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340501340501B0014EUA1AA3IO81RY0F5K4Kseen enough0021347580800Low Sodium????I bought this item without checking the sodium content (that was a mistake)and I am really irritated. Sorry SWANSON but 2120mg. of sodium per container is not lower sodium in my world. I have High Blood Pressure and have to watch my sodium intake, therefore I try to buy low or no sodium products. I have used Central Markets low sodium broth and it has 280mg sodium per 32oz. container. WAKE UP SWANSON this is not a low sodium product!!!!!!!!
340502340502B0014EUA1AA3ULZO8B6TWXCCIndia A. Blow "Indie B."0051298160000vegetable brothI really like the taste of this broth and that it is lower in sodium than other broths on the market.
340503340503B0014EUA1AA2VPANUXW4OBLXPhyllis "Gr8FindsOnline"0051287187200Perfect brothI am thrilled with this broth. I use it for cooking seitan and it gives the "meat" a nice flavor. The broth is not too strong nor too salty. I think it's perfect and am delighted to have found it.
The aseptic container is terrific too. I always have one open in the fridge.
340504340504B0014EUA1AA1C0AROUHV874PVery Pleased0051282262400Versatile!Nice flavor enhancer for not only soups, but to use instead of water in cooking, such as for rice.
340505340505B0014EUA1AAQJGMD2KTN4FZA. V. Smith1241275782400Good valueArrived in good conditon on time as promised. It is what it is, just more of it cheaper. Subscribe and save 15%.
340506340506B0014EUA1AA2YVDO5X5TEFP1B. nguyen "scsi_boy"0111320192000broth is not rich and tastes just like waterthere's much better broth out there. the swanson veg. broth tastes bland almost like water. 1/3 sodium is too much salt taken out. I would just go with their regular vegetable broth b/c they tastes better.
340507340507B0000CFH7BA3C5231O0WQX10Cute Party Ideas4451296000000Green Color Mist for a Green Alien PartyI had so much fun with Wilton's green Color Mist for a green alien party! Remember, it's a MIST, which means it sprays LIGHTLY, so keep that in mind when you want to add just a tint of color to your party foods. For example, it's a great mist for popcorn. I sprayed some of the Kettle Korn green and added regular colored Kettle Korn for a party mix, then added green M&Ms for a sweet and savory mix. The kids loved it. You could use Color Mist to spray marshmallows, white bread, potato chips and any other lightly colored foods to keep with your party theme colors.

I'll use the pink color mist for my next party: a pink pirate party, mateys!
340508340508B0000CFH7BA3SJ6OST09HD86gezy2311309737600I've never tasted bug spray suspect this is just as nasty.I wanted to make a black and white cake so I got this at a store near me. As soon as I got home I sprayed a tiny bit on my hand and licked it. It smelled and tasted horrible. I threw it out within minutes of coming home from the store. I own quite a few Wilton products but would advise against getting the black spray.
340509340509B0000CFH7BAHSGEZGKJS3QFkora101611259625600Not So BlackI looked everwhere to change my daughter's birthday cake frosting black when the frosting was white. This product sprays on and says it will give it a black color. I followed the instructions perfectly and it gave it a grayish color only if you sprayed a bunch on. The smell was awful and it looked awful. Realizing it wasn't going to work I stopped and tried to scrape it off. The entire cake absorbed the flavor - it was horrible and the cake ended up in the garbage.
340510340510B0000CFH7BA3I7WIYAQMJNTFsummer211211305936000horrible chemical smellDO NOT BUY THIS! Thought this was a great idea. sounded quick and a fun way to add color to cakes. It did give color to the cake but the smell was horrible. Smells
like hair spray. Not something I want to eat or let my children eat.
340511340511B000G6PV3YA1O0WMQGF52BAXAnonymous0041326153600Margarita MixThis item was sent as a gift but seems to be enjoyed by recipient. Great selection of "hot" food items.
340512340512B000G6PV3YA16B37D0YLYNZWBarbara Scott0051246406400The Best Margarita Mix Ever!!!I used to buy this Margarita Mix when I lived in Texas. I cannot find it at any store any longer. If you like Margaritas like I do, then you will love this mix. It is not too sweet and has a little "peppery" finish that is soooo tasty.
340513340513B000G6PV3YA1O3N2IC3S2Y2Steve Borsher "serious internet shopper"0151199491200If you haven't tried it ...We used to buy this at DFW airport on our way back from Mexico. We had not been that way in a long time and my wife asked for it for Xmas. I was very glad to find it on line.
340514340514B004VLVMO2AXNDJ5QM3GL60mamakath0051346198400You will never use oatmeal again!This stuff is awesome. It totally replaces oatmeal in my kitchen. I make hot cereal and cookies or just add fruit and nuts for a granola snack. It can be ground for bread, too. It makes oatmeal taste like cardboard.
340515340515B0042M91GGA1PO24RPVBV09NPuppluv5541333929600Surprisingly good, white chocolate taste, not too sweetI've never had PB & Co before, as the price for this PB is not affordable for any flavor they make. I finally decided the White chocolate version would be worth trying and having as a luxury item because it can be used in so many ways other than the typical PB.

