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340351340351B005GYYZTCA2ORC3F3MOKQKTJods0011350000000Could get better tasting ramen for cheaper!Does not taste like pad thai, way too sweet. Also, once you take it out of the package you're not hungry anymore. The noodles look like gross white worms tightly packaged in plastic. The whole thing just looks entirely unappetizing and smells the same.
340352340352B005GYYZTCA2IFYWQ4RC21NEL. Shively0011345680000This Was So Gross It Wouldn't Stay DownI used to purchase a microwaveable Pad Thai by Thai Kitchen at my local grocery store that was a Thai version of cup-o-noodles, edible but not tasty. You had to fill the container with hot water, let sit for a few minutes then drain and stir in freeze-dried veggies and powdered sauce packet. I thought this was that product with a new package. I was severely mistaken. I bought this product because it is gluten free and I was flying to France for a vacation. I took 3 of the packages along with me to hold me over on the flight. In the last 2 hours of our flight, I pulled it out and much to my surprise the noodles did not need cooking (if you can call soaking in hot water for a few minutes cooking) and the sauce was already a liquid. I tried my hardest to eat it but it was just too disgusting that I was only able to eat approximately 1/3 of it. As we began to prepare for landing, I started to feel very ill and ended up puking everywhere. I travel quite frequently by plane (including independently owned planes) but this was the first time in my life that I have ever thrown up in a plane. In addition, I have never been motion sick in my life, therefore I attribute my sickness entirely to this product.
340353340353B005GYYZTCA6PKEG0MW2J93Sihlous0011338508800So bad I thought I was doing something wrongThis looks absolutely delicious from the picture. I love pad thai and the thought of a cheap quick tasty one was really intriguing. The sauce burns when you cook it and the taste is abysmal...I then tried adding more water to dilute the sticky black goo they call there sauce. It got better but this is still by far the worst pre-packaged meal I have ever had.

Do yourself a favor and save your money...this company should be absolutely ashamed...someone had to have tasted this before selling it so the fact that it made it into stores is repulsive. I will never buy anything from this company and will tell as many people as I can as well not to.
340354340354B005GYYZTCA2HLOKNGHKDVL0Oak "Oak"0011327363200A complete Abomination of my favorite Thai dishHaving been given the opportunity to visit Thailand and frequenting the many Thai restaurants where I live I can honestly say I am spoiled when it comes to this dish. But now that I am in college and live in a dorm I picked this up at the local Lucky grocery and figured how bad could it be. Just look at the picture on the package. Sure it's missing sprouts and lemon and shrimp but it essentially looks like the dish it claims to be. Well one night after working out I was starving and decided to try this entree out. The minute I opened the package and saw the sauce i knew something was wrong. Like the previous reviewer stated, the sauce is nowhere close to being the flavor of Pad Thai. It looks like they just packaged some Hoisin sauce (which is popular to the Vietnamese when eating with Pho) but not Pad Thai!

This is by far the worst microwave dinner ever conceived. As I write this I am looking at the packaging I notice in fine print "PRODUCT of CHINA." Well that explains everything. Why is a Thai dish being made by China?! On the other hand, I'd like to give the marketing team 5 stars for the excellent packaging that suckered me into buying this awful product. Thanks.
340355340355B005GYYZTCA1BOG5B6Z1H8ZZRussell T. Burlingame "Comics Journalist"0011319846400The most repulsive thing I've ever eatenWhen you buy an item like this, you know the chances of it being great or even good are fairly slim, but you expect that it will be edible. In the case of Thai Kitchen's Pad Thai bowl, that's a hideoussly misguided expectation. The "vegetables" included are dried shavings, not even as substantive as the tiny carrot chunks you get in a Cup O' Soup; and the sauce? It's like some terrible sweet and sour sauce you'd get from McDonald's--terminally sweet, with no hint of anything I've ever tasted at even a budget-on-the-run Thai restaurant. I've never had anything so repulsive--and I once mistook chocolate syrup for gravy and served it on turkey.
340356340356B005GYYZTCA39EW9DLVX70B9A. Rose0031316649600Not worth the moneyYou get a packet of pre-cooked noodles, which don't taste like the plastic they come in, fortunately. Also, a large packet of sauce. And a small packet with about a quarter teaspoon of dehydrated "veggies" - yup, a quarter teaspoon. And a small packet of peanut chunks. Pad Thai has all kinds of things in it, and this does not. I really don't think it was very tasty, nor was it worth the money.
340357340357B0067DF1MGA2HCZXDKXDC61APatrick S. Nouvion4451324252800Fresh, crispy and the perfect sweet / salty snack delivered straight to your doorI love Chicago style popcorn (that perfect balance of cheese and caramel) and go to great lengths to get "the good stuff". It is hard to get the perfect Chicago style but I am so pleased to have found KuKuRuZa and love the fact that Amazon will drop it off right at my doorstep!

