeown0051261440000Just what I was looking for in a small, tasty mint!Super product - tasty, yet small enough to carry in your purse or pocket. Fast shipping
340233340233B002CSIFTQA7YK5HMMZM9UVVictoria6651290816000Best of the BestWith my new Sheltie puppy I wanted to give her the best food possible. I started her out on a slow mix of Origen. I started at 25% mixed with the food her breeder had her on, and even on that small of an amount she had very loose stools and horrible gas. After a couple of weeks of trying to give her Origen, I gave up and tried Wellness (less protein, still a good food) and again, the loose stools. I then read about Fromms puppy gold and did some research and decided to try it. From the beginning I tried 50/50 (I really wanted her off the Purina)and she did great on it. After two days I went to straight Fromms and we'll never change from here. She is healthy, bright eyes, great coat, and she loves it! This is a high quality food from a trusted manufacturer. My puppy just couldn't handle the other brands I tried, but this one is great and it smells great when you open the bag. I highly recommend this best-kept secret among premium holistic dog foods. AND, they tell you on their website that their fish and fish meal are Ethoxyquin free. (A known carcinogen for people). The founder of this company created the Distemper vaccine. Check out this food, you'll be happy you did.
340234340234B002CSIFTQA2HSHWLRZUYUYUMommaDriz1151335225600Very good puppy food.This is hands-down the best puppy food out there. My puppy is a good eater (pretty much eats cardboard like it's a T-bone), but after switching to this puppy food, her coat became shinier, and stools were much better consistency. She was also getting a lot of eye discharge (the normal red stuff), and this dog food seems to reduce that quite a bit. Thanks, Fromm!
340235340235B002CSIFTQA3LGN8PYLT1BU5Annabelle1151313798400puppy foodI have used Fromm's food for my senior dogs and at 16.5 years old I think it is working well.
340236340236B003L8QJQWA2VUD4SPJO4V33Theo3351300406400In Limerick Form...There once was a fellow named Mick
Whose tackle had never been sick
Till he put it somewhere
Many others had dared
Now Mick has a fine spotted... pudding.

Hey, we do what we must to satisfy the censors!

340237340237B007EEQBJYA3HLH7UOHXEX94Syl Flower "Shopper Shark"0051345939200DeliciousMy husband and I took these on a trip and spread on Pepperidge Farm "Goldfish Soft Cinnamon Bread." Delicious and easy snack.
340238340238B004A748XEA3L6YADBFWT1O3Jeremy2251293926400High protein, low fat, great taste!I like both flavors, but the pepperoni just a little better. My girlfriend and I love wrapping the sticks in a slice of veggie cheese. Reminds me of the real jerky and cheese packs I used to eat. Have given it to meat eaters at school and they like it too. Makes a great pack snack for outdoor activities.
340239340239B000H223LAA299A7AGHAT17GFlying Fool1151298937600Excellent HONEYThis is a very tasty, organic honey and worth every penny, which isn't expensive at all. We love it and it's palatable taste too.
340240340240B000H223LAA39B167PVMXUW3J. Mang "msaspen1"1151291161600Very good, rich tasteI am always in the market for good quality honey, and finally I found a dark honey that does not over power whatever food you put it on or in. Very good, smooth taste and don't need alot. I will be purchasing more of this kind of dark honey.
340241340241B000H223LAA1ZZYTAKWS1ZL0shoaib0011329609600Not SatifiedThis honey has a very sugary taste.The original honey got from bee hive is mild.It is my personal experience.I am not satisfied with the quality.
340242340242B000GPHIO0A3EWNGVT67WTJJMichele Ghisleri "Pio"161651187049600THE PEPPER...The pepper of all peppercorns!!!For those who, like myself, were thinking that pepper was pepper was pepper, well let me tell you, it's not true. Being something of an amateur gourmet I tried every marinade,spice, and rub under the sun for ribeyes, New York strips, filet mignon, etc., and I even tried your average salt and pepper, and it was all okay, but not a knockout. Then I tried Tellicherry Pepper and Sea Salt, all freshly-ground in my handy-dandy Graviti battery-powered peppermill (also something "you gotta love"!) Trudeau Graviti Black Pepper Mill Suddenly salt and pepper were once again the best things ever on a piece of meat. So simple, and this Tellicherry Pepper is what did it. TRY IT!!!!!!
340243340243B000GPHIO0A29RO8ZY8JAH6GJ. P. Rissing131341167523200Cheap but superb pepperTellicherry Pepper at this price is remarkable. The product is excellent, if a little difficult to pour from the large "mouth" into a small grinder. Otherwise, great!
340244340244B000GPHIO0A11UMAQLP6CQ3Eacwitko9951189296000Wonderful flavorSteaks, soups, and all other expensive and carefully prepared food deserve the best ingredients and condiments. Regarding pepper, our family strongly favors coarsely ground peppercorns. I am inclined to India Tree brand Tellicherry because: they are as close to the source as one can find; they offer very economical packaging; there is nothing but peppercorns in the package (what is in ground pepper?); there is absolutely no unknown "sediment" at the bottom of the container; they are solely committed to supplying these peppercorns; and they have provided a most memorable enhancement of fine food. Note that white tellicherry peppercorns are nothing but black peppercorns with the very tasty and pungent black husk removed. To me, mixing black and white Tellicherry is merely dilution of the essential flavor.
340245340245B000GPHIO0ATU4NCF6KVQ1JAnotherHiggins5551212796800Like Discovering Fresh Ground Pepper All Over AgainThis is my first time buying Tellicherry peppercorns and I am impressed!