For those who love White Chocolate but are frustrated by the endless claims of white chocolate that turn out to be dreadful vanilla flavored or other odd, super sweet flavors, this has a truly white chocolate flavor. It has the lightweight, creamy white chocolate flavor rather than the super sweet, heavy, not creamy flavor that some companies call WC but either isn't WC or it's a poor quality.

Great on any breakfast bread, PBJ sandwhiches, PB pie was amazing, and dunking bunny shaped marshmallows in warm WCPB on easter was delicious and not too sweet - but so good you didn't need a whole lot. Having 3 or 4 little bunny m-mallows in this, slightly warmed was enough to get a sweet fix without it being a huge dessert portion.
340516340516B0042M91GGA19HZ4GHE0G6JESoju0051349913600Delicious treat!Ordered this & the dark chocolate PB @ the same time, to compare & contrast. I love straight peanut butter as a snack, when i need the extra calories. These are pb-based, but unique, i wouldn't classify them as real peanut butter. The White Chocolate has a much thicker consistency than the dark chocolate, similar to drier/thicker peanut butters. And the flavor is Amazing! I'm normally a huge dark chocolate fan and think white is chocolate okay... but this snack is unique and delicious on its own! =)
340517340517B0042M91GGA1DL39D7J821O4Gary P. Hintermeier0031348012800Ate it by the spoonfulIt was interesting and I used up the whole jar. I only used it to make a couple sandwiches. It's sweet on its own. So, it does not really go that well with jelly. I had one sandwich with butter instead and I liked that better. The rest I finished by getting a spoonful now and then as a quick snack.

To me, it tastes like it is made with a lot of oil. Peanut butter is normally oily, but had a softer and oilier feel to it.