Finding a high quality Chicago style corn has always been a bit of a challenge. The holiday season always brings the obligatory bucket of three flavors but the popcorn is not fresh and doesn't make my taste buds dance.. Occasionally I order from the other website (starts with a G) but it is so expensive it is hard to justify more than once a year. Even less often I will trek out of my way to the mall and get a bag mixed up but it is a pain to fight the crowds.

This popcorn was amazing! The cheese was nice and cheesy and the caramel was light and crispy. There was a 50/50 ratio which is typical but I like my popcorn a little saltier and tend to like 2 parts cheese to 1 part caramel but the kid and the husband picked up the slack and helped to finish the caramel that I left behind. I will definitely order this popcorn again! Perhaps next time I will add in an extra bag of cheddar and create my own mix.
340358340358B0067DF1MGA27JG0UBNERBF1David Gadd "average person"1151348012800Great tasting popcorn mixThis popcorn is delicious. The combination of cheddar popcorn and carmel popcorn is a taste sensation. A movie night with this popcorn is one to remember.
340370340370B0006004C8A24ZV048V7J0MTMurphy "Goldenmom"1151302220800Good DealSummer is coming and ice tea is my favorite summertime beverage. Lipton has always been my favorite tea and Amazon had a special and I bought these. What came quickly are two large containers of tea. I prefer tea over soda in the summer. Plus, when I am barbequing and getting everything ready, having the instant tea right on the counter, I can make my beverage quickly and still serve dinner at the same time. Thanks for the quick shipment and good price on a good tasting beverage.
340359340359B005GYYZTMAOKP5CFI2ADFNPat0041328832000Great TasteI am always looking for something to take to the office to have for lunch. I enjoy items that are different and have flavor. This item was a pleasant surprise. There was just enough Citrus flavor and spice to make this simple dish a nice treat for lunch. I do wish the ingredients were listed before purchasing. I am a vegetarian, preferring to be vegan. This item does contain milk. If you are a Vegan, then this item is one to overlook. I do recommend adding a little brocolli, carrots, peas, or pea pods with this dish.
340360340360B005HSS9ASA18RSLLTAGW6AG2dogs1231326672000Okay.The product is fine other than the fact that the expiration date is February 13, 2012 - I can purchase the same milk at a local grocery store (a bit more costly) but the expiration date is months ahead.
340371340371B0006004C8A15ADZE1K9839ORoberto K. Cho "chorobe"0051347667200Ran out of iced tea mix and needed a replacement!My wife usually gets Nestea brand iced tea mix from Costco, but last time she went, she totally forgot to get it for me and it would be another week or two before we would go to Costco again. So I took the chance of ordering the Lipton brand, plus it came in a pack of 2 so that would last twice as long as just 1 container. I only paid $10.76 plus I was able to use a coupon too. In the end the price was better than getting the Nestea brand at Costco. Taste-wise, I like it just fine! I definitely love my ice tea and it saves me money with the powdered mix as opposed to pre made tea.
340361340361B0015AWWSWA3C61CMNF7KXHFnine20095611331856000shortagei ordered this item, and i'm sorry to say that i ordered 360 pieces. yet i received only about 160 pieces. not sure why i didn't get around 200 pieces.
340362340362B0015AWWSWA16OJMG8J1KMF3Gator Dad1111346889600Product shrinkageEver feel like you've been ripped off? I received my order today for a bag of 360 Tootsie Roll Midgees. Thought I did all the necessary research when I ordered but like the old saying "Fool me once "
A regular bag of Midgees from a store like Wal-Mart or Publix comes in a 12oz size and contains about 50 Tootsie Roll Midgees selling for $2.50. This bag stated it contained 360 pieces and sold for $10.90 so to me it was a better deal. What I failed to take into account was the corporate rip-off of "product shrinkage". I figured a Midgee was a Midgee but the Midgee from the 360 bag was HALF THE SIZE of those from the smaller bag. Buyers beware of this DEAL.
340363340363B000PDD2DOA10DWNSDF1UY9CWilliam Robbins "oldorange"0051267574400Great Taste - Didn't Even Miss the SugarNo complaints with this product. I had a hard time even telling that it was sugar-free. You have to kind of learn through trial and error how much syrup to use to get the taste to your liking, but once you're dialed in, it's superb. A bit pricey, but I'll probably buy it again some time as a treat. Don't know if its required, but I keep the in the refrigerator after I open it, and didn't notice any degradation in flavor.
340364340364B000PDD2DOA786EOJUGDI5ANunya Beez "N. Beez"0051259539200One of the best from ToraniI have tried many of these sugar-free syrups and this one is easily my favorite. Its great with coffee but its self or with a little peppermint to make a white chocolate peppermint latte.
340365340365B000PDD2DOAZDRBIONO8F6TPseudenomdeplume "***"0141270857600Good product, not good vendorThis product is a perfect substitute for the syrupy, cloying sweetness used in commercial mocha drinks. It makes a very satisfying home-brewed white mocha espresso drink. I buy it by the case if it is affordable.