I loaded up my new Unicorn Magnum Plus with these peppercorns, ground some on various foods, and WOW! It's like I'm discovering the joys of fresh-cracked pepper for the first time all over again. I can't wait to season some nice thick steaks with this.

The flavor is very bold compared to the McCormick peppercorns I had been using. And from what I gather, this is a great price for Tellicherry peppercorns.

My only concern is that it will take me and my wife a _long_ time to go through two pounds of this stuff. I actually purchased the two 1-Pound Bags instead of the one big glass jar. At the time I purchased, that was actually a little bit cheaper by ounce. Also, it comes in two packages, and the unopened one seems to be sealed well. Still, I plan on vacuum packing the packages between refills to help keep the flavor fresh.

I can tell you this: I'll never again buy cheap pepper.
340246340246B000GPHIO0A3A7XSUYFE6ERJthe pegasus4451194739200Great Pepper at a Reasonable PriceAfter trying to find whole peppercorns in bulk in grocery markets at anything but outrageous prices, Amazon came through with a reasonable price. Peppercorns are no longer inexpensive, but at least with Amazon, one doesn't have to feel ripped off.India Tree Tellicherry Pepper, 2.3 lb
340247340247B000GPHIO0A3P4KY63ZFGG48A. Whisman2251319846400This is the secret spice of KFC chickenTelicherry pepper is one of the 2 less common secret spices of KFC chicken (the other being Jamaican ginger). This gives chicken that unique aftertaste specific to KFC. This is a must-have for your pantry.
340248340248B000GPHIO0A3VO12HTUP5HNKMr. Benjamin D. Tweedle "Murkereedime"2251201910400Great price for the most highly regarded peppercornsAny professional or amateur chef worth his/her salt would not consider using any other black pepper for most applications than Tellicherry pepper the people from the town Tellichery are very dedicated and proud of their production of the worlds finest Black peppercorns I have spoken to an enthusiastic native, This the best price I have found
340249340249B000GPHIO0A21K99DIA0L1J3Pepin wannabee "foodie dude"6951263600000Excellent Product...Poor PriceI happened to be shopping at Costco yesterday and picked up their "Kirkland" Brand of Tellicherry peppercorns. The price?...$3.59 for a 14.1 oz. bottle. My wife and I performed a taste test between Costco's brand and India Tree's brand and neither of us could tell the two apart. Given that the Costco brand offers a far greater value for, essentially, the same taste sensation as India Tree, my wife and I will not be purchasing India Tree peppercorns again. FYI, I have no association with Costco other than as a consumer. I hope this helps!
340250340250B000GPHIO0A1JVENAFQAYF4VAndrew S. Bertola "Polenta"2351190246400Best BuyThe 2.3 lb jar is the best buy I have seen for the Tellicherry Pepper.
340251340251B000GPHIO0A7F180S7UP8ZYSusan Houder0051349654400India Tree Tellicherry PepperThis is a great product for the home cook. The pepper is spicy and delicious. It adds another dimension to your dishes. I order it twice a year and usually end up sharing some with friends because it is so good. I wouldn't buy any other pepper.
340252340252B000GPHIO0A1SIFWOCHMT7QLK. Burger0051349222400Wonderful pepperThis is a great bargain and the ONLY pepper that should ever be used in a household! Love it! The aroma is also wonderful!
340253340253B000GPHIO0A1ZI461D4TUEBLGK0051305676800Good PepperThis is the best pepper that I have had. It has good spice and great flavor. We enjoy it on everything. Only problem is that we have to refill our pepper grinder too often and we have 12" grinders!
Highly recommended.
340254340254B000GPHIO0A1V6PQ9D78RWB9T. Wilson "IrishinCT"0051273795200Tellicherry is the best pepper I have triedMy order was delivered promptly and we are very happy with the quality of these peppercorns! We do alot of gourmet cooking and these peppercorns are so fragrant and enhance every dish we make. We will certainly buy our pepper from this site from now on as the quality and the price are both excellent!! Try them... you will not be dissappointed!!!