Overall, I did enjoy it but I probably won't buy this flavor again. I might try their other types of peanut butter.
340518340518B0042M91GGA3CGV9SXPD3NXWblazers4life0051346371200UnrealThis stuff is amazing. It's very addictive and a must have for anyone that likes peanut butter and white chocolate.
340519340519B0042M91GGA1BAQ2TRQO15X4Shybaby4200051345766400WONDERFUL!!!!This is the most amazing peanut butter I have ever eaten! It has a very creamy consistency with little white chocolate flakes that burst with flavor. BEWARE- you will be spoiled on other PB's after eating this amazing concoction. Highly recommended.
340520340520B0042M91GGA2N4INFXZIOA4DMs. Ferrell0051343433600excellent!Tasted great. Smooth texture. Healthy snack. Very addictive. You will want to put it on everything or eat straight out of the jar
340521340521B0001M0YU8A3PQVSOJVXZBQZPumpy Kin "pumpkin wanderer"1151177113600Love the stuff!I cannot get enough of this wonderful popcorn seasoning! I eat it almost daily. I find it is much more flavorful than any other cheddar seasonings out there, and it doesn't have lots of unheathly additives (no MSG). The only problem is that it is often out of stock everywhere it is carried. Love it!
340522340522B0014EUA1UA1ZI4L9E23AROJAndrew Brauer "Drew Breeze"5541255737600Good buy.This drink is super healthy, and so I was amazed at how good it tastes. I would drink it even if it didn't have all the nutrition of a full serving each of fruits and vegetables. And Amazon's price is the same as if you bought it at a supermarket, so you spend the same amount of money and it's delivered to your door with no effort at all.
340523340523B0014EUA1UA2CQC6FVNXM814B. E. Arias Garcia "Video Game Fanatic"2251303603200Delicious!I am not a big juice drinker. Juices are usually too sweet for my tastes and not even made from real fruit juice. V-Fusion is a different story. It has the perfect amount of sweetness and it is easy on the stomach. It is also very delicious compared to most juices.
340524340524B0014EUA1UA35LT14WG5BX0TLola Bunny2331301529600Not bad...A decent product, a decent juice. This particular flavor doesn't really hide the vegetable juice in it very well. Which really, is the appeal of the VFusion line. Their other flavors are better. These are still decent, and definitely make for a good smoothie base, which is what we mostly use juice for in our house anyway.
340525340525B0014EUA1UA2SX4BNJUF1I87Alex0051343174400Tasty way to get your veggies in!I really like this product. At the beginning I had my doubts because I'm not a veggie person, but I have to say that after my first bottle, I fell in love with this product. Now it's almost all I drink when I'm at home. I used to drink Snapple green teas, but I have decreased that, knowing that I can quench my thirst and still get some nutritional value. And the best, with Amazon subscription program, I'm saving some bucks. What's not to love?
340526340526B0014EUA1UA12AF9K5AWVHVSCaro0051342915200V8 FusionLove these V8 products especially the strawberry banana flavor. Tastes great and get my full serving of vegetables and fruits. Never thought V8 could taste so good.
340527340527B0014EUA1UA3LKZG1E74DI5JM. Hill "MaryE"0051335398400Kids love it and priced wellI have kids that would prefer to drink pop, if I let them! This is the first juice that's healthy enough to bother with and that they actually like. My local Kroger store charges over a $1 more per bottle than what it costs to have it appear on my doorstep. Can't beat it :)
340528340528B0014EUA1UA22CW0ZHY3NJH8Noname0051308355200Kids like it.My children love V8 Fusion, especially the strawberry banana flavor. It's thick and sweet and delicious.

Thanks to creative labeling that deemphasizes the vegetable content, I don't think my kids have noticed there are vegetables in it. Either they haven't noticed or they just don't care. I like that they get their servings of fruits and veggies for the day.
340529340529B001HTP62AAE4PE48Q2794ITax Accountant "Tax Accountant"4451251504000I love this drink! Spicy and Sweet!I love this drink! They started carrying it at my local "BevMo" and I am hooked! Everything that the Ginger People makes is so good and such high quality (I know it's expensive) but at least I know there's real ginger in there because I can taste it and see it!

I recommend that you try this with plain soda water or club soda. You will never go back to plain old ginger ale again! It's just delicious-- spicy, sweet, ginger-honey-flavor. This is my new favorite summertime beverage. And the back of the packaging says it's good hot, too, so I'll probably warm it up as a tea in the Winter.

HIGHLY Recommended!
340530340530B001HTP62AAXZHE3OGPZPUOJ. Stirlen2251251244800Awesome drinkGreat drink that energizes and refreshes. Wonderful mixed with ice and fresh mint in a blender for a frosty frozen refreshment!

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