I purchased this recently from DiabeticFriendly LLC, who advertised a case at a great price, with shipping at an appropriate $29.81. Vendor sent me ONE bottle (@$10+ yikes!!! over twice the cost of Lollicup per bottle) and charged the Amazon shipping rate ($29.81)for a case of 12 bottles. When I contacted vendor, he got nasty and accused me of trying to rip HIM off. I had to contact Amazon repeatedly, before the vendor refunded, but the vendor continued to send nasty emails calling me names. Check out his reviews. . .it looks like he blames the customer when they complain about his high shipping charges. As well they should complain, Amazon has set shipping-by-weight that the vendor is required to follow. IF the product is listed correctly by the vendor, then shipping should not be in dispute or excessive. I would never have purchased from this vendor if he had listed the product correctly.
340372340372B0006004C8A3L4CEYNYSB1MLP. Wolf "Star Trek Fan"0051346544000I Love Lipton Iced Tea Drink mix, BUT....I Love this Lipton Iced Tea product, and recently bought two of them. It's Tasty and thirst-quenching.

However, it's a bit too expensive now since I bought it last (300% increase in price), and I'm probably not going to purchase again at it's current sale price.

I WILL purchase again when the price goes down.
340373340373B0006004C8A3HKW9U5BO40O3Kadeen0051341273600KayI hAve been ordering this from amazon for years. It's cheaper on amazon, than bj's or SAMs club. It's now summer time so with this heat the ice tea is refreshing
340374340374B0006004C8A4GHPW9AAH1NYThule10051340150400Price reduced- again : Price doubled - Great beverage. Refeshing option to canned drinksI've been using this product for years and enjoy it very much. I wanted something with less sugar but no artificial sweetners. The product is much more expensive in the local grocery stores and Costco stopped selling it. I reduce the mixture by 1/3 and it's "just right" taste for me, with reduced calories. I refill commercial iced tea screw-cap bottles and take this to work daily. Excellent product. Buying the two-pack from Amazon is a good price deal.
7-25-12. Well, the price I paid last order was very good at $10.76, but it has since doubled. No longer a good deal. I'll go back to Safeway for $7 each ($14 for two). Sad to drop to 3-stars.
8-1-12. I see the price has dropped back to $10.76. Now I'll reorder the product from and move back to 5-stars. I'll also check out the regular order process that was suggested. Thanks.
340375340375B0006004C8A2YADD1C0CJSS4Pratha Scullion0041339459200Lipton Iced Tea 74-Ounce SizeThis is the same tea I've been getting through Amazon's Subscribe and Save Program for some 4 or 5 years now -- only now I'm getting the 74-ounce size,as this is cheaper than the smaller 25-ounce size.I would have been getting this larger size earlier,but at the time,Amazon only carried the 25-ounce size.Now that they have this big 74-ounce size,this is definitely the way to go!Many stores do not carry this size.In fact,the only store that I've seen{that is,a REGULAR store,not a 'warehouse' store}that carries this size are the Commissary Stores on military bases{and you can only go to those if you belong to the military}.As for the tea itself,I'll let my review of the 25-ounce size speak here,as it's the SAME tea and everything still applies to this larger size:Been getting this{on Amazon's Shop and Save Program} for 2 or 3 years now. The tea is very good for an instant tea. It is NOT like making tea from tea bags -- that, of course, is the BEST way to get the best tasting tea! But that takes time{and to make enough in quantity} takes even more time! If you don't want to go through all that, then this is a good tea to get. Some have said that it is tart or that it tastes like lemon-aid. THAT IS NOT TRUE! This tea does not taste like lemon-aid! It is tart -- but it tastes good too! It has a good mix of taste AND tartness. As far instant teas go, this is the best I've tasted{and I've been buying this for several years now]. Other instant teas just don't taste as good. If you're looking for a good-tasting instant tea, I know of none better!
Just wanted to add something to my original review.I mentioned I get this tea through Amazon's Shop and Save Program.The good thing about this program is that you never have to be concerned about running out of tea.Before I joined this program,you never knew if the store would be out,or didn't order enough or maybe the warehouse forgot to order some.In fact,I always had to keep a 'back-up' tea{another brand that didn't taste as good} just in case the store didn't have the Lipton tea.With Amazon's Shop and Save Program,you never have to worry about this -- they ship it right to your door! No more keeping a 'back-up' tea anymore!And if you're thinking the store's tea is cheaper -- it's not! I priced Amazon's tea and the store's tea{same size here},and Amazon's price was actually lower! Plus too,under this program,the shipping is FREE! You can't afford NOT to get this tea through Amazon! To sum it up,this is a good-tasting instant tea and combining it with Amazon's Shop and Save Program is a can't miss deal!
340376340376B0006004C8A3GN2R6P5Y8YRXPrankster71080051336867200Awesome Price!!!I normally go through one of these containers every 2 weeks in the summer time and in the stores it is over $5 a container so when I saw it on here for cheaper I had to buy it. It is the same stuff that I buy from the stores and wouldn't trade this deal for anything.
340377340377B0006004C8A3O1VY3O6CEFWWMack0051332028800Great Tea and an even better price!Pros.
Very nice tea. I have been drinking this stuff every day for a while now and love it!