340255340255B004NSGI6UAATO89WKUA37QNoirOtaku1151327017600Now they finally post a picture...When I bought these beans, there was no picture. only the ounces and pack sizes.
I love Eden's products and I get a couple of their products in Subscribe and Save. My family consumes a lot of beans, I wanted to buy more in bulk. I see this great value and sign up. I was looking for a black bean version, when I saw that another customer learned the hard way too. It was not posted that these were canned. I also only received one can not six. I was refunded my money. Still,the beans are delicious. I am going to stick with the dry beans.
340256340256B004NSGI6UA1KDEJ6R60D8WIMoo0031350345600Great beans but cans are too hugeI used to order Eden's from Amazon Subscribe and Save when they had smaller cans, 15 OZ I believe. They got rid of those and after a while of not being able to order anything we can now purchase these 29 OZ cans on subscribe and save. The beans are still great and the cans are BPA free but there is just too much in one can. The beans go bad if you don't use them within a week or so. I like my beans but I don't like to eat 29 OZ in a week! I will not purchase these again unless I figure out a way to preserve them.
340257340257B0000EZUN8AZH8I0G5AJ4NJBonton "Bonton"1151252713600Pecan VinegarThis vinegar (and all the vinegars from this company) are exceptionally awesome. I use them all the time. The pecan is my favorite and I now buy it by the quart. They are so flavorful that on a salad you only need any flavor vinegar and a little olive oil.
340258340258B0000EZUN8A2806I45H42REFSpyce1151175558400Delicious but not SpicyDelicious when used in a vinaigrette for salads, marinades, and for drizzling over vegetables. It has a nice nutty flavor and aroma without any harshness. I used it to make a vinaigrette and served it over grilled asparagus, topped with sauteed cremini's. Very tasty.
340259340259B001EO5ZBKA151I4OOQTBJQHG. L. Roberts "panch"101051236988800Sling some of this on your pasta. Yumbo!These are fresh and tasty. I really have no idea how fresh the ingredients are, but they smell, look, and (especially) taste very fresh. If you've ever gotten infused oil products before know that sometimes (especially with garlic, IMO-it can really be stinky) the product tastes heavy and the aroma is also. Sometimes that may be a freshness issue-sometimes ingredients are just not good...but I have encountered that several times before. This is light on my tongue, not overpowering as an herb or a spice... and I have been using it for pastas the past several days. Two friends of mine already noticed it on pasta in the last three days and asked about it. Very handy for a cook, very tasty, and I have already ordered most of their infused oils. Just for information...the ingredients are -Sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, diced garlic, diced parsley, natural garlic extract flavor. I thought maybe this last ingredient might make it heavy if it was not fresh. It is very good. The "best before" date on mine is 3/13/10. Todays date is 3/14/09. I recommend this and will buy it again.
340260340260B001EO5ZBKA3VBHIM7RKIU7QA. L. Smith "AmyLuLu"7851248307200Very nice flavorI use this stuff whenever I want to add a nice flavor profile to a meal. I add it to the skillet when I make omelets, hamburgers or saute veggies. A little goes a long way so I add canola oil to the skillet first and then add the garlic and parsley oil. I also add it to my potato salad and it was lovely. Even a baked potato was improved with a little splash. Plus olive oil is good for your heart and skin. And garlic is good for you,too.

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