The containers of tea often arrive with minor defects such as nicks and dents in the metal rim. No tea powder leakage though.
340378340378B0006004C8AKMEY1BSHSDG7J. Arena0051325462400An all-time winner!There's nothing better than having a pitcher of Lipton Iced Tea in the fridge. It's so much better (and cheaper) than soda. We've been using it for years, and never once grown tired of it. Add to that the convenience of having it delivered at a price that actually beats my closest supermarket. What's not to love?
340379340379B0006004C8AJFURVZ5J382EBenjamin Sinclair "Pileosnafu"0051321574400Brings back memoriesI remember hot summer days on Long Island at my Grandparents house watching my Grandfather sip this.

I recently bought this as a subscription to save the 15%. I set it for 4 months, but I switched to 2 months, I drank it far faster then I thought. I only wish it went back to all Natural productions. But all taste just as I remember
340380340380B0006004C8A1Q7L3R6TXQEQZreggie0051315526400Lipton TeaLipton Tea product is an excellent thirst quincher. A healthy substitute versus soda. Product is easy to make and tastes great.
340366340366B00013VAXMA115DN1L5IUNTRdevster1131342828800Very over priced, but good qualityI personally think this item is very over priced. I have found a local green grocer that sells the same size package for almost 1/2 the cost of this product.

Other than cost, this was a very decent product. Will buy again, but from a cheaper source.
340367340367B00028LZT0A38B62A3W4OJRelaine Mccarthy1141341792000This is my favorite sencha green teaThis is my favorite sencha green tea and is as good a sencha as I have found anywhere - a highly recommend
340368340368B00028LZT0ANEZ8YDKSHR7MA Simple Guy0111340236800Terrible. Not your typical senchaThis is definitely not sencha to me. I don't know if there's some formal definition of what sencha is or if any green tea that grows in Japan classifies as sencha. But this is possibly one of the worst green teas (and definitely the worst sencha) I have ever tried.

The bag has a fine powder inside, nothing that would resemble a tea leaf. As judging from the taste, this powder is swept from the floor of a bad green tea factory.

By the way, the photo of product here is NOT what was delivered to me, though the brand and descriptions are correct.
340369340369B0006004C8A2AOZQ3WTNVVOKLonnie E. Holder "The Review's the Thing"81051122422400Tea for the Middle ClassI have been a fan of Lipton's tea for more than 40 years. As other teas have gained in popularity, I have managed to stay with my favorite. I also admit that I prefer the unsweetened without lemon flavor, but presweetened with lemon is my second favorite choice. I also prefer the fully caffeinated ice tea mix. There are decaffeinated versions available for those who are unable to handle caffeine.

Thomas Lipton, a native of Glasgow, entered the tea business in 1890, with the goal of making tea affordable. In 1893 he established the Thomas J. Lipton Co. in New Jersey. In 1915 Lipton was incorporated with Thomas Lipton as its first president.

While it is uncertain as to when ice tea was first invented, it was offered at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904, and became an instant hit. When I was a child growing up in Kansas City, there was nothing like a cold glass of Lipton Ice Tea after being outside in the hot Missouri summer. Green tea may offer qualities that black tea does not, brewed tea may offer a truer flavor, but I still like good old instant Lipton Ice Tea. I must go now as I am getting thirsty for a glass of Lipton Ice Tea.